Hopefully just swelling...

I've been considering having a Mommy makeover ever...

I've been considering having a Mommy makeover ever since I saw the aftermath of birthing and breastfeeding my first child. I obviously wanted to put it off until I was done having children. Now that my husband has had a vasectomy and I am blessed with 3 gorgeous boys I feel its time to get what I deserve...my body back!

I'm pretty petite, 5'2" and currently 120lbs (my winter coat - hoping to start eating cleaner and exercising to reach a 112lbs goal before surgery). My babies were a good size getting bigger than the next one (7lbs.15oz, 8lbs.10oz and 9lbs.5oz) and since I have a short torso, you can only imagine what shape my abdominal muscles and stomach skin are in from housing such big babies!

I breastfed all my children. The first only to 9 months, the second to 1 year, and my third to 18 months. Due to an inverted nipple on my right breast, all my boys favoured and fed off the left breast only - to the point where only my left breast was producing milk! I joked with my friends about my breastfeeding breasts and labelled them B'sy and D'sy but in reality having breasts that are two different sizes was not funny and very difficult to dress! Now, from all the wear and tear, my left breast sags quite a bit and is even harder to dress and it's like putting soup in a bra!

I did a LOT of research into the surgeries and found trying to find a doctor overwhelming. I am in the Niagara Region and Toronto (which in 1 hour away) has so many highly rated doctors. Getting the time to see them for a consult though was difficult, especially since I couldn't seem to visit them on the same day. I disliked that they also charged a consult fee. I understand the reason for it, but I feel like I could be taken advantage of by receiving a ridiculous quote or be subject to rudeness and unpleasant mannerisms and loose out on my consult fee when I chose not to go with them for those reasons.

The search was tiresome but I started by looking at the before and after photos. I was looking for looks (both breast and tummy) that was after. Their attention to detail was obviously a very big factor in my decision. Once I narrowed it down to half a dozen doctors, I began to look at reviews and ratings from ratemyMDs.com and realself.com. I especially liked realself as I could see posts from doctors answering patient questions and this allowed me to get a feel for their character. Through looking at the high ratings, I added to my list of doctors once I view their before and after photos. One doctor, Dr. William Deluca, stood out to me as he was so highly rated. I visited his website and saw that he catered to out of town patients (I'm 4 hours away) and I happily filled out a contact form introducing myself. To my surprise, I received a personal response 30 mins later at nearly 10:00pm at night!!

As I was extremely impressed with his before and after photos (they all looked so perfect!! Not one single "after" photo made me doubt his attention to detail!) and his diligent reply, I decided to book a phone consult with the good doctor. The secretary I spoke to was very very kind. I have spoken to many and all to often I find them to be a tad rude and pushy, so this was a refreshing change!

I had my phone consult yesterday, March 18, 2013, and he was very soft spoken, and answered many of my questions before I even got to ask them. I did not have many questions so the whole consult was only about 20 minutes. Based on my photos, he recommend silicone (up to 400cc) with under the muscle placement with a Benelli/Donut lift on my left breast. He believes the tummy tuck will be very straightforward and believes I will have a low incision. Everything I kind of already decided on, although I thought I may need a lollipop lift! I really felt he was on the same page as me and that he knows exactly what I'm after. Just to be clear though, I did email some photos of what I would consider "perfect" and ideal for me!

Today, I called his secretary, Karen, and booked my surgery for June 18, 2013. She told me about a package she would mail me and briefly went over what will be included in the package and the next steps. She was very kind and made me feel very comfortable. She also reassured me that if I have any questions at anytime that I can call or email her. She reiterated that a few times so I know she meant it :)

Now I just need to wait exactly 91 days for the new me!

It sounds like everything is falling into place for you. Hooray! And I love your line "putting soup in a bra". Haha! You had some big, healthy babes and you did your duty breast feeding them for so long (though I know that can be a joyful duty sometimes, too). I'm glad you're doing this for yourself and I hope you'll keep us posted throughout your journey!

Here's a great post by JenBob about her experience.


UPDATE: April 2, 2013. It is now 77 days until...

UPDATE: April 2, 2013.

It is now 77 days until my big day. I'm starting to get really nervous. I feel as though I'm going to be going through all of this (spending money and all the pain) just to be trading one insecurity for another...a huge scar from hip to hip. I'm sure it's just the nerves talking but part of me wonders if I could have "fixed" these tummy issues with an even better diet and more exercise.
I'm also 5'2 / 120 and had big babies as well! I tried for two years to work off the rest of the belly that I so desperately hated. I ate right and did Crossfit training. Nothing worked. Even just prior to my surgery, I went hard with diet and exercise again in a last ditch effort, but the skin remained. Unfortunately, some "damage" done from carrying, laboring, delivering, and nursing babies is just (naturally) irreparable. Good luck to you! I look forward to following your journey!
Thank you! Crossfit is intense so I know if that didn't do it, nothing could! Thanks for your input! It is much appreciated and sounds like you went through the same thoughts and emotions I am going through.

Less than 3 weeks til GO TIME!

