What can I do about the swelling? Still very swollen 2 weeks post op.

Hello ladies. I'm going to have Brazilian butt...

Hello ladies. I'm going to have Brazilian butt lift & a tummy tuck & lipo done on my flanks, abdomen and back all at the same time. My concerns are how I'm going to position myself while sleeping as well as during the day for a min of four weeks. My dad said to use a inner tube so I don't put pressure on my new booty :)
I'm super excited to have my new body but extremely nervous as well. Im very scared of the pain & the recovery. The only thing that keeps me positive is the results.

I'm turning 30 in sept. 11, 2013 & my husband & I along with some friends are going to celebrate in Jamaica so the thought of me wearing a bikini again is motivation to go theo the surgery.

As of now I am gaining weight, so far I've gained 13lbs & I'm super depressed about it. My husband wants to take me out & I just want to stay home in baggy clothes. Me gaining weight has really taken its toll with my self esteem as well our marriage. I don't feel sexy what's so ever & it effects our sex life as well. He reassures me that he's still into me all the time.

Has anyone have the same procedures as me if so do you have any tips? How was you recover? How did you cope with the pain? When Dod the pain subside?

I will post my pre op pictures as soon as I figure out to lol.

So I have my 2nd appt with Dr. Gallegos Monday oct...

So I have my 2nd appt with Dr. Gallegos Monday oct 22
This my oppratunity to ask tons of question I didn't ask the first time. Any suggestions?
So being that there is only two ps in nm that do the Brazilian butt left I went to both for a consultation. The one I didn't choose said that he will not do lipo on my abdomen only flanks & hips I have nooo shape as it is. Then he said that my incision would be going across of course but also going up near my belly button. Do for what he was going to do he was charging 1500 & some change & said I'll give you a discount on lipo on your abdomen after & that was an additional 2000 so 17000.00 wow! Ummmm no!
So the doc I'm going to said he would do all this procedures I listed above as well as injecting fat into my hips to give me more of an A line body shape as of now I have an H shape... Can we say Eeew I hate my body shape lol.

So I put on my jeans today.. Ugh they don't button...

So I put on my jeans today.. Ugh they don't button anymore :(
I feel like I should lose weight for now & try to gain like a month before but I'm afraid I won't gain enough on time. CAN'T WAIT FOR MY SURGERY!
Welcome! Did you get a quote from Dr. Gallegos?
Thank you :) yes for both he is going to charge 11,900 & some change..
That's with lipo to abdomen, flanks, back. Tummy tuck & brazilian butt left. The other doc here wanted to charge 18,000.00 for 1/2 the work plus he was very unprofessional.. Didn't know what to charge super unorganized & office was yucky.

I have my 2nd appointment with doctor Gallegos...

I have my 2nd appointment with doctor Gallegos today. Time to ask tons of questions & show wish pics. I hope he tells me yes I can do that bc the wish pic I have this girl has such a nice booty lol.

So i met with my doctor today. i showed my wish...

so i met with my doctor today. i showed my wish pic and he said it isnt possible that i dont have enough room :( and my skin is is too tight> so yes im a little disappointed but he did say that i will have a really small waist and that he will put fat on the side of my booty and of course the back but that ill have an upside down heat shape (A shape). that is the what i was going for. we also talked about my tummy tuck incision and he explained that it will be super low that way i can wear a bikini yay!!! i havent seen one of those in a really really long time.
so i asked about my garments and ill be the same as most of you girls and said ill be wearing it for 3 weeks after that i just need to get a wrap for my tummy.
Yay!! How exciting. I'm glad everything is set for your surgery! where is your wish pic? My body type is similar to yours although ... my butt is alot flatter.. UGH! but it will all change come May 2013 :) I will put up my pics later today and also my wish pic.
I know I'm soooo excited.. Although my booty isn't going to b as big as I original wanted :( but maybe that's a good thing being that I have chicken legs lol.. Bit he said I'll have a nice shape. Eek can't wait. I will post my wish pic later... I have to fine a new one i guess lol.. Yes post pics I finally got the courage to do so.
Yes it's a bit much but I will b comfortable knowing if there is any complications he will be near by. When do you plan on having your surgery?

So I had a dream that it was the day of my surgery...

So I had a dream that it was the day of my surgery & I was on my way to the hospital & I chickened out. I kept telling my husband turn around I change my mind, and he kept saying we already paid for itso ur going~ meaner lol. In my dream I was really really really scared & I could actually feel how scares I was so I'm so nervous now ugh! But my husband keeps reminding me of the results to keep me positive. He knows deep down I really want this.

So being that I'm having sugery on both sides & cannot put pressure on my booty so still trying to figure out how to sleep & sit without straining my tummy & not putting pressure on my butt..

Ugh I can't get past 140 lbs. wonder if this will...

Ugh I can't get past 140 lbs. wonder if this will be enough.
Your surgery is in Jan 2013, right? Gain your weight during the holidays lol :)
That's my plan. But I've been eating like crazy not to mention drinking beer & nope my body refuses to go beyond 140 lbs. I am sooooo going to take advantage of the holidays lol. Yeah in jan woot woot :)
I'm excited for you!! Your surgery is around the corner ..what a great way to start the new year! :)

I'm feeling so fat & uncomfortable... I don't...

