I am 44 years old and have hoods on my eyelids and...

I am 44 years old and have hoods on my eyelids and turkey/chicken neck under my chin. I have hated these for years and am finally doing something about it. Although people say I only look 35, I feel so much older than my real age, especially in profile pictures of myself...so, I'm having a bilateral upper blepheroplasty and lower facelift.

I'm also tired of having people tell me I look tired!! Yes I have two very small children and I AM tired, but not tired as my eyes make me look! Lol!

My surgery is only 8 days away now and I am very excited! I'm not too worried about post op pain; I've been told by my ps that the most common complaint is burning/itching where the sutures are. Swelling and bruising can be kept to a minimum by icing and rest.

Oh yeah, I'm also tired of having to "lift" my hoods to apply makeup only to have it disappear when I let go!! I draw an exaggerated cat eye with liquid liner just to get a regular liner look when I let go! Oy! Sooooon it will all be gone!

The pics speak for themselves. I feel like a vibrant beautiful woman on the outside and now I want the outside to match. It seems having children later in life has sped up my aging process! Go figure!
Alberta girl here too! All the best on your surgery. Ok now I want my neck done!!! I need to marry a ps next time! ;)
Hindsight..... ;)
Best wishes for a smooth surgery..

I can't believe my surgery is on Monday! I've been...

I can't believe my surgery is on Monday! I've been keeping really busy to occupy myself until then...cleaning, cuddling with my babies etc. I'm not sure how I'll feel Sunday night, but right now I just want all this skin GONE!

My mom passed away in 2009 at the age of 72 (lung cancer) and I remember when I was little, she had the same surgery at around the same age I am now. Her was covered back ten by provincial health care...they said the hoods were impairing her vision. Good for her!
I'm having dinner and drinks with my bf tonight so we can giggle and talk about the surgery...a "Farewell to Chicken" night! Lol!

I love this community and all the support you ladies give. It helps me get through the days! Thank you!
Best wishes Desi77. Go in with a good relaxed mood. I did yoga+meditation the morning before shoulder surgery and I'm convinced it helped me with the recovery/coming out of anesthesia.
Thank you so much laurellay! I am a huge fan of yoga and you're right., it will definitely help me relax!
I am with you only 6 more sleeps woooo hooooo. All the best

I started taking the Arnica tablets today. I hope...

I started taking the Arnica tablets today. I hope it helps with the bruising! My ps has had good success with it so we'll see! Getting a little nervous about the whole recovery! Oh man, two more sleeps!!
hi desi, sending you good healing energy. looking forward to seeing your pics x
Thank you Exq! Funny, it's in 6 hours (7:30am CST--it's 12:30am here now) and I CAN'T sleep! Surprise! Hopefully I can rest tomorrow! :)
Wishing you all the best, always! Don't forget to stay off the computer for a little while, your eyes need to rest. Good luck! I am so happy for you.

Sorry this update us so late! Sx only took 4 hours...

Sorry this update us so late! Sx only took 4 hours not the 5.5 they were thinking.

I'm trying to rest and ice as much as possible so I'll post all the details tomorrow after my 4 pm post op.

My chest is tight after the BA but I'm ok. I have drains behind my ears and the burn a bit but I'm only taking Tylenol 3 for pain! Yay!

Thank you for your well wishes! I'll post more tomorrow! :D
You look great, take it easy, wishing you a speedy recovery xxx
Keep us updated when you can. Don't push yourself!
Way to go!!!! This is so exciting. Rest lots. I got my call today and my surgery is tomorrow (after telling me on Friday it was postponed until June 3). So keep posting so I can decide if I will get my neck done too

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with...

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with these procedures!!

Let me tell you about my day yesterday..

I got to the surgery centre at 630am and surgery was at 7:30am. Face and BA only took four hours not the expected 5.5 so I was home by 4pm. They did catheterize me (I had never had that before) and I was surprised how little pain was associated with removing it.

I had drains placed behind my ears and down to the front of my neck that were removed today (THAT was not comfortable..thank goodness it was quick!). The swelling on my eyes has already decreased dramatically from yesterday and there is NO pain at all with that. The sutures around my ears burn a bit, but is completely manageable.

My ps was very surprised that I have NO lower face swelling or bruising. He is very pleased with how well I am responding so soon. I am too!!

I cried a bit when I saw my neck for the first time. I absolutely hated how my skin looked before surgery and honestly, I NEVER expected such a great result. I am sooo happy and it's only going to get better!

I can shower on Thursday (hubby will have to help since there is also a BA and I have slightly limited movement) and the eyelid and front ear sutures will be removed on Friday.