I haven't updated in a while...I don't post videos on youtube and I haven't really thought about this adventure at all since my last post. I've been preoccupied with getting the gardens perfect after a horribly late spring...because I know I will not be able to do them much during the summer. Well my gardens are looking good and everything has caught up to me...FAST!

The last couple days has been ALL about my upcoming surgery. Finding hotels, making arrangements for the kids, asking my doctor last minute questions, and frantically looking at everyone mommy makeover video ever recorded on youtube so I have some kind of idea of what exactly I should be expecting.

I trust my doctor will do an amazing job, and am so confident in my choice in him. That fear has long passed. I am not worried about the pain. I've birthed 3 children and I think I have a pretty good pain tolerance. That fear was never an issue. What is running through my mind over and over again...my biggest and only concern, is how quickly will I heal? When will I be functional again? I know I need to take it easy, and believe me, I will to the best of my ability but there are factors making it so difficult to just relax and forget about.

The first thing, is that my doctor is 4 hours away. I choose to travel because I wanted the best and I still stand by my decision but its tough being away from home and having to stay in a hotel. I am sure I will love it...not having to worry about the cleaning getting done or the dishes or wondering what kind of trouble my kids are getting into, but really...there is no place like home and I am wondering when is a good day to make that trip back home. My doctor says I need at least 2 days...the youtube videos I've been seeing make it seems like day 4 or 5 is the best option. But there is always the uncertainty of how well I will heal...and that just plain sucks.

My other big concern is that I run a home daycare....yes...can you imagine?! Clearly I don't have much holiday time and I don't feel right booking weeks off at a time. So I've made the difficult decision to take just 1 week off and semi-return to work with the help of my husband and my mother-in-law the following week. My friend has agreed to help the weeks after that.

The kids I have are amazing but lets face facts...these are kids...some young. There's a lot of lifting! Lifting into highchairs, onto the toilet, into their beds. To have to be dependent on someone virtually all the time for a whole 6 weeks really sucks.

Hoping I can learn to relax and not worry about those things...this is my time and I deserve it. I'm happy that my eldest son will be on summer vacation starting in my third week post op. He will be a great, great help once my husband needs to return to work!
Hang in there!!! I am scheduled for the same day so we can do this thing together if you want. :) I know what you are saying about the anxiety kicking in. I am planning a wedding and getting prepared to move into a new home and getting ready for my mommy makeover.
Nice to have a surgery buddy!! Ill be thinking if you!! Nearly 1 week to go!! Yippie!!
Hi I am doing the MM on the 27 of June and like u I am traveling 5 hours from home for surgery. I too own a Homeday care. Crazy I have been freaking about all the same things as u! Travel back work!I have help for 6 weeks after surgery but am so hands own not sure how that's going to work unless I put earplugs in and hide!! Lol! So happy u posted I have felt like prob no one but me was stressing over these things!! Best of luck an happy healing

Only two more weeks!

Two weeks today I will be meeting my doctor for the first time! The next morning I will be a changed woman! I can't wait!

I added some more photos...reminders as to why I'm subjecting myself to stress and pain.

My nervous/excited ratio is about 50% now ! Lol
You look pretty dang good now so your results are going to be amazing! I think that's a good implant size for you too. For me, the first 3 days sucked the most. Good luck!
Thank you!! I can't wait!!
Yay! 2 weeks!!!! So excited for you!

Freaking the eff out!

Started thinking about things today and realize how close this is coming up! I really need to get on buying some loose, button up clothes and other necessities since I'll be away the first 5 days. I also need to make a calendar for my inlaws since during the week I am gone there are 2 field trips, 2 school plays, and all their sporting things that *I* can hardly keep track of! I'll also have to pack them up as well including some snack foods for school. We're also in the middle of some renovations so I also need to paint and finish in the gardens since I won't be able to do those things until several weeks! To top it off, I really want to try and get the house organized and clean so it's nice when I get back. I'm feeling a little stressed to say the least...trying to relax and remember that anytime my routine changes (I.e. family vacation) I always feel the same way.

I'm pretty sure I can taste my heart...I'm THAT nervous/anxious...

I went to Walmart today and wandered around the clothing section trying to scour the racks of button up shirts/dresses. Found the prefect outfit which consisted of nice thick stretchy cotton shorts (with pockets that I can put my drains in lol!) and a matching zip up SHORT-SLEEVED hoody that is nice a loose but not in a bad way. PERFECT. Once I found it and thought about my uses for it...I was suddenly reminded of the days I was preparing for labour and getting my children's "going home outfit". It hit then that this is the exact same feeling, the same preparations, the same nervousness and anxiety of the unknown...I'm giving birth again...not to a child, but to a new me.

My bag still needs to be packed but I think I have nearly everything I will need. I've never had a c-section but have found comfort in knowing that some people are finding a tummy tuck similar to a c-section - recovery and pain wise.

I still have a pretty long to do list but I feel better about it than I did yesterday. With that being said, I am eagerly awaiting my period to come and really hope it comes soon. I really don't want to have to deal with that during my recovery and the added emotions from my cycle mixed with the emotions I imagine will grow in intensity over the next 10 days is not a good combination.

