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Maintenance Regime Needed for Latisse - Alabama

After my lashes reached their peak, I went on a...

After my lashes reached their peak, I went on a maintenance schedule of applying Latisse every three days. I was able to keep the new longer lashes that way.

My cost for Latisse is actually $47 and not $120 because I have been buying it online from a foreign pharmacy, not through a spa here in the USA

I use it every 3 days for maintenance. Also, put it on my eyebrows too, they are thicker and darker.
I buy my Latisse for about $10.00 per bottle in India...My husband works over there and picks me up about 7 bottles at a time. It is:
Imported and Marketed by: Allergan India Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactured by: Allergen Inc. USA!!!!!
There is an import license No and everything. Out drug companies are ripping us off...It's also labeled as Lumigam.

ANGEL MED is the company over there that sells it. They may be on the internet...worth checking into
darkestwint....you have way too much time on your hands. Many drugs have side effects. I take Ambien, and so do a few other people I know. None of us have all the side effects you listed. Drugs effect people in different ways. While Ambien is fine for me, it may not be for others. While I have strange/bad reactions to Percocet...some people are fine with it. This goes for all drugs. Your rant about the FDA is just ignorant, and your opinion. If you think for one min. that the FDA does not protect Americans in any way...you are wrong.
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There is no local provider. I buy my product out of the U.S.

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