So grateful to this site! Felt it only right to...

So grateful to this site! Felt it only right to add my story after getting so much out of all of yours.
I've always been thin with few curves and would think how great it would be to have bigger boobs. I didn't seriously consider augmentation however until this past year. I've been married 18 years and my husband was never fond of the idea. The last couple of years I've worked really hard on getting in better shape (always thin but soft) and I have new tone, muscles and strength I've never had. Somewhere along the road I got more curves to my hips and butt (thanks to my 2 kids) but nothing up top to balance things out. I breast feed both kids a total of two years and was never more than a C cup even then. I'll be 40 soon and planning on looking better than I did in my 20's. (My husband says I already do). After talking to him about my desire to just 'fill up' my breasts some to complete my look he quickly got on board and is just as excited. In fact, I was loosely planning my surgery for early next year before my bday but he surprised me 3 weeks ago by depositing the $ for the BA into a separate acct and said go for it! He's the best.
So I made an appt with Dr. Chen who I'd researched extensively and has done several friends/coworkers of mine. After the consult I was completely sure of my decision and set the date. He recommended 250-300cc give me a 'modest' full C/small D although he stresses going for the look you want and not focusing on cup size and cc's. We decided on 300cc saline mod plus, inframammary crease, under muscle. I left knowing I had time to change my mind and do more research.
After my appt I spent the next 2 weeks obsessively on realself and trying on rice sizers to the point of exhaustion! I quickly realized 300 wasn't gonna do it. So I've set up another appt to discuss changing sizes. I really like the way the 350-400cc rice dozers look in a 36d bra. So, I'll have to update soon.
New boobs 3 weeks away!!

Second consult for size

Had appt with Dr's assistant to discuss sizes. My husband reluctantly came along. He said just do what you want, I trust your judgement but we're both glad he came. He ended up having great input. I tried on 350, 400 and 450 sizers. The 400's were perfect! Actually slightly on the large size, but I'm so afraid of going too small after reading so many others stories I decided going on the biggest side of what I think looks good on me. Dr was in the office and agreed the increase was no problem. The assistant said, this could make you a DD, you ok with that? Ha!! Can't believe I went from just wanting to fill out to wanting D/DD's! I decided I might as well go big or go home, lol. Actually I really don't care if it's too noticeable. My family and friends know I'm doing it. (I'm too old to care if anyone doesn't like it). I'm doing this for me and I want to be fully satisfied with the results.

*wish pics*

*2 more weeks*

Ok, so I had my first 'boob dream'. Woke up a little panicked. Dreamt they were huge and hanging down to my belly and I'd gained like 40lbs! Geez, what our subconscious comes up with when we're anxious about something.
Anyway, I'm nervous but still excited. I'm confident my size choice is the right one. I haven't reconsidered at all since my last appt. I keep trying the 400cc rice sizers under different clothes and love the look.

Funny story

Funny story, had to share. So, I've been pretty open about my upcoming BA including friends, family even some coworkers (we're a close open bunch). Anyway, my daughter just started an new and very 'conservative' school this year. We just had open house and I was freaked out about showing up flat chested and then in 2 weeks coming in with big boobs. So I put my rice sizers in my bra and wore a loose fitting shirt. My daughter commented that I 'looked different', Ha!
I just didn't want the whole "so, did you see 'her' mom, she just got her boobs done". I really don't care that much for myself but don't want my daughter to have to deal with any talk.
I felt like such a teenager stuffing my bra, lol!

**one week 'till D day**

I REALLY need this week to go by quickly! I'm getting too nervous. I spend half my time really excited and day dreaming of how awesome they're gonna look and the other half asking myself what on earth I'm doing risking elective surgery. I'm not really worried about the recovery or pain, just hoping they don't end up too big/ small, uneven, bad shape etc. and then of course the dreaded potential complications, especially those requiring more surgeries...ugh! Ok, got that off my chest. Time to put my big girl panties on and embrace this thing. Happy thoughts now.

