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I'm about 5'8" and weigh 157 lbs. Before...

I'm about 5'8" and weigh 157 lbs. Before children, I weighed about 125 but my heavy baby girls, both weighing over 9 lbs. at birth has left my body at a point where no amount of exercise can fix. I'm also in the military and I strive to maintain my weight, and take care of my physique. Not to mention that I want my daughters to know that there is no shame in wanting to be fit. Growing up in the African American community, worrying about your weight was just not the thing to do.

Getting a TT has been on my "to do list" for years. I had my oldest daughter at 19 and you can only imagine what my self-esteem went thru when I saw my once flat belly looking like a deflated helium balloon. At one point during their toddler years, both my children asked if I were scratched by a tiger (stretchmarks). It was funny but a little unsettling because I knew that no amount of exercise would ever remove those permanent lines on my belly. Needless to say, when I became old enough to wear a bikini, I weren't able to.

I'm pretty confident because I know that I've done all I can to get my body to this stage. I've been an avid Insanity fanatic since 2010, using it off and on.

I'm scheduled for my surgery on 9 May and had my pre-op appointment today with Dr. MM. He is very confident which makes me confident.
At one point though, I did feel rushed and I felt like he had heard my questions so many times by other patients, he answered them before I could get all the words out. Ireceived raved reviews from a colleague who recently used him. I've seen her results and she looks great! My support group (2 of my friends) attended the pre-op with me and with their help I was able to choose which size implants to get.

Getting breast augmentation was actually a second thought, but I figured I might as well go for the big shebang.

Full TT (no lipo needed) according to my DR but I asked him once again during Pre-Op and received the same answer (I just want the best results)

Breast Augmentation (Gummy Bear Implants) 400cc's. (no breast lift needed) again according to my DR.

Haven't slept well for over a week in anticipation of the Big Day. Is anyone else feeling this way?

One Day /12 Hrs To Go...

Before my big day. I'm so anxious not to mention that I've had this sinus headache for about 7 days now. The anxiety is not making it any better. My friends assured me that I will be fine and that I was making the right decision.

I paid the surgery clinic fee today and had my prescription filled. I'll be sure to post the names later.

I'm also doing as much cleaning as I can. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on healing if my house just wasn't in order.

Day before surgery wasn't too bad. I actually slept better than the last few weeks.

Work was a little busy but it kept my mind off the surgery. I went to Target and bought a few items I thought I might need for later such as Benadryl and a huge cup with a straw for water.

After work, my daughters and I went out to eat as my last hoorah. I tried not to overeat considering I may have bowel issues after surgery. It was good though.

I came home and finished the rest of my nesting before I headed off to sleep.

On day of surgery, I checked into the surgery center at 6 am.

After finishing up some admission forms, I was taken back to be prepped which consisted of putting on the operating gown, compression socks and a blue cap. My blood pressure was taken and I was given antibiotics. I met the nurse, anesthesiologist and another DR who would be assisting DR MM in the operating room. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The service received was awesome.

When I awaken, I was in a lot of pain but was given meds a little dose at a time until I felt better. Life Saver!! I'm bound all up and haven't seen my results. My followup is on Monday so I'll have to wait until then. I must admit that I don't believe my boobs are big enough. Wish I would have gone to 450cc instead of 400. My friends believe its because I'm tightly banded so it's hard to tell.

Since I've been home, I've been doing pretty good. My boobs don't hurt but my stomach muscles feel like I did 1000 situps and someone hit me in the gut right afterwards.
My diet has consisted of crackers, apple sauce, jello and a little broth. For a minute, eating made me nauseous and gagging is not a good feeling when you just had surgery on your tummy.

My daughter was changing my drains and made a mistake and pulled one. Felt like hot lava was poured on my incision! It went away pretty fast. My fluid levels have been low so I'm hoping to have my drains removed sooner than later.
My friend Ms. T and my teenage daughter have been a God send.

I will post picks on Monday after my post op appt.

Post-Op day #4 and I still feel nauseous.

My diet is pretty much the same as surgery day. I try and drink a half cup of V8 and prune juice daily. I've also been using Phillip Stool softener but haven't had the urge to GO. I urinate pretty frequently and I'm drinking a massive amount of water. My daughter made me cherry jello and I've also been eating tomato soup (low sodium) crackers, apple sauce and raisins. Today I had my first cup of coffee in a long time.

Trying to get comfortable enough to sleep is my biggest issue. Today I go in for my first followup after surgery and will finally get to see early results. I'm attaching a video of me that I took on yesterday.

