14 Days & Counting to my TT and Nervous! (with video) - Albany, NY

I have wanted a tummy tuck for about 4 years now...

I have wanted a tummy tuck for about 4 years now and after 3 years of research & meeting with different plastic surgeons I decided to do it! My story ~ I have 3 kids (2 boys ages 9 & 8 and 1 girl age 5), all 3 were delivered via c-section (my oldest was 10lbs 4oz at birth, my second was 8lbs 11oz 3 weeks early and my third was 8lbs 1oz also 3 weeks early).

In December 2006 I decided I wanted to lose 30lbs, by August 2007 I had achieved that goal. Since then I have worked on keeping my body in a healthy shape but always on the front of my mind was my pooch! I have never felt good about myself & the changes I have made to my body due to my stretched out stomach. I even have a nice 6 pack under this flab!!! The beginning of 2010 I achieved my goal & dream of becoming a certified personal trainer but still felt like I was being held back by my stomach. So I knew it was time!

I met my Plastic Surgeon back in 2008 when I had found a melanoma spot on my face & it required a PS to fully remove the area. I really liked this PS, his staff & the office. But I knew I needed to expand and see other PS' as well! The 2 others I met with were nice but I just did not get that immediate opinion.

My TT is scheduled for October 14th - 2 weeks from today & my pre-op appointment on October 6th. OMG! I have been on an emotional roller coaster since 30 days out. I'm not second guessing my decision, it is just a major decision! I feel confident with my research (heck I could probably perform the surgery after all the research I have done).

I have been getting the prep work done for my house - I needed to get someone here to get my kids off the school bus (not sure what time I will be home that day), am starting to make meals & freeze them (have to make it easy for my husband - god knows he cannot multi-task like me) and most importantly who is taking me there & bringing me home. My husband will be bringing me to the appointment but then I told him to go to work (no sense him taking a vacation day to sit around all day) and then my mom (who is a nurse & has been for 40+ years) will be coming over before I come out of surgery and then stay with me till it is time to come home. I know it is all in my surgeon's hands and God right now. I trust in my decision and just look for that final peace with it all.

Updated on Oct 6, 2010: Had my pre-op appointment this morning! Went GREAT & there is no turning back now. The PS came in, started right in with how the day of my surgery will go, what I am to expect, how long, what I will feel like, and some important tips! I didn't even have to ask any of my questions I had written down (gosh he is good)!!!! He also said the waiting to your surgery date is the hardest part -- boy was he right! I'm going in with a nice strong & positive outlook and know that all will be great & the benefit from this is not to look 5 months pregnant anymore :-)

I am staying busy with my "nesting" - I really feel like I'm 9 months pregnant just waiting to deliver and trying to keep busy with things. I spent the whole day on Monday cooking meals & freezing them, getting things caught up & taken care of so I can take 2 weeks off from not having to worry about what I didn't do! My list of things to make sure that are done for the day before surgery though is getting quite long, so I know it will keep me busy all day & not enough time to get nervous or anxious! I will do another vlog on Wednesday, the day before, so I can share my emotions, feelings & other tidbits! I am so grateful to be doing this and cannot wait for all the healing to be done for the after affect!!! Carpe Diem

Updated on Oct 14, 2010: Here it is, my surgery date! It is 4:40am & I have tossed & turned most of the night, finally decided to get up at 4am. I have to be at the surgery center for 6:30, with my scheduled time at 7:30. I'm excited & ready for this to happen! On the other hand, I cannot believe it is here already! Seems like just yesterday I met with the PS for the first time! I bid a found farewell to my excess tummy last night & said thank god :-)

In about 12 hours I'm hoping to be back home, seeing my kids & starting the recovery process! I'll be in touch


Pre-op appointment today! Good luck!

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Actually my hubby will be on vacation starting the day after my surgery through the entire following week - so I will have constant care for 10 days (I'll be ready to send him back to work won't I?). Never really saw my belly like this until I look at these pics - BLAHHHHHHH. Thank you for your support!
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You go girl!! That is nice you will have your hubby home with you. Mine was also home with me the first five days and I really needed him. Congrats on becoming a personal trainer...that is awesome! Keep us up to date on how your are doing through the process.

Post Op Day 1 Today is day 1 post op. The...

Post Op Day 1

Today is day 1 post op. The surgery went well yesterday; got in about 7:40am by the time surgery started & I got wheeled out it was 10:30 - 10:40. I woke up in recovery around 11, passed out again and back up around 11:45. At that time they moved me to the recliner chair & then I was able to get up and use the bathroom. My PS came in to see me and said everything went well and it was actually a blessing that I had this surgery done, as my rectus abdominis (your 6 pack ab muscles) were so stretched out I was developing a hernia.

Was able to get dressed & ready to go home. My mom took the day with me (she is a nurse so I wanted her with me), got me home & situated in my recliner chair. Despite trying to nap, I could not fall asleep!

I proceeded to eat dinner, get up & walk around and keep my legs moving.

My 2 older kids caught a glimpse of my drain tubes and got scared -- I felt so bad!

I finally fell asleep about 10 -- which I totally needed!

Today I have been uncomfortable not a whole lot of pain ~ that is until my 10 year old wrote me a note at school saying he was worried about me. The tears started flowing - which of course HURTS!

I'm experiencing more pain in my throat from the breathing tube during the surgery. So I'm trying to get lots of fluids & soft foods and do minimal coughing.

Cannot wait to shower on Day 2 & I certainly cannot wait until I can stand up straight & sleep in my own bed!