I think I might start packing now...10 more days....10 MORE DAYS....10....more....days....
I'm feeling the same way. :) we will both be O.k and it will all be over very soon.

Just as I started to calm down....

....the anxiety kicks in again! I filled my prescriptions (perocet and keflex) and also grabbed my vitamins and "others" (Stool softeners, C, Bromelain, and Arnica Montana) and I'm starting to pack everything up. I want to be sure I have everything I need and to ensure that, it help to pack early and go through everything a couple days before I actually leave.

I think I have everything I need though. I still need to do some tidying, cleaning and gardening and I DEFINITELY want to to wash my sheets so they are nice and clean when I come home.

I may shoot over to Walmart and buy some more of those zipper shirts too.
Good luck! I am 6 days post op and Dr DeLuca's patient and I have to say they are all wonderful. I am looking forward to my drains being removed since that really is the only discomfort that I have and yes I did have a c-section and this was not a painful as the c-section. Take your time recovering because that is the most important. I was very fortunate to have wonderful friends help take care of me because I was out of it first day of surgery and to be honest I do not remember too much of day 2. I have not had any pain meds since day 3 other than Advil and I feel fine, a little sore but def. bearable. Remember you deserve this and it is all worth it. I will keep tract of our recovery because I can't wait to hear you shout with joy like I am.
Aww thank you so much! I definitely feel confident in my PS choice. It's weird how that can happen and how I can put my faith into one person without ever meeting him! I'm 4 hours away so we are leaving on Monday to check-in to a hotel and have my pre-op appointment. I finally get to try on sizers! It's definitely been challenging trying to sort everything out through email and phone but they have been so amazing and I'm very thankful for this board!! Today I feel my nervousness has left and now I am just full of pure excitement. ...I'm sure I'll be nervous enough again soon though!
Erin83 I know how u feel I am only 2 hrs away from dr DeLuca and I was nervous about that too. I stayed at the Marriott next to St. Peter's and they were great!!!! Being in the hospitality industry for as long as I was it was really amazing on how great the entire staff was there. I am going to see dr DeLuca on Friday to HOPEFULLY gets drains out and then again on Monday for the removal of the stitches. And then hopefully I will be able I resume working a full day. If u have any questions u can ask I am a very open and honest person because I am Al's the person that needs to know what I am getting into plus it took me 15 years to have this done and I am so freaking happy that I did. Thank you Dr DeLuca and staff!!!!!

We leave in 3 days...I think my husband is nesting!

Well...my bags are packed, I have the kids ready to go including a calendar of their weekly happenings and a small info sheet...cleaned the top floor of my house where I imagine ill be resting.....and my husband is painting nearly the entire main floor! Lol...I think he's nesting :)

Almost ready!!

I've been nesting like a crazy person the last couple days! Yesterday I worked in the garden, pulling weeds and laying mulch. Everything is damn near perfect in the yard and I feel very pleased with how they are looking. Hopefully the weeds will be at a minimum and they can be neglected for the next few weeks while I recover.

I also cleaned out the garage...I don't know why since I don't plan on hanging out in there, but at least its done! Today I will conquer the house with tidying and putting everything away and tomorrow, I will clean like I have never cleaned before! That brings us to Monday, where we pack up...and LEAVE! Wow...still can't believe this is actually going to happen!
Almost there, you'll do great. I'm 11 days post op. First 5 days were obviously the most difficult, but then it starts getting better with each day. Please take it very easy for the first two weeks, no cleaning! I was off prescription meds after day 5. And went cold turkey because I wanted to be cleared to drive. Then realized that perhaps if I took Tylenol, I'd be able to stand up straight! So I'm taking Tylenol twice a day, which really helps. I've been driving since day 9 didn't feel really ready till then. But not doing anything else much. Other than cooking and laundry and I made the bed. listen to your body, was a good piece of advise I received. Have a safe trip, will be thinking of you :)
Thank you! I will take it easy...or really really try to!! Its hard I think for most of us since so many of us are Moms and we have gotten so used to having to take care of ourselves AND 1 or more people as well. I will try not to jump the gun when I start to feel even a little better...I know that overdoing it will just set me back in the long run!
Will be thinking of you tomorrow..

Tomorrow I start my journey!

Well...everything is by the front door waiting to be packed up in the van. I have everything I'll need....my loose clothing, wipes, meds, pillows, puke pail (lol), snacks, case of water etc...

I just dropped the kiddos off at the in-laws for the week and now am at home pacing around making sure I have everything. I'm sure I do since I packed it all over a week and have been doing the same thing every day since!

Tomorrow I will do some last minute cleaning and off I go!! I'm hoping to be on the road by 9:00 so I have time to settle in the hotel and then meet my doctor for the first time and finally try on real sizers! They ordered Mod Plus Silicone in a range between 350 and 450 cc so hopefully I'm happy with something in there!

I'm going from "super happy - I want to leave NOW!" to "OMG, this is actually happening, I'm not ready, I need to postpone".

