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New Pics 11 weeks Post Op- Alabama.

I am 36yo with 3 children. I gained a ton of...

I am 36yo with 3 children. I gained a ton of weight after my son was born, topping the scales at 300lbs. I managed to lose 80 lbs on my own over several years and maintained my weightless for over two years. Then I got pregnant again, delivered weighing less than when I got pregnant. Had my next child just 17 months after my second. I managed to not gain a lot of weight but suffered major muscle separation due to having my girls so close together. My husband told me he would support me in having a tummy tuck after we were done having children. I am scheduled for Feb 7,2013 and I cannot wait! I have managed to lose 60lbs since my youngest was born in 2010. I originally wanted a breast reduction/lift but ps feels that since my muscles require major work from separation that my tummy tuck should be done alone, so I will be having the lift/reduction later this year. I will get before pictures posted this week.

Everyday is one day closer. I will be taking...

Everyday is one day closer. I will be taking before pics tomorrow night and posting them. I am loving reading all the reviews on here.

Here are my pictures. I am less than 3 weeks away...

Here are my pictures. I am less than 3 weeks away from surgery. I am so excited to be done with this huge belly and excess skin. At my preop appt my PS told me that I have a 3.5 inch muscle seperation above my belly button and at least that if not larger below. So I know my recovery is going to be rough. I also noticed on my scripts that my pain med is for 24 pills Q4-6 hrs.. that is at most 6 days worth of pain meds do you think that is enough? I am trying to get my list together of the items I cannot live without during recovery, any recommendations are welcomed. I also have to go buy the panties I want to be marked in( im not sure what size or style to get) I have never worn a bikini so I am not going to waste money on that.
So exciting counting down isnt it? I was three weeks post op yesterday. Not sure where the time went. My pre op pics looked like urs.
You're going to look great! Lets keep up with each others progress : )
You are too!! Our before pics are very similar.

Time is dragging along. PS office called today and...

Time is dragging along. PS office called today and my blood work is perfect, everything is ready. I still have a few items to buy..I realized tonight at bootcamp just how much my belly impedes me from exercising the way I want to.. Feb 7th cannot get here quick enough!
Although time seems to be dragging by, it will be here before you know it!! Our pre-tummies are similar...you will be so happy you did this...I AM!! I am 33 days postop & doing good!! Good luck!!
We somewhat similar in our photos. I look forward to seeing your progress. The countdown is exciting and full of a mixture of emotions. You will look great!

16 days till I finally have a normal looking tummy...

16 days till I finally have a normal looking tummy.( iknow recovery will be long but you gals know what I mean) Today at work I realized another reason I want this done so badly. I want to buy cute underwear and have them stay put... The ones I wore today kept .slipping then roll, plop and trapped under this huge belly. SO FRUSTRATING! I prolly spent 3 hrs pulling them backup. I am also sick of having to powder under the belly and tuck my panties under the roll in order to absorb the inevitable sweat while working out and running.. I have got to get my stuff bought and bags packed next week. Squeeeelllllllll...
LOL I know what you mean about the underwear! Good luck, it will be here before you know it. I look forward to your journey updates.
Good luck lady. It will be here before you know it.
you are closer than me still paying on mine but it will happen just glad my ps excepts payments oh well keep us updated on progress and post some after photos when you have it done try not to worry it will be here before you know it so here is some extra luck for you LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!

Under two weeks to go. Getting more excited by the...

Under two weeks to go. Getting more excited by the day. Only a few friends and family members know the extent of what I am having done, most know about muscle and hernia repair only.. I stiihavent done anything to get ready, I am waiting until the week before.. Wow that's next week. I am addicted to this site as I feel it has given me the best real experiences.

Found out today that my FMLA request may be turned...

Found out today that my FMLA request may be turned down. I have been up front this entire time that my procedure is elective. I am having a hernia repaired and muscle repair, but as they are not causing serious issues(other than this huge belly bulge) my FMLA may be turned down. I AM LIVID!!! The good news is that I have enough sick time and paid time off to still take the 2 weeks off that I was going to take off, but if I decide on that 3rd week it will now be unpaid.. This is all because the company I work for has now outsourced all thier leave requests so nothing is handled locally. Luckily my company also has non covered FMLA but I am still upset. On another note, I finally found the panties I am going to get marked in, they hit about 4 inches under my belly button when pulled up over my belly bulge so I am sure if the scar is under them it will be fine. I am not having surgery to walk around in a bikini, so I am sure the only people that will see my scar will be me, my hubby and my ps.I am starting to gather my post of supplies and am placing everything in a wicker basket to be kept beside the recliner. 10 Days to Go!!!

Found out this afternoon that my request for leave...