I was waiting to hear from you so glad every thing went well!!! my surgery is in 16 days i am still nervous but i saw the ps again and calmed me a lil i have a 2yr old he'll be 3 in dec who i have been trying to explain that i will have a boo boo too.. i hope your recovery goes smoothly cant wait to see pics of your new tummy
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Post op Day 3: so far feeling much...

Post op Day 3: so far feeling much better!

Let's recap on Day 2 - my mom helped me shower for the first time & can I say Wow it felt great to take the garment belt off! She proceeded to take off the gauze bandages and we stood there & examined my stomach - WOW! It was flat, that was about all I could get from it as I was still wobbly on my feet & could not really examine it. So the shower felt GREAT! Then it was time to get the belt back on - HOLY cow that was bothersome trying to make it tight without hurting my incision, etc. It was a long process getting undressed, bathed, dried off, re-dressed, etc - I was tired! But that shower was worth it!
I was definitely more tired on Day 2 and feeling more wiped out. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was also dealing with needing to cough - that was tough to do but I managed to get it done!
I ended up sleeping really good on Day 2.

So now here it is Day 3 & I feel better! I feel like I have more energy, and more alert & awake.

I'm noticing most of my "complaints" are not related to the surgery but to other things - my lower back aching from being hunched over, my throat scratchy from the breathing tube, etc.

I'm taking a shower again this morning & will take a picture - will post that after.


I was so glad to read your update.  You are at the toughest point right now but just rest!!  Keep on top of the pain meds and don't let the dose lapse.  Stay ahead of the pain.  For the cough part try holding a pillow firm against your tummy when you cough.  That helps ease a little of the pain...well at least you will be able to semi clear your throat.  I can't wait to see your pics.  So for now just rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat good lean protein and log on to chat if you need some support.  That is so nice you have your mom to take care of you :)
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Wow I cannot believe it is Day 5 of me recovering!...

Wow I cannot believe it is Day 5 of me recovering! I'm feeling great & more & more like my normal self! I have my first post-op appointment tomorrow & cannot wait to hear how I'm healing.

I have been sleeping in my own bed for the past 2 nights, which is so much more comfy but I'm restless with having to stay elevated. My kids said I was zipping around the house this morning, not my usual tortoise self emoticon.

I'm eating healthy, the right portions & lots of lean protein to help repair my body. Started tracking again my food intake now that I'm eating normally again.

What a lesson learning process this has been though. I'm always the one in control of the house, doing everything for everybody, always busy, always doing ~ well not anymore. I have experienced the emotions of not being able to help and feeling helpless. But have come to enjoy being taken care of and having someone else do the majority of it all! Definitely learning to take care of myself ~ mind, body & soul!

Cannot wait to get the go ahead with some minor walking & then work up to some yoga. Have to work on regaining my flexibility again!

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Post Op Day 6 Woo Hoo the drains are out! I...

Post Op Day 6

Woo Hoo the drains are out! I feel like a new woman! :-) He said I'm healing GREAT! I am to start walking more straight and can start sleeping flat with my knees elevated.

The swelling & bruising has set in but you can see the changes.


you look great glad to hear your doing well. I'm on the count down 10 days i'm still so nervous about surgery but after seeing you pics i cant wait to see what i'm going to look like ...its just so scary
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Yes it is scary and exciting all at the same time but you will do wonderful!
Jodilynn - you will do GREAT. Yes it is scary but so worth it in the end. I'm on Day 9 and I feel GREAT. The swelling has gone down even more and I'm starting to see what it will really look like. We are all here for you!!!!

Post Op Day 10 WOW, it's been 10 days...

Post Op Day 10

WOW, it's been 10 days already, cannot believe that. Things are progressing nicely. The swelling has gone down considerably & most of the bruising is gone. I'm back in my jeans & standing almost 100% straight. I still cannot lay completely flat (back down & legs out straight) but I know that will come with time. I did find a new shapely garment at JC Penney's (by I am Yummie) - it's a tank top but the stomach area is that support material, I tried it on and it is so much more comfortable than what my PS gave me.

I go back to see my PS on Wednesday, which is Day 13. I hope the steri-strips come off then to allow some fresh air to the incision & start that healing process (plus they are driving me nuts)!!

I am so glad I did this and amazed by the results!


I'm doing GREAT, cannot believe I go on Wednesday for my 4 week check up! WOW! I still have a tiny bit of swelling around the belly button area. The incision is healing nicely. I had started using a cocoa butter lotion and just noticed some allergic reaction on my stomach area (that was the only place I was using it). I have stopped using it. I may get that Palmer's Oil I hear you all talk about.
I have started running again! That feels GREAT! Cannot wait till I get the go ahead to start lifting weights again!
I will post new pictures later tonight.

@Jodielynn - glad you are doing/feeling well. I remember the first time I took of the binder - I felt like crying. But remember you just had major surgery!
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thanks deb Glad your healing so well!! do not like taking that binder off makes me sick to my stomach :/ other then that i cant wait to hit the gym and the swelling is alot more then i thought it was going to be I want my jeans back
Your pics look good so far! Love to see updates! I bet you're much smaller now!! Congrats!
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4 week post op Had a check up yesterday &...

4 week post op

Had a check up yesterday & my PS said I'm healing nicely! I still have some swelling in my mid section around the belly button but overall it looks good.

He gave me clearance to start exercising fully again except for my abs. He wants me to wait till 8 weeks post op to start on my abs again.

I did end up with an allergic reaction to the Cocoa Butter lotion I was using - so I had to switch to the Vitamin E.


Wow! You and I are on the same schedule! I had my surgery on 10/15. I am soooo glad I did it. I still have some swelling, but the worst day of swelling is nothing compared to the tummy I had before. I hope you are doing well and happy with your results. You look great!!!
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