I'm feeling so fat & uncomfortable... I don't think im going to gain anymore weight. My armed r huge I look super buff but instead of muscle its all fat eeww... So after my surgery alll that's going to b fat is my arms. Idk what to do about my arms without losing volume n my booty ugh! Also does anyone recommend a garment for TT? Ongoing to have the full body one that younger with the BBL but have to buy one to wear for my TT after 3 weeks.
Thank u all for your advice I appreciate your responses :)
Just try to do some toning of the arms and very light arms. Don't work any of your glute muscles. I know how you feel about the weight gain. I am about 133 now, from 120 and I'm feeling like my gut is going to explode.
*very light cardio ( I meant)

I'm being told I'm fake & people only have...

I'm being told I'm fake & people only have negative things to say yet I've heard them say n the past I want a TT or boobs but I can't afford it. Maybe that's y they r so mean, laugh or think its redicoules...I'm thinking jealousy is why. I was put on blast on fb and I felt shitty abt it but hey I consider myself lucky I have a husband who is supportive of my decision & of course who can pay for it lol.. I'm lucky lucky lucky :) it soooo thankful to have found this website all the the lovely women on her are sooo sweet, helpful & supportive. Love it :)
Don't get scared!! GET EXCITED!!! My date is Jan 7 so I can't wait, either! I've waited a long time and I just want to make it to the other side!! :)
I wish I can make it to the other side & sleep through the recovery. I'm more scared of the TT then I am the BBL but still freaked out abt recovery with both. Eek jan, 7th is right around the corner I can be excited for you lol. So ur wish pic is amazing & I wish I could look like that. Ur results are going to b great u already have a booty.
Girl, thank you for the positive words! I appreciate that :) Yep, January 7th is right there and even though I was freaking out a while ago, I'm now SO ready to make this thing happen and just get it out of the way, you know!! I love my wish pic, too! If Salama could give me something even close to that, I'd be on top of the world! I just want you to STAY POSITIVE!!! Every time I see you worried or upset, Imma drop a line on your wall and encourage the crap out of you hahah! Stay fabulous, girly!!

My father has cancer & has been in & out of the...

My father has cancer & has been in & out of the hospital really sick. Due to the stress ive lost weight as you ladies know is very important for the BBL. anyway thinking of postponing to march. As I pray to god for the best I feel as tho I have to prepare for the worst- mentally, physically & financially. Life is unpredictable. Wish cancer never existed! Anyway with all the stress I probably won't have enough fat.
Thank u ladies for ur Thoughts n prayers. I really do appreciate it. With all the prayers I'm positive he will pull through :) Again thank u
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad honey, stay positive and know that God is in control!!
Thank u :) it is in gods hands at this point I'm trying to be positive about the situation.

Ok so hubby asked if we can try for a baby now n...

Ok so hubby asked if we can try for a baby now n dec & jan. if I get prego I wait till after I have the baby if not I get it n march. He said since I postponed my surgery we have time. Ok sooooo here I go. I'm a very bad bad person!!! I agreed buy went to the dic & asked for them to cut the strings & I said I removed my iud but DIDN'T :-/ I want my surgery n match that was my plan & I'm sticking to it. I soooo welcome shit talking bc I know I'm n the wrong :( keep n mind I have three kids already. Two n private school & one n daycare. For those who know private school & daycare is insane a month.. I'm getting older & it's time to focus on retirement lol. Well that's what I keep telling myself.

Sorry ladies.. My spelling suck!!! I rush thro my...

Sorry ladies.. My spelling suck!!! I rush thro my updates.

Thinking of making a YouTube video when it gets...

Thinking of making a YouTube video when it gets closer to my surgery date as well as during my recovery Humm. What do u ladies think?
Keeping ur father m ur family in my prayers .. Bbl will always be here
Thank U sooo much. He's home finally & staying strong & positive :)
Let us know how your dad is doing. Since it's bound to be a stressful time for you you might want to postpone your surgery. Stree can affect your healing.

My dad is out of the hospital I hope postponing my...

My dad is out of the hospital I hope postponing my surgery is a good idea. Ugh!! I really want my surgery but feel guilty that I'm getting it done. I want to be somewhat healed by summer time & I'm thinking march is the latest I can push it back. Losing weight w stress so I need the time to gain again.
Sorry I just seen ur post. I haven't been on RS he's out of the hospital but still very sick. I also believe stress can effect my healing.

Hubby finally decided no baby!! He realized on his...

Hubby finally decided no baby!! He realized on his own that a baby would hold me back an extra year. I've been a stay at home mom for 9 years. Finally started working part time & yay! Finally adult interaction. Anyway I'm ready for a new look & a career.

While I'm on her thought I'd mention I find myself looking m the mirror wondering how I'm going to look n 31/2 months. One of u ladies mentioned a PS app & omg lol I love the way my body looks after a few changes on it lol.

Btw my dad is doing better.. Def a scare for him as well as our family.
i am keeping you and your family in thought and prayer while you deal with the trial & tribulations of life. I pray you hear God's words of guidance as you make your decisions! in Jesus' name Amen!
Amen! Thank you so much... I truely appreciate it. :)
i am glad to hear God has answered your prayers.