Found out this afternoon that my request for leave was denied. I am LIVID!! I filed the paperwork in December and find out with just 9 days left before surgery. Now I have to figure out what to do, if I can just take vacation and sick time to cover it or if I. Need to reschedule... Urggggghhhhh. Did I mention how ticked off I am?
oh my gosh so sorry but dont let this get you down it will @ll work im sure here is some luck for you LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you don't cancel! You said you can take sick time? A lot of people head back to work after 2 weeks. It will prob suck... But will be worth it in the end!! Don't give up!!
I only have 8 days of sick time saved up. At this point it's really up to my boss as to if I am going to cancel or not. I'm praying it works out. I have waited two years for my date..

So after much talk with my boss and deliberation...

So after much talk with my boss and deliberation over my hours, it is settled. I have surgery on Thursday the 7th and return to work on Thursday Jan 21st. That gives me 13 days off. Now I just have to work 40 hrs in 3 days next week. LoL. I am so thankful that I got it worked out though. The funny part is if he finds the hernia that he thinks is there, then insurance covers it and so does fmla...lolololol. Plus I would have lost a good chunk of money for rescheduling..so very thankful. Now to get serious and get the rest of my post op supplies
Good luck lady!!!!
I'm sorry to hear that. I wouldn't reschedule it because you have been planning so long for it and it would be a let down. Plus your date may not be for at least another month or so and that's more waiting. Try just putting in the two weeks and then if you need more see if you can handle going for a week unpaid. While your out those two weeks do everything the doctor says and rest as much as possible so that you don't over do it. You should be fine. Don't make yourself wait! It's torturous enough as it is :)
Don't get discouraged! I went back to work as a nurse full-time (12 hours on my feet!) at one week post-op. I had a full tt and muscle repair. I'm definitely not saying it's for everyone, but after two weeks, it's definitely doable!

I officially have everything I need for post op. I...

I officially have everything I need for post op. I only need to cook some more meals to freeze for the family and write my what if letters. Surprisingly I am not as nervous about this surgery as I was my uterine ablation last year. I am anxious to be able to look straight down and see my pubic hair, lol.. No more rashes, or excessive sweating when working out... Did I mention I am on this site more than any other.. Good luck to all the Feb 4th ladies!!

Cannot believe surgery is in 1 day! I'm so excited...

Cannot believe surgery is in 1 day! I'm so excited. I still have to pack my overnight bag, but I have my packing list made so I won't forget anything..I still have to work tomorrow but I'm hoping that will make time pass quicker. The nurse is supposed to call me tomorrow afternoon to confirm arrival time. I can't believe this is finally going to happen..

I got my call.Have to be at syrgery center at 8am....

I got my call.Have to be at syrgery center at 8am... Yay!!!
Good luck tomorrow!!!
Good luck tomorrow :) :)
Good Luck tomorrow...hope everything goes fantastic...looking forward to your update

Surgery was this morning. Got there at 8 and...

Surgery was this morning. Got there at 8 and wheeled back into OR at 0900. That is the last thing I remember. Even in my cg I am super flat, so I cannot wait to see it tomorrow at my postop appt.I do not have a
pain pump but pain is minimal. It mainly hurts between breast( start of ab) and incisionline.
Hi, I hope everything is going well. I was wondering how much you weighed when you went in for surgery Are bodies are very similar and you height is the same as mine. I am going Tuesday for consultation on a tt and am hoping I don't need to loose any more weight. I hope you have a good night sleep and can't wait to see your pictures!
I can't wait to see your pics! Hope you are feeling ok! :)
Congrats cant wait to see your pictures!! Happy healing...

Post op Day 1- No real pain buts lots of pressure...

Post op Day 1- No real pain buts lots of pressure at muscle repair, and Iam already getting muscle twinges every once in a while. my incision is super low and looks great. Will be posting pics after my shower this evening. ps told me he took 11lbs of skin and 2 lbs of fat with lipo. yay..
Congratulations on making it over to the flat side. I've been following your journey, can't wait to see pics!
Awesome!!! Congratulations...hope you have a speedy recovery
Welcome aboard! Congratulations

I posted two new pics. Hoping to get some better...

I posted two new pics. Hoping to get some better ones after my shower in a little while. I am feeling good. I am already taking extra strength tylenol instead of percocet and still taking my muscle relaxers every 8 hrs. The worst part of it is either the muscle twitches, or the two drains coming out of my mons. They are just irritating. The other killer is the gas pains, I have not gone to the bathroom yet and I can tell because my belly is bloated. I am averaging about 50 a day from each drain, they are due to come out on Monday( I hope). Till later. Hope everyone is feeling good.

Took my first shower today and it felt great. I...

Took my first shower today and it felt great. I had to wash my cg as it already had blood on it. I started swelling really quickly so no pictures. I still have not gone to the bathroom but I have tons of gas and grumbling going on so hopefully soon. My main issue is my cg is making my left thigh go numb when it is fastened at the crotch. Has anyone else had this problem?

