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Same Results Using Plastic Wrap - Albany, OR

After reading countless amounts of people rave...

After reading countless amounts of people rave about these wraps aka "skinny" wraps, I thought I'd give it a try. Let me just say these work but NOT in the way that they are advertised and the same results can be achieved literally using just plastic wrap and an electric blanket. First off, these don't "shrink fat cells" nor do they "flush toxins" (do people even know what toxins are?), your KIDNEYS flush out toxins. Some companies tell you to drink half your body weight in water while using these, which contrary to popular belief, eliminates excess bloating itself. The REAL reason these temporarily cut off inches is because you're just sweating out water weight, period. There's absolutely no logical reason to pay $100 for something you can get the same results with for less than a $1.
I have never 'sweated' while using the It Works wraps so it does NOT work by sweating out water weight. Nor do I use saran wrap. Sometimes I wear a cami or bathing suti over the wrap to help keep it in place but most of the time, I simply lay down for 45 minutes with the wrap on my belly so that it doesn't move. No cover is needed, no saran wrap, electric blanket, etc. My belly area is always more defined for weeks after using a wrap plus my stretch marks are barely noticeable. I may have lost an inch or two here & there but never lost several inches yet I still use at least once a month to keep things looking good.
Bumpette, you are actually correct that some of these skinny wrap you aren't necessarily supposed to sweat in. Many of them instruct you to either drink a lot of water, exercise, or both and etc. Keep in mind every single one of these factors can take off inches- temporarily or permanently depending on consistency and so on. I also failed to mention that I know at least one of these wraps contains hyalorunic acid in them which DOES dramatically improve the look of stretch marks as well as tone your stomach. I use a hyaluronic acid serum sometimes after I use the saran wrap and have incredible results with that. However, that doesn't mean these wraps aren't a scam just because they can and do work. The fact of the matter is that the same results can be achieved using other materials and those materials cost next to nothing. I'm not sure if there's a way to message people on here or not, but I'd be more than happy to send you studies, articles, etc on these wraps to educate you on how the body works as far as "detoxifying" and other claims associated with the wraps. :-) I'm only here to help.
I also forgot to mention that, for me personally, my results from the It Works wrap didn't last several weeks, and that was with drinking a lot of water consistently as well which contributed to the results. With the saran wrap, if I use a hyaluronic acid serum afterwards and drink a decent amount of water and do this consistently for a couple days a week, results can last up to two weeks. However If I just use the saran wrap and electric blanket, about two days.

Web MD article

There's been controversy regarding my post as I expected, and I actually did find an article on Web MD going into more detail on these wraps. Long story short, it IS water weight loss and it is temporary.
The article is titled "Body Wraps: What to Expect"
By Kathleen Doheny
Reviewed by Debra Jaliman, MD

You can Google it for more information. That aside, people are welcome to purchase and use these wraps if they feel they are worth the temporary results. For some people they might be, I would prefer to stick tot he saran wrap and serum method myself.
The body applicator, aka crazy wrap from It Works is not the same type of thing that Web MD is referring to. The It Works body applicator is NOT a weight loss tool. It is used to tighten, tone and firm the skin. Amazing results are seen on many people using the product but everyone's body is different. Some people are going to have better results than others.
I definitely saw results, but again, the company falsely advertises their products. The ingredients in the wrap tighten the skin, and you can purchase topicals for very cheap that do this. Hyaluronic acid is one of them, and caffeine (one of the main ingredients in the wrap) also helps a lot. My original post I said "sweated out" when I should have said "losing water weight" (I sweat from the plastic wrap method, but not the it works). Drinking a lot of water helps remove excess bloating, which is why the wrap companies recommend this but NOT because it gets rid of toxins as claimed. When I tried the electric banket and plastic wrap, drank lots of water I got good results...eventually I combined this with the use of topicals and started getting FANTASTIC results. I do it off and on, mainly for special events, but it is something that can easily be done frequently.
would just like to add as a biologist....drinking water is the start to any success in weight loss. It helps breaks down the Carbon to Hydrogen bonds (which are high energy bonds) and thus helps you lose weight. Diet and exercise is the only real way to loose weight. I would concur that this is another fad or hype on a product your body could do with some TLC!
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