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Big babies to blame! 35 yr old mom of 2 getting my body back!

The countdown begins, on January 8th I'll be...

The countdown begins, on January 8th I'll be having a tummy tuck done after contemplating it since the birth of my daughter 7 years ago. Luckily, I didn't because I went on to have our son almost 3 years ago. Now that my family is complete, it's time! I had two c-sections due to the weight of my babies both 10+ pounds. Prior to pregnancy, I loved my body! I always had beautiful abs and quite honestly had no idea my stomach could ever look like this after pregnancy. I went to 2 separate doctors for consultations. I spoke to them about both a tummy tuck and some sort of breast aug. I felt the first doctor was telling me what I wanted to hear and when he told me 600ccs would be the perfect size for me I decided to seek another opinion. My stomach is my #1 priority and although I would like a little more volume in my breasts, they don't look half bad in a push-up bra. I waited over a year to choose a second doctor to consult with. I felt she had a much better understanding of what I was looking for. In the end, I'm just having the tummy tuck done. I'm a little nervous about recovery since my son is fairly attached to me. I will have someone with me for the first 5 days. I bounced back fairly quickly from the c-sections, hoping that's somewhat of an indicator. Wish me luck!

Before Pics- Wednesday is the big day!

Ok. Took some before photos. Nerves have settled a bit but I'm sure tomorrow night I won't be able to sleep. Hoping for a fairly decent recovery and awesome results. My biggest fear is an ugly belly button!
So far I am. When I said that about being a different beast, I meant that, the pain you feel is all over versus centralized where the c-section was. I had lipo on back and hips along with the tt so the pain is around my entire torso. The tummy section feels extremely tight, as in can't laugh, cough, sneeze, blow your nose, etc. without awful sharp pain. It's similar to the c-section in that you cant get up/sit down and do certain movements by yourself. I have heard of other women who thought that c-sections are worse, I think it's totally a personal preference. I love my results so far, I was second guessing myself until I saw what I looked like, then it felt worth it. I am just impatient when it comes to recovering. Don't let that scare you off. It's all temporary!!
No lipo here, although I'm concerned I put on a little weight since my original consultation and might benefit from it. I'm a spring/summer runner and my weight fluctuates. I've heard it's a deep pain, lots of back pain. Everyone is different, hoping for the best. Good luck in your recovery!
Good luck!

Nerves are at ease!

Later today I'll get the phone call as to what time this is all going down. I'm such a planner, hoping everything falls into place. I'm planning on my husband just dropping me off and coming back to see me in recovery, is that an ok plan? Hope I can sleep tonight!
Congrats! Your gonna have GREAT results. When I got my breast reduction, my hubby took me up into the surgery center office drop off spot, gave his phone number for calling to pick up later, I hugged him and saw him again at pick up. Gonna do the same when I do my TT. Best wishes for a safe and speedy surgery.

Not scheduled til 11:25, the anticipation is rising!

I amazingly got a decent night of sleep, I may be chewing on my own arm by 11:25 though! Expect an update later!
Good luck today! I just updated my review as well. 9 weeks today!

out of recovery

Chomping on ice, apparently only clear liquids for me. So hungry! Even with the pain meds, I can tell I'm gonna be in some serious pain. Staying here tonight, my husband and our minis just came for a visit. Going to rest amd dream of my first meal.
Glad it's done. Hugs and healing. Can't wait to see how ya did.
Congrats! Looking forward to following your progress.
Congratulations! I'm 5 days post op and feeling good. I can't wait to here more from you. Let us know how it's going.

feeling pretty good

Slept a little here and there, got up and walked around twice. I feel pretty good. Catherer is out, hate those things! I have a pain buster in a fannypack ( I think that's what they call it) it must be working wonders. Going home today. Still haven't ate or been given anything by ice chips. Pretty hungry.
So far I find the pain very similar to my c-sections. I'm getting around ok, unfortunately having trouble actually sleeping so just resting in a recliner. This pain pump I have was included in my anesthesia fee but definitely is working for me. I have only taken one pain pill. I got a look at it when she changed my dressings, looks pretty good. Still some stretch marks that will be seen but they're faint and it beats what as there!
Glad to hear you're doin ok. Good healing to ya.

