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I am a 44 year old Nurse Practitioner with heavy...

I am a 44 year old Nurse Practitioner with heavy bags under my lower eyelids for at least 15 years. I've been told that I look young for my age, but at the same time, how tired I look. The procedure itself was quite easy, taking approximately one hour under general anesthesia. I was immediately able to see the difference postoperatively. I had very little bruising and absolutely no pain. I am currently two weeks postoperative and have already been told that I look 15 look younger by multiple people. I can't be happier. I found that arnica Montana and bromaline were very helpfull as well as eating pineapple for decreasing bruising and swelling. I also slept sitting upright for a week. I agree with other people on this site, make sure you pick the right surgeon for this procedure because it could easily go wrong. Dr. Deluca answered any questions and responded very quickly to any concerns I had postoperatively. I couldn't be happier with the outcome so far, and I know I will only continue to improve.

Really? Yeah, who says that? SO rude. But you look fabulous! Glad you're pleased.
Believe it or not, a lot of people made those comments. A guy I went to high school with told me I looked good, but if I could only get rid of the bags under my eyes, yes, he actually said that.. I did it for me though with good support from my husband. I know we all have gone through various stages of recovery, but everyday gets better. Still very happy 4 weeks today!

WOW I can't believe he said that!  Crazy rude.  So glad you are liking the results! I'm loving mine too- I'm at about 3 weeks post-op.  You seriously look great.


4 weeks out now and still healing. I can now feel...

4 weeks out now and still healing. I can now feel the incision lines are firming up and swelling when waking up in morning is minimal. I still have small area of bruise and swelling under right eye due to my sister accidentally hitting me post op.. Dr. Told me this eye would heal one week later than left, which was correct. Btw, I labeled my one picture one week after surgery which was incorrect, it was 3 days after surgery. Will have follow up with surgeon in 2 more weeks. Still happy with my decision. See updated photo.
Thank you and everyone else who posted. Im 9 days post op and still comparing recovery pics. This has been a great help!!
Your welcome. Be patient, you are now on the upswing. It will get better day.
Edinburgh56, don't forget the one lace glove aka Madonna...i had a few of those things in the day...unbelievable! Lol...

It's amazing how on a daily basis, at 5.5 weeks...

It's amazing how on a daily basis, at 5.5 weeks I'm still seeing changes and improvements. The best thing I can say to anyone considering this surgery or that is early in recovery is, be patient and allow healing to take place, bc you WILL improve. It is unfortunate to read some of the stories on this site. I'm so grateful that I had such great results. On a bright note, I was proofed at Applebee's when trying to buy a margarita. That made my week! I tried to put a different light picture for my update, no more bruising, mild swelling.
Well done - you look great!
Thanks mike. Every day I am so grateful that I had great results from a great surgeon.
Your results are great! Congrats!

2 months post op

2 months post op. had my follow up with Dr. Deluca and he was very pleased. I feel that I'm totally recovered at this point and whatever healing continues to occur is icing on the cake. My final statement is that I do recommend this surgery, but only after you research your surgeon and make sure you are prepared mentally to go through it. I went in knowing I would look beat up for a couple of weeks and that there would be months of recovery. If you keep that in mind, the results will come.
I am now 2 months post-op and my eyes look great. The last of the bruising is gone and my stitches are tucked neatly away under my eyes. This is a surgery that takes time to heal and see results, but it keeps getting better!! Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories!
So glad to hear. Believe or not, I still see improvements. Now I really believe how they say 6 mths to a year for final results.
You look great btw

5 months post op

So still seeing changes and improvements. Very happy I did the surgery with absolutely no regrets. Turned 45 in July, and no one believes me, but the best part is, no one asks me if I'm tired or in a bad mood since the day I had the surgery. I was asked on a regular basis. I still eat pineapple everyday and still take one bromaline daily. I figured it doesn't hurt through a long hot summer, I don't want any swelling, I'd rather keep the swelling down to avoid wrinkles.

Updated pictures

Pre and post op 5 months
Hi there, quick often and what time a day do you take your Bromaline? I haven't pulled the trigger on surgery just yet, but picked up some Bromaline at Whole Foods today to see if it will help with everyday swelling. Just wasn't sure if I should take it at night or in the morning. Do you think it helps? Thanks!
Hi. When I had surgery, I took the bromaline twice per day. For several months after surgery, I took this daily in the morning. It definitely helped to keep the swelling down. I no longer take it bc I have absolutely no swelling at all. I still avoid sleeping on my stomach just in case. This was the best thing I have ever done. I truly have not one regret. Good luck, and hope u make the right decision. I can answer any questions for u any time.
You really look great! Absolutely gorgeous. I hope to have results like this, always had horrid hereditary dark circles due to lack of fat in the upper face paired with fair, thin skin in that area. How did you decide on your surgeon?
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I finally decided to find a plastic surgeon that filled several important criteria. I wanted someone with experience, who performed many facial procedures, a good bedside manner, and confidence. I found all of these attributes in Dr. William Deluca. It was very simple to make an appointment, we met and scheduled my surgery within a couple of weeks.

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