I finally went to the bathroom and most of the...

I finally went to the bathroom and most of the pain I was feeling at the muscle repair site disappeared. I guess since everything is so tight my intestines were just pushing on my muscle repair too much. Did I mention my repair was 5.5 inches wide? No wonder it hurts. I have been taking Tylenol all day but just took a Percocet and muscle relaxer to help me sleep. Tomorrow night I hope to sleep in my bed but we will see. Next appt is Monday and should get my drains out.. They are more annoying than anything.
Looking awesome! I feel like we have similar before pictures, so I'll eagerly wait for more after pics!
You are doing so good...love the 1 day results....happy healing...

Post op Day 3 and I feel Great!! I think finally...

Post op Day 3 and I feel Great!! I think finally going to the bathroom helped tremendously with the pressure and bloating that I was feeling. I can tell that the swelling has gone down a lot because my cg is loser today. Will be getting a shower once hubby and kids are home from church and will post some new pics. Still draining a good bit so I am doubtful tht the ps will pull my drains tomorrow. Hope everyone else is doing well.

I just attached pictures taken before my shower...

I just attached pictures taken before my shower this evening. You can tell I am really swollen still because of the marks from my cg and just the drains laying against my skin. My belly button is very bruised but I think it looks okay. I am wondering why my hips look so fat(I didnt have hips prior). I can tell I am swollen, so I need to find a remedy for that but otherwise Im pretty happy.

I finally got the pics up. I am flatter than I...

I finally got the pics up. I am flatter than I expected at this point and very happy. I have to figure out what to wear to ps appt tomorrow. I am also going to take measurements in the am, the scale is only reflecting about a 5lb difference but I am swollen, so not expecting magic there yet.
Dang girl!! Your bruising looks like mine! I had lipo on my hips, flanks & under my armpits next to my boobs (for my armpit boobs). Lipo was the worst part of it all & took the longest to feel normal for me! "Remedy" for swelling?? Unfortunately time is the only remedy! Be patient....I know it's hard! You look amazing already!
I know you are so happy with your results...looking good girl....did you have lipo on your hips?
Yes I did but only because my flap went all the way to my hips and the bruising is insane in those spots.

Post op day 4. Have an appt with ps at 1 pm but...

Post op day 4. Have an appt with ps at 1 pm but fairly certain he isn't going to remove my drains as I am averaging 50 a day from each side still. I'm feeling pretty good and I think my swelling has gone down a little more. My left. Thigh still goes numb on occasion but I think it is related to how my cg is laying on that side because the hooks and zipper are on that side. About to take a nap before I have to get ready for dr appt.

Just got back from post op appt #2, my drains have...

Just got back from post op appt #2, my drains have to stay in. I will call ps office back on Wednesday morning to report drainage and they will either pull them Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning. He said I was doing great and he would see me then. He also said the numbness in my thigh is normal due to the cg and I could just loosen the crotch hooks as I had been doing.

Today I wanted a whopper jr. Well I ate it and it...

Today I wanted a whopper jr. Well I ate it and it was so good. Then a nice nap and then major pain. It felt like my whole belly was sloshing around and had a ton of pressure. My cg felt so tight. I know it was probably the sodium in the meal but wow I felt awful. I have only been taking one pain pill and one muscle relaxer to sleep at night, but I took one of each this afternoon and within 30 minutes started to feel better. Lesson learned today- don't eat takeout and try to go cold turkey with no meds
You look so good!!!!! I will also keep my fingers crossed that you get drains removed. Don't feel down if you don't though. It's all for the greater good and you will get the best results however you need to!
So good to hear everything is ok... Fingers crossed you get drains removed soon

Post op day 5- doing good. I am in a very blah...

Post op day 5- doing good. I am in a very blah mood, probably related to cold rainy weather. I am Really wanting these drains removed so hopefully tomorrow. We are having new bedroom furniture delivered today and I am hoping to sleep in my new bed tonight. I am going to attempt it anyway.. I am getting cabin fever from being trapped in the house, so after our furniture is delivered my hubby is going to take me sheet shopping and push me around in a wheelchair.. That is if we have enough time before the littles have to be picked up from school. New symptom today is hot searing pain in the right end of my incision. It's so bad that I thought my incision had ripped open and was bleeding everywhere, it was that hot. When I checked nothing was there. My steri strips are still dry and intact over my incision. It hurt like crazy though. Now I'm thinking maybe it was my panties rubbing under the cg against the incision.

I took some new pictures after my shower tonight,...

I took some new pictures after my shower tonight, I will try my best to get them up tonight. I am sick of the cg and the ridges it leaves all over my belly and back. My upper tummy is more swollen tonight than at 2 dpo and I have new bruises from the lipo done there. It almost feels squisy like a seroma. I am supposed to call ps office in the morning to report drainage for the last two days and hopefully get drains removed tomorrow afternoon. If not then it will be Friday.. Hope everyone is doing well.