3 days post op

Felt pretty good this morning until the constipation hit me in the worst way! Nothing was working, stool softener, prune juice, enemas, ex-lax. Couldn't even sit down or rest. Felt better after my first shower and finally around 5 it all
came out. Thank goodness. Was a little swelled from the straining, actually called the doc bc I was scared I could harm my ab muscles. She said it was normal unfortunately and I just had to find what worked for me and that I really couldn't cause any harm to my new tummy. Will try to take some pictures tomorrow. Slowly but surely it is getting better day by day. Walking around fairly easily. Even doing a few small household chores. I can tell my husband is overwhelmed. My 7 yr old has been a big help. Even blowdrying my hair for me and bringing me things. She's a sweetheart and my almost 3 yr old is coping as best he can.
I'm so glad to have found such great support on here. It's refreshing to see women supporting each other in their individual journeys.
Congrats on being on the flat side!!! Look forward to seeing your updates and pics!!
Congrats on the POO! As hubby says, "never underestimate the POWER of a good POO", lol. Anyway, glad to hear you are getting around a bit. What a great family you have. With them and us gals here on RS, you'll do great. Keep posting and asking questions. Hugs and healing.

first attempt at a post photo

Ok here's my first post op photo, didn't want to include the drains. Looking good, a little swollen.
Looking good :)
Looking great! Not too much swelling. Your bb is cute!

Got my drains out!

Had my post op appt today. Drains came out which in no way hurt, popped a silly oxycodone for no reason. I can now wear spanx so I bought two different pieces to try out. Have one on but still have my binder on over it. Felt myself swelling.The doctor said I looked great and have to go back in ten days to check the incision. Feeling fabulous today. Forgot to mention the beautiful flowers I received from my ps on Saturday. I thought that was a nice gesture.
Nice and congrats. Continued good healing
Looking Fabulous and you sound to be doing great! Great to get drains out, mine felt like forever! I didn't do well with Spanx. I needed the extra support from surgical grade compression garments. I was a 3XL in Marena Comfort Wear post op and now a month later I'm in A Large. I was very swollen!
Looking good. What Spanx did you choose? I have one but don't love it.

slowly starting to feel human

A little over a week since my surgery besides back pain and the occasional swelling I feel great. Was having a moment feeling like I made a mistake because I'm such a perfectionist and was really hoping for all the stretch marks to disappear until I put on panties and took a pix. Can't wait til I can workout and get a little more definition.
You and I have healed so similarly! I felt the same way you did about being a perfectionist, but then I looked at my before pictures and felt A LOT better. LOL You look amazing! I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday and I would have to say I REALLY felt better about things at around week 3. Congrats to you and your gorgeous belly ☺
Thanks! At what point does everything stop exhausting you? I take a shower feel like a nap, I nap feel like I need another nap lol! And I totally understand what you mean abt the cg being a crutch. Feel so much secure with it on besides the span is a total p.I.a. ugh I bought a boyshort one and it rolls up and hurts.
I only use the compression binder to do P90X now and haven't worn it since week 4, but before that I wore it pretty much every minute of the day. Once I let my body kind of just 'go' without it, I started to feel better. I would say I was exhausted a lot more than usual pretty much up until week 3 or 3 1/2 weeks. It's crazy how long everything takes to heal, etc. with a tummy tuck. I've had other major surgeries, but nothing has been so compelling as this! ;)

check-up appointment today

I have an appointment later to check on my incision. Feeling good. Sleeping on my side now with some pillows surrounding me, actually pretty comfortable. Seem to only swell a small bit at night and usually goes away quickly. Almost upright at this point, shoulders still rolled a bit. I wonder if people think I'm constipated or at the early stages of osteoporosis! I've been wearing spanx for most of the day sometimes putting on my cg if I feel like I need the extra support. Can't wait to get cleared for cardio, starting to feel like a lump over here.

new pix

Appointment went well today. Cleared for light cardio obviously no ab work. Surgical tape came off and I can now use scar strips. I was surprised at how good it looks. It looks more red in the pic, my ps said it will darken and change a lot over the next couple of weeks. I'm to wear spanx 24/7 for another wk and then switch to just spanx during the day. Next appointment isn't until 2 month post-op.
wow looking awesome. looks like most of your stretch marks are gone :)) gives me a little hope lol ;)
There are still some there:( I'm putting vitamin e on them. My os thinks a little self tanker and I wouldn't even notice them. I'll admit I was a little disappointed but in the end its a HUGE improvement and I'll take it!
I hate smartphones! *ps and self tanner not tanker!