I have a feeling that I should have gone with bigger implants. I was hoping for a small D.

4 Days Since Surgery and I'm not doing too bad

Staying up for too long has me exhausted so I'm still taking things easy. There is no one around for me today so I'm battling this one my own today.

I'm still a little upset about not going bigger. I should have chosen 450cc instead on 400cc. I also got mod + but should have went for high profile.

I'm gonna try on a bra this weekend to see what I am. I wanted small Ds.

I haven't really seen my belly but i'll have my friend come by to remove my wrap because I will need help to put it back on. Will post more pics soon.

Counting my surgery day, I'm now 7 days post-op

Every morning I feel like I was hit by a train. My entire body aches and especially my lower back. I'm trying my best to stand straight but nothing seems to help. I have my second post-op appointment today and I should be able to see better results.

I want to post photos but I must admit I'm a little nervous about posting the boobs. I love how my boobs turned out. They look extremely natural but I wish I would have gone about 50cc's bigger. My doctor did an amazing job. I hardly have any stretch marks and my tummy is on the "flat side". I've only taken off my bandage and bra like once. I'm trying to follow my doctor's orders but seeing my results are too tempting.

I can't stand up for too long and I get very exhausted. Clearing my drain tube is so darn painful. It feels like someone lit a match in my abdomen and decided to let it burn.

Once the drains are removed, I'll feel a lot better. My daughters have been amazing. My 8 year old helped undress me and clear my drains and dressed me back up. She did it with such care!!

I'll try and post pics today of how I look so far. I feel the swelling in my abdomen and numbness below the belly button. Entirely no problems with my boobs. It's like I was born with them.

Just last Friday, I was on the operating table.

I decided to do a review early today before I strip my drains because that leaves me helpless for a little. I just coughed! $%^&

It took me about 30 minutes to prep myself for the pictures I'm posting but it's best that I do it now. I'm wearing a bra which is not the right size (34C). I know my boobs haven't completely settled but it didn't fit too well in the bra cup.

I still have my drains in and I'll have them in until next Thursday. Does anyone have problems with stripping the drains?!!

My DR did a fantastic job on both my boobs and my TT. My scar is still taped and it really doesn't look that bad. It will only get better as time passes.

I had stretch marks above my belly button so I expected to have stretch marks afterwards but my shock was to see that they are hardly there. A lot of what you see is the imprints from the binder.

About 12 days post-op

And my coughing is killing my TT! I've been taking sudafed to clear the phlegm so hopefully by today I'll be all better. I coughed so hard on Sunday , blood was leaking from my drains. My DR removed
drains on Monday and I was able to shower last night. That was an adventure. I still feel helpless but my daughters were very helpful.

I took a photo before I showered. The belly button looks alien and my belly is still mad swollen. Still walking limped over.

Don't regret having surgery but it's a job for a single mom. I suggest bringing family down to help for at least two weeks.

11 days post-op

12 days post-op and I'm wondering when will this get easier!

The exhaustion is downright ridiculous. Can't wait to feel like myself again. I love my results but Lordy is the recovery hard.

I feel like I'm doing too much but as a single mom, things have to get done. My fourth post-op appointment is tomorrow and my first question, Will my belly button ever stop looking like it belongs to an alien?! I'm feeling the boobs now too. My nipples are hypersensitive. Reminds me of when I was breastfeeding.

Advice on belly button, are you taping it up at night?

My waist line is looking awesome!

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks post op and I had my 4th appointment on today. I was told that healing great and the nipple sensitivity is normal. I can't wait for my belly button to heal more. It's just plain wierd. I don't have much fluid but when it heals up, I think I'm going to be truly amazed at my end results. Posting day 13 photo but with surgical bra though.

Tomorrow is my first day back to work...

After 18 straight days off. I don't feel ready. I'm still exhausted most of the time. I'm gonna get myself mentally ready and pray today that tomorrow goes smoothly. Then get my uniform out which is already pressed. This Friday will make 3 weeks post op. I will post pics sometime this week.

4 weeks Post-op and healing well!

Had my 4 weeks post op appt and my Dr was amazed about how well I was healing.

I wear my binder constantly. It's only off while showering. Can't wait to not need it. I still have swelling but it's getting better. I'm so impatient!! I'm ready to wear regular clothes. My jeans don't fit over my binder. I'm getting a scar from the binder too.

As my breast settle, they get smaller! They are still pretty though.