Pictures from 5 dpo are added. I am swollen and...

Pictures from 5 dpo are added. I am swollen and feeling blah today
I hear you sister, i'm having a bad day with swelling and i don't think i've been this swollen in weeks. I made some meat sauce and dumb ass me added to much salt well guess what happened after i ate my pasta yesterday? I love pasta and can't imagine going the next 5 months without eating it lol. You are looking really good! Happy healing to you!
LOL, I know what you mean! I tried to be healthy and have a turkey sandwich with some of that pre packaged turkey you get in the store. Well it must have a ton of sodium because it hurt so bad after that, I thought my gut would bust out of the CG!! The good news is it will go away and at least now you know what you can and can't have LOL

Ps office finally called back. Drains will stay in...

Ps office finally called back. Drains will stay in till Friday at 9am. Ugh! I understand why they must stay but that doesn't mean I have to like it.. Feeling good otherwise. Slept great last night in the recliner again. New bed got delivered but oops I haven't bought any sheets to fit it.lol. Hubby goes back to work tonight so we will see how I do solo. I am a lot less swollen today. Got on the scale and am showing a 9.5lb loss since surgery. I know he took 13 lbs so I know I am still swollen but getting there. Hope everyone is doing well
You look great the swelling will go away and you will look georgeous, can't wait so excited for you. Hang in there.

My ps warned me that most people have a very...

My ps warned me that most people have a very emotional day around post op day 5. I guess mine was today which is day 7 for me. I just felt fat, gross, stinky and like I had made a huge mistake having this surgery, mainly a ton of guilt. I cannot pick up my kids or rock my 3yo to sleep like I have every night since she was born. I spent all this money that we could have used for something else. So basically, I just felt guilty. I am also OVER THESE STUPID DRAINS! I am so glad they are coming out tomorrow morning at 9 am. Luckily I have been able to shower since post op day 1. I did take a shower this evening and washed my compression garment but did not take any new pics. I plan on taking pics tomorrow after my appointment. I never thought I wold like wearing this cg but I truly feel naked and insecure without it on.. I am going to ask ps tomorrow if I need to buy another one as this one seems to be getting bigger as my swelling goes down. Upside is I am down 10 lbs since surgery, of course he removed 13 so I am still swollen. I will update with pics tomorrow after apps. Happy healing ladies!
Oh honey, please don't feel guilty about the cost. You deserve it! It was money well spent (I'll have to make a mental not of that statement for next week when I am PO). The difference in your pics from pre-op to POD 5 is amazing. You're gonna be so happy with your final results. It's already obvious that they are going to be phenomenal!
Thanks Lorna.. This post op ride is an emotional roller coaster for sure
Hey girl...you are right on schedule for the emotions, trust me! I hit mine earlier this week. Spent the whole day crying on and off. Just sick of feeling tired and sore, thinking I would feel better, hating that I'm so limited. You will turn the corner though, I promise! Think of the bigger picture, you will be so happy. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics! :)

Forgot to post that Monday the 11th I tried on my...

Forgot to post that Monday the 11th I tried on my most favorite pair of pre op jeans , ( I knew i was swollen but clothes have always been my indicators of weight loss/gain) well they wouldn't even fasten like had a three inch gap from side to side. Well for kicks I tried them back on this evening(14th) and they not only fastened but are loose. I'm prolly in trouble because I think my belly is what helped hold my jeans up as I have zero in the booty department.. LoL..

WOOHOO!! Drains are out!! Didn't really feel...

WOOHOO!! Drains are out!! Didn't really feel anything except a tug when they were pulled. Dr said I could scrub everywhere now and even take the steri strips off. The nurse took two of them off and the incision is barely visible!! I plan on taking a good scrub shower tonight and will take some new pictures. I am feeling good.

I forgot to add earlier that I slept in my bed...

I forgot to add earlier that I slept in my bed last night. It was heaven. I slept on my side and had 25mL of drainage in one drain just over 8 hours but ps pulled my drains anyway. He said I could increase my activity and also that I could start using spanx and rotate between that and the marena that I have been wearing. I was out of my cg for almost 2 hours before pics this evening so I am swollen. I am pleased with results so far especially when trying on clothes. Happy healing everyone!

Also just in case anyone is wondering why the top...

Also just in case anyone is wondering why the top part of my tummy is still so large. I had a 5.5 inch gap in my muscles from top of abs to bottom so the swelling is going to take a while to go away. PS told me that they had to do extra lipo on top of right side of muscles as well. I trust him completely..

Ok I could tell I was super swollen but after...

Ok I could tell I was super swollen but after washing and dryng my cg, the thing barely fits...this is the third or fourth washing and I did it the same way each time but wow it is so tight. It feels like it did the day of surgery.
Have a happy drain free weekend!
C'mon Nic!! We want pics! We want pics!! We want pics!!!
Awesome! I bet you feel so much better!

