Considering a TT, but Really Nervous.

I'm a 33 y/o who has an almost 5 y/o and a 16...

I'm a 33 y/o who has an almost 5 y/o and a 16 mo. old. I've lost almost 60 lbs. since my pregnancy. I've always had a flabby belly, but it definitely got worse, worse, worse with the pregnancies. I'm 5'2" and weigh about 150, but I wear a size 10 (sometimes an 8!), so I don't feel just grossly obese. . .

I went for a consultation a week ago hoping to be a candidate for SlimLipo, but both the nurse and doctor thought there was too much skin and recommended a TT with lipo of the "bra fat." I guess I'd never really thought of myself as a "weight loss" person, but I suppose I am. . . I had c-sections with both babies and recovered quite nicely from both of them. I've never had general anesthesia, so that terrifies me. I guess I've watched too much TV - I think of waking during surgery and not being able to communicate - or even not waking at all. Elective surgery is a big decision, but I'm so tired of having a belly in my lap. I wasn't super impressed with the bedside manner of the doc (big deal to me) so since we're thinking TT, I'm seeing a different doc who several of my friends used and loved for their breast reductions. I'll go for that consult on Monday. It's hard to know who to ask about TT docs - I don't want anyone to know I'm doing this - and I'm sure others feel the same way! Suggestions? Comments? I appreciate any feedback!

Thanks for your encouragement! I met with the second PS and he was a 180 from the first one!! He made me feel much more at ease - and was $3000 cheaper! This is the dr that several friends have used and loved, so I feel way better about it. I'm still super-nervous about the anesthesia and recovery. .. but he was way more encouraging about the recovery than dr. #1. Still thinking, but I have scheduled surgery for July 8. I think I'm going to go through with it, but it's a big decision! I appreciate your help!
I feel your exact sentiments..I too have been blessed with 3 great kids(all c-section)..even though i was never big..I have always had love handles(even when I was only 103lbs) and now an apron hang over my incision area...I've lost most of my preg. weight..last stubborn 10lbs are hanging around my torso...I'm what they refer as "skinny fat" everywhere else I'm skin and bones except around the I have taken the plunge and am booked for full tt on June 15 in toronto..I feel like I have researched this subject to death...some ? to many tt does your pc do and how long has he been doing this his specialty?...does he use drains? lipo(to smooth out ) inclusive of fee? of course make sure they are board want to see that they are a plastic surgeon and not just general surgeon...ultimately you have to like your dr. after all, you are paying for this out of your pocket..good luck
hi, I'm having my tt on the 17th. I too did not want ppl to know about it, I have Lupus did not want to hear sermons nor negative comments. So what I did was a search for PS in my area, you'll b surprised how many will come up, they also have before and after pics you can c from home. Make sure they are Board certified and read their profile story most of them have one. I did most of my research online and found several PS in my area, go see at least 3 and make sure you write down some questions, that way when you get there you don't forget to ask. Anyway, I hope this helps good luck making your decision. BTW, it took me 2 years to decide to have thi surgery : )

Okay - I'm scheduled for surgery on July 8....

Okay - I'm scheduled for surgery on July 8. Now I have LOTS of questions - especially after reading the posts of others. . . 1. How does recovery from a normal TT w/lipo compare to recovery from c-section? 2. When can I return to wearing my current pants w/buttons, zippers, etc? Will I need to buy a new wardrobe? I'll return to work about 4 wks. after surgery. (I'm a teacher.) 3. How soon prior to surgery should I give up my beloved diet cokes? I know they'll NOT help with gas pains, bloating, etc. 4. How long (REALLY!) will I need help with my children (ages 17 mos. and almost 5)? 5. I'm really concerned about walking hunched over. I was very motivated to stand upright ASAP after my c-sections. My dr says 2-3 days, but others on this site seem to be taking a LONG time to stand upright. Really, what should I expect? 6. Support hose - I think I'll be wearing them to prevent blood clots? How long?? I'm sure there will be more questions later! :-) THANKS THANKS THANKS!

Questions: 1. How similar (REALLY!) is the...

Questions: 1. How similar (REALLY!) is the recovery from a c-section to that of a TT? 2. How long will I walk hunched over? I was standing upright by day 2-3 with both c-sections. .. 3. Do I need to buy a new wardrobe? I've seen so many people say they can't wear button pants. .. that's scary .. . and expensive seeming. 4. Swelling - so are you BIGGER than pre-tuck, or just different? Can someone elaborate? 5. Legitimately, when could I go out in public again?