Nothing fits at all!!! I'm feeling yucky & soooo...

Nothing fits at all!!! I'm feeling yucky & soooo insecure.. I'm not social like I used to b. my girls ask me to go have ladies night & ugh I never feel up to it. I'm married & I shouldn't care what look like bc of course I'm not out meet anyone but... I'm used to going out dressing sexy & feeling good.. Weight gain still taking it toll!!

Update on my dad seen him on Xmas & he looked really good. He was dressed nice hair looking good & in really good spirits. It was nice seeing him like that. He's still weak & sick but def put his game face on.

Btw... I was originally having my surgery now n...

Btw... I was originally having my surgery now n jan but as y'all know I had to move it to march well, Im starting to freak out... I know it's 2 months away but it feels as tho it's around the corner. I'm super scared! I'm such a baby & have low tolerance for pain. My doc warned me of the pain & mentioned while in surgery he's going to inject pain med that will last for 18 hours after surgery. They don't provide pain pumps but can order one for 300.00 more. The lady I spoke to said she's never seen anyone use them so I figured I'd save the 300 & suck it up. I had a pain pump w my boobs & didn't seem to take the pain away like I thought plus added extra scaring.
My husband is soooo worried & scared abt me having surgery & expresses it to me allllll the time & it's really making me worry. I'm trying to b positive... To keep me going is knowing & hoping my results are amazing like u ladies that have already crossed over lol& of course looking at super cute clothes I can't wear now or the past 9 years due to baby fat, strech marks & saggy tummy :( but even w all that I still managed to look good but have had to cover up the tummy w lose cute clothes so I'm really looking forward to tight fitted stuff :)
you are going to look awesome!
I hope so. I'm getting scared lol. How r u feeling? I noticed u mentioned ur depressed. What's wrong?

So today i was looking at myself & ugh... ive been...

So today i was looking at myself & ugh... ive been looking of pictures all day & I CAN'T WAIT for March 7th. i regret moving my date so far out. A friend of mine is a photographer & shes been wanting to have a photo shoot with me & as i look at sexy pics online i get sooooo anxious. im sooo ready to look HOT this summer. I love going to country concert & OMG those girls are sooo pretty & dress supr cute. this summer i will right there with them looking good :) So im not sure what mesurements i am looking for but i already have the big boobs but looking forward to a small waist & a booty. as i mentioned before my doc said i dont have much room for fat to be injected but i will have a better shape & more projection. I told my doc to put as much as possible but he said if he would over do it about 1 1/2 will die off.
im still looking for a way to position myself post op. being that iam getting a TT & BBL at the same time its going to b difficult i was thinking of a body pillow but put one of those round throw pillows in the body pillow for under my legs then pu one side behind my back to push me forward then the other 1/2 in front of me for support. i need your ideas or if you agree with mine lol>

I feel overly fat & I'm thinking maybe I have a...

I feel overly fat & I'm thinking maybe I have a lil to much fat to get the results I'm going for as far as my waist. Do you it's a bad idea?

So I called my doc office to ask abt the work out...

So I called my doc office to ask abt the work out deal & she kept saying I needed to go so he can examine me. He already did twice plus I haven't even started working out. I simply asked if I were to start running & with running brings Toning of the legs & butt and if I did would it effect the amount of fat that he would b able to inject. It's bs I can't even get a f'n answer!!! Then she said email the website. Wth is that!!!
Yes, you may want to. I'm a gym rat who worked out twice a day and I swear working out assisted me so much in my speedy recovery. I'm 16 days PO and I'm already back in the gym. Good luck
So being that u worked out before it didn't effect the amount of fat that was injected? He said I didn't have much room as it is so I'm afraid I'll have less room.
I will def . do some cardio. it will help me release this anxiety

Ok so I called & ask to speak to a nurse ( didn't...

Ok so I called & ask to speak to a nurse ( didn't want to waste dr. Time for a simple question) and she told me NOT to do cardio only tone up & it won't effect to amount of space for the fat transfer.
Exercise is good. It helps with your recovery. The more fit you are, the better your recovery.
Yeah the nurse said to tone but don't lose weight so don't do cardio. :-/ my arms r huge... I don't want to look buff lol.
Yes toning is ideal. Don't be afraid of weights. Remember women don't have the natural ability to get buff. So get those heavy weights and tone your body up. Those strong muscles will be a God send during your recovery. My running buddy just got a tt and her doc told her because she is so fit, her recovery will be a lot easier.

The more research I do the I have a better idea of...

The more research I do the I have a better idea of the different locations & options I have for my ideal shape. For my ideal shape it consist of fat transferred to my lateral thigh & buttocks for fullness & well as a hourglass shape. My buttocks as well for more projection & size.
No reason to be anxious, sweetie! I was s*@ting bricks about anesthesia but when I went to sleep and woke up like..ok? That's it? I knew I had spent a lot of time worrying over nothing! It's wasted energy! Focus on how happy you will be later!
Don't be it will all be okay!! Have nothing but positive thoughts it will make a big difference.
Iade the mistake of watching the TT prcedure on you tube :-/. My husband has been super supportive & reminds me that I'm going to look amazing.

