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I have been considering breast augmentation for...

I have been considering breast augmentation for about 5 years, and I am finally doing it. I have fluctuated in weight and my breasts have become deflatted and saggy. I am super excited to get the procedure done, although I am nervous about what size to go, although I trust my surgeons judgment. I am also nervous about the healin process, and I am hoping to be back to "normal" within one week, and back to being active within a month, but I guess we will see what my body decides.

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So only 2 weeks to go until I get my new boobs.......

So only 2 weeks to go until I get my new boobs..........
I am worried about the size, and I keep thinking that they are going to be too big, and then I find people with similar stats and think hmmm maybe I am going too small, who knew this could be such a process. I am trying to get all my work caught uo, and house cleaned before I go for surgery, but all I can do is read this website. I am super excited to get my boobs lifted, and filled.
Good luck tomorrow!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope you have a speedy recovery.
The sizes seem to be the most stressful part. Too big, too small, driving me crazy! What size are you looking at? Silicone or Saline?
I think I decided on 400cc and 350cc as my breasts are uneven. I am going with cohesive gel, and under the muscle. That's the current plan anyway.

So I am now on the other side. I had surgery on...

So I am now on the other side. I had surgery on March 19, and I am now 2 days post op. I had a strong reaction to the anesthetic which made me sick and groggy for a long period. I was out of the recovery room at 10:30am but I was not released from the hospital until 4:00pm. I came home ate a little and slept. I continued to take my pain killers every 4 hours until the morning. On day 1 I took Motrin, and 1 Percocet at bedtime I felt pretty good. Today is day 2 I still feel a little off, but definately better. My right side is sitting higher than my left. My right side is also gurgling a lot more than my left. I am very happy with the size, and I have a post op appointment with my doctor on Monday.
Hope recovery is going well for you! We had surgery on the same day.
This whole process has been pretty good, my only complaint is that I get tired really quickly. I have my post op appointment today and hopefully it goes well. How is healing going for you?
Really good. Had very little pain, no nausea or sore throat which I was very happy about. I quit pain Meds at day 3. My main complaint is the swelling. My boobs are very hard and I haven't noticed any dropping yet. The swelling is mostly upper pole, under my arms around to my back and my tummy. Nothing unexpected I'm sure just really annoying. My energy level has been good all along I'm glad to say.

Well today is day 11 post op and I have had missed...

Well today is day 11 post op and I have had missed emotions. I removed the steri strips and the incisions around my nipple look amazing, however the verticle scars (had a lift), scare me. Today I hate my boobs, I am sure because of the scars, but I also realize that I still have a long healing road ahead of me. The healing process thus far has been easy, I do wish I could get a massage though cause my back and neck are killing me. I am also still incredibly bloated which does not help my negative mood. Hope all my boobie buddies are healing well. Happy Easter.
LOVE the striped bikini top. The girls are going to look fabulous this summer. Those scars will thin out and lighten and you'll be happier. I am wondering if I will be able to have a massage a few weeks after if I lay on my side. I already have back problems, so am really concerned about how I am going to feel after a week or two. Ask your PS if you can get a massage if you lay on your side, might do wonders for you!
I had my massage 3 days post op laying on my back and sides. My PS told me it was perfectly fine to go ahead with it.
Ouch your insicions look painful :(

Day 21 I am healing good, but still have...

Day 21 I am healing good, but still have tenderness and sensetive skin which is really annoying. I was feeling a bit sad because I just want to feel normal, however I saw my "girls" on the way into the shower and I love them which makes it all worth while.I bought 2 bras since surgery and fit a 36dd hopefully this is where I stay.
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