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I have had 3 children, and really want a tummy...

I have had 3 children, and really want a tummy tuck. But my husband thinks I'm being ridiculous. I've already scheduled my TT for May 31. This is causing a bit of a riff between us. I'm also having a breast lift and reduction that will be covered by my insurance. I've been wanting this for a long time. He just doesn't understand.

I'm soooooooooo scared! I'm having a TT...

I'm soooooooooo scared! I'm having a TT with muscle repair and also a breast lift and reduction on Tuesday. What if I don't like my new body? What if I don't wake up and my husband has to raise our children alone? Those are the thoughts that are racing through my head. My husband is fine w/me having the surgery now......I guess he figured he might as well get on board because I'm gonna do what I feel is right for me regardless of what he say' had always been a really skinny skinny I used to get asked if I ever ate, that was in my 20's...I gained a lot of weight w/my last pregnancy...I had her in my 30's and the weight didn't just fall off like it did with my other 2 pregnancy's in my 20's.....anyways...I lost most of the weight but my once flat stomach was stretched...and my DDD boobs are saggy and hurt my shoulders. I'm so excited on how my new tummy and breast will look! I will keep you all posted.

I did it! May 31st. Breast reduction/lift, tummy...

I did it! May 31st. Breast reduction/lift, tummy tuck, MR, and a little lipo. Recovery has been rough. I felt so sick the first few days...I puked and thought I was gonna die. Called the Dr and got a script for nausea. Started feeling a lot better by day 3. My husband has been great, and so have the kids. I have my first follow up appointment today, hopefully he'll take out these drains. I love my new flat tummy..I can't believe it's the same belly! My boobs are round and firm...(still very swollen though) but so far I like what I see.

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I have been looking and deeply researching different procedures and doctors for the past 5 years. I am a mother of 3, and after my third, my body just will not lose the fat and excessive skin! It's really depressing at times! I am considering the "Mommy Makeover". And after reading these posts, I now know that I am not the only one with similar feelings. Thanks to all who posted, you have lifted my spirits! I will continue to pass through here and check up on this page because I think you all are a great support group. Thank you again
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My hubby has been very supportive. Since he met me he knew I wanted a breast reduction. Then after babies/nursing, losing weight/gaining weight, proper diet and excerise and not being able to lose the belly.....he was supportive of the tummy tuck. I wasn't planning on doing lipo until the surgeon said that he recommends lipo with tummy tuck, because if I don't do it then I will have a nice flat tummy and protruding love handles. So, I went for the lipo too!

Only had the one chance....did it ALL while I can!

Good will be so happy you did this and so will your husband.

Think...better body image=sexy lingerie+bikinis+bras/panties=happy hubby!
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I agree CP Mama. I've had 3 children all were 8 lbs. Seems like my boobs have gotten huge in these past few years, saggy DDD's, but my husband loves them, not anyways I'm excited! I'll post pics soon.
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Thanks Summer. I'm so nervous.....I'll post before and after pics in May.
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I'm glad you were able get him to understand. Congrats and good luck!!!
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Thanks ladies...we've talked about it and he seems to understand now. I've even convinced him to pay for And yes I agree happy wife happy life!
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I am glad he is coming around:)   They just sometimes take a little time to see the light.
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ha kimmers, thats hilarious. I am too ashamed to walk around naked in front of him. I know he's GOT to be thinking....what happened to my little bitty perky boobed wife? Ugh...we met in high school so more pressure from what I used to be. Even though he SWEARS it doesn't bother him. No fair men dont have this crap happen to them. Lol
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You know we all change over the years and I honestly don't think they even really care.  My hubby has always loved me the way I am no matter what size.  But I know they do appreciate the tight tummy once you have it back.  He would never openly admit that out loud in fear of being slapped silly....LOL

Well after surgery you will want to walk around naked and will do so proudly. 

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Well some take longer to understand than others.  Just remember that you are doing this for yourself and nobody else.  The one who needs to be happy is YOU!   So you stand strong and do this procedure for yourself because you deserve it.

Oh believe me when I say this.  He will be happy when he gets a look at the flat tummy and perky ta ta's.  Their eyes about fall out of their heads...LOL

So stick with the RealSelf Sisterhood and we will all cheer you on and see you through this. 

The saying in my house is "If Mama Ain't Happy Nobody is Happy".  

Once I started showing my hubby pictures of the finished product he changed his tune quickly.  After that he sold his motorcycle to pay for my work..LOL

Just walk around naked in front of him a lot for the next couple of months.  Let him get a good look at the jiggly muffin top.   And then remind him that it will all be gone soon.  There is a method to my madness!
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My husband was the same way and he knows how I am and when I set my mind to something I'm gonna get it. I am 12 days post op and he is just as happy with my results as I am! He can't keep his hands off me. Just tell him "Happy wife, Happy life!" You deserve to do something for yourself and make yourself happy.
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I'm sorry he isn't being supportive. I know how you feel about your body. I'm in the same boat. I have 5 children (the last 2 being twins) and I breast-fed all of them. So I am left with barely there boobies and a wreck of a tummy. I'm small and in pretty decent shape but the tummy won't fix itself. He understands why I want to do this and I'm so glad, but at the same time I feel so on the fence as to whether I should have the surgery. I keep thinking..what if something happens to me and I leave all my babies without a mommy and my husband without a wife?
So hard being a mommy and making these decisions!
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Men will never understand the way we feel about our body. Try talking to him about why you want the TT and how it will effect your moods and how much happier he will be in the bed room!!! Even before my surgery my husband could always tell when I was feeling bad about my body because it took a toll in the bed room, but when I was working out and feeling good he got rewarded!!
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