Dr. Gallegos usually does his surgeries on...

Dr. Gallegos usually does his surgeries on Wednesday's well I requested a thursday so my husband can take off. Anyway they are going arrange that I have my surgery on a Thursday ( way cool they are doing that) but the date I sceduled with his office wasnt available at the surgery facility :( march 21st it is

Ok 4 weeks away & anxiety is getting worse. Pre...

Ok 4 weeks away & anxiety is getting worse.
Pre op is right around the corner therefore I have to stop drinking & eating salt now.
I'm such a heavy salt eater lol. Plus I drink beer quit a bit. It's time to b healthy ugh lol.
Are you ready? March 7th is around the corner
No not at all. Time is going to fly by. I have nothing ready & I'm really starting to freak out lol

Got my leachco back & belly body pillow. I'm...

Got my leachco back & belly body pillow. I'm thinking this is going to be my best friend for the first 4-6 weeks post op,
I see your getting all ready for the big day. Congrats. I suggest you wear something comfortable like big sweat pants and tshirt. Shoes that are easy to put on also. I dont remember anything after I was release from recovery and got home so just wear things that are easy for the nurse to dress you. Dont wear a bar or panties. That pillow looks super big an comfy. Best to you on your sx and recovery.
Thank you :) yes it's 4 weeks away & I have nothing ready lol. I was thinking a tank maxi. What do u think? U can't wear a bra n surgery?? No panties omg! I have to have panties lol!!!
Yes a maxi dress is also good. Take a good shower the morning of dont put on any body spray or perfume or deorodant. They should tell you all this during your pre op. And yes you will be on the sx table with nothing on so its best just not to wear anything under your clothes.

Paid in full today yay!!! Ready to roll!!! jk I'm...

Paid in full today yay!!! Ready to roll!!! jk I'm not ready... this surgery is going to hurt eek lol.

Ok so I decided to put a memory foam pillow inside...

Ok so I decided to put a memory foam pillow inside my leachco pillow for more support & to raise my booty a little higher.
Yay!! Hurry get ready girl! :)
I know... Im sooo excited. I'm so last min all the time, I need to get on it. Ps. I'm sooo scared lol. My husband said its paid.. No turning back now eek! Lol.
Thanks for the heads up on that maternity pillow. I'm definitely buying one, its perfect for this xxxxxxxxxxxxx

From what I hear fat transfer to the lips is a...

From what I hear fat transfer to the lips is a safest way to plum your lips, plus it last a lot longer then any other option. Thing is it required lipo of course & since I'm getting lipo figured it would be a great time to do it.
Hey! Where did you find that huge pillow in your pictures? I want that lol!
Lol it's so comfy.. I luv it. I got it on amazon.com
I was thinking of getting my lips done as well, but my Dr. will charge an additional $600. I may wait on that for another time. I bought my boppy pillow and a waist cincher. I'm going to buy my vitamins and after-care things next month.

I don't know how this happen but over the past...

I don't know how this happen but over the past couple of days I went from being really scared to being really anxious... Who does that? Now that I'm anxious time is going sooooo slow.
Your having major surgery especially the tummy tuck. I'm sure it's natural to feel all of those different feelings. We are here for you :) Have you put together your list of things that you will need for your after care?
Don't remind me lol. I know it is a major surgery & still can't believe I'm going through w it lol!! & awe thank u it's so nice to have the support from everyone here bc I def don't have it w fam well except my husband he's supper supportive & is ready to care for me & pick up all the extra duties. No I haven't I will when I go to my pre op. I'll list everything on the paper they give me. I got my toilet raiser lol.

Talk to the nurse at Dr. Gallegos office & she...

Talk to the nurse at Dr. Gallegos office & she said to start taking vitamin C & to stay away from multi viamins bc they have A&E & they are blood thinners.
How exciting, two weeks to go! Have you start taking your pre-surgery vitamins? If so, what are you taking? also, see if your doctor can prescribe you a transderm scop patch to wear the night before surgery
No! I'm back to scared lol. I'm actually waiting for the nurse to call from Dr. Gallegos to tell me bc it's already two week before & & my pre op is Monday so I want to start my vitamins like now. & what is transderm?
Ok so I talked to the nurse & she said to take vitamin c & to stay away fr multi vitamins bc they r they have a&e and they are blood thinners.

So I had my pre op today & it went so good... I'm...

So I had my pre op today & it went so good... I'm so excited after talking to dr. Gallegos. He's super sweet. Soo in my earlier post I had mentioned he wouldn't be able to put much in my booty well today he said he can put 800 cc 200 n hips. Also I made it a point to wear low panties so he said he going to put my incision where my panties are that way it will be hidden. I also decided to do fat transfer to my lips.
800 cc 200 n hips is good amount! have you gained any more weight? My doctor can only do about 600cc-700cc on me. I look forward to seeing your post -op results :)
Yeah I'm pretty excited. I just home it's not to much. My surgery is 11 days eek! I can't believe I am actually going through with it... Also doing my lips already paid 250 more.
$200 extra for your lips is a good price!

Meds- Clinelamycin 150mg Phenergan...