Feeling unsure

The emotions can be unreal what you go through after this. Feeling unsure of whether or not this was worth it. If I look at it too long my belly button looks off centered. I'm still a bit upset over the amount of stretch marks and feel my skin could have been pulled a bit tighter. Am I asking for too much? I showed my hairdresser a pic and she acted like I was crazy! I think it definitely photographs better than it looks in person.
On a high note I feel great, started doing fifteen minutes on the elliptical and light hand weights. In another 2 weeks I will start my running up again if the weather cooperates. Really thinking I am going to tackle a full marathon this year. I started the scar strips this past week and have been using vitamin e on my belly just to soften it up a bit. I noticed my skin got a bit red the first couple of times I used the strips but has since calmed down, my scar looks very faint. I'm assuming it will get red and angry looking before it's thoroughly healed.
That's all for now. I'll update my pics this week.
You look great -thank you for sharing!!!!!
I think you look great! I haven't been through it yet but it seems like it is an up and down of emotions when you are healing. I bet you feel a lot better in certain clothes then what you did before.
You look amazing! We are our own worst critics. I'm at 5 weeks post and it has been a roller coaster of emotions. Some days I feel great about my result and some days I'm more critical of every little thing. But looking back at my posts and pics, things change constantly. Try to stay focused on the big picture and not so much on the tiny details (I know, easier said than done).

Almost 5 weeks post op with pictures

I feel great, have been using the elliptical here and there, doing squat workouts. I honestly don't feel like I had surgery five weeks ago. My scar is looking good. I have days where I love my results and days where I feel so-so. Ultimately it is a huge improvement to my "before" I feel much more confident out of my clothes. I have very minimal swelling, still wearing sweats or leggings because that's what is most comfortable. I am using scar strips and wear my spanx only during the day. I am taking a few supplements I've heard can help the appearance of your skin and am using vitamin E on my belly.
i look prefect!! congrats!
Congrats your looking really good. even with the fews stretch marks left.. your scars nice and low and your belly button looks natural. i would love to end up with results like yours :))
You look great. You can't even see the stretch marks that you are referring to in your pics.

Wednesday will mark 6 weeks!

I don't have much to report, I am almost back to my old self. Added planks to my routine, attempted leg raises too but that didn't feel good at all. I have virtually experienced no swelling at all, I don't hold any secret for that. I have not taken Bromelain or Arnica. I drink close to a gallon of water and eat fairly healthy. I can sleep on my side or stomach occasionally when it feels right. I am still using the silicone scar strips for 12 hours at a time and Spanx during the day. I am taking a few supplements for skin nutrition, hoping the stretch marks will continue to improve. my scar is flat,a bit red but looking pretty good. My bb is still red, I read somewhere that could continue for up to 6 months. I don't go back to my so til the end of March. Trying to get some great definition for my "after" pics!
Your results are amazing!! I hope mine turns about similar!! Your posts make me feel so much better about my decision.
Lookin better all the time, congrats!


You read that right fit mess. The only time I notice any swelling is after a bit of cardio and ab work and it mostly above the bb that swells.
Just ordered some Kelo-cote to apply to my bb, hoping it helps the redness.
Will attempt to post pics tomorrow, hoping my Victoria's Secret order arrives:)
You great. Bb is ccentered, scar is so neat and straight. Your dr did an amazing job!! I'm excited to see you at 3 months

8 weeks op this Wednesday

Still uncomfortable in jeans and appear to have some swelling in my legs. Other than that feel great.
How are you doing now, feeling any better? I knew going in for my TT that I would still have stretch marks -- that's part of the price I paid for not wanting to do a full TT...and even if I had done the full I still might've had stretch marks. Either way, I want to say that I think you look FABULOUS!! Also, I have seen that there are a number of different treatments that can be done for lessening the appearance of the stretch marks. Hope you're healing well and the swelling is subsiding! :)
I really feel great for having major surgery 9 weeks ago. I knew I would still see stretch marks. Have to get my pre kid tummy out of my head, it'll never look like that again! Some days it looks better than other days.Overall I'm very happy. Can I ask what made you decide on a mini versus a full?
I honestly don't remember my pre-kid tummy, it's been 23 years, lol. I actually didn't have a "mini" really either, I had a skin only. I didn't need any muscle repair, and really just didn't feel the need to go through the full. My goal was to get rid of the hanging stretched skin, not to try and have the tummy of a 19-year old! I went to three different docs and each one of them agreed that skin only would work well for me for the outcome I was looking for.

before and after pic

no more muffin top!