I am only taking Tylenol 3 for pain (only two today..mainly for my chest muscles) and an antibiotic. I feel really good considering what I had done yesterday!

I can't wait to see the results as the weeks go on. I'll post more pics throughout the week and keep everyone updated. Thank you for all of your support!
Hi Blue Eyes, I am thinking about you. Best wishes, always!
:)))) XO
Looking good Desi and thanks for posting! Get some rest and I'm sending good vibes your way. How exciting! You will look HOT this summer! :-)

Post op day 3: So u have maximum swelling today...

Post op day 3:

So u have maximum swelling today on my temples and cheekbones. Also, my eyelids are still quite swollen. So when I look in the mirror right now, I don't really look like myself but I know this will change as the swelling goes down.

There is still no pain just tightness under my chin (yay!!!) and where I'm swollen on my cheeks. I can't wait to look like myself again..only less saggy!

I highly recommend both of these surgeries. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask
Wowzers!! The whole surgery a success! What a smart investment You are now smoking hot ! Hooray for P. S.'s
I am now thinking mid face lift for neck !!
hi i am considering low eyelid surgery,i have dark circles and bags,live in Chicago area,can anybody rec good doctor.how bad is daytime,i need to be at work in4-5 days.

Day 5 Post Op

Posting pics today. Still no pain but I am now a very lively shade of yellow! Lol!

Swelling is slowly going away on my eyelids and is at a peak day for my cheeks and temples..all downhill from here and can only get better!

Excited to see the "new" old me in the mirror again!
I can't even put into words what this has done for me. I've had some chicken since I was a teenager thanks to genetics but seriously...GONE. In 4 hours!! I think this easily bought me another 20-25 years of ps-free face love! So YES! DO IT! :))))
Upsi, do yourself a favour and do as many consultations as you need to feel fully informed and completely confortable. :)

Incision pic

Where do I sign up?
Look at you! Amazing. Those doctors have magic it their hands, don't they. I can see the diff! Especially on your neck. Just awesome!
me too!

A Week Ago Today..

It's hard to believe that one week ago I had my surgery. I feel better and better every single day.

The swelling around my ears and temple is disappearing more and more while the bruising is now on its way out too :)))

When I look in the mirror, I see what I saw 20 years ago and I'm so incredibly happy I had the opportunity to do this. I have an amazing support system in my husband and couldn't have done this without him.

My eyes area still swollen on the upper outside edge near the end of my eyebrows but I finally look more like myself today. I'm soooo happy!!

I'll continue to post update pics as the changes occur.
You look great, Desi! ANOTHER week or two and you will be over the moon!
I can't imagine!! I already feel like that! Everyday is icing on the cake. Thank you!
So glad it came out a success!

New pics

Your incision lines end where they should. At least your doctor was smart enough not to take them to touch the end of your eyebrows. I wish I went to your doctor. He's a keeper. You look beautiful blue eyes. Happy Healing!

Stitches are OUT!

I saw my nurse today to have all the sutures out from around my ears and temples and let me tell you...it feels SO GOOD!! I think that was the worst part! The sutures behind my ears were rubbing my skin raw and I'm all clear to finally sleep on my sides again!! WHOOPEE!!

The swelling is reducing on my cheeks daily and the bruises around my eyes is all but gone. I put a little mascara on today and it felt great to be close to my old self again :)))

I am sooo happy with everything! I feel fantastic!
wow. you look fantastic Desi77. The incision lines are so clean and subtle; even the ones behind your ears. One of the best results I've ever seen. Congratulations on your amazing result.
You look absolutely amazing!! What a fantastic investment desi. I am off to see my dr next Friday to discuss my chicken bits xxx thank you so much for the inspiration.
What a wonderful thing to say Exq! Good for you on your big decision too! You'll love it! I'll be posting new pics tomorrow...that's the three week mark and it just keeps getting better. If you have any questions at all, please ask. XO

3 Weeks post op today

I can't believe it's been three weeks already. When I look in the mirror, I see myself the way I saw myself 20 years ago. The swelling has mostly subsided now (still some in front of my ears but not noticeable) and my neck still has some lovely yellow bruising where the drains were.

Being so pale, my suture lines are still quite red and I know that'll take some time to resolve. That's ok by me! The results are WORTH it!

New pics today with a bit of makeup :))
Simply Amazing! I am so happy for you.
Your headline should say face lift surgery, not eyelid lol. Great results your neck looks awesome. Congrats.
It's funny you say that HBK, I submitted a review for "facelift" yesterday and directed people to look here. Too much duplication! Lol! Thank you for the kind words.