Clinelamycin 150mg
Phenergan 25mg
Vicodin 5/500
Valium 5mg

Items for recovery-
Leachco body pillow
Toilet riser with handles
Surgical tape
Wipes for restroom
Cleansing wipes for face
Vitamins c
Pads for incision
Maxi dress for day of surgery
Bigger panties lol
Boppy pillow
They are going to give me a tube after surgery.
Am I missing anything?

Also Alcohol wips for draining tubes Q tips for...

Also Alcohol wips for draining tubes
Q tips for belly button
Bracitracin zinc ointment
Pro care garment
So you mentioned fat in lips last longer... Than fillers but is it permanent. ? And a personal question are you planning on postponing the baby you wanted .... Or just not having it at all? I adk because well im 30 already and dont have any kids i do want just not right now .. Im getting tt cause i lost alot of weight and well alot of people have told me if u get pregnant itl stretch a little bit but not as bad as b4 tt ... But some people are like why r u doing a tt if you wAnt kids later on...
Fat transfer to the lips are permanent. As far as a baby, I have 3 & I always told my husband when I'm 30 shop is shut down. He finally decided have a baby wouldn't be a good idea, not bc of me lol.. Two of my friends got a TT and decided to have another baby & their tummy looks good just a lil lose but nothing like they were before the TT.
Oh good thats comforting cause im 30 and i have very little time left so im thinking like in 2 yrs ... Ill have kids ... Everyone keeps saying rhats stupid ... I should wait to get it... But i kinda want it now!! Lol

So went to the pharmacy to fill me scrips & it was...

So went to the pharmacy to fill me scrips & it was abt 300 to fill all. I was floored... I do t have ins I go to first choice anyway called first choice & being that Im on a scrip program the r going to rewrite the prescription that way I can get me discount. Just for the shot alone 80.00 w my discount it's 20.00 yay!
Your big day is coming up! I'll be praying for you girl!
Thank u :) Girl I am freaking out!! Like I have sooo much to do & no time to do it.
Oh my goodness is it mandatory to get lovonox? Jesus i also dont have insurance but luckily my gma has medicaid lol and i have 180 viccodins which is greattt cause the doc said i can take 2 every 3 hours and that is what i am doing how many pain killers did you get? I would ask a neighbor or something that you know has viccodins or pain killers to give you extra and xanax or valium etc... I have xanax valium and lorazepam just in case but with 2 viccodins every 3 hours im good dont need anything .... Good luck :)

Woke up this morning with a cold & my surgery is...

Woke up this morning with a cold & my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Im sooooooooo sad! Tomorrow is the perfect time to have it done. My mother inlaw is home for spring break for a week so she was going to keep my baby boy. My older girls r going to b home for spring break therefore they could have helped all week. Now idk what I'm going to do.
Can't wait to see your results! Good luck girl
Thank you girlie.. I can't either. Just wish it was instant results. Lol!
I would go with the 1000cc because remember that not all of the fat survives

Starting my pre surgery meds again. Ugh! I've...

Starting my pre surgery meds again. Ugh! I've gained 20 lbs or so for my bbl & I'm sooooo ready to get rid of this fat! My tummy looks like in 6 months prego. Never been so anxious to be in pain.
Time is going by soooo slow!!!!
Best of luck!
I'll be sending you lots of good vibes and prayers your way!!! So excited for you :)

Packing my kids bags to drop them off. It's going...

Packing my kids bags to drop them off. It's going to be at least a week before I see them & I'm super sad. Most hardest thing abt this process.
Thank you :) how are you doing? How's the pain? When did u start feeling somewhat better?
I actually had no pain what so ever ... I know its wierd but none my only problem was i couldnt pee well wich sucked cause i was extra extra swollen ... But im great
Thank you girlie :) I'm going to need that lol. I'm excited too.. Nice to hear someone else is too :)

Feeling like wth did I get myself into.. To late...

Feeling like wth did I get myself into.. To late to think twice about this ugh!!! Super nervous
Good luck
Wishing u the best! Xoxo
Lol ... Dont be nervous .... Its really not a big deal dont worry you will be ok :)

Well today is the day. I'm actually pretty calm...

Well today is the day. I'm actually pretty calm NOW. I washed up with dial antibacterial body wash, curled my hair so I can look somewhat decent for a couple of days- no product in hair. I'm wearing a really loose maxi dress & some flip flops. Well as of today my journey to a new me begins :) talk to u soon ladies have a great day.

Hey ladies, I first want to thank u for ur best...

Hey ladies, I first want to thank u for ur best wishes & prayers. Ok so went in & expected to get the happy juice but didn't :( but I was fine took a Xanax before getting there. They took me back & before I knew it I was waking up in soooooooooo much pain. They gave me pain meds in my IV but it did nothing.. From a scale 1-10 I would have to 15!! Lol I decided not to go big plus my booty is super tight. So 1100 all together. Umm booty doesn't hurt just a lil sore. I'm putting some pressure on it bc I'm in so much pain. I do have some burning at the incision site but the muscle repare omg!!! My lips are sooooo swollen, numb & purple & black. I can't drink out of a glass do using a water bottle.
Good luck... Hope you recover soon... Did they put allot extra on ur lips ?? More than what u wanted so when the fat reabsorbs ?? What did they tell u about that?
Congratulations!!! I'm glad you made it! Wishing you a speedy recovery...get lots of rest and then more rest!!! Update us when your feeling better girl:)

One day post op- I am feeling way more pain....

