On July 4th I decided, it was time for...

on July 4th I decided, it was time for independence from my large breasts (DD)! So, I sought out a surgeon....not just any surgeon. He may just be the best with the greatest staff too. I have been a DD cup for as long as I can remember. I've had chronic mid back to shoulders & neck pain for years. I'm one week post op tonight, and I still have lots of swelling. I'm not sure what cup size I'll end up being. I look forward to having less back & neck pain! Does anyone know how much swelling there usually is after surgery? I'm wondering how much smaller my breast will actually get?


Looking good.  

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Very good and high on your chest- wow- congratulations on your new boobies :)!
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You look great! I hope your recovery goes well :)
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Post Op Day 9

Well, my swelling has gone down slightly in past couple days....I think. Sleeping in a recliner since surgery is really starting to take a toll on me. I really need to get back to my job...so that's a dilemma. Feeling kinda bummed.


I'm so sorry I just read your reply! I'm still trying to get used to this site lol.. sounds like you are recovering well :) I hope the pain and swelling goes down as the days go by.. most importantly keep reminding yourself how happy you are now, girl!! How are you feeling today?

Wicked Itching

Oh my gosh.........the itching is out of this world! I feel like a monkey constantly catching myself with both arms turned in to lightly scratch at my breast! Yes, it looks funny.....but this is some serious itching! And, what's even worse????? I can't "really" scratch. Driving me crazy......if anyone has any tips for the post surgery itching, I'm all ears.


Hey you look so beautiful! What size did you want to go?
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I really didn't want to be smaller than a C-cup. But, I agreed that if the PS had to go smaller due to fibroids & insurance purposes I would be okay with a full B-cup. To be honest, I've been a DD for soooooo long, I can't imagine what a B or C cup even looks like on me. It's been since probablg the 8th grade since I've seen that size. The PS didn't end up taking out quite as much as what BCBS said to do...400gm each breast. So, I'm still not really sure what my final cost will actually be. I'm really hoping BCBS will still pay towards my surgery. I still have lots of swelling, so I look much bigger in pictures than what I'll actually be in a few months. I pray it's a C cup.
Overall, this far I'm very happy. I haven't seen a huge difference in my back, neck, & shoulder pain yet.....I've had to sleep in recliner to keep swelling down. I know you will be very happy with your new boobs! Best of Luck to you!

Nipple healing....kinda worrisome

The healing around my nipples......especially my right nipple kind of scares me. I know it's still very early in healing process. Still happy.


Congrats! You look amazing. Im wondering what my ins will do if my doc doesnt remove the full 1000gr from each side. Im like you though just make me smaller.
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I've not been informed yet that my insurance denied payment yet. I go back to 2 week post op appt tomorrow am. I may know more then. 1000gms is a lot, over 2lbs each breast. I started out 38DD and had 363gms from left & 386gms from right. My insurance said to take 400gms from each. Certainly they will still cover something. Good Luck with yours.....all in all I would do it again insurance or not. I just can't wait to see what I look like months down the road when all the swelling is gone.
You are gonna look & feel amazing after your surgery!!!! Best wishes! For after surgery, make sure to buy some over the counter gentle laxatives.....pain medications will constipate you.

Still have good bit swelling

Day 14 after surgery I still have a great deal of swelling. I hope the girls stay perky after the swelling is gone!


You look great! Are you using anything for scars? I've read that Kelo-cote is good for scarring.
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We haven't started my scar therapy yet. I'll start that around 4 weeks post op. for now, it's gentle saline washes & then lots of Vaseline to incisions.
Did your ins cover any?
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Obsessing over nipple healing

Post op appt was okay today. PS is pleased with healing. I'm still nervous about the gaps in incisions under nipples but all is well. (I'm a natural born worrier!) PS explains it's average normal healing. I'll be glad When I'm healed. Does anyone else have pictures of their incisions 2 weeks post op?