Forgot the ear suture pics!

Meant to post the pics of the behind the ear incisions yesterday. Here they are!
You look fantastic! I was just noticing my jaw line sagging a bit OMG you look Great! I am 57 and am waiting this week to see if Insurance will cover my upper eyes bleph. It's like $1,800 for the surgery and $2,000 for the surgery center so waiting.....Thank you for sharing !
You look fantastic! I was just noticing my jaw line sagging a bit OMG! I am 57 and am waiting this week to see if Insurance will cover my upper eyes bleph. It's like $1,800 for the surgery and $2,000 for the surgery center so waiting.....Thank you for sharing !
Thank you for sharing! You have great results!

New pics: One Month Post-Op

Posting new pics of incisions and their healing. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I've had some breakthrough bleeding along my hairline which worried me this far out...saw my nurse and ps the next day and he giggled "I think we forgot to tell you that new hair growing through will cause a bit if bleeding!" Lol! So nothing to worry about after all. Who knew?? :)

I will periodically post pics as the changes happen, until then, happy healing everyone!! If you're on the fence, get off and DO IT!


Before and after (neck)

You look great!  How do they do a neck lift?  Where do they cut?
You look like a super model with that face.
what is the name of your doctor?

6 Week PO, new pics

I had my final check up appt yesterday and my ps was very happy with my healing process to date (so am I!). I have noticed that my facial scars are quite red now due to the hair growth coming through and even that varies from day to day. It is very easy to conceal with a bit if makeup though so I'm not at all worried or self conscious about them at all. Everything takes time!

I'm posting a few pics today and will continue to do so periodically as I see changes. I hope you are all healing well and good luck everyone!
I love the way you put make up on your eyes. So very pretty. Happy healing! You look fabulous!
Thank you Tara Anne :)
You are stunning!!! What an inspiration!

More pics!


That has to be the best money you ever spent! You have such lovely eyes its a shame not to be able to see them fully, the surgeon did a great job there but the neck is just wow!! If I was you I'd have a mirror up to my face and looking at it every 15 minutes! You look like you could be 30!
I love your recent before and after shot. Just gorgeous!
This is exciting !! You look really really good. I had a midface when i was 40 no necklift...and have had another midface three years ago at 59..It is better to do this young!! My only regret is that i didn't ask for a necklift...because i really need one now but without the facelifting.. Best xx

7 Weeks: Scars Fading Fast

Not many changes lately except the scars are getting lighter and lighter. Having an Irish background, my skin and any scarring tends to redden VERY easily. Scars fade very slowly and these are no different but are easily covered with a bit of makeup.

Happy healing!
Wow!! Just wow! You look amazing! I'm heading in for upper & lower bleph and BA soon. Looking at your review really helps with the nerves. Thanks so much for sharing.
Im curious to ask about your eyelashes. I feel that because of my eyelid hooding, it affects my eyelashes and pushes them down. From your pics, your eyelashes have also improved. Is it a result from the surgery or a lattisse type product
It really was the best money ever spent on myself!! Thank you! I'm down to every 45 minutes with the mirror ;))

Before and After

Wow u look amazing! Beautiful eyes Desi77 thank u very much for sharing ur experience with us, great pictures but who it's ur surgeon? name please! Post more pictures! Thank u thank u for sharing
Aw! Thank you so much! New pics coming today as it's been 6 months now! I've PM'd you

Whoa! It looks so natural and you are healing so nicely. Your incisions are barely visible. I'm so happy for your upper bleph. The difference from a month ago! What a great feeling for you. I'm so happy your outside is matching how you feel on the inside. Success for sure. Your pictures also speak 1,000 words. Thank you so much for the detail. You look amazing!


Almost 45 Years Old; 6 Month Post Op! New Pics!!

Well it has been 6 months since my surgery, I'll be 45 in January and I could not be more thrilled with the results!!

No asks me if I'm tired anymore in fact they ask where I've been and why I look so good! ????????

Here are my pics from today and if anyone has any questions, please ask away! I check here occasionally and will try to keep up with my photos but I don't expect any drastic changes anymore but stayed tuned!
Hi Desi - A year has almost passed since you had your surgeries. I'd love to know how you are doing and if you're still thrilled with your results. Can you please share a quick update when you have a chance? I'd really appreciate it if you could. Take care. :)
Simply gorgeous results. No wonder you are thrilled! I am two weeks out from my upper/lower bleph. Did you use anything on your scars as they were healing?
You look gorgeous. Cannot believe you are 45. Looks more like late 20's like a gorgeous high pay supermodel. Not kidding either. Lucky you.
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