Can't wait to work this body out again. I still have stretch marks but they really don't bother me anymore!!! I'm loving my results!
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You look awesome doll!
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How's it going????
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Hi there, sorry I have not commented or wrote my story as yet. Just so dont know where to start. I am already 7 weeks po and I feel great. Went back to work 2 weeks after the op. I am so amazed at the whole procedure, no pain felt at all! Just to put it out there South Africa also has amazing doctor who creates miracles. I am still having swell hell, and not sure if its because I'm a side sleeper that i get up a bit swollen and get worse as the day goes on. Don't wear my binder, doc said it was fine at 4 weeks because body must get use to no compression.
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You look awesome btw! Did your tummy stay as flat as it was straight after or did it change?
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Good to hear you are still doing well. I don't wear any compression or binder during the day. I do wear the binder at night. My tummy is flat in the morning but swells throughout the day. I am also a side sleeper. I'm still very happy with my results. :)
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You do look great, I also would do it again in a heart beat. Exercising is such a pleasure now, no rolls getting in the way and boobs flapping lol
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Looking great! Your waist looks awesome!!
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Omg I was just saying the same thing about my boobies! Boob greed is real! I am still satisfied though. :)
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Yes indeed!!
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Hi I'm having my surgery done Aug 26 and I also serve in the military air force I have a question for you how do u like the size of your boobs my doc suggested a 425cc and a 450cc nut I don't want then huge how do u like 400cc
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My stats before surgery was: 157 lbs 5'8" 34B Bra Size I like my 400cc but 450 would have been great also! I'm still sitting pretty high and I'm not sure how long it will take before they settle. I did purchase 34D bras but will get measured by a professional before I buy anymore. I think it really depends on what look you're going for. I wanted more natural so I got silicone, moderate plus profile. I also took the rice test. Friday is my 4 week post-op anniversary and will post pics then. Good luck and keep me posted
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How did it go today?
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I was a fast turtle! Since I'm in the military, I have to get a profile from my primary doctor to list my limitations so I did that today. My Dr had concerns about my normal high blood pressure and put me on a low dose pill. Also got something for not sleeping. It was exhausting but this week is a short week so I'll keep trucking!! BTW, your results look amazing. Have you measured your tiny waist since surgery?
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Thank goodness for short weeks! I haven't measured yet. My swelling is crazy last couple days. Have you tried measuring? I am so excited to see what we look like in a couple months. :)
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I hope you have an easy day at work tomorrow. your results look great!
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Thank you lady !!!
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Girl, your tiny waist is amazing!!! What amazing results and you are still in the first 2 weeks! WOW! As for the phlegm - I found that avoiding dairy or anything too cold helped keep the phlegm away. As for the drains, I am not stripping mine, I was told it wasn't necessary but everyones doctor has a different plan for them. I'm hoping to have mine removed today at my appointment. I hope you find the energy you need to care for your kiddos and continue healing. Perhaps upping your protein intake will aid with both healing and energy?
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I did as you said and added a protein shake to my diet. It worked wonders! Thank you. The coughing has mostly subsided. When I do cough, it's nothing like before. I think my stomache muscles are gaining its memory back. I feel like I'm using my core more.
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Good luck back tomorrow. Today was my first day back, thankfully I had so much to do that it distracted me from feeling too fatigued. I did have more back pain than I expected, so also mentally prepare yourself for that and if possible, plan to bring your pain medication with you.
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And that's exactly what I forgot, my meds. I finally got a prescription for a 800mg ibuprofen after lunch. Yes, going back to work is going to get some used to. My body is so stiff in the morning so I'm extra slow.
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Oh man I hear ya on the coughing thing.... I choked on my coffee yesterday and it was worst pain yet... It felt like my entire mid section was on fire! You look great and it can only get better from here :)
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Thank you. How far along are you in your post-op? Only women who are going thru it can truly explain the pain! LOL. I have my 4th post op today and will post pics afterwards with a cuter bra. I actually better today than I have for a long time.
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Oh no, I really hope you stop coughing soon. It is the worst pain I have ever felt. Hang in there. Hugs. On the bright side, you look amazing. :)
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Look how thin your waist is! You look great!!!! Congrats. Get lots of rest.
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I'm also 5'8 and 157lbs. I'm 33 and getting a TT and exchange implants for bigger on December 18th. So excited, gave my deposit on Monday. Like you I also got 400 cc's and once they settled I decided to change them for 600 cc's. The number sounds big it really isn't if you have enough breast tissue. Good luck on your journey. This was very helpful.
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