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After many years spent in the gym, age and the big...

After many years spent in the gym, age and the big "M" finally caught up with me.I have had 2 c sections and 1 appendectomy, but until about 4 years ago my stomach was flat and metabolism good. Thought if I did enough sit ups and cardio,would never have to do this,(lipo & tt), boy was I ever wrong! Have come the realization that professional help is the only way I'll ever fit in my clothes again.


You totally deserve this! I m 33, delivered twins 4 yrs ago with c sec. Have tried all sorts of exercises diet u name it. Finally decided to have TT. Best decision ever. All the best for u!
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Welcome to the tummy tuckers.  I hear you girl, nothing except the tummy tuck and lipo would have put my body back together.  

I am excited for you and can't wait to see your results.

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All set for tomorrow, no backing out now! Trying to take care of all the last minute stuff and not think about it too much. Worst part so far was dealing with the hospital. They seem a little unorganized. I had to call them 5 times to have my pre surg. interview and then I was asked if I was having my left breast done??!! Hello? Does not instill confidence. Hopefully I won't receive a vasectomy instead of TT/lipo-LOL. All kidding aside, I'm hoping for a reasonable nights sleep and an uneventful surgery.Thinking good thoughts and trying to stay calm. Looking forward to having this all behind me and of course going clothes shopping!

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2nd day post op

Swollen and uncomfortable. Have not worked up the courage to look, what I've glimpsed so far is rather nauseating. Hubby has taken pity on me and the hospital bed will arrive shortly. Lipo area had started to bleed a lot from too much activity getting in and out of bed.

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4 days p o, less than pleasant

I really hope this gets better. Hubbys job kicked into over drive the last 2 days(of course) so at the mercy of 2 teen age boys, 1 w/ADD. Feel very isolated,as well as swollen and sore. The pain meds are giving me nightmares but the meds keep the pain down. Trying to drink a lot of liquids,eating lightly(just not hungry). A lot of gas but no movement, took 1 Ducolax yesterday and no success yet. How many pills does it take to accomplish the deed? I think my binder would be so much more comfortable if things started moving.


Hang in there......the first 5 days were the worst for me. "hugs"
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Thank you, its getting but its been torture

PO Dr Visit

Well the Ducolax worked a bit. Went to Dr., nurse started to unwrap me and gasped. Apparently whatever OR nurse wrapped me after surgery was new. Tons of tape and an overabundance of gauze and padding and bound really tight. No wonder last night it felt like my ribs would crack. Thats part of the reason I'm so sore and and swollen. Feel so much better now and I can actually beathe. Saw my incision and its awesome-low, straight and belly buttons looks good for early on. Now have to work on getting swelling in down in my hips- they're HUGE.
I'm not crazy about my experience with Albany Med so far but I know I definitely made the right choice for my surgeon.


How are you feeling and how is your tummy looking now! The first days are rough! It's difficult to get through them. Mine was not the pain, but the anxiety of what it looked like, getting a blood clot and ripping open. Sounds crazy but you kinda feel that way! You looked great pre-op so I'm sure your going to look amazing! Happy healing
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The waiting…….

Today is 2 very long weeks. Tomorrow I go back to Dr. Praying that these drains come out. Drain sites are painful, just want them OUT! Hard to wear the binder because of the drains. Still swollen but not as bad, bruising is much better. I'm never giving the hospital bed back. : )


Thanks girls. You made me feel better :) Went to PS yesterday, could have had the drains taken out but he thought it best to wait till Monday. End in sight! I can def see a difference in my tummy(even more if I could stand up straight), but these hips! Guess there was a good deal of fat there are now its swollen and hard from the lipo-ick. Will post pics tomorrow.
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Thanks, I don't know at this point how I feel. Kind of holding my breath. I haven't lost any weight, still kind of swollen and I hate the drainage tubes. I'm trying to have confidence in my procedure/surgeon and patience w/healing but I'm having a hard time not feeling a bit disappointed. How many weeks was it for you for the swelling to go down?
I'll be 3 weeks tomorrow and I'm still swollen! Not too much but it changes based on activity level and food intake! All I can't tell you, which is something I've learned by others on the website is to be patient! When I went in last Friday, they told me my tummy will look very different in three months. So this is not a quick fix, it seems to be both a process and transformation! I'm so sorry your thinking that way! Recovering with more time on our hands can leave us feeling depressed but I think it's just all part of the process! Remember why you wanted this done! Sending positivity your way! When you have time, post some pre-op pics so we can all see!!'

Yesterdays pics.

Well this was yesterday @ 18 days out, can't say it's pretty but in spite of the swelling my stomach is def. flatter. Psyched my drains come out today!!!!


Hi Snogirl I was wondering if you are still happy with your results. I am considering Dr Lynch for a BR, BL & TT with Lipo.
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NO. Considering going to California to fix.
What is wrong? Is he not willing to fix something? Please let me know because we were talking about dates for me to have my surgery and I don't want to set a date if he is not willing to I revisions. Which by the way he told me that he would.

10 months

Pictures tell the story

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