One day post op- I am feeling way more pain. Soreness at my yummy? Back & booty with burning at the incision site it hurt so move!! Not looking forward to doc appt. O in btw I sleep 4 hours since surgery. I cannot sleep..

Just got back from my first post op Appointment.....

Just got back from my first post op Appointment.. Ok do seen my incision & it looks super low!! I do have a scratch on my tummy but doc said it'll go away. Oooo surgery center said I can take tylenol do I did. Mentioned it to the dic today & he said stop & was super mad at the surgery center said he was going to call them bc I could have overdose. Eek. I am having to put pressure on the booty do thinking I won't get good results

Sorry about the spelling. Super drugged up.

Sorry about the spelling. Super drugged up.

Sorry about the spelling. Super drugged up.

Sorry about the spelling. Super drugged up.
Hope you been feeling better!
Im getting the samething done, happy healing it gets better as the days go by. How is your stomach pain?
Why dont u take something to sleep... Hope u feel better

So I woke up super swollen today went to seem doc...

So I woke up super swollen today went to seem doc & he said I'm constipated & I need to take a shit hehe!! O move move move! I stayed laying down for a long period of time & OMG I was so stiff it hurt like hell to get up. As far as sitting during the day w/o putting pressure my husband got one of those camping chairs & cut a oval hole then I put my boppy pillow n front & a pillow on the back. Most comfortable position I can find

Still day 2 post op & pain has already subsided...

Still day 2 post op & pain has already subsided yay!! Still of course hurts but not nearly as bad at all. Anyway had my first BM ugh! I'm sooooooo swollen around my tummy. I'm not bruised like more of the women on here like at thought that was odd. I'm starting to feel bad that my booty isnt going to be big :( but I'm excited to have a waist & flat tummy again.
Try drinking warm prune juice to make you do #2. I hear it works quickly!
My doc told me to get fleets suppositories eek. Urs sound a lot more fun.
Thank u actually I'm still n pain ugh!!

Day 3 post op- well I still can't stand up...

Day 3 post op- well I still can't stand up straight at all. walking is still very difficult for me my back is what hurts the most but I had a bad back to begin with. I finally had a good night sleep. I'm still constipated lol. Pain meds almost gone One more day eek soooo not ready to be off of then. The pain is ok no as long as I have my meds as before even with my pain meds I was in soooo much pain. I think it's very odd I don't have swelling or bruising n my butt. ?!?! I did ask the surgery center before I left how much was used & she looked in my chart and said 1100 cc was for my booty 500cc n lips eek. So I'm thinking there isn't going to b a difference in my booty :( maybe maybe not. As far as lipo I've seen most girls super bruised after lipo. I have very little I'm super super sore & tender where there was lipo. My tummy is still numb. Ooo my toilet riser with handles is perfect for both a TT & BBL I'll post a pic of that. So I'll post some pics when I'm able to stand up straight although I have a pice of tummy day after an ok view & a pic of booty but I'm kind of bent over bc of my TT. Did I mention my lips r huge & black lol ill post a pic if that Too

Day 4- I actually had a good night sleep no pain...

Day 4- I actually had a good night sleep no pain meds throught the night :) I have a lot of swelling n my tummy ugh! I'm going 5-6 hours without my pain meds. Ooo I dropped one of my tubes from my TT & OMG!!!! I've been hurting all day because of it. No fun. Ok ladies at this time you feel super helpless & it's frustrating but take a deep breath. This is tmi but seriously I can't even wipe my own booty super super embarrassing. I'm the type of women that never toots n front of my husband lol. I'm starting to walk a little better today but my back is still very week.
Lol @ never tooting in front your hubby...I'm the same haha anyway I hope your healing journey is a quick one and I hope your dad beats it...Cancer sucks!
Lol! I tell him women don't toot. Thank you so much I hope so too not to scare anyone but omg!!! This stuff is no joke. Thank u cancer does suck!!! He's fighting although I just lost a really good friend to lung cancer.
It's good to hear your doing better and not hurting as much. How are you sleeping as far as position?

Good morning y'all :) so I had such a good night...

Good morning y'all :) so I had such a good night sleep... Pain is getting better. Still can't walk up straight boo! I'm still very swollen- can we say muffin top geez!!! Go away already!!! The tubes bulbs suck!!! After 5 days I'm sooo tired of walking with balls between my legs lol. Ok back to being serious the tubes burn & I'm so ready for them to be pulled out hopefully Thursday. They are now at 20 ml.
Booty isn't big boooooooo!!!! O well I guess.. :-/ my lips are getting smaller & back to their normal color. So the only thing that really hurts is my back actually my back has hurt the worst besides the day of. I don't want to scare y'all but shit when I woke up it hurt soooooooooooo much from a scale from 1-10 it was like 100. They pop two perks & sent me on my way. I've been so lucky to have my husbands home with me, he takes good care of me & the kiddos. Not to mention he's an awesome cook so I may milk this as much as possible lol... Well ladies if I think of anything else I will post buy if you have any questions feel free to ask I'm an open book :)

Additional items to buy- Bed pads Latex gloves...