So I had a great day today. We got a babysitter...

So I had a great day today. We got a babysitter this evening and went to buy me some spans and then to eat and then to buy groceries. I wore my blue jeans and felt great. When we got to the restaurant I had to potty so I went and when trying to refAsten the crotch of my cg I hit blood. The left side of my incision was bleedingut did not appear to be open??? Odd. So we finished eating Nd went to buy groceries. Got home and checked incision and it was fine. Being a nurse I went ahead and cleaned it and put some steri strips over the edge. So far so good. I also bought some Arnica gel and applied that to all my bruising. So at the end of the day, I am swollen but not tired out. My jeans were loose when we left and 4 hours later they were pretty snug on my waist. Swelling is just a part of life for the next few months. Happy healing ladies!
Ditto! You're surgeon made a very nice thin scar. I am hoping my surgeon does good stitch work because I am having the Fleur De Lis and that is one hell of a scar! I agreed to it because having had GBS, I already have a vertical scar anyway and he said I would get the best results with the FDL. Sorry I am rambling!! Starting to get nervous about my own surgery this week!
You will do great. I am really shocked at how well I am doing. I will admit it is something else forthe first couple of days but once I was past day 3, it is all uphill. Can't wait for your turn.
You look great and your scar is really thin!

PO Day 10- doing fabulous today. Went to Church...

PO Day 10- doing fabulous today. Went to Church this am , was a little swollen when I got home but not bad. Iced my belly and am about to take a nap. I bought some new cg yesterday since I am returning to work tomorrow. I got two of the spanx tank tops with super compression. WOW. They are tight!! My plan is to wear that at work for 8 hours and then put on my good cg when I get home. My ps said that sounds fine. I just have such a hard time fastening the crotch on the other one that I think it I would be scared to go to the restroom at work for fear of not being able to refasten the crotch.LOL. I am excited to see everyone's reaction, although only a few close friends knew what I was having done. Happy healing ladies!

I think I might have a seroma. I washed my cg...

I think I might have a seroma. I washed my cg today and wore a super firm control tank and after my shower I noticed a baseball size swollen pocket. I did the wave test and swear I could see it, hubby said he couldn't. Needless to say I will be calling ps first thing in the morning just to make sure. I plan on going to work tomorrow even if it's only for a few hours. I am feeling great. Most of my clothes that were too tight are fitting perfectly now. I am down 12 lbs as of this morning but by the end of the day I am usually up 1-3 lbs. I started my high protein diet back on Thursday. I still have one pound of what the dr removed not showing on the scale but I wanted to get a start on losing my last 20 lbs. I will be at goal weight by summer vacation in June!!

Called ps this am about suspected seroma. Nurse...

Called ps this am about suspected seroma. Nurse told me how to check it and watch it. Since it is not bothering me or getting bigger I am to watch it. If I notice any growth or discomfort from it I am to call immediately. I took some pics in regular clothes today. I now have three problems, 1. My jeans do not stay up as I have noassatall.2. The top of the jeans past the zipper stick out under t shirts, and 3. The zipper slides down and makes me look like I have a little package below...haha.. I will take these problems anyway over my huge belly.

So it is definitely a seroma. A little larger this...

So it is definitely a seroma. A little larger this evening than this morning. I had to was my cg again as I forgot to put gauze over my bb and got yucky all over my cg. I wore the spanx tank top for the two hours it was in the washer and it got bigger. It does the wave over my whole belly under my bb but above my incision. It's a very odd feeling. I plan on going to have it drained tomorrow, and then on Friday at my scheduled appt for suture removal at my bb. The nurse told me sometimes if there is a weak spot in your incision the seroma will start leaking, I pray that doesn't happen. I am watching my incision like a hawk! Happy healing ladies!
I have to go in tomorrow to get checked for the same thing! God, I hope its not for the both of us!

Woke up this morning and my entire lower belly...

Woke up this morning and my entire lower belly below bb but above incision was HUGE!!! I called ps immediately and told them, and they gave me an appt at 2:30 to come in to have it drained. I felt very bloated and my cg was tight. When I went in, they numbed a tiny spot with lidocaine and then they ended up aspirating 145mL from it( that's 4.8 ounces of fluid/old blood) WOW!!. I asked if he thought it would reaccumulate and he said maybe but probably not as much if it did. I asked if i needed to do anything different and he said no. Due to the amount of skinI had removed, I was at greater risk because the pulled down skin has to heal and reattach to the now repaired abdominal muscles and it takes awhile.I go back Friday at 9am to get my bb sutures out and he will check it again then. I immediately felt better and the best part is my cut line in the middle of my abs came back after he pulled all the fluid off. Yay! Happy healing ladies!
Wow!!! What a day! Glad it all turned out well for you - and that he said you don't need to do anything different. You're looking great!
Congrats!! Keep updating us and continue healing. You look great!!!
OMG that's crazy! I'm glad you got it drained!

