Pic update! 4m post op

Initially I just wanted to lipo my hips because as...

Initially I just wanted to lipo my hips because as I get older I cant seem to lose the fat in that area . A year ago I committed myself to go the gym and really work on toning up and getting in shape. I'm happy with the results of my hard work but my booty does not look good. It's like my butt is upside down. The wide part is on top and the narrow part is on the bottom. It needs to be inverted! Lol. I have an hour glass shape which looks great from the front but my back side needs some volume so I decided to get the bbl. I'm excited and looking forward to it. I'm no stranger to plastic sx. Years ago I had breast aug (post having kids) then about 5 yrs ago a tt. I'm still very pleased with those results.

Some stats about me :
Size 8-10

Things I would like to know that I have not seen mentioned yet on this site are :
Is there any loss in sensation in the booty or areas of lipo?
If so did the feeling return?

I experienced loss of sensation in my abdomen post tummy tuck for a while but it eventually came back.

Thnx for reading.

Had my pre-op visit and met my ps nurse...

Had my pre-op visit and met my ps nurse practitioner who is just awesome. Did a dry run of trying on my garment and they showed my how to ensure its on correctly. This was so refreshing because when I had my tt a couple of yrs ago no one told me anything and I was in garment hell. They took my per op pics and we discussed what needed to be done w my back side. So excited for next week! Also my ps and his nurse spent ample time discussing everything and answering my questions. So glad I picked this doctor , his entire team puts me at ease and he is so approachable. Showed them my home made wish pics. Sadly I do not have enough fat to create some huge bedonkadonk but that's ok with me , I really just want that inverted heart shaped butt with a cute little shelf! Anything will be better than what I got going on! Lol.

Oh I also want to mention that I can email my ps questions via his receptionist and I have consistently received a prompt reply! No that's customer service. I feel confident I made a great decision going with this team!
oooh, girl are you ready??
Ty MsHoneyBunz! I'm so excited. Can't believe it's so close.
I am excited! Not really nervous at all. I feel really confident about it. I just dread that long recovery. Lol

Ok so tomorrow is the "big" day. Looking forward...

Ok so tomorrow is the "big" day. Looking forward to it. I can't help but feel like I'm missing something for the recovery period. Oh well , if so ill just send the hubby to pick it up! I'll post when I emerge from the other side!
God bless u hrtshapebooty! wishing u bootyful results :) keep us posted *blessings*
I hope so. I feel like I'm probably forgetting something though.

Few hours post op Judy wanted to leave quick...

Few hours post op Judy wanted to leave quick message to say I made it through the other side safe and sound. I'm all swollen like a sausage so I can't really determine how the "results" look yet. I'll keep u guys posted! Oh yeah there is a drain. That's cool w me. Whatever is going to make the outcome better,i'm all for it.
Congrats!! Hope your healing up well!
Let us know how your recovery goes!
Congratz happy healing!!!!!!!!!

Day 1 post op ( just adding the comment so it...

Day 1 post op ( just adding the comment so it comes up in the search. ) also I weighted myself. I literally have at least 6 # of fluid retention. Looking forward to the next few days.

Day 2 post op. so woke up every 3hours or so...

Day 2 post op. so woke up every 3hours or so needing pee, drink and take pain meds. I'm so happy the I did not experience any nausea or vomiting post anesthesia. That makes a world of difference. Yesterday I got up for short walks several times. This surprised me. I do not and have not used a female urinal. Instead I lifted the seat faced the toilet and slightly squatted. Of far so good.

My pain is control pretty good but I got to tell ya this morning I'm so sore I feel I might have been run over w car.
Do you know how many cc's you got?
lol i use to pee the same way. like a dude lmao. it was much easier. the urinal or depends didn't work for me

I'm pretty bruised up and I am not having any...