Tomorrow will be a big and exhausting day and since I know I won't sleep at all tomorrow, I should probably go to bed now!
SO EXCITED for you!!! woo hoo!!! cant wait to see your results!!
OMG!! I know what you mean. I didn't sleep last night either, we are almost there Erin. I will be thinking of you as I go in surgery tomorrow. Good luck surgery Buddy. :)
Yay!! I was thinking about you all day and last night wondering if you're feeling the same way as me!! I will clearly be thinking of you all day tomorrow too!! Good luck!

Finally met THE man today!!

I just got back from meeting my PS for the first time. We talked about everything we've been emailing and talking on the phone about and he got to see, in person, the hot mess he actually has to work with. Photo don't really portray it very well. He asked if I'm okay with a small lateral incision under my left areola and I told him to do what he has to do to make the perky and not soupy. He also thinks my left is a bit bigger than my right so he's thinking 400/425 or 425/450. I'm pretty laid back and don't have a lot of demands....especially after seeing his work...I would be happy with ANY of his "after" patients, which is why I chose him! I really really liked him, a lot. I'm so happy to have found him! So the plan is, eat a late dinner, sleep (haha) and wake up for 5:30 so I can be there at 6:00. Holy moly batman! Still feels so unreal!
Good luck to you!! I am in buffalo ny and I go in 3 weeks! Wish it was this week lol!! Can't wait to see your results!! Sending good thoughts your way!
Prayers for sleep and good recovery!
Good luck

It's time....for the flat side!

Its 6:10 and I'm leaving in 5 minutes for the surgery center for my surgery at 7:30. I did not sleep AT ALL last night but figured I'd make up for that today. Weird weird dreams last night but I'm looking forward getting through today and working on recovery.

I'll post updates when I can!!
It's all going to be fine!! Good luck! Xx

Woohoo! First postop photo and update!!

I went in expecting the very worst but have always been hoping for the best. My surgery was at 7:30 (I think) and the sole me up at I have no idea o'clock. Lol! I remember being really really tired and not realizing I just got this done. As soon as the woke me, I told the nurses that I thought I needed to pee. Then I told them an elephant was sitting on my chest and asked if the bed could be raised do i was sitting more upright. They were in and out of the room and the next thing I remember was feeling my new ta-tas to see how big and perky they are!! Shortly after this, I needed to pee so they got a bedpan and off I went! I remember really wanting to get out of there but they kept me for an hour or so. I dozed in and out the whole time. Finally they sat me up to transfer me to a wheelchair and I felt a little dizzy. I really wanted to put my arms to push me off the bed and to scoot my bum back in the chair. Obviously i'm not allowed to so this kind of sucks. I also felt ok to stand up a bit more upright but they told me to stay hunched over. They took me to another room when my husband met up with me and they went over the drains and postop stuff. My throat was super dry too so I drank a bunch! They took out my IV and the left so we could work on getting dressed. My husband thinks he would have made an awesome girl because he was able to get the pad into my underwear!!! Lol!

After this, they wheeled me down to the main floor while my husband got the van. Getting in was tricky, so was getting out. We headed back to hotel and found my husband had set up the bed with all pillows. Getting it was really hard but I got in and that's where I'm at now!! My husband babying me a lot and really isn't letting me use my arms at all! Even to feed myself! I'm surprise i able to write this review right now!!

I tooky first round of ills and dozed off why my husband went to grab more pillows but I woke up quickly and refreshed. I'm surprised how good j feel right now. I'm just tired. I don't feel like I'm in extreme pain and j ding feel stoned. My husband thinks it will really hit tomorrow. I hope not!!

It's almost time forms to get up and walk for a bit do I'll post some more later!! :)
I hopemine goes this well, happy healing
Awesome, glad you're doing so well..
Glad to hear you are doing well!!!

Spoke too soon...

This shit HURTS!! I loathe doing "the walk" evey hour. It hurts more and more each time, but I do understand the importance!

Boobs seem fine and don't bother me all that much, but WOWzers on that burning feeling on my tummy scar!!
glad you are doing well, sorry about the pain!!

Good day today!

I already stopped the Percocetets and have only take 2 Aleve today and its already 6:00 so I think that is pretty awesome. Still sore but I don't want cry anymore. I coughed once today and that really hurt!! I'm actually fj ding myself wanted to get up snd walk around or even just sit in a chair. Lying in bed all day is no fun but I'm trying to stay there since my husband keeps getting angry at me moving around so much! The binder is definitely being a pain! I just want all this stuff off!! Can't wait for my first postop appointment tomorrow and see everything for the first time!
Seems like things are going great. Glad you are having a good recovery. Good luck tomorrow!

I made a boom boom!

That felt great! Things are definitely getting better. I'm eating a bit more and haven't taken anything for pain since yesterday. My drains have definitely slowed down a lot. I gave an appointment today at 11:15 which is where I'll be able to see the new me for the first time!
Ok, that cracked me up "I made a boom boom!" hahahahahah
It was great seeing you and you look great!!!!! You have to admit I didn't lie Dr DeLuca and staff are wonderful.
Thanks! It was great seeing you, it gives me that I will be back to normal soon enough and not waddling like a penguin forever! You looked amazing and I would have never known you had surgery!!! I'm heading home tomorrow but will come down next Friday to have the drains removed and stitches taken out. Can't wait!

