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I have decided to go ahead and get the cool...

I have decided to go ahead and get the cool sculpting procedure done. I am getting one large one in my lower abs. I am 44 years old. I am 5'9. I have weighed bw 135-140 my whole life. Within last 5 years I have begun going through perimenopause and I have gained almost 10 pounds- and it seems like it's all in my lower tummy. I am hoping that this helps take away that lower tummy bulge so my clothes fit right again! I know there is no weight loss with the procedure, which is fine. I just want the bulge gone! I've attached my before photos. I will add afters on Friday!
Good luck! Expect to be having several multiple treatments for the results you desire.

Day 1

Well today went fine. I was worried about the pain of the machine being put on- really fine. Some initial discomfort but then after a minute it was nothing. I worked on my laptop the whole time. Second I was worried about the massage part- that was really not painful at all. In fact- I hope she did it right bc it kind if felt good- like it was thawing out. I went to work after- no problems all day. Here are my day 1 photos.
Make sure they prescribe you Neurontin & take it at the 1st tinge of pain. Defrosting nerve pain starts in the 4-6 day post time.

Day 2

So far so good. No problems. Still somewhat numb, which feels kind of strange, but no discomfort. I think I'm a little swollen but hard to tell. I went zip lining today- so now problems at all being active. I will update again around 6 days out- since that's the time people say they get pain if they are going to get it. Or if anything changes before then- I will post sooner.
Pls keep us updated us updated, I am considering doing thus.

Day 4 update

Just updating that everything continues to be fine. I'm still numb so that feels odd. Some minor itching, some tenderness to the touch. The swelling is down. So good to go. Can anyone tell me when the numbing goes away?
I am 3+ months out and still have some areas of numbness. I think it may b an individual response by the body and how extensive and aggressive the surgery was.
hello, were you in terrible pain afterwards? i have read many reviews were the pain seemed very severe. also are you have with the results? many thanks, V

Day 6

Ok- so today was the dreaded day 6, which was the third thing on my worry list (after procedure itself and then the after massage). Today was fine- I still have some swelling and it's tender to the touch. Also some numbing but no pain, so I consider myself lucky. I will continue to update w photos when the swelling goes down.
I had very minimal pain. I'm on day 6 and still minimal pain. I have swelling and numbness but that's it. It's also tender to the touch but nothing bad. No results yet bc it's too soon. I will keep you posted!

a little over two weeks out

So far so good... I have a little bit of numbing still; no swelling since the first week. I've never really had any pain at all. Now it's just the waiting game. I don't think there are any changes yet. Maybe more of a lose skin feel than a fat feel? I don't know. I will take pictures at then end of this week (three weeks out).

One month update

So it's been one month. I think there might be minor changes?? I can't tell. I actually still have some mild numbness around my belly button. I think I also lost a couple of pounds but I definitely haven't changed my eating habits. So we will see... I wish I would have taken measurements ahead of time bc I think that would be a better way to measure changes as opposed to pictures. I'm hoping that there will be more changes during this month.
I think it looks better for sure! Would be interested in seeing an update?
I'm sorry to say, I don't see much difference in your photos! This makes me reconsider.
Ok here is my take on the whole coolsculpting treatment it works... BUT it only works on a very small amount of fat!!! I also had this procedure and spent $1800 on practically an inch or two off my post pregnancy belly fat. I have a small frame and I really believed that this would work for me. I was wrong!!!! I have now purchased the tupler ab rehab and even thought I did not have a diastasis recti I decided that strengthening my core was what I needed instead of freezing off my fat. I am amazed by my results! In just 3 weeks my stomach has shrunk so much that I no longer have to suck in my gut and it only cost me $95. Please try this before u go and spend hundreds of dollars on coolsculpting!
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