Now, as for planning ahead, I think I've got everything ready. I will have my husbands undivided attention for 5 days post op and he's being really supportive. My mom already has meals planned for the first two days, bless her. I'm grateful I already have a recliner. Got my RX's filled. Stopped my nightly glass of wine, sad face. Have a few comfy zip up or button up tops. Frozen peas, a must. Tylenol, really hoping to not need the narcotics more than two days. Colace and simethacone, to fight the post op GI issues, fun times I hear. Started using cocoa butter skin therapy oil (not really sure this is gonna do anything, but what the heck).
Also, I stopped my upper body strength/weight training a week ago. There's mixed opinions about this but I felt it makes sense to not go into surgery where the chest muscle is being manipulated with tight and possibly sore or over worked muscles. Instead I've been mostly running and doing yoga and really focusing on stretching those muscles instead of building them up. I've also dropped about 5 lbs as a preemptive strike against possible weight gain post op. I've been a little worried about being so inactive for a while after.

So, it seems my PS does things different than I see most of y'all doing. He insists on NO post op bra, bandage whatsoever. Gonna have to go completely a natural for 2 weeks. Going to have dissolvable sutures and steri strips then bandaids on incisions but that's it. He says he does this to allow them to drop naturally. Then after about two weeks I can wear very soft non-tight, no underwire bras like a Cobbie. Can't wear regular bras, with underwire until around 2 months.
Anyone else instructed to not wear anything for two weeks? I see so many with post op surgical bras or even front close sport bras. Guess all PS's have their own way. I trust he knows what's best for his patients. He's been doing this for over 20 years and i haven't seen any bad reviews. Plus I have seen his results in person and they all look amazing!

Ok, now I'm getting excited again!!

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for letting me vent. I'll get some nude before pics up before my procedure for comparison.

Before pics...4days to go...

I've been trying to distract myself this weekend. My husband's out of town on business so I've been hangin with my kiddos. Doing active stuff since that will be out for at least a couple of weeks. Got in some soccer time with my daughter and went on a couple of runs with my teenage son.
I also started taking vit c and zinc sups which I will continue until at least 2 weeks post op to aid in healing (recommended by some doc friends). I also went shopping and got a couple of bikini tops in large. Hope they fit, but since it's end of summer clearance they were each $5 so totally worth the risk and way too cute to pass up!
I'm still a little nervous but mostly excited. Here's some before pics as promised for comparison. I don't 'hate' them, they're just so small...

Less than 12 hrs away!

So, I've been supper anxious all week but surprisingly calm today. I'm ready to get this done! Hoping everyone is doing well. I'll try to get after pics and updates soon...

They're here.....

Made it through to the other side. I feel great. Not really painful, just supper tight! And I love them already! Still a little woozy from the anesthesia though. I'm a light weight. They couldn't even give me pain meds before I left surgery center because I was still so sedated. Took one Vicodin shortly after I got home to stay on top of it. The no bra thing is nice. I wore a hoodie home and now I'm just sitting in the recliner topless.

Day 2...loving them!

Yesterday was a blur. Took forever for the anesthesia to fully wear off. Last night I did have a little pain but pain pills and ice helped. I woke up this morning really sore and incredibly tight. Took a pill, iced and started moving around and I feel great now. Just mild discomfort. I'll have to be careful not to do too much.

Day 3

Doing great. Boobs feel like they're bursting with milk and I need to feed my baby. Of course it's been 8 years since I last breast fed but I still remember the sensation. My neck, ribs and back/shoulders are really sore now. Kinda like I went way too hard at the gym. Oh yeah, and my abs are getting a good work out every time I get up out of my recliner! I think it's time to stop the narcs. I've only been taking half a pill every 6-8 hrs. I'm a bit if a light weight so that's been plenty but I think Tylenol should be enough now.
Happy healing ladies!

Taking shape, feeling great!