I'm pretty bruised up and I am not having any drainage. Not from the sites and none from my drain either. Guess my body is just gonna try to absorb it and pee it all out. Today my upper thighs are swollen making me look real thick , not the usual stick les I'm used to. I got some lumps where there is still fluid but i can already tell once everything is all healed up I'm gonna be real happy with the results.
Just wanted to see how you are doing? Also you need to post some pics so we can see your results. I want to see if I should go there too. Thanks
happy healing
I do not actually. I will inquire on Monday.

So far so good! I'm liking the initial results....

So far so good! I'm liking the initial results. According to the sx ctr ,my ps put in 500cc total. I didn't get a per cheek count but by the looks of it 250 per seems right. Not a whole lot but certainly enough to see a nice improvement. The follow up with my ps and his staff has been great! They are such a caring team and fun to be around. The surgery center has done a great job following up on my care as well. Very pleased.
I would recommend this ps for sure! And I have been to a few . He is awesome. A real perfectionist and his staff just rocks! I also liked the surgery center. They made me feel very special. Not like a number.
I got 250 cc per cheek. With lipo to flanks only.

Got my sutures out today. Thank goodness cause...

Got my sutures out today. Thank goodness cause they were starting to be itchy. I am really luvn how my shape is coming along. Very pleased indeed.
You look fabulous! keep us updated with your grogress!
Your shape is beautiful!!
Thank u!

3 weeks post op. Swelling and bruising are...

3 weeks post op. Swelling and bruising are subsiding. Loving my new silhouette. No I do not have super junk in my truck , but I think my new shape is complementary to my ht & wt.

Very pleased.
I like the hourglass shape!
Thank u!
love love love your shape!!!!!

Life is starting to be normal again. I do not wear...

Life is starting to be normal again. I do not wear my girdle at night anymore , only during the day. Otherwise I just can't sleep well. All the feeling is starting to return which is good. We had a friend over from out of town so kept asking why I look different , did I lose wt or what because I looked great. Actually he said very bangable lol but I don't want him to come off douchey when he is really a nice guy.
You look good very natural
You look good hunn:) thanx for all ur posts.... Keep us posted n glad to hear ur happy w ur results.....

7 wks post op and feeling great! Feeling sexy n...

7 wks post op and feeling great! Feeling sexy n enjoying it!
Nice results hun
Looking good momma
Why thank ya jitt!

I love my new shape and have received many...

I love my new shape and have received many complements. Many folks have said I look like I lost wt , which I am down 5 pounds since sx. My wt now is 127. But I didn't lose ANY in my butt. :)

Oh I forgot to mention. I'm down 2 pant sizes. ...

Oh I forgot to mention. I'm down 2 pant sizes. From jean size 30 to a 28 ! I have a tiny waist and a fat booty! Love it!!

Took down some pics, but added new ones . Side by...

Took down some pics, but added new ones . Side by Side comparisions and how my booty changed during the transformation.
What was the pain like? What hurt, like was it the lipo or the butt? How were the drain tubes? Why did you pick Mayberry? Sorry I have a ton of question! :)
Oh and by the way? How is it now since your last post was about 5 months ago? Did it go down? Also, what does it feel like? Is it more jiggly when you walk or are you taller when you sit down?? lol
Honestly it just looked better n better! I am so happy with the results. Because I feel better about the way I look I go to the gym all the time. I bought a ton of new clothes to show off my butt. I went on vacation earlier in the summer and gained a couple of pound which were all in my butt!! I couldn't have been happier. Lol. I will have to post some updated pics. I get tons of comments on my shape and I really love dr Mayberry. He is so personable and his staff are great too. Thank you so much for commenting.
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

I did a search on the American Board of Plastic Surgeons website because it was essential that my surgeon be board certified. Additionally what made him stand out from the rest is he was also a surgical fellow. As a nurse I know this is also very important when considering a PS because you want someone who is specializes in surgery and who has had ample training. Remember no matter what procedure you are considering only go to a Board certified PLASTIC surgeon. I am seeing a very scary trend lately where untrained doctors are performing all kinds of cosmetic procedures. Not cool at all! You wouldn't let a dentist work on your heart would you? Can't say enough good things about this man and his team. Awesome isn't good enough.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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