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This has been a very frustrating experience for me...

This has been a very frustrating experience for me. I spend more time critiquing my new breast way more now than when they were small and droopy.... I love my fuller perkier breast. But hate all the new flaws I see in them. But all in all they are much better then what I had before.

I am a 36yr old mother of 3.  5'7 135lb.  2 years ago I lost 45lbs. Went from a 36DD to a very droopy 34 A/B. This is when I decided to have my BA. I was border line for a lift, but decided against it. I went with 375cc gels under.  I noticed within a week my R side wasn't dropping properly. My doctor had me wear a sling to help progress the settling.  He just kept telling me to give it time. So reluctantly I did. At my 3 month check up I addressed my concerns about my R side still sitting much higher than my left. He said it could take over 6 mos to settle. During the next 9 mos, my left side was a beautiful natural looking soft breast, while my right was larger, harder, and slightly deformed. And still sitting much higher. So after a little over a year I went back to my PS.  He was kinda shocked with the results. We scheduled a revision surgery. He explained to me that we didn't notice a difference in my breast tissue prior to the implants because of the deflation I had. But with the implants in place it pushed the little remaining tissue out, and I had more tissue on my right then I did my left. So I decided to switch to saline so it would be easier to adjust the implants.

I also had capsular contraction on my right side which caused the hardness & deformity.  My doctor performed a dip test to see the difference in volume between my breast. This showed a 100cc difference between my R &L breasts. So now I am 5 weeks postop with a 380cc implant filled to 470cc's on my left side, & a 330cc implant filled to 400cc's on my right. They both look very nice, & have settled equaly.  But now my L breast is larger and slightly firmer than my R.... This has been so frustrating for me. My husband says you can't tell the size difference by just looking. But you can deffinately feel the difference. And I can see it. I think he's just trying to set my mind at ease... I guess I kind of feel selfish for not appreciating what I have now compared to what I did have. Nut at the same time we have spent alot of $ on my breast. And of all things that can be fixed with BA, I figure equal size should be one of the easier things. Maybe I'm  just being to picky?!

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It sounds like your doctor has been really thorough on this. Sorry your breasts didn't turn out exactly as you'd hoped. My personal opinion is that plastic surgery never turns out perfectly. We can expect improvement, but not perfection. And some times our own tissues just don't fully cooperate the way we want them to (I had that issue with rhinoplasty).

You said you got saline so your implants can be more easily adjusted. Could your doctor take a little out of the right side, or is it too late for that?

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I'm sure he could remove or add saline. But even thouugh there wouldn't be a cost for his procedure, there would be for anesthesia. I paid $4200 for my original surgery, and $2025 for my revision. It would be a minimum of $1000 to go back in. Thats alot of $ sitting on my
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