Surgery is tomorrow - I'm wavering behind excitement about my new look and fear that this is the last day I'll spend with my kids. . . If you are a prayerful person, I'd appreciate one today. Thanks...
I prayed each time I wrote you. It is such a big thing. The night before I went I wrote a goodbye letter to my daughter and then felt selfish. I cried like a baby. I wish I could have written this to u that night. I am so happy you are well. It looks amazing!!! I pulled a muscle from my neck to my tummy and was set back a little. But again so so happy for you!!
Thanks so much! I certainly appreciate your thoughts and prayers. I almost wrote to my children, too, but decided it would only add to the emotional roller coaster. I think I overdid it yesterday. By bedtime I was feeling really bad. I feel very puffy and I can "pinch an inch" where I couldn't on Friday. I am hoping it's just from the swelling. I'm sooooo sorry about your pulled muscle. I can definitely feel how that'd be easy to do, and I can only imagine that it's causing a lot of pain for you. You'll be in my prayers, too. Thanks so much for your encoragement!

I did it! I had my TT plus liposuction to my back...

I did it! I had my TT plus liposuction to my back and hips yesterday - July 8, 2010. So far, it is WAY easier than my two c-sections. . . I can stand up straight already!! I am not in a binder and apparently I won't be until my drains come out. I am wearing support hose. So far, I agree with lots of other folks on here- the drains are annoying, but not terrible. It REALLY hurts to cough, but other than that, my pain is minimal. I've been very drowsy today. Did the 1.5 hour car ride home pretty well. Got out at a rest area to use the restroom, and that wasn't so bad. My lipo areas are extremely bruised - kind of like I've had a bad, bad fall. My husband (who is WONDERFUL!) will change my dressings later, so I'm planning to take some pics. I'll post soon. Hooray! When I saw my tummy during the dressing change today, I cried. I love it already!!!

Adding photos. . . I'm more swollen today (day...

Adding photos. . . I'm more swollen today (day 2 post op) but am very pleased.

i'm in the process of scheduling my tt & lipo right now, and i really wanted to thank you for posting your story and pics. my body looks the same as yours, and i am SO ready for a change, but every time i think about picking up the phone and putting a date o the calender i almost pass out in fear. anyways, you look really great and i am so happy you've had a not-so-horrible recovery. it gives me some hope that things would go as smoothly for me! thank you!
Good luck, Amy. . .I hope you will be so happy with your results. Keep me posted.
Hi. I just wanted to let u know that you look great! I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction on July 8th too. However, I am still very swollen. My drains were taken out today and let me tell you that makes a huge difference. I feel so much better now that they're off. I will post pictures soon. Can't wait to hear how you are doing. Take Care

6 Days postop Drains came out today! Hallelujah!!!...

6 Days postop Drains came out today! Hallelujah!!! What a difference that makes. The nicest nurse worked with me today, and it wasn't so bad.. .mostly just weird that there's so much tubing. Dr. was very pleased with my progress and said I seemed to be doing "better than most" which made me feel good! I like the binder. It sure does make coughing and laughing MUCH more manageable!! I feel very puffy/rolly today, but Dr. reminded me that it'll be several months. . .I am so eager to see the final results. I'm still really happy though - the smile definitely appears on my face when I sit on the toilet and SEE the TOPS of my THIGHS!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNAFU of the day: I went to my purse to take a pain pill (ate lunch, went shopping, rode 1.5 hrs. in car, sat at son's swimming lessons) and accidentally took one of my prescription appetite supressants. .. OOPS!! I'd stopped taking them a week before surgery, and I just pulled the wrong ones out of my bag and took them. CRAP!! The only real problem with that is that it's like 5pm, and I'll be awake ALL NIGHT!! I skipped the prescription pain med and took some tylenol. I seriously considered trying to gag them up, but decided that the pain wasn't worth it. . .so, here's to an all nighter. Dumb me.

u look good hun.and i love how hubbie is so supportive,very nice. GOd is good u see?general anesthesia,is fine,dr. use it from dentistry daily,to tummy tucks day by other medical your fine.welcome to the flat side!!!!feel great don't it? i know your happy,and the clothing is always a big+for most i see who get it done 2 b able to put on normal gear,without flabby all over! so enjoy!life too short not to. adios
You Look gorgeous!!!!
My husband rolled his eyes and said "how much is THAT gonna cost?" when I mentioned my thighs and arms. I think I'll bask in the glow of my new tummy. . .spent the night at a resort hotel last night on the way home from visiting family. It was so nice to put on my swimsuit (a tankini w skirt) confidently. Of course, I could only WATCH my kids and husband play, but it was nice to not be so self conscious. Good luck to all!! And thanks for the sweet words!
Dr. Ben Johnson - Birmingham, Alabama.

He has a wonderful bedside manner and staff. He was the second doctor I had a consultation with, and he was so much easier to talk to than the other. He has been a PS for many years, and has many certifications. He's done breast reductions for several friends and came highly recommended. I totally agree!

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