So I will be 14 days post op tomorrow. I can tell...

So I will be 14 days post op tomorrow. I can tell my seroma is filling up again as I have the wave again. It's not near as bad as Tuesday when I had it drained but I can tell its filling back up. It doesn't hurt, more annoying than anything because I get a tightness in the area. I have an appt Friday at 9 am to have my bb sutures removed so my ps sad he will drain it then. I am still extremely happy with my results so far. I returned to work yesterday and some of my coworkers were SHOCKED at how skinny I already look. It made my day to have them call me skinny Minnie..lol.. I will try and get new pics tomorrow evening. Happy healing ladies!
Yeah for you!! I'm about a week behind you, I had mine done on the 15th. Good to hear what I should expect coming up. I too have developed a seroma but its in my public area and really hurts. My left vaginal lip is tight swollen and blue. Calling the doc on that today. I've also been running a low grade temp , like 99.7 or so....gonna ask about that too. Hopefully will get drains out tomorrow and then back to work on Tuesday! Happy healing!!!
Good luck Friday, there's a light at the end of the tunnel and eventually you won't have to deal with seromas or anything. You can just enjoy your new body!

Had my 2week post op appt this am. They drained my...

Had my 2week post op appt this am. They drained my seroma again but only got 90 mL(3oz). The Dr said since it took 3 days to fill up and it wasn't as much that it should go away on its own. I also got my BB sutures removed. I returned to work on Tuesday and the end of the day swelling is very impressive.lol. I will be taking new pics in the morning as I have been too swollen in the evenings to take pics. Happy healing ladies!
So good to hear seroma is getting better... Looking forward to seeing new pics

I'm doing good. I look great and flat as a board...

I'm doing good. I look great and flat as a board in the morning but by bedtime, I am swollen and look about 3 months pregnant. I do think it is getting better. My scar is looking great and is already fading which is shocking to me. My bb still looks questionable at this point but it isn't healed completely so I can't put an earplug or anything in it. Itook some new pics today but can't find the cord to my computer. I will try my best to get them posted tomorrow. I got the bikini I ordered and it looks good but I need a bigger cup for the top. I'm ggoingto go ahead and order the other one I found with the full coverage top. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing ladies!

I have been doing great and then this morning I...

I have been doing great and then this morning I woke up with blood on my panties. I immediately checked my incision and it has opened up about 1/4 inch on the side and was oozing. I cleaned it and polysporined it up and put new steri strips on it. It is still oozing and is gross but hopefully I caught it early. I feel a hard knot under the ncision and when I pressed on it nastiness came out. Still not a lot but gross. Other than that I am doing well. My seroma is still there but not nearly as swollen so I think it is reabsorbing. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing ladies!
I hope you're doing better as you head into the weekend! Sending good thoughts your way!!
I would make an appointment to see your ps. I had a similar thing and he put me on antibiotics so it didnt get infected and I had to keep it covered until it closed over. Plus he will probably check for a split stitch.

I am doing well. Still have a small open spot on...

I am doing well. Still have a small open spot on incision but it is not oozing or anything. The swelling is a lot less than in the first two weeks after surgery. I should get the clear to only wear cg for 12 hrs a day instead of all day every day. I am way behind on uploading pics because every time I have tried the site won't let me. Hope everyone is doing well. happy healing ladies!

Today I am po day 32 and last week I noticed what...

Today I am po day 32 and last week I noticed what looked like new stretch marks around my bb area. My ps told me they were probably old stretch marks that were angry with the increase in blood flow, today I'm not so sure. All of my stretch marks from babies are up and down and these are sideways. Took a picture but the site is nt letting me upload pics right now. I still have my seroma and will be getting drained again tomorrow afternoon. My split stitch is looking great but I guess the stitch dissolved bc it never busted through. My end of the day swelling is very impressive and the seroma makes it worse. I have a shelf over my incision..lol. I cannot say that I am flat as a board in the am bc the seroma is only ever flat right after draining. I am still wearing cg 18 hrs a day. I take it off to sleep and shower and wear it if I am moving. I am down 14lbs since surgery and want to lose at least 25 more. I cannot wait to be at the non swelling stage and go buy new clothes. Happy healing everyone!
You will be buying new clothes before you know it. I'm glad you are doing well.
I am 30 days post op...have noticed more stretch marks as swelling goes down some.. not sure if they are new or were hiding and now rolls are gone I can see them..I would love to shop for new clothes but am just now getting into my old ones..lol take care hope you have a good week...

Finally adding pictures from the past few weeks. I...