Up close and personal

I think things look amazing so far. I'm very happy with the outcome but I'm having "buyers remorse" often. I think my boobs are too big so I hope they settle down and I get used to them. I worry about uniboob and capsular constructer. Despite my tummy looking good I do have issues: the scar sucks, the belly button is weird, everything is so tight and numb, it hurts to sneeze or cough, my back is killing me and I really hate the drains!! I miss playing with my kids and getting things done. Was it really worth it?? Has anyone else had these thoughts and feeling?

Thanks for your updates. I think you look fabulous. I also think you may be in the late-healing slump.

If you want a laugh, check out this post about the emotions of a mommy makeover.

Lol, I found that thread at the Oprah stage of my journey!! I actually think I was at the purple ballet stage since I was 3 days into recovery and it was my first day off all kinds of pain meds, even Tylenol. I'm feeling much better lately and happy with my decision with no regrets! I think I'll feel even better once these drains are gone!!
You will feel 100% better once drains are gone :)

10 day postop appointment

Instead on driving 5 hours to my surgeon, I ended up seeing my family doctor to remove the drains, the sutures and trim the stitches. What a relief it was to have that all done! I especially loved getting that last drain out and having the stitches trimmed on the tummy tuck incision since they were being pulled from being tied so tight. The last drain hurt a bit since I was starting to scab around the exit hole. I'm a little tended now but happy to be drain free.

I've been on my feet more than I'd like to be and a little wiped out from it. My back it what is hurting the most from being slightly hunched over still. My eldest kids have been fantastic in helping me clean. They moan and groan but get the job done well enough considering that they are 8 and 6.

My hubby was fantastic the first week but is slowly getting frustrated and slacking off more and more. My crazy need to get things done kicks in and tries to make up for the slack... Then I pay for it in the evening! Hoping to be back to normal soon enough so things can get back to routine.

Bruising from drain removal!!

I had my first drain removed on Tuesday and today is Friday. I've just noticed this remarkable bruise which I have to assume is from the drain being pulled from me! Wow!

2.5 weeks postop photos

Things are healing really well. My once upper stretch marks and now my lower and look really bad in photos but I don't even notice them in person. They never really bothered me before so I guess that's why I don't care about them now. I once saw a image declaring that they are earned stripes from bearing children. I guess it's my only physical reminder now that those awful saggy boobs and pouch are gone, apart from my actual children, of course.

I noticed fluid in my left breast which is visually evident as well. I'm hoping its normal and that my body will reabsorb it but I emailed a photo to my PS just in case.

I'm super impressed with how well the scars are looking this early in the game!
you look so good!!
You look awesome!!! Congrats!!!

3 week post op

Well...I'm 3 weeks postop now and there's a few things that are just driving me nuts. I guess I might KIND OF be at the "post-op swelling" stage of the Emotions of a Mommy Makeover but it goes deeper than that.

Yes...the swelling sucks. I've taken the "morning" photo and will take the "night" photo tonight. It's crazy how big the difference is. I measured around my waist where my naval is and where the top of my hip bones are. BY the end of the day there is nearly a 2 inch difference! Surprisingly...the swelling isn't driving me nuts...it's these other things are are getting to me:

1. The uneveness of it all.....my right side has calmed down and I have perfect contouring there. My left side on the hand looks like its been jabbed by a little person and I have a welt the size of a golf ball. THIS is the swelling that is driving me nuts. If you look at my post-op photos, it looks like I'm leaning or twisting my body...I'm not. It's a perfectly straight posture. I'm only praying that it is ACTUAL swelling and that the lipo to my flanks did not go horribly wrong. For me...the lipo was the most painful part. I didn't have much extra fat there anyway and on most days, I wished this area was the left alone to fix itself with some lean unseasoned chicken and a some steamed greens sans anything yummy (aka "bad") added.

2. I feel great. REALLY great. I love the way shirts fit me now that I have plump perky ta-tas and its awesome not having to worry about that perky pouch hanging over my bottoms. For the last 3 years my boobs (aka soup) could only be poured into a sports bra because anything else (aka something lacey and sexy) would result in the soup being poured right back out. Yuck. I tried...I tried and tried to find a supportive underwire bra that would fit my saggy soupy mess. Nada. There was just nothing out there. Well... My boobs seemed ginormous (and fake) immediately after surgery and they weren't going anywhere anyway but things have calmed down quite a bit and I've gotten to go ahead to go bra shopping. Finally...I'm getting out of these sports bras! Wrong...I am having one HELL of a time finding something that fits these girls! I've concluded based on my own measurements that I am a 32 D possibly even a 30. These sized don't exist in un-specialized stores and I'm not sure if I want to drop over $100 on a good bra if the girls are still dropping and fluffing. I did managed to find a couple bras in "my size" but to my surprise, my nipples were poking out of the top of the cups. So...I am still braless. I'm going to get professionally fitted at the local bra boutique and hope that yields some positive results without costing me a small fortune that could very well be burned in a couple months if the D&Fing continues. Corssing my fingers!

