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So i am 31, two kids 8 and 3 and in my life lost...

So i am 31, two kids 8 and 3 and in my life lost 70 lbs after kid one and maintained a healthy weight after kid 2. I have been at a heathy BMI for 5 years. I am 5,2 and 135 Lbs. I am a runner ( I just did a Half Marathon Sub 2 Hours) BUT>>>>> I had massive stretch marks and extra skin, it was very noticeable in a Bikini and when I sat rolled over my jeans.

I had a Tummy tuck, for skin removal and navel reshape and muscle tightening. Mine was not about weight loss.

I dont need to hear, that i did not need it, cause as we all know comedic procedure are best when you are at a healthy BMI to achieve the best results.

So today was 3 full day since my surgery, the...

So today was 3 full day since my surgery, the first day without percocet...lol!! Today I went to to get my hair done...sitting, went for luch and did a little shopping, i was tired afterwards but felt pretty good! Here are more pics!

So today is almost a week after my TT, I am still...

So today is almost a week after my TT, I am still feeling tight and a little hunched over, but over all great. I am getting a little weight obsessive and wanting to diet and exercise.... i would hate to gain any weight through this.

I plan to go to a Halloween party today, and other than that relax......god is this boring to recover, i have actually been doing computer work this whole time lol, I hear alot of women asking about going back to work, since i do alot of work on the computer I will admit i never stopped really since my surgery, ok maybe one day....:)

Again i have run a marathon just the week before my surgery so i am very active, this is killing me!!!

So today is day 8 since my Full TT procedure, i am...

So today is day 8 since my Full TT procedure, i am almost feeling back to normal, I am tender yes but not non functional. I get a bit swollen in the evening as well, I am excited to get my one drain out this week some time. Got my hair dyed today feeling more like the old me!

So today is Day 9 and i am feeling great, i never...

So today is Day 9 and i am feeling great, i never have been wearing a CG and the swelling is lessesing, I am taking my kids trick or treating soon, maybe the drain out friday, I feel so good, i had a bit of pain last night during a cough fit....ouch, but other that that just fine recovery, TODAY I WORE JEANS, my fav ones and brande... Rag and Bone....:) Happy Halloween!

Day 11- What I learned 1. Be as fit and you can...

Day 11- What I learned

1. Be as fit and you can before going in for any procedure, I believe this is the secret to my recovery.
2. Try to not be at home the first week, I lived in a different town than where I got the procedure and a sweet Girlfriend took care of me for 5 days, it was nice to not have to stress the hubby and the kids.
3. Keep up the meds
4. track your results! It has been fun.:)
5. pinning you drain to your necklace works well for a shower!
6. Have a positive mind set and be happy.
7. Dont Compare your results or recovery to others, no one is the same and there are a million variables that make everyone different.

Today i feel great, no meds at all and I got alot of work accomplished, we are going for dinner with friends and i am wearing a dress! posting some choices

So I am almost 2 weeks post opp, I cant express...

So I am almost 2 weeks post opp, I cant express how happy i am that i did this, I wish I woulds have sooner, I dont feel ashamed that i got it done, i feel proud that i care about and take care of my body so well.

Everytime I go to eat something bad, I think to myself....."umm nO....not after paying 12 grand" So i feel it will be a great motivator for keeping my weight down...I really want to exercise, i find my self needing it, i am going to get blue without it.

Blogging on this site has been so helpful in my recovery and the feedback has been very reassuring, it hard cause i cant really talk about it my regular life...which is so hard...thank you for the support.

So today I was 2 weeks post opp and i have my one...

So today I was 2 weeks post opp and i have my one and only drain pulled, I will admit i have had a tad more pain, not much but some swelling at the top. just glad i am not pulling on that drain any more, I was starting to get clotting in it and it was time... One more week till the steri strip tape comes off:) then it will be paper tape, and then exercise. Ya Road to recovery!

Day 18 post opp. things are going great on my...

Day 18 post opp. things are going great on my front, I am back at work 3 days now, loving my body, no swelling, no tubing/drain ready to take the tape off any day now, down 5 lbs since surgery and none of my tops fit....i did not realize how much I was hiding my tummy area, and i have such curve now! all that muscle reconstruction gave me a great curve. I still have sone numbness in the area, but i am standing straight and feeling nice and tight/toned......never been like that!

3 weeks since surgery and i am craving some...

3 weeks since surgery and i am craving some exercise, I just really dont want to gain weight....:(

So it has been about 3 months since my tt and I am...

