I've had big breast ever since I was in high...

I've had big breast ever since I was in high school. You know how they say be careful what you wish for. When I started developing breast they were very small compared to my cousin and I use to pray for them to grow. Well they did and it seems like they haven't stop growing since. I am now 36 G/H. I have horrible back pain to the point where as soon as I get home I have to set the boobs free. They hand like a old woman and for this I am super excited about getting them reduce. My surgery is schedule for the January 28, 2014. My insurance is covering the cost and on my pre op I will know if I have to pay any money at all (fingers cross). I am only 24 and I weight (too much for my height) and I'm 5'0.

Pre Op

Went to surgeon today then to my pcp for pre op . I'm super excited! He said about 1000 g will be removed. Surgery on the 28th and I'm ready! Hoping for a nice C cup

Night before

It's the night before and I'm supper duper excited. I cant wait to get this surgery over with and be healed. At this point I'm just thanking God for what he's about to do. I'm going to read my bible, pray and go to bed. Good night

2nd day after surgery

I'm in pain, but I think it's from the liposuction. Under my arms hurt, under my right breast. My neck and my back is also hurting. Tomorrow I get my drains remove. I am so tender. I can't wait to get pass this stage. 1st night was better. Hopefully I'll be in less pain tomorrow. I am all padded up with foam under the marina thing. My husband was more helpful on the 1st day but the baby is also sick so he has both of us to care for. Luckily my cousin is here.

1st post op

No more drains! Saw my breast for the first tine today and so far I'm happy with the results. Let me know what you think?

3rd day after

Just saw them and there are some things I dont like. The cleavage section is my biggest area of concern. I don't like the fact that my nipple seems to be so close to the edge it's almost pointing downwards. I like them in a bra but its hard seeing the scars and the sewing job.

3rd day

Another side view

4 days after

I don't like on of my side. My nipples are too low and I'm praying that my body heals soon

Sunday fun day !!

I took a bathe today for the first time since surgery. I'm feeling great. When did you start putting creams and stuff on your breast? Here's some pics.

Feeling better

Hello here is a quick update on my progress thus far. I'm trying to be more helpful around the house. I am still seeing some leakage from my right side. I'm still sleeping on my back and that's uncomfortable. When did you start driving after surgery? And when did you hold you child again? By the way I'm still swollen.

Loving my small breast

It's getting better

I haven't been able to update for a while now. I'm more active and trying to lose weight. Now that my breast is so small I can see how big my stomach is. Here are some pics ....enjoy!
Dr. John Noonan

He's a great doctor

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You are looking great, I am so surprised at what a difference in the shape of your breasts from the earlier pics. Congratulations on the weight loss, too - I have noticed the exact same thing with my stomach seeming so large with smaller breasts : )
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Congratulations! Great results!
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Lookin good girl. Cute suit. Best wishes as you work on your weight...I'm doing that too. HUGS :-DSuzy
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Glad to see you loving your results !!!! You are looking great !!!
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I noticed we went to the same plastic surgery group although we had different doctors. How are you feeling now that your breasts are settling? The first couple of weeks are hard because you really aren't sure what your breasts will look like when the swelling goes down. Your surgeon seems to have taken a lot off from the side view.
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I had liposuction on the side. But as time goes I'm falling more in love with my breast. I am feeling great. How about you?
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It took me about three months for my breasts to settle and once they did I fell in love with them. I just love not having to lug around large breasts any more. My only problem was the down time after the surgery and I ate out of boredom. More weight to lose. Enjoy your new breasts.
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glad you are enjoying life on the smaller side. are you managing to drive and do most things now? I am still very careful about lifting. Will be back swimming in a week or 2
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I have been driving since 14 days. I'm just very cautious when turning to reverse. The seat belt can be a bother but I hold it off my breast with the other hand.
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Have you seen your ps yet and asked him about the scars and why your nipples point down?
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You look great! What type of surgical bra are you wearing?
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I am wearing sports bra that close in front and also a seamless wireless from walmart that also close in front.
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Just got cleared for driving if I felt OK about it, I am 14 days post op. I am fine sleeping on my back in a rectangle of 4 pillows - head, under knees and either side to support arms. Leakage can be fat necrosis which is common and not an issue. You look great and are doing very well, but don't do too much!
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I think I started driving around 10 days post-op. Sounds like you are doing good. I am 6 week post-op and think I probably still have some swelling on the sides. But it does get better. You will see a drastic difference in the next few weeks. Good luck with your continued recovery.
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Thank you. I try to limit my activity but with a little one it's hard
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I started driving 10 days post op, I'm 16 days post now and still find it a bit difficult to back up and shoulder check, but it's getting better each day, good luck to you!
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Ok thank u
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The incision you took pictures of.. You are right it looks so uneven that i would ask the ps for some good explanation.
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I will
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Ask your surgeons advice about creams and oils, if done to early they may weaken incisions
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Did you tape come off naturally???
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The doctor took the off at my first post op....3 days after and he didn't replace them
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You are still very early on in your healing. Try not to worry. Just rest and heal and everything should be okay.
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