I love it! - Albuquerque, NM

I had it done in Albuquerque. My Dr. has been...

I had it done in Albuquerque. My Dr. has been doing plastic surgery for years.

It is NOT an hour procedure and you are NOT ready to go to work in a week! It is very extensive SURGERY and you will need AT LEAST two weeks before you go back to work. I wore a shorter wig to work to hide my scars, and I looked fine. I look about 15 years younger than my age.

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone...

I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is considering looking younger and having a fresh new look!

Almost 5 months post op and still loving it! See...

Almost 5 months post op and still loving it! See additional photos below!

A little over one year post op, and I still feel...

A little over one year post op, and I still feel great and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

More photos below :)

P.S. I am now 57 years old, and will be 58 in March!

P.S. I am now 57 years old, and will be 58 in March!

As I mentioned,the price is now higher than what I...

As I mentioned,the price is now higher than what I paid for, a year ago. I had my consultation two years ago, was quoted my price, and that was the price that was locked in, even though I had my surgery a year later, in which time I was able to save up for it.

I removed some of my photos. Will be adding more...

I removed some of my photos. Will be adding more soon. I'll be 58 yrs old in March :)
Dr. Richard Davies

If anyone has had bad surgery and has written about it on this site, keep in mind it is not the fault of the Lifestyle Lift but the fault of a bad doctor. All one has to do is look at celebrity websites to see some major botched up faces by some of the most expensive plastic surgeons in the world. I will post photos here; the first, my original neck and jowels, which weren't awful but I wanted to have something done before I got really bad. The second photo with my long straight hair and white tank top, I took of myself at ten days post op; I put concealer on to hide the bruises around my mouth, but you can see my neck starting to get yellow from the black and blue healing. The third one was eleven days post op, with my shorter wig, to hide my scars. The fourth was in England, 24 days post op, wearing a long wig to hide my scars. The doctor also did a little lipo under my chin. I'm very pleased! P.S. I am 56 years old! ---- Update 1-1/2 yrs post op: I will be 58 yrs old next month, and I look 40. I am still thrilled with my results. I have been reading some of the doctors' comments on these pages, and shame on them. They are giving false information, because they realize that the LS Lift has been taking the country by storm, and they are losing business. So they have sour grapes. Some of the misinformation they are giving, is that the LS Lift is not performed by 'real' plastic surgeons. That is a lie. All LS Lift doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons, and many had their own practices before joing the LS Lift team. Also, they said it only last 2 yrs or so, and that is another lie. The LS Lift, depending on genetics and other factors in a person's lifestyle, lasts fron 8 to ten years. Again, shame on all these plastic surgeons, who are posting misinformation to scare people. I would do it again, and I would not give my money to these expensive plastic surgeons who would post such misleading comments on this site. P.S. I do NOT work for the Lifestyle Lift.

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could you please post before and after pics

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I went in for injectables and Dr. T is the rudeest, most unprofessional (full of himself) doctor. He should be sued. Karma! I bet he looses his license due to his inability to be kind to people! He gives the whole office a bad taste!
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It was in Albuquerque!
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I am 50 years old and was offered a NON-SURGICAL procedure which was the CO2 Fractional Laser because the doctor didn't think I needed the lift yet at only 50. I opted to have the Life Style Lift & I am AMAZED with the results. I look 40 again!! Seems to me if these were truly "money-hungry butchers" from LSL, as a few of you say on this board, then why did I have to threaten to go someplace else if they wouldn't do it for me?? Explain that away to me???
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Could you please tell us who it was you were threatening, the consultant or the surgeon? Was this threat issued during the free consultation, or when you were speaking with your surgeon prior to the surgery?
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I have no idea what you are talking about 2trusting....you obviously are about drama. NEVER ONCE have I ever hinted about any kind of threat from anyone. I simply posted how happy I and a few of my friends were with our results of our facelifts and that opened me up to nothing but my inbox of my email being filled with rather from people like yourself. Believe or not "I' have a life with more important things to do than be CONTINUALLY on Real Self.com! Have a sparkling day!!:-)
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I just spoke to my pastor about what you said. And he's with ME. I suppose according to you Rosa Parks, shouldn't have taken her seat on the bus. Paul Revere wasn't supposed to Ride his Ride, and so on and so on. This country has gotten so full of mealy mouthed people who are not willing to put themselves in other peoples shoes and empathize with the Wronged, and stand up with them, just because it didn't happen to them.
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First I not a shill. Second I didn't say you removed the scabs I said if you did that could be one of the reason for the scars. If you didn't research the doctor by internet and calling the medical board than oops on you. I always research an doctor I may think of going to, even my primary doctor. I think I shall call the state attorneys office and offer my 'positive' side of the coin.

But I still say you need to move on, hate and bitterness can consumer you and destroy your life. Sue them if you feel the need but please for yourself backup a bit and let go of the hate. I shall pray for you, and I do wish you all the best.
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I don't CARE what you say. Typical LSL mantra, lady, if in fact that's what you are. They would love all the damage they've done to go away, quietly curl up and die. BUT GUESS WHAT, THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I guess if our forefathers had followed your advise, we wouldn't have the country we have today. WRONGS NEED TO BE RIGHTED. I am a VERY strong person, Thank you for your prayers, I shall do the same for you.
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not lucky had a great doctor, and followed their pre-op and post-op instructions 100 percent.