I've got a while to go before the final look is achieved, but I'm so excited about how they're coming along. The size/shape is definitely headed in the right direction and excatly what I was wishing for! They actually feel softer today. First time waking up not feeling rocks attached to my chest.
I really feel great. My husband and kids have really stepped it up around the house so I can rest. My neck and back are the only thing bothering me now. I think it has to do with how I've been sleeping and carrying myself. Now that the soreness isn't so bad I need to work on my posture (I've been a bit hunched). Also I'm a stomach sleeper so I can't get comfortable at all in bed. My husband massaged and rubbed tiger balm on me last night after I reclined in a shallow tub of hot water (avoided my incision). It actually feels better this morning. I do get an occasional twinge if I move the wrong way which can hurt.
I have my post op appt tomorrow. Looking forward to his next instructions.
In the mean time I'm still enjoying everyone's journey.

Post op appt

Had my first post op appt yesterday. Everything looks great. Took off top bandage and said i could take a shower and the seri strips would start coming off on their own this week. He said to start massage now couple times a day. Pretty simple. And then gave instructions on activity. I can lift about 15 lbs now and start light exercise, no chest or running until at least 3 weeks post op. I did some light yoga yesterday and it felt great! Not as good as the shower though. That was amazing! I was told I could return to work at 10 days but I went ahead and took 2 full weeks off to be safe. I feel like I'm mostly back to normal. Started my normal routine yesterday, driving kids to school, folding clothes, light housework, and went grocery shopping today. The soreness is very minor and I occasionally get a sharp twinge if I move a certain way. They were really numb and tingly at first but that's going away too. And so much softer, yea! Its most uncomfortable when I bend over. Tons of pressure!
Now if I can get my husband to understand the 'look don't touch yet' thing right now, lol!

Work in progress

I was starting to think they haven't changed much but did a couple of side by side pics of day one and today, day 8. Definitely changing :)
Still need the bottoms to fill out more.

I continue to feel more myself every day but still having a hard time sleeping. I'm so uncomfortable on my back or lying too flat. Then I'll wake up feeling shooting pains or sore spots. Ugh! Anyone else have a hard time sleeping a week post op? I ended up taking a Vicodin before bed the last two nights just to try and sleep.


I know, it's early. But I couldn't resist. I tried on a few bras for fun. By self measurements I'm a 34dd but the 36d's fit the best (sister sizes). I bought a Beauty by Bali tshirt wireless bra that is sooo comfortable. I'm allowed to wear soft, no wire bras starting at two weeks, so in 4 days. This bra will be perfect along with a couple of soft sports bras I have. Of course I had to try on a few underwire push ups and got two. They were on sale and too cute to pass up. Can't wear them for another month but they were so cheep it won't kill me if they end up not fitting. Right now my go to look is a tank top and yoga pants or shorts. Haven't gone out yet and I'm not really sure how I'm gonna dress them up. We have a date night planned next week. Need to do some shopping!
BTW, I've come up with a better sleeping arrangement and I'm doing much better. It also helps that I can sleep a little more on my side. Such a relief.

Steri-strips OFF!!

I had to take those darn strips off. Couldn't take them any more. Getting grungy and itched like crazy. My skin is really sensitive too. My PS said if they weren't off by end of 2nd week I could remove them and they weren't budging on their own so I used baby oil on a cotton ball.
Got a first look at incisions. Not too bad. I'm really happy they're so nicely placed in the crease. I was worried about that.

Then, Friday I noticed my rib was really sore under my left breast and yesterday was rubbing it and felt a slight long skinny bump. Mondors cord, ugh. It's so small it's not visible enough to take a pic but I can feel it. I had already (exhaustedly) researched potential complication before my BA so I wasn't too freaked out. It's completely benign and goes away on its own. I talked to my PS's assistant today and she confirmed what I already started, ibuprofen and warm compresses. I just hope the soreness goes away soon. It's worse when I arch my back or stretch my arms out or up. I really noticed it doing yoga last night so I took it easy. I go back to work in 3 days, sad face, so I plan on taking it easy until then. Kids are at school and husbands away for business so I can be lazy if I want to, lol.