I've used some Allegra itching cream on my breasts and it's helped the itchy. I don't put it on my incisions though cause those I still put Vaseline or Neosporin... I have a slight yellow underneath my right nipple and it's now gone. Hopefully, what you have will heal and nit get any bigger. Put Neosporin original cream and put a bandaid on it or a non-stick gauze on it...
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Getting better

I'm feeling much better today. I still have tenderness & swelling to breasts but that's expected. The gaps in my incisions under nipples are becoming smaller. I'm able to actually sleep lying flat now! Woohoo!

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Less swelling, More Healing

It's day 26, and my breasts are becoming smaller. Lots of the swelling has gone down. I still have a great deal of swelling left though. The incisions have become more tender as i begin to regain more sensation to my breasts. The gaps in my incisions are slowly healing....but thankfully they are healing! I'm becoming nervous that my breasts may be much smaller than I anticipated or imagined them being. (That's one of the risks u take with this surgery). I'm okay with that...."being smaller than I wanted". I can always buy padded push up bras if my breasts get waaaayyy too small. My husband still seems disappointed at times that my Double Ds are gone. My head, neck, shoulder, and back pain has decreased considerably. I've decided to replace my mattress soon too to hopefully help completely eliminate the pain. All in all.....I'm still happy with my decision to have a breast reduction.


You look great.
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Trying on bras & swim tops!

I had my 4 week post op appointment with PS today. It went well. I've started trying on bras & swim tops. Right now, I'm a very full C cup/small D cup. I still have swelling. I have high hopes that I'll be a C cup after all swelling decreases & settling is complete. :-)

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38DD to 38C

Day 34.....& I'm still happy with my new boobs! I'm very happy that all the gaps in incisions have finally closed with new skin. I went bra shopping this week. At Lane Bryant (where I use to buy bras), I'm now size 38C. However, at Victoria's Secret, I'm size 36D. So, VS has obviously changed their sizing since I shopped there for bras many years ago.


Did you have to pay anything prior to surgery?
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No....because they are billing my insurance. However, after all is said & done....I think I'd been better off paying out-of-pocket for surgery vs dealing with insurance.
What insurance do you have?

Taking a more natural shape

I'm 6 weeks & a day post op! Most of the swelling has gone down. My breasts are taking a more natural shape & feel now. I've lost some of the fullness to the top of breasts that I've had due to swelling. All open skin areas to nipples have finally closed. It is true if you gain weight after surgery your boobs will get bigger too. I've gained 10lbs or so since surgery & I can tell my boobs are a bit larger last couple weeks despite me losing the swelling. ( mainly I can tell by how my surgical bras are more snug now & my breasts feel heavier). My husband swears they don't look any larger. LOL! He's still a little lost without "them".


BCBS...but my deductible is outrageous. Many charges are still pending. So, I'm not real sure exactly what I'll owe after deductible & coinsurance. :-(
Damn that sucks!!! Well you look great. Do you know what size you are?
I'm a C cup now. However at Victoria Secret I'm a D cup. Like everyone else VS had to go & change their sizing. So with the reduction, I've gone down 2 cup sizes.

Almost 4 months After surgery

Feeling much better now....I still have some residual swelling to breasts. All those wacky sensations just hit out of nowhere. However this is to be expected when nerve endings are healing/regrowing. My right nipple and other areas of my breasts still have numbness....this too is expected. I anticipate over the next 6-8 months the numbness will continue to resolve. I'm still so happy that I had the reduction. My husband is still having to get use to the new smaller me.


They are so pretty. What a nice job.
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Fantastic lady...congrats!
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They are really beautiful!
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6 months post op

Swelling is completely gone and the fullness at top of my breasts has disappeared. My breasts are taking a more natural shape now with the tightness of tissue relaxing as my breast heal.


You look AMAZING! How many grams did you have removed from each breast?
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Thank You soooo much! If I remember correctly, it was close to 400 grams per breast.
great result, what changes did you notice between 3 and 6 months???? I am coming up to 10 weeks
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