Additional items to buy-
Bed pads
Latex gloves
Fleet suppositories

Still day 5 & omg!!!! My pubic area f'n hurts. I'm...

Still day 5 & omg!!!! My pubic area f'n hurts. I'm supper swollen, black & blue. It looks like a big ball!! Oouuuuccchh! Just started & I hate it! Ugh!

Lipo areas are are so sore & swollen. Not much...

Lipo areas are are so sore & swollen. Not much bruising. My booty feels stiff is this normal this soon??

My husband is the best personal chef. He has been...

My husband is the best personal chef. He has been making me the most amazing low sodium meals. I'm drinking lots of water & I must say I'm super spoild.

Ps. Keep cough drops on hand at all times...
Yay! the pain is going away!! :) As far as walking straight, I hear Dr. Cardenas (Queen of tummy tucks) tells her patients to actually walk hunched over for at least 10 days after having a tummy tuck.. be careful girl :) That's great your husband is able to stay home with you and take care of you. I 'll be staying at clubmed for 12 days so hopefully I will be able to take care of myself by the time I get home. Do you still feel it was worth getting the TT and BBL at the same time?
I know!! I'm sooo excised/ relieved it's going away... Idk how women can stand straight before 10 days that's insane. I do think it'd worth it. I am putting some pressure in my booty but at the same I would not have gone back for surgery again after this no eat plus I don't have another 2500 to spend on the facility n stuff
No eat lol.. I meant no way..

One week post op- ok where do I start. Not much...

One week post op- ok where do I start. Not much has changed dang it!! I still walk hunched over. My back is killing me!! My husband went back to work & I still can't wipe myself :( one of my good friends came over to take care me & as embarrassing as it was she had to help me in the restroom. Luckily she's a long time friend & a nurse student. So once your draining tubes are below 24 ml for a 24 hour period they are ready to be taken out. So looks like mine will be taken out tomorrow thank goodness these drains are a pain in the ass. Im still having pain blah! Still very very swollen even in my legs & feet. def going To ask my doc about that. I think it's more then normal. My lips have gone I didn't feel pain from my lips or from my booty at all. Just lipo area, tubes my pubic area bc of the swelling and back. I will have a burning sensation in my incision here & there. Finally climbed our stairs today ugh! I was so tired after geez... Well ladies I think that's it. I'll post if something new comes up :)

Went to my one week post op appt today tubes are...

Went to my one week post op appt today tubes are out yay!!! But still constipated & doc said I can end up in the hospital sometime this week if I don't take care of it like now!! I have to call him tomorrow & if the same I gotta go back n ugh! Anyway I feel 100 times better with the tubes out...

On the phone: Me- babe doc said I could end up...

On the phone:
Me- babe doc said I could end up in the hospital..

My husband: what!!! Why????

Me: becuase I'm full of shit!
It's not funny but it sure sounds funny..

Btw when tubes are being taken out it hurts!!!! &...

Btw when tubes are being taken out it hurts!!!! & feel really gross.. Really gross!!

Forgot to mention Mu intire body is swollen. Head...

Forgot to mention Mu intire body is swollen. Head to toe.

Ok so haven't really been talking about my booty....

Ok so haven't really been talking about my booty. So as I mentioned before my doc was not able to put much in bc my butt was to tight & of course you can't over fill I well. As far as pain none in my booty at all just in lipo areas super sore & tender. It's not that swollen its not bruised. I will feel some muscle spasms type feelings.

For those who are getting both done when taking a shower use a chair seriously your back hurts so bad from being hunched over that you won't be able to take a nice long shower & wash right bc your rushing.
I took the camping chair that my husband cut a hole in the shower that way I can sit as long as I want & not putting pressure.
Can u take anything for your bowel to he release ??? Prune juice !
He told me not to use the suppositories & the use the fleets anama. It worked I just have to do it a few times to get where I need to be.
Lov the sh#t joke! U gotta keep ur spirits up no matter what!

I decided to stop taking pain meds so that I can...

I decided to stop taking pain meds so that I can poop.. I was sleeping & woke up coughing big time & seriously It was the most painful thing ever!!!!! All night my incision has been burning bad!!! Think I'm goong to get back on my meds.

I still look fat! & feeling down.. I see no...

I still look fat! & feeling down.. I see no difference with tummy, booty & lips.

I feel like I wasted 12,000.00

I feel like I wasted 12,000.00
Oh, I forgot to mention that activia yogurt works good for constipation.
You are just swollen, you are going to look good once the swelling subsides
I hope so im so scared I'm going to be disappointed. Swelling sucks & I want to be skinny already lol. I tried posting pics but realself isn't letting me for some reason. Although my results are like others at this point in recovery

Taking a shower is Such a hard task. In my...