Finally adding pictures from the past few weeks. I am 5 weeks post op today and feel very fat. My upper belly is swollen so much that I literally have a pooch. My ps told me Tuesday that it was swelling and advised what kind of massage to do at home to help decrease it. It isnt budging. I have not woken up flat in over a week. My jeans that fit last week do not fit this week, as in I am so swollen I cant even button them.. UGH...Anyone else with this issue? Happy healing ladies.
Be patient, rest, eat well and things will get better. I figured my tummy did not get bad over night and it would take time to see results. Think flat, spring is on its way and we will all look and feel spectacular!
I haven't had this yet but maybe you are getting the 6 week swell hell early? Do you wear a garment at all? I'm still in mine because I just got my drains out so I'm hoping that will keep the swelling down. Good luck and hang in there. At least you know it won't stay that way!
Yes still in cg 12 hrs a day. I wear it from time I wake up till I go to bed. Only time I'm out of it is shower and sleep time. Hoping it is the 6 wk swell hell but goodness gracious it is bad.

So I will be 6 wks po on Thursday and I feel like...

So I will be 6 wks po on Thursday and I feel like Spongebob. This swell hell is for the birds. I have been taking weekly measurements with my weekly weigh ins. I am now down 16 lbs since surgery but my waist is up by 2 inches today. My swelling does not seem to be getting better. I am really thinking about going for a few lymphatic drainage massages. Happy healing ladies.
Good Morning, I saw your post & had to comment since I posted the same thing on the forum. I am 7 weeks PO tomorrow and I look like a lot of people's "before" photos! I also refer to myself as spongebob since I am now a square. I am swollen from just beneath my breasts all the way into my thighs! It's crazy. I have a few big events to attend in April. I need to go shopping but I cannot imagine trying on dresses or skirts with this belly. I have lost 10 lbs since the surgery but I am bigger than I've ever been. It's so depressing. I know everyone says to have patience, but I am really over this LONG, LONG healing process! Sorry for complaining, but at least you know you are not alone.
HI, My TT is this am, and i am wondering about the PO swelling that continues to occur weeks after sx., is it painful? is the seroma painful? is the draining of the seroma painful? My profile looks exactly like yours right now. I dont have an ass either!! I never thought of how much my pants will fall off - my big fat belly keeps them up now. WOW, we will have to get a BBL next. :) LOL.
Aside from my infection problem, and regarding your swelling,i am in my cg almost 24/7. The doc advised me to always have it on, up to my next appt. on april 8, which is 8 weeks PO. I don't have any major swelling, though a bit on my left hip. Try wearing your cg overnight, too, and see if that helps.

I am 6 wks and 3 days post and finally feeling a...

I am 6 wks and 3 days post and finally feeling a bit normal. This week my pre op clothes are way too big, last week I couldn't even get them buttoned. I am still only down 16 lbs since preop but can't really work out for 2 more weeks. The swelling comes and goes on a daily basis, some days it's really bad but ost it's not. The bet part is no more cg. I have started having a sharp pain to the right of my bb when bending over sometimes. I'm thinking it isan internal suture maybe.. I will try and post new pics tomorrow. Happy healing everyone!

Noticed a small area that looked like a blister...

Noticed a small area that looked like a blister this evening as I was massaging scar. When I placed my finger over it it felt like a hole in my incision. It did burst open and leaked a little bit of yellow-reddish fluid but only out of pin size hole. I put some ointment and a bandage over it. I have no pain or anything, other than swelling.. Please pray it is not infection coming back, as it has been 2 weeks since I finished my antibiotics. Happy healing everyone!
Fingers crossed it's not a infection
Wow I'm really amazed of all the problems you've had and yet you're so upbeat you do TT woman proud. I guess I'll keep my elastic waist pants handy for awhile since it seems to be a theme the ups & downs and all the swelling on all the profiles. I haven't really been able to wear anything but elastic so it won't be anything new. I wonder if you had to go back to work kinda soon and that caused some of the problems. Luckily I'm retired and can kick back and relax really as long as I want. The problem being with my hubby doing the housework and cooking I'll go crazy seeing everything that needs doing (that he won't see as a problem) and I don't like being a nag. I'm trying to stay away from him right now since I'm 4 days to TT and all I do is talk about this and he's pretty sick of it all. I hope things start going better for you soon.
I went back at 2 wks post and honestly I was going stir crazy sitting in the house and felt really good. I honestly think that if I had started sleeping in my bed sooner my drains would have stayed in longer. The first night in y bed was the iv before they were removed and I had more out of right side than I had been having and that is where my seroma formed. The infection was just a fluke I think since I was a month post op. swelling is a funny thing. Sme days worse than other but present every day. I can't wait till I'm 6onths post and it's all gone.

Had a small spot open last night and drain mostly...