**2 weeks post-op**

Can't believe it's already been 2 weeks! I'm doing great over all. Sleeps still a little rough being on my back. They're still mildly sore. Getting much softer and dropping well. I'm noticing the right feeling tighter and more sore and slightly higher (think it's because I'm right handed?). My boob vacation is coming to an end. I start back to work tomorrow. I only work part time so it shouldn't be too bad. I also have my first date night Friday and found a cute dress that shows them off well ;)
I probably won't update for a while unless something comes up.
Thanks so much to all you ladies for helping me get through these first couple of weeks. Y'all are the best!!!!
Neil T Chen

Extremely happy with Dr. Chen. Very professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. And the results speak for them self. My results are exactly what I expected and wanted. During first consult Dr. Chen spent nearly an hour discussing everything imaginable related to BA. All my questions answered thoroughly, concerns addressed. His experience was obvious. Procedure went off without a hitch and my post op experience was smooth and uneventful. Very grateful to friends who recommended Dr Chen.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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we have the same before and after stats
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My right breast is tighter and higher than my left and I was wondering the same thing: if it's because I'm right handed. You look great by the way!
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What profile did you get?
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You look fabulous, I'm sure you're not finished dropping & fluffing! :D I hope u have an amazing date & I'm glad u updated your post. I look forward to hearing about your journey & progress in the future. Xoxoxo
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Thank you so much!! This has been quite a journey so far and I have been so blessed with such great support.
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You're very welcome! It most certainly is a journey... I know I wouldn't of made it through this journey without my husband, my amazing Son & all of the wonderful women here @ Realself! I have only told a few of my family members & a few friends... it's awesome to be able to support & encourage others! :D
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Congrats, you are one hot momma. Great results. Your funny story sure did make me laugh;) My only concern when I get my BA is hoping it won't be too noticeable or huge difference lol
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Thanks so much! Given the way I normally dress the nearly 3 cup size increase is pretty obvious but I can hide them in the right clothes. So I can make them look ridiculously huge, lol, or very modest. Good luck with yours!
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Hehe.. Thx
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Lookin awesome! Congrats you got great results! Only going to get better too :D
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Thanks! I couldn't be happier!!
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I will be 4 weeks post op Friday and my right breast still hurts also. Hope it goes away soon! I'm ready for them to be pain free!! Yours look great by the way!!
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I've noticed a lot of ladies reporting more pain in their dominant side. Makes sense. Actually I've been having a lot of soreness and aching yesterday and today on my right side. I've probably been doing too much. I'll be so happy when they heal completely!
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You look great!! I don't think ill ever be able to squish my boobies together. They are naturally too separated. Ypur a lucky girl;)
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Thanks! I've never had anything to squish together before, lol!!
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Your results are beautiful! 400cc looks perfect on you. I think the numbness is different for everyone, but I recently noticed that I have almost all the feeling back in my side and under boob, and I'm almost 4 months post op. I would say about 85% feeling, hopefully 100% within the next couple months!
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Thanks so much! Glad to know the numbness is normal and will likely get better. It's really annoying more than anything.
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For you ladies further along than me, when does the numbness go away? Mine is better but still there. Especially nipples and side/under boob. Thx
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I think it really just depends. I'm almost 9 wks post-op, I had a major anchor lift with my BA. So my areolas were & skin was cut a lot. I'm trying to remember the rate that nerves grow. It takes a while for nerves to regenerate. I know that my right areola wasn't cut as much as my left. I never completely lost all of the feeling in my rt areola. My left side still has a lot of pain & shooters.. it's so difficult to put a time , I know some woman who have completely lost all feeling in one nipple & one that has a nipple that's overly sensitive. I hope I didn't make this more confusing?! I wish u all the best & hope that your nerves regenerate quickly :) Xoxoxoxox
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*areolas & skin were cut a lot more than a regular BA. Sorry for that awful 3rd sentence!
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You look amazing! Great results! My surgeon also goes with the no bra belief. I just wear a cami with shelf bra or the genie type bras. Nothing constricting at all. Glad to see you are doing so well and have such great progress already!
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Your results are amazing! My dr has the same no bra post op rule. Had me concerned too until I saw your results. They seem to drop much quicker than others. My BA will be on the 24th. So excited especially when I see results like yours!
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My PS said the only reason to wear my surgical bra was to keep bandages in place. If I do not need bandage I do not need bra but if wanted to I could wear my geni bra. The weight and tightness I felt wearing the geni bra felt better. Good luck!!
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