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Hello Everyone, I have been browsing this site for...

Hello Everyone, I have been browsing this site for a while now and I've finally built the courage to finally write a post. Well, around this time in 2011, I went for a consultation for a breast reduction. It took me about 5 weeks to get approved. I was excited but later became a bit overwhelmed. I watched video's on Youtube of the procedure and it kind of made me change my mind. I also began researching a whole lot on anesthesia and oh how that REALLY made me change my mind. I didn't know it had so many risks at the time. After spending restless nights for about a few weeks prior to my surgery, I finally decided to cancel my surgery. What a mistake I made. Well, here I am on this journey again and I have my consultation in January. Hopefully I will get approved and can have it some time around February, maybe. I'm still a bit scared of the anesthesia, but there's no stopping me now. How do you all feel/felt about the whole general anesthesia idea?


IT was fine with me. My dr prescribed the anti nausea and I got it filled but I never did use it! Who is going to be your dr?
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I think it's perfectly normal to be apprehensive when it comes to anesthesia, but for me it was no problem. Got my anti nausea patch on before surgery and it worked great!
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Dear girl, I too was VERY nervous of anesthesia ! Im a nervous nelly about these things. Plus, I'm one of those gals that hardly ever get sick and have only gone under twice in my life, once at 7 years old (tonsillectomy) and at 31 to get my tubes tied. But it really is a breeze. They are so good at this stuff now. Some people have issues with nausea associated with it. My doc prescribed Emend, a single dose pill, taken 3 hours prior to surgery. I had absolutely NO nausea. I suggest asking about but when you go to your consult.
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