3. On the subject of shopping...I still hate it, but for different reasons. Before shopping was tedious - always trying to fit tops that I didn't pour out of or that didn't reveal the pouch I always tried to hide. Now, I'm having a hard time finding something that fits my boobs AND my waist or shorts that aren't super low rise thus revealing my scar. All this on top of finding the right size before swell hell kicks in making clothing shopping impossible.

4. I will never, ever, get used to not feeling my stomach. Shaving my legs, bending over to tie my shoes or curling up on the couch will always be a weird, out of body experience until these nerves are repaired which I hope will be very very soon.

5. I healed too well, and I'm an impatient person. I'm only 3 weeks out and I feel amazing. Too amazing actually because I really want to get back to my life. I want to go swimming and horse around with my kiddos. I want to exercise and build all the muscles that have faded away. I really REALLY want to get started on my six pack. I'm having a hard time believing that I'm only at the halfway mark of being normal...so I wrote my doctor. It went something like this:

Hey Dr. D,

I have a couple more questions for you:

Am I able to run (max. 3 miles) at this point? What about some light leg work (i.e. lunges and/or squats)?

I feel that walking isn't doing anything for me and the lack of exercise is making me a pretty miserable person. Not to mention the fact that if I don't start doing something soon, my next post-op appointment may very well become a pre-op appointment for some lipo to my thighs, hips and butt. :)

He wrote back within a minute (yes, he is that awesome) and I got the go ahead to run and exercise without doing any core workouts. Six pack will have to wait but I'm super excited for the rest. I didn't ask about "private/couple workouts" but that is only because we tested the waters on that last week (day 11 postop to be exact) and everything went well...for both of us, with no pain or discomfort. I thought it might be a bit early but a quick search on realself determined it was a "trial and error" adventure. I was sure to warn my husband that initiating anything may result in blue balls and him retreating to the bathroom by himself. He accepted the mission anyway and I'm glad he did.

I think that's all I have to report for now.

Forgot one!

Probably one of my biggest pet peeves about this whole tummy tuck business so I'm surprised I missed it:

6. My incision is low. I'm happy with it but I hate that when I got sewn back together that is raised the pubic area up by at least an inch!

I have been known to go amazon fairly often, as I'm pretty lazy and careless when it comes to body hair but there will be no slacking off anymore thanks to this. At first I was very impressed that my scar was literally just above my pubic hair but then I realized that shit isn't being contained in my low rise and hipster panties like it used to. All my panties are sitting right on the scar which means 1/4 an inch lower is the new starting point of my jungle area....can you imagine if that gets out of control in a bikini?! I'm not ashamed of my scar showing but I am hella nervous about the short and curlies peeking through the TOP when I go to the beach or even wearing a pair of lowrise anything....How could it get raised up so much!!???
LOL...I almost peed my pants reading that most recent post! well maybe I will look into getting laser hair removal PRIOR to the MM.....
Definitely something to consider! I hadn't even thought of this happening but I guess it makes sense. I can see where my old BB piercing was (right on my incision) so I think my PS struggled with removing skin and achieving a low incision at the same time.
that would be so embarrassing!..you laying on the beach thinking you are smokin hot and the short and curlies are sprouting......or what about your zipper getting caught if they are hanging out....OUCH....I am still lauging so freaking hard......you made my day better! got a smile out of me! :)

Wait...its definitely more like 2 inches....

just checked out my before photos....wowza..the beaver as been extended by about 2 inches. UGH...how horrible.
I am dying here! I just had my MM and your post is hilarious Lol!!! Sorry I'm sure that it is not for you : / but you just have to shave or wax that area and that is an easy fix... I would prefer that over lose skin : )
Don't worry..its funny for me too :) its not that big of a deal as it isn't absurdly high...just higher than I'm used to. I usually shave the whole thing anyway but I'm thinking that a brazilian wax is in my future so I don't have the dark stubble immediately afterward. It was a tough choice my PS had to make (high incison vs. raised mons). I'm happy with what he decided so it'll just take some getting used to and be a little more conscience as to the state that the "south" is in more often :)
I shpwered yesterday and I kept looking at my area wondering if it got raised too Lol... can't really tell yet. I am pretty sure that happens to most of us at least a little... I love bras too!!! I'll remember ebay and that brand once I am cleared to wear them ♥

a photo is worth a thousand words...

Here is a photo depicting my mons pubis. It is not swollen or "fat" which I have read is a problem with tummy tuckers. It's just.....raised. I just want to clarify that while I am irritated at this, I am NOT upset by any means. I did not have a lot of excess skin so my sweet PS had to make a choice - low scar, higher mons or low mons, higher scar. With his decision, my mons does not look unusally high and I am still able to conceal the mons and the incision...just not obviously in the low-rise variety, but not the high rise variety either. I also think I may have had a naturally lower mons to start with and even the lowest of lowrise panties was never a problem...in THAT area. I am very much pleased to be trading my pouch and taut muscles for a "higher than I'm used" to mons. I just don't want to discourage anyone. I just wanted to make other people in my situation aware. I hadn't even considered this which is probably why it is so surprising to me.

I got professionally bra fitted yesterday...

