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Ok....so after reading reviews, questions, and...

Ok....so after reading reviews, questions, and looking at tons of photos I decided I was going to share my experience on the website! My surgery is in 3 weeks and I'm excited and nervous!! I will add photos and document my "journey" so hopefully it will help prepare someone..just like the other lady's helped to prepared me!

Final consultation this upcoming Monday and surgery next Friday!

So I'm sure like everyone else on here who has any surgery done...you have mixed emotions! I'm excited about my (hopefully beautiful new shape) nervous about surgery in general and anxious because I have been on realself and looking at my dr's before and afters everyday! Lol
Here are my before pics...I will post after pics and my experience hopefully day of my surgery!

About 1.5 weeks...

I haven't updated my progress on here as much as I wanted...so here is a recap of my last 1.5 weeks.

Day of sugery: felt better then I thought. I was sore but nothing bad an I didn't come home an sleep like I thought I would.

1 day post op: that's when the soreness/stiffness kicked in! It's not a "pain" feeling like a surgery. I bruised bad. The worst part is going from sitting/ laying down to standing/moving.

Day 2-5 post op: each day got a little better, I could move around more, the bruising started to get better. I would try to rest a lot, drink as much water as I could, wasn't hungry and needed help with reaching/bending things.

Day 6 post op: went for my 1st appt to see dr. Lynch. He took my bandages/wraps off and this was the 1 at time I saw what I looked like! An through all that puffiness I could already see results!!! I was surprised at what a difference my back & upper stomach/upper flanks already looked smaller! My lower abdomen/flanks/ inner thigh/ arms were still too swollen.
I felt better after everything was removed- I did not leak fluid like I read in other posts, I never had to change my dressings or use maxi pads. This was the first day I could take a shower which I was very excited and over due for....but it was not what I thought! Lol your skin is very sensitive and the water was more painful the relaxing! So it was a quick one!!

Day 7: I can move around much more now, brushing is a lot better and I'm feeling more like myself in general! I'm starting to want to eat a meal instead of a "light snack". An I have more energy.

Day 8: 1st day back at work! Went in for about 4 hrs. I'm a hairstylist so I move around a lot. I was surprised at how good the day went!! I was double booked an besides my arms getting a little tired here and there nothing else bothered me! I did go home an take about a 1.5 hr nap! Lol
I also wanted to note my arms are the most changeling body part I got done! Probably b/c I used them so much, but it's hard to do things myself since my range of motion is limited. Then I would say back, it's stiff and sore. Upper/lower abdomen, flanks, inner thighs no problem at all!

Day 9: good day getting better.

Day 10: my second appt with Dr. lynch. He said I look good! I had the tape covering my stitches removed. That definitely felt better! An I go back in 2 weeks for a follow up. My arms are almost back to normal (range of motion) and honestly everything else feels good! Brushing is a lot lighter an about 90% gone. I wear my compression garment and spanks 24/7 honestly they don't bother me and I noticed my skin is less sensitive and I feel more comfortable (believe it or not) with that combo on. I'm still swollen in back, lower abdomen/flanks but I can see such a change in my body over the last few days! I'm excited to see what's to come! I will post updated pics of all the areas in the next few days!
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Glad the bruising is 90%gone,it looks so painful. Happy continued healing! :)
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I going to get the same the one scare is the arm I'm a nursing assistant and have to be back to work 12 days after ...but after I read ur review about the arm I feel better because I know hair style have to used their arms more them I do ...thank u here is one realself sister the yuor review really help a lot
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looking good!!
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Hope you're doing well. :)
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Tomorrow is the day, good luck
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Good Luck on your journey :) It's very normal to have a bag of mixed emotions. Be prepared as you will have A LOT of emotions after while healing but for me it was well WORTH it. Have a great Day!
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How is it going
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So far nothing exciting...lol I just posted my pics, an waiting for next Friday!! :)
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Your big day is coming up!  Keep us posted on everything.  Here is our big resource list to help you prep:

Can't wait to see your pics!
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Thank you for the info! I'm going to post my before pics...an I will keep you updated!!
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