I also did my research before. Heard all negative and the positive and made my decision. The pain was minor. I only took 4 pain pills the day of the surgery and the day after I took 2 pills. After that I would take tylenol if I needed something. I'm sorry that you are disappointed with your outcome. Perhaps your expectations were too high, that can happen with plastic surgery. And if your left with scars it is because you either removed the scabs or didn't follow the instructions 100 percent. I'm sure they told you all the negative that could happen, they did me, and you must have thought it worth the risk or you wouldn't have done it. I wish you all the best. It might help you if you were to move out the negative and into the positive aspects of your life, you'll be much happier. I wish you all the best.
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I follow ALL their instructions to the T. You think I picked at scabs you're crazy. All of your rhetoric has marked you. Typical of shills that are out there promoting this hyped of OLD procedure. I have pain everyday and people like you who are SURE they told me everything that could happen??? All of LSL Fraud is going to catch up with them. They think they're teflon, but they're not. I really don't know how anyone can recommend this and take a chance that someone could be horribly damaged in the process. My expectations were only what they told me would happen, woman. If these corporate monsters hire any kind of scalpel jockeys they can and you have to RESEARCH their "drs" to see if they're criminals, have lost their licenses in other states, are hopped up on drugs... They LIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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oops forgot to say the city - Tampa, FL
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I'm so thankful you were not harmed, pjyoder. So thankful you were lucky.
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Hi everyone,

Well today is the 3rd week since I had my surgery and I love it. I was back to work in less than a week. Yes I still had some swelling and just a little brusing but all is going real good. Today I still have a bit of numbness in front of the ears and a few stitches left but all that is to be expected. I'm 66, well will be 67 in April and had quite a bit of wrinkles especially around the mouth from 53 years of smoking, sure glad I quit that 2 years ago. Anyway the doctor did a wonderful job on me. I look every natural, still having a few minor wrinkles, told him I didn't want to look plastic or too much younger (fake like) and he did a perfect job on me. I had doctor Swerdloff.

Hope everyone has a great day
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I truely believe that the doctors are at fault, when the procedure goes sour. What I also think is that the advetizements about the Life Style Lift are very
misleading. It specifies that it is NOT a surgery and only takes one hour. I had this procedure done several years ago. At that time it was considered surgery. I was not totally satisfied with the outcome, but the doctor corrected it.
I also noticed that 2 people were unsatisfied with their doctors in Dallas. Maybe they were one and the same.

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Bewildred, where does it say it is not a surgical procedure and that it only takes one hour? It's a FACE LIFT, for heaven's sake! Not a lunchtime procedure.
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OH MY GOD!!! It says it all over the place. You're the one who likes to quote their website, so you should know. It's all part of their divisive and fraudulent advertising. THEY SAY IT IN AAAAAALLLLLLL OF THEIR ADVERTISING!!! Now you're misrepresenting that too?
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If someone had a bad experience, it is because of a bad doctor, not the Lifestyle Lift. All Lifestyle Lift doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons. Just do your homework. The negative comments on this board are unfortunate, but some people enjoy wishing misery on others. I don't read the negative comments, but only the positive ones. I don't believe in scaring people.

The weakness is probably because of the surgery itself. Any surgery is a major shock to your body. You may have more strength than the average person, especially if you didn't have weakness after a full facelift. But I would never recommend going to work after five days.

Make sure you see before and after photos of your doctor's surgeries. Then you will know what type of work he does.

I wish you the best!
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One of my photos is ten days post op; I had to cover my bruises with makeup.

I also just posted a photo 11 days post op; wearing a shorter wig.
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You will not be able to take just 5 days off work. I am younger than you, and I was still a bit weak after 2 weeks. You may also be getting more work than I got. What exactly will you be having done?

I had to wear a wig after two weeks; the stitching cars around your ears will not go away for awhile. I will post some more photos to show you.

After five days, you will not be able to work, trust me.
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Having the life style lift, full face laser, and brow lift. I'm an in home caregiver and don't care what my clients see, lol so having said that was it more physical of not being able to work, i.e. pain? What caused the weakness?
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boy I hate to take off more than a week at most. Don't want the company to reassign my clients to someone else.

Guess I better go buy a wig, I have a real short pixi hair cut now.

Does the dermablend makeup they recommend really work good?
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It's not a matter of what your clients will see (or the pain, which will be minimal); you could probably cover up your bruises with makeup. However, you will be very weak after all that surgery. You are having more done than I had. I had the Lifestyle Lift, a neck lift, and lipo under the jawline. And I remember when I returned to work after two weeks, I was feeling weak. Let us know how you make out. When is your surgery?
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It is scheduled for the 24 of Jan.
I've been reading another site and it makes it all sound like it all a fraud and there a Doctors on there saying the same stuff. Now I'm confused. They say that the one in tampa is under investigation etc etc. I know that people sew for anything now. What is your insight into all of that? Oh its on RealSelf.com

Also is the weakness from the laser part of the procedures? As I had a full facelift when I was 40 (oh my 26 years ago, lol) and I didn't have an weakness?

I sure do appreciate all you help and information you've been so kind to give to me today.
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