So it has been about 3 months since my tt and I am feeling great! it really is amazing how the time flies. Everything is on place and and i feel I got the perfect tummy tuck! I have been back to normal activity, tanning on the beach (scar covered) and running! I would never go back. I still have some redness to the incision and numbness.

I feel more confident and much better in my cloths ya for a amazing recovery.

So I did a boudoir shoot a couple of days ago, it...

So I did a boudoir shoot a couple of days ago, it was so much fun to finally not have to hide my stomach, how freeing this surgery was....honestly. I see alot of woman asking if its worth it....yes....but! BUT BUT BUT!!!!! Pay for a great surgeon....just do it its your body....and be very fit and as skinny as you can get before going in, it really helps with recovery.

So as part of my transition I had boudoir pics to...

So as part of my transition I had boudoir pics to celebrate the new me! I am so glad that my tummy matches the rest of my body now.....this was a TT with no lipo!!!!
Dr. Martin Giuffre

Dr. Martin Giuffre is a graduate of the University of Alberta and is the past President of the Alberta Society of Plastic Surgeons. He practices at the Royal Alexandra and Misericordia Hospitals and at the Plastic & Cosmetic Laser Surgical Centre. Dr. Giuffre is also an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta in the Division of Plastic Surgery.

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You are absolutely beautiful.....you were to begin with! I completely understand what carrying children does to our bodies. You healed so quickly. The surgeon you had did a great job. You deserve this.....I'm smiling for you.....your a fox!
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Wow! Your progress and results are amazing. You may have the fastest recovery I've seen!
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Wow you look HOT, HOT, HOT!!! You look great in boudoir picture, good for you for being proud! Congrats on your fabulous body!
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So pretty! You look great!!
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So... You look great! I have a question... I'm in southern Alberta, and I was wondering if you went to consults with any other docs in the province?? I'm leaning towards Dr.Paul Whidden. Where there any other dr's you visited? Also.. what did you say to your family doctor?! Mine is trying to talk me out of it!
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I am in the medical field so I knew who was the best. And not family doc did not try to talk me out of it. But did not think it was a need to do. Mine was a great to do. And really go see a few doctors. There are great doctors in Calgary one in banff too. But I will not give names. As I do not want to be objective.
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OH MY GOD! Totally amazing! You look fab fab FAB!
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You look fabulous! I'm so happy you updated, because I love seeing results of women ahead of me! I am 8 weeks, and hope to be running again SOON!!
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Wow. You look great. Congrats on your recovery and results. Keeping my fingers crossed I heal that well.
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You look amazing!
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thank you very much!
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You look frickin amazing! Love your results! :)
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Thank you so much! I work very hard:)
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Thank you! I worked very hard!
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I remember checking out your profile prior to having my TT done. I thought you looked fantastic, and I am so glad to see you've updated. Glad to hear you are doing well. Brilliant results!!!
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me too!! your results were so inspiring..glad to see your update and all is well!!
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Awww really, now i feel bad for not updating! Yes things are great.....and your look great as well!
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I love to inspire...:) thats so sweet! thank you!
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Wow I needed to read this :) I go tomorrow for a tt and bl. It was refreshing to see good results. I know everyone is different but geez I think I'm over preparing for the worst. You look freaking amazing!
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Best of luck today, fit going in and get moving after you will do great, dont let your own mind get you down!
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Wow you had really good results so soon. Congrats on your new tummy.
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Its a great feeling every day! thanks so much! I value the feed back!
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You look fab at only a few days out! I totally agree with you that going into this as fit as possbile is key and it not being about weight loss. I too ran a half just days before mine and at the 2 week PO mark I was starting to go stir crazy not exercising like usual. Hang in there. Lifting and indoor cycling has gone well for me but running was slow to progress because I would get serious tightness, like Braxton-Hicks contractions in my lower abs! Now at 2.5 months out I ran 3 miles this morning. My best advice, listen to your body when it comes time to kick up the exercise again. Happy healing!
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I did listen:) and i am running great now!
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Thanks for your updates. I LOVE your recovery story and am hoping for the same. I am having the same procedure in 12 hours... actually, make that 11.5! I have seen a few stories on here where being physically fit going into it has been helpful in recovery. I hope that is true so much!!! (I'm also 5'2", less muscular than you are, so I only weigh 111. I also cannot run a marathon!! Just a regular old gym rat/ Bikram yoga enthusiast.) You look fantastic, but feeling good, which is also important to me. Fingers crossed. P.S. you have so many cute bra and panties sets. I don't think you are going to like what I post pics in. LOL
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