Taking a shower is Such a hard task. In my experience at 8 days post op I am still hunched over & my back is killing me!!!! Thing that hurts the most is my back. I'm my house all showers are upstairs (lovely) so walking upstairs & standing in the shower is to overwhelming for my back. My advice is to get one of those shower chairs (thin one so ur butt can hang off) or those shower handles & step deals that stick to the wall of the shower.. The chair u can find on amazon.com the handles the only place I know is the sex store lol. I'm down to on two pain meds a day. I over did it last night & my tummy got super hard & swollen. Don't act cool & over exert yourself. The hardest thing right now is still not being independent & having to rely on others to do simple everyday task especially in the restroom department. It's depressing! I have three kids, my husband works out of town & only a friend to help & I feel so bad I cant do for myself or kids. So def try to keep your head up & stay positive.


Finally I am not in pain.. Well of course my back...

Finally I am not in pain.. Well of course my back because I'm still hunched over. But things are starting to get better except the swelling. Still feeling helpless & very frustrated I hate having to bother other people... Keeping my head up (very important) Positive thoughts.
Oh yeah and how did they big leacho pillow work for you? I was thinking of getting one.
I seriously recommend that you get one!!!! If it idk what I would have done without it. To toilet thing too. As well as the handle deals for the shower. With a TT u are hunched over & ur back hurts & is weak do the handles help hang on & rest ur back a bit.
Okay, thank you! There are only almost $100 bucks!!! lol They are a liittle pricey, how much did you pay for your pillow? I will go to the goodwill and find me a used walker.

So the flat area I was most concerned about was...

So the flat area I was most concerned about was not filled in or not enough. I'm so embarrassed to post pics.

My stomach is as big if not bigger so they told me...

My stomach is as big if not bigger so they told me to go in. Oh and my incision is getting lumpy :( ugh!!!!
How are you doing? Is everything ok with your TT incision?
My incision is ok but the swelling is bad!!! I look bigger then before. I have to switch my garment. Ordered one today they took the money out of my acct then called & said they didn't have the item I purchased. I'm so freaken mad!!! I'm really starting to feel like shit!!! My bbl didn't come out good at all like u can't even tell & I'm so swollen that I can't see any kind of result whats so ever beside my lips I love them. U would think the swelling would go down everyday & nope nothing. I'm so bugged. Lol sorry I'm venting.
Remember, its part of the process and It's going to get better!! Are you switching to a smaller garment? I hear that a tight garment is the best for the swelling and to wear it at all times except to shower. You should post some pictures so we can get a better idea of what your going through and we can support you. I'm sure there are others who feel the same way you do.

2 weeks post op... It's getting a lot easier for...

2 weeks post op... It's getting a lot easier for me to get around. My back sit hurts.
My booty is starting to form like dimples (cellulite) ugh!!! I called & asked of that was normal & they said to wait 3 months it will smith out.
Swelling is still bad but going down will post some pics soon.
Belly bottom is still bleeding wth!
I'm soooo sore everywhere lol. My hubby has been wanting to be lovey dovey & when u tries to hug me it hurts. My booty is feeling a lil hard, feels weird. Ummm! My entire body was swollen & it's starting to do down as well as my bottom.

Forgot to mention that while i wait for my new...

Forgot to mention that while i wait for my new waist garment I am wearing one those curves waist wrap that you work out with & the swelling went soo much!! Of course I still have a lot but I'm starting to get excited.
If u know a tailor just keep getting your old one resized its much cheaper

I'm two weeks & 3 day & started sexual activity.

I'm two weeks & 3 day & started sexual activity.

Still very swollen. Idk y it isn't going down.

Still very swollen. Idk y it isn't going down.
Hey girlie, how are you? haven't seen a update recently. Hope your doing well.
Omg u had sex! I would be scared to damage my butt especially doggy style lol I know hes lovin that big 'ol booty ;)
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5 week post op. still super swollen.

5 week post op. still super swollen.

Hey y'all, I'm 5 weeks post op. sorry I...

Hey y'all, I'm 5 weeks post op. sorry I disappeared for awhile & I feel super bad.
I instantly out if surgery I swelled up like a balloon (big time) I'm still super swollen my doc said I'll have to wear my garment for the full 3 months. My belly button is still bleeding ugh! I just got the stitches out Monday. I like my belly button & my incision. My booty looks like its getting bigger as time passes really weird. I'm thinking it's still swollen. But like the size. My dic said its going to go down but will fluff back up.
Reason I haven't been on is bc u ladies instantly look slim w a big-o booty. I looked HUGE!!!! Still kinda do. I've been eating healthy, drinking tons if water, quit salt & on a low sodium diet. I did start drinking champaign 1-2 times a week. Swelling has gone down big time but still look like I have big love handle but will go down doc said in gonna go down a lot just takes me longer then others boo!!! I must admitt its a rough recovery!!!! After the first week & 1/2 pain is gone but still very hard to get around.
Thank you for your posts! I'm really considering going with Dr. Gallegos how do you like your results and do you have any updated pics?
I am sorry you are going through swell Hell. Hopefully it will be over soon. I would say sharing pics during this time may have been helpful to others who might go through this in the future. Thank for updating us!
Drink arnica tea! On top of ur garment put a corset the tightest possible on top and you will see a big difference
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

In NM there is two doctors that do the brezilian butt lift so went to both for a consultation and liked what dr. Gallegos had to say

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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