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I had yag laser done On January 30,2014. The...

I had yag laser done On January 30,2014. The session was literally 5 minutes long ( just for a few broken blood vessels on and around nose). I had a few scabs that fell off after a couple weeks and then had 2 hydra facials one on 2/19/2014 and the other on 3/14/2014. These are pretty gentle facials, the first had a 7% glycolic, the second she upped it a little with 14% (which is extremely low). about a week after my second facial, my skin totally dried out. I'm used to having very oily skin, and there was literally no oil left. My skin just seems to have gotten worse over the past 2 months, I'm covered in little bumps all over one side of my face, and my cheeks look like orange peel. But I never had laser done on either of those places, so how could this cause that damage? I'm just wondering if anyone has had laser ONLY on the nose and its damaged their entire face? My skin now burns so badly every day on my cheek area, it swells up, I can't wear makeup it just makes it look worse, its so dry and rough and bumpy. I'm just out of answers, the derm says its contact dermatitis, but NOTHING is helping. I'm worried that this is permanent and I have lost all interest in life. I stopped going out, or talking to anyone. I'm super gentle with my skin and eat healthy. I am beyond depressed and just can't imagine how a laser for 5 minutes on my nose could damage my entire face? (Nose is fine). please help.
Sorry to hear you are struggling with the condition of your skin. I don't know much about the HydraFacial but when I looked it up on Google, they appear to be very safe, did you notice any of the side effects you are seeing now after your first treatment  -and did you ever follow up with clinic to see if your skin condition could be related to the treatments? I have never heard of a laser treatment impacting any of the skin not treated. 
Hi Eva Yes I went back to te office twice, both times they assured me it was neither the laser or facial. It's now been 2 months of extreme dryness texture change and burning and no one can tell me why. I've been so gentle using natural oils even not washing at all for a while. I've just started using psoria gold sensitive because I read it's good for damaged skin. I am just so scared and have no idea what could have caused my skin to change overnight and not heal.
That is really odd - you should try (and I always suggest a test spot) Manuka honey, or any raw honey will work, here is a review where they discuss this.

Please Help with my Skin Damage, I Am Losing my Mind.

Hi everyone, This is like the third time I've posted on here trying to get help for my skin damage. I had ONE session of yag laser on my nose for a few broken blood vessels on January 30,2014. The session was a bit uncomfortable and I did have some scabbing that lasted a few weeks, but when they fell off, I assumed I'd be fine. It was not until 2 MONTHS LATER, that my skin completely dried out, I mean sucked of all moisture, all over my face. I cannot even smile without it hurting. I have all sorts of little bumps all over the left side of my face, and my cheeks have this bumpy orange peel texture now, which I've never had. I also have this horrible burning sensation which comes and go on my cheek area. I am totally at a loss because the laser did NOT touch any of these areas, and the session literally lasted 5 minutes. I've read that laser damage looks like this though. The only other thing I had done was 2 hydrafacials, One a month after the laser, and one 3 weeks after that .Now these facials are extremely gentle, very low glycolic acid .The first had 7%, the second 14%. It was exactly 5 days after my second facial that the skin dried out. But how could this last for 2 months?!?! I've read online of people getting 70% peels and recovering in a week! I've been to 2 derms, the first said very mild rosacea (but claimed that's not what he was treating, said I had contact dermatitis). He prescribed metrogel, burned too much to use. Second derm last week said no way rosacea, and said I had beautiful skin and people would pay for it, she just thinks something is irritating it. She gave me a steroid ointment, which I could only use for 3 days the burning was so intense. I am at such a loss as to what happened to my beautiful skin. I was using Dr.Hauschka products before this all started, I quit using those because at firs tI thought they were to blame! I've tried it all, no washing, washing with honey, emu oil, jojoba oil, seabuckthorn berry oil, cerave, I'm now on all kinds of vitamins (fish collagen, hyaluronic acid, fish oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil) just to try and help my skin heal. How could this have happened overnight and was it the laser? How could laser cause damage to cheeks when it didn't touch them? I literally cry all day every day because of this, it has ruined my social life and is ruining my relationships with boyfriend and family. I feel like people think I'm crazy because they say your skin looks great. My skin doesn't even feel like skin anymore, just feels rough and dry, like its missing a layer or something. It used to be soft and oily. Will I ever heal? I can't take much more of this.
I was having lots of problems with dryness in my skin, especially my cheeks and around my mouth. I was extremely worried because it started a few months before I turned forty and I didn't know if it was because of my age. My sister gave me some Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ and it has worked wonders for my skin. I mix in some sunblock and apply every morning before putting on makeup. My skin is super sensitive and face creams usually make me feel like my face is on fire, but this one hasn't for some reason and my dryness is gone. :)
I would completely remove dairy from my diet. If you are as depressed as it sounds you are probably eating more???? Only suggesting this because of personal experience. I stopped eating dairy 6 years ago. I was starting to get those "cholesterol" spots as well as having mild rosacea. After a few months of being off dairy both went away. Now, if I get out and accidentally get dairy after my gut stops killing me next day I will notice skin issue either acne breakout or cholesterol spot.
So sorry to hear about your adverse reaction- how stressful! I am a medical aesthetician and laser technician. Hopefully I can shed some light on your problem for you. It's extremely unlikely that Yag laser treatment on the nose only would cause issues with the rest of your skin. The energy emitted is very focused on the veins alone, in a tiny beam which protects the surrounding tissues. I am more inclined to think that your skin is reacting negatively to the Hydrafacial and glycolic acid. Sometimes skin that appears normal and healthy can be very irritated by exfoliating procedures. The combination of physical exfoliation (hydrafacial) and chemical exfoliation (glycolic acid) can be very traumatic on certain skin types. Yours is a rare reaction but not unheard of. Of course, there is also a chance that you are reacting to something unrelated to the procedures, such as a dietary change, skin care product or laundry detergent. Think of any possible changes you made during the time just before your treatments that may give you clues. What products are you using now on your skin? I would recommend switching to all organic products, if you haven't already. The chemicals and additives in typical skin products can worsen the condition of dry, irritated skin. You need very gentle products to baby your skin and nurse it back to health. Don't give up- there is definitely hope for your skin!
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I Called several times and even went into the doctor to see if this damage was caused by the laser or facial. they said no.

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