UPDATE TO MY LAST BIG POST - Specifically point #2

My doctor cleared me to wear underwire since I'm healing really well (and I only have a 2 inch incison on only my right breast). My breasts have settled a lot in the past 3 weeks as well and I kind of hope they stop dropping and fluffying! I really like where they are right now!

I went to get bra fitted thinking I had measured myself perfect at a 30/32 D...well...I made a big mistake and that changed things a lot. I took my band measurement and added the recommended amounts for the band size (which is really Effed up if you ask me). Anyway, I measured 30 around which makes my band a 32. THEN I measured my cup and measured 36 and subtracted that from my BAND measurement, not my actual measurement. (4 inch difference makes me a D). I now know that I should have subtracted it from my actual measurement, like the fitter did, as I am in fact a 32F(DDD) or even a 30F(DDD) according to her.

I'm sure it would have been hilarious to see my reaction. I tried on several insanely priced bras and realized that in the Chantelle brand (which I adored) 30DDD fit perfect. They had some nice styles and a handful of good brands but I was not prepared to pay the $126 price tag though I left, braless...again. I'm going to take my chance on ebay since I found dozens of Chantelle bras in my size for a very small fraction of the price that the boutique was selling them at (like $25 a bra!!). I figured the same brand will unlikely have drastic size variations between the different styles but even if they do, at $25 a bra vs $126, it's worth the risk. The panties too had a hefty price tag of $76 where on ebay I am finding they are about $15.

So I went home and happily scoured ebay. I found tons, much more fun colours than the boutique had and I ended up buying a nice little purple bra and panties to match for the whopping total of $46.97 shipped to my US address (as opposed to the $200+ I would have spent at the boutique). So I'm pretty happy with my savings. I am finding it really hard not to get carried away though. I may go to another bra boutique and see what brands they have and try on a few there to check sizing and sister sizing as there was much more 32DD than 30DDD on ebay.

I have a pretty addictive personality so I'm a little nervous. So far I have 4 pages of watched items consisting of mainly bras. Before children my passion was designer jeans....I have a total of about 30. Then it was jujube diaper bags...then it was goodmama diapers, then I started trying to loose that baby pooch which resulted in workout clothes...hello lululemon. I've been good lately (for the last year) but I can definitely see this new hot bod causing some problems for me!!

Spitting stiches

So...I was checking things out like I normally do and noticed some flaky skin on my left breast scar...I start pulling at it and before I know it the scar opened up ever so slightly and started pouring out chunky pus. I freaked out and got in touch with my PS who prescribed me some antibiotics and instructed me to clean twice a day and apply polysporin. The next day or two after I was cleaning it as per my instractions and I noticed a dissolvable stitch poking out...I grabs some tweezer and started pulling..1/4 inch...1/2 and inch..3/4 inch..1 inch piece! This little dude was the cause of this gross infection! My pea sized wound is healing up nicely but am now checking myself over more often

Some changes for the tummy region....

So I've been waking up nice and flat this entire time..I haven't had much swelling or any other issues. In fact, I think I'm healing quite well.

My doctor cleared me to return to my regular routine minus core and heavy lifting. I was also cleared to remove my binder. Things were looking good! Then, yesterday morning I woke up a big pot belly...a slightly different shape then my old friend the baby pooch but they must be related since they resemble each other so closely.

Not a happy camper...and freaking out since I devised a list of a bunch of possibilities.

1. My worst fear: I tore some sutures. Since I was cleared to return to life I decided to do some hands and knees gardening and washing of the floors, since neither had been done since my surgery (yuck!). I knew it was not feel super and if I was uncomfortable then I would stop...but it didn't feel bad at all. I was totally fine. I took my time and got the job done. I;ve also been sneezing alot which I know can also tear the sutures....BUT I am hopeful that since I am NOT in pain (just very tender around my belly button)...that this is not my case. So moving on...

2. All that activity caused some swelling...swelling that I haven't really seen and am not used to. Swelling that was also kept to a minimum by my binder, which I was not wearing. I think this is the likely cause.

3. Seroma. Not wearing my binder and also having my drains removed earlier than others (7 and 10 day removal at 15cc for a 24h period X2 days to be safe). My drains WERE ready to come out and I don't think that removing them was premature but I'm wondering if maybe my draining was...could I be developing fluid now? After 4 weeks?

4. My infection is somehow causing this. I didn't mention it before, but I also had a slight infection at the bottom of my belly button. It wasn't anything big so I didn't think it was worth mentioning. I also do not believe this to be the cause but I am throwing out ALL the options.

5. Since I haven't been using my muscles, this is just lax muscles and my stomach hanging out as a result. It has been a month of not using them afterall so I can imagine they are worthless at this point. I can only imagine what my first day of crunches is going to feel like. Ow...I'm already in pain thinking about it.

6. My next vote for likely causes is that I should be getting my period very very VERY shortly...like any day now. This is just bloating caused by that...bloating that just happens to fall in the timeline making me come up with all these other possible causes.