Laying down in my size 4 jeans finally able to wear them again.
Incredible results! Your BB looks amazing and so natural. I know mine won't look as good because of all of the stretch marks I have. I may print your belly pic and show it to my ps on the day of surgery! Happy healing :-)
I still have stretch marks too. there are days where they look better, days were they don't they photograph really well where it looks like I don't have any. It's a really strange thing
Congrats!!! You gotta be thrilled. Happy for you :-DSuzy

Post-op checkup this Friday

I go back to my PS this Friday for a 2 1/2 month checkup and to take post op pics. At this point I can barely tell I had surgery ten weeks ago. I can do all ab exercises I did previously. I have yet to return to running but only because it hasn't thawed outside. I do not wear a binder at all, I sometimes put on my Spanx during the day but not regularly.
My advice to anyone having this surgery is to make sure you have a recliner on hand ( I slept in mine for about 10 days), take stool softener (constipation was the MOST pain I endured) drink LOTS of water and eat a low sodium diet, brace yourself for any coughing or sneezing. I drink about a gallon of water a day and didn't suffer from much swell hell. Keep in mind, I did have two previous
c-sections. I personally found the pain to be very similar. I went off pain pills after four days and switched over to Tylenol. The incision didn't hurt, my muscles were sore. I think the back pain from hunching over was the worst part of it. Showering was difficult only because for about the first 2-3 weeks, everything you do to exert energy is EXHAUSTING! Plus I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to gross things and my belly button and incision were enough to make me want to faint! My drains came out at my first appt. I did not suffer from any seromas. I did use scar strips, which lasted about 2 months. I'm not sure if I noticed any improvement or not. They cost $45, going to see what my ps says on Friday. Not sure that I'd purchase them again. I am using Kelo-cote on my BB, it was red and appears to be improving. I have not noticed any weight loss. I did not have any lipo so I didn't expect to. I still find it uncomfortable to wear jeans mostly because they are a mid rise and hit my hipbone right where my incision is. Luckily I'm a SAHM so yoga pants/ sweats are my "uniform" anyway!
Will attempt some pictures later.
awesome sounds like a perfect ending! :) thanks for sharing with us ladies your experience and pics :)
You sound and look great! I'm 2 months PO and have been doing silicone strips for about 2 weeks, thought I'd try them for a month. Will try the kelocote on BB, as I am fair skinned and the scar around is kinda red (thin though). Me too on the jeans thing, tummy still a little tender/sensitive...maybe try ditching the Spanx, think I might be getting dependent, lol. Do you think Yoga would be a good thing to try to get some muscle tone in tummy? Haven't really ever tried it before. HUGS and continued good healing, :-DSuzy
I have never done yoga either, Pilates maybe? I have a whole ab routine I've been doing for a while. Check out momstrong.org, she has YouTube videos and you can get some great ideas. I like to lay with my back on the floor with my head slightly elevated and do leg raises and the I do scissor cuts and bicycle. I had muscle definition prior to pregnancy, I know it's there somewhere! I felt I was dependent on the binder and spanx until recently. My bb scar is thin but red, it seems some don't have a scar at all or maybe they have more of a innie? Happy healing.

almost 3 month play-off with pictures

Appt. Went great, guess I only need to go back if I have an issue. I will continue to use the kelo-cote but not the strips. I didn't use anything with my c section scar and that healed just fine.

more pictures

Looking FABULOUS! Keep it up girl :-DSuzy
Thanks Happy Suzy! How are you doing?
Recovery wise, fine. My mom is pretty ill right now. Was in hospital, now at rehab. She has a couple severe chronic health problems that are taking their toll.

8 months post with pictures

I haven't updated this in awhile, at 8 months other than the scar there really isn't a whole lot of evidence I had a TT 8 months ago. I'm currently training for a full marathon which is a little over a month away. I definitely notice an improvement in my core strength. Other than running I don't do a whole lot of strength training or a excersies. I'm happy with my results, my bb is still not very natural looking but. I didn't sport a bikini this summer obviously by how white my belly is! Hope everyone out there is recovering well!
YAY! 8 months! You look awesome :-)
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