So...time will tell...and so will Doc Deluca when I see him in 2 weeks...assuming this has not resolved itself by then.
Hi there, I live 1 hr away from the border (Buffalo) and after my 2 kids my body is a mess I been told I need a tummy tuck, the price in Canada is waytoo high for me. How was ddriving 4 hours after surgery? Would you recommend him? Did you spend 14000 in total? What about the item you need to het after the operation?? Hope you can help me out :)
I was freaking out over having a possible seroma too...but it was just swelling and loose skin because my ps' s technique is to pull you in tight but not dtraight down as tight. Ihave a small roll when I sit.
You sound just like me I was going nuts with the swelling. Its like riding a roller coaster. I just wear my garment and binder 24/7. Its a pain but I think it helps me.
Albany Plastic Surgeon

I did my research and since this was going to be a lifelong change, I needed to make sure that everything was going to be perfect and to achieve that, I did to find the perfect surgeon. I started out locally, looking within the mega city nearest to me (Toronto - 1 hour away). My search consisted of looking at before and after photos of the work I was wanting done. If there was even a handful of after photos that made me wince, that surgeon was out. I obviously looked at hundreds of websites and the handful that made the cut received emails with inquiries and attempts to book consultations. Most of the responses were fairly quick and the ones that were delayed by a week got crossed off my list. All were responses from secretaries or nurses which is what I was expecting and half of them were automated responses (which I disliked a lot but didn't rule them out because of it). Following this I started with phone calls. In nearly all cases I found the secretaries to be rude, forceful and unhelpful - which obviously crossed them of the list. In the end, I had no one I was considering and had not even made it to the consultation part of the process and had not been in contact with a single surgeon! At this point I felt my standards were too high but then came across a website where people mentioned they were traveling out of state for their surgeon. Since I am so close to the New York border, I thought I would try a few of the surgeons in the Buffalo and Rochester areas (both 1 hour away) before readjusting my standards. Somehow, and I can't even recall how, I made my way to Dr. Deluca's website who was initially outside the zone I was considering traveling (Albany - 4 hours away). I looked at his before and after photos and there was not a single one that I felt showed any flaws, not a SINGLE one! I would have not only been content with having any of the results I saw, but ecstatic! I continued searching his website for more information and discovered that there was an "out of town patients" section. It was like a dream come true. I filled out the out of town patient consultation form and about an hour later at 9:17 p.m. I received a personalized response from Dr. Deluca himself. The very next day I responded back with the measurements and photos that were needed and booked my telephone consultation. The consultation was 30 minutes and consisted of a dozen questions which I previously jotted down. Dr. Deluca was extremely polite, soft spoken and a pleasure to talk to. He answered all my questions without sounding the least bit annoyed (I'm sure some of them had to sound ridiculous!) and made his recommendations with confidence. He even provided me with a quote at the end of the consultation - a number that was much less expensive than what I had been quoted in Canada. Aside from booking the consultation, my correspondence was always with Dr. Deluca up until after the consultation when I decided I needed to have him as my surgeon and booked my surgery with his assistant, Karen. I spoke with Karen was good hour about the whole process and she asked me several times if I had any questions. I didn't at this point and she assured me that I would and that I shouldn't hesitate to contact the office at anytime. Sure enough, within a few weeks before my surgery, I had many questions so I called and sent out my rounds of emails, most of which were responded by Deluca himself, and all within a day. On Monday June 17th I met with Dr. Deluca for the first time and felt extremely confident with my decision in choosing him. He was exactly as I imagined and I felt extremely comfortable with him. When it came time for the big day, I was obviously nervous. I tend to joke around when feeling like this and Dr. Deluca was a blast to joke around with. I recall him coming in to do his drawings and asked me how I slept. I told him I didn't sleep at all and that wasn't important....what was important was how well he slept! He chuckled and assured me he slept just fine. After drawing his lines he left me by telling me not to worry and that I'll do great. I responded by saying "thanks, so will you! Right?!" Again, he chuckled and said he will be doing better than me. It felt as though I blinked and was greeted with my new, less droopy body. I felt great and things could not have gone more perfect. I had my first post-op visit and he examined me with a careful eye to make sure all was going well. He looked like an artist concentrating on a masterpiece! (For the record...I only waited about 5 minutes for both my pre-op and post-op appointment!) Currently I am only a week into recovery but my breast lift has resulted in two perfectly even and perky breasts with the augmentation being the appropriate size I had described. Once the implants settle and the swelling goes down, I am sure I will be the envy of many since I truly believe they are perfect! Perfect slope, size, nice round shape and completely symmetrical...I didn't even think it could be achieved with the sagging I had previously! My tummy tuck has left me with a nice flat tummy and I have little pain and bruising which I attribute to a job well done. My incision is so low that is practically touches my pubic hair line. I am still healing but some of the tape has lifted and I can only find what looks like a hair running across my belly...this is the "scar" I am being blessed with (assuming things continue healing so well!). I have had a couple questions within the last week and to no surprise, Dr. Deluca answered them all very quickly, one within 5 minutes! I am not sure when I will be seeing him again but you can be guaranteed that a great big hug will be given for his amazing job well done! As for the stars below. I truly believe he exceeds the 5 star rating in all areas. He really is THAT amazing. I will be referring anyone who is considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, no matter their location as I attest that he is definitely worth traveling to!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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