Had a small spot open last night and drain mostly dark red fluid. This am was trying to bandaged again and saw something. Sure enough, my first official spitting suture. I quickly cleaned the site and cut it off. Took pics with my phone so I have to figure out how to upload..
I didn't know you could split a suture so far along! I hope it's not infected also. Yes if your able to, please share pics. I would like to know what to look for in case it also happens to me. My PS is having me remove any sutures that start popping through. He told me to pull them with a tweezer and they always bleed. Usually bright to dark red and they stop after a few minutes.
sara, I googled it and several instructional videos came up. I haven't tried this, but you can see how to do it online, especially on youtube. I hope that helps!
Thanks !! Well google it

Im doing good. Still dealing with swelling,...

Im doing good. Still dealing with swelling, although I will say it is not nearly as bad as week 5 and 6 were. My clothes are finally fitting and most of them are finally too large. I went and bought a belt because I refuse to buy more clothes until this swelling is gone.
You look great! Are you wearing your garment? Please wear it faithfully. You will get better results.
I am 13 days PO and also had a lot of skin and fat removed. I was in for a drain removal this am, but it is still draining to much! I don't want it out because I don't want all the problems with seroma's, but I think I'm bound for all the same trouble you had! Any advice?
My advice is make sure you lay on your sides some because it helps with draining, not overnight but at least a few minutes every once in awhile.. Also you can do circular massage on your belly in a downward motion and that will help drainage as well. Don't over do it once the drains are pulled and rest as much as you can. Also massage your scar daily with a good moisturizer to keep it soft(only after it is closed completely).

Went for my 8 wk post op visit today. He said I am...

Went for my 8 wk post op visit today. He said I am looking great. I do have dog ears on both sides that we will watch but will probably need removal. I have a fatty pouch on the right side of my belly button that will probably require some lipo sculpting around the 6 month mark as well. He was very pleased with my scar . He said the swelling was 100% normal. I told him that I have been sleeping in my cg and he told me I should probably buy a smaller one. I asked about the golds gym waist dimmer belt like Georgiaexcited has been using and he said he thinks that is a great idea. I will be ordering one as my Walmart is sold out! He also told me that he would use a different type of dis solvable suture for any future work since my body strted spitting the ones he used during tt. Thanks for all the support ladies through my seroma, my infection, my spitting sutures and my awful swelling! I'm feeling better everyday, can it hurry up and be 12 weeks post though..lol Happy healing..
So which week is the worst swelling? It seems You had alot at 5 weeks. I'm almost 3 weeks and it is getting worse every day.
Thank you for sharing your story. You look great. We are neighbors. I live in Alabama too. You are about a week behind me. My MM surgery was Jan 8th. Glad you are doing well. Take care.
Oops, typo. Jan 28th.

So After wearing my size 20 jeans with a belt...

So After wearing my size 20 jeans with a belt cinched as tight as I could and the jeans still falling down, I finally went shopping for new clothes. I was ecstatic when A womens size 14 was too big. I happily went to the juniors department to try on jeans. I ended up with a juniors size 15 low rise style and happily wore them out on a date with hubby yesterday? So I'm not sure. If that is 8 or 4 sizes down. I went today and am between a 14 and a 12. The 14 is a tad too big but, The 12 is still too tight. I am ecstatic.. So glad this swelling is starting to get better. Been back on my diet for 2 weeks and I am down almost 4 lbs. I can't wait to rock my bikini this summer!! Happy healing ladies. New pics coming later this week.
Oh and I wanted to ask when your seroma finally went away. I got a big one starting last night after my first day back at work. I can feel a big fluid wave, I went in to have it drained, but he never was able to get much out. I can feel sloshing around when I walk or when I massage it. They just told me it'll eventually just dissipate. But when...? When did yours???
So excited for you! Wow I hope I will be in a 12/14 when it's all over. I'm in swell hell right now!
Congrats!! Hope I go down 4 sizes.. That's great!!

Had my first run since the day before surgery...

Had my first run since the day before surgery today. I will be 10 wks post op on. Thursday. I was a little shocked at how good it felt to run. I only did 1/2 mile and it took me almost 10 minutes ( pre surgery I ran a 14 minute mile). I've never been fast but it's been a long time since I was this slow. I also did 25 pushups and about 15 minutes of Pilates. I still cannot do pure ab work do the pain at mr site. I was proud of what I did though. I joined a Biggest loser competition that goes for the next 9 weeks, so that is my motivation to get moving again. That and the fact. That my first 5k since surgery is in 3 weeks..Yikes!! I will post pictures by Friday. I can see a definite difference in the swelling this week. Happy healing ladies!

I will be 10 wks post op on Thursday. I am still...

I will be 10 wks post op on Thursday. I am still dealing with swelling but am happy with results and I can see a major difference. The pics arent that great because I had to take them myself. I have the center line down my belly that is becoming more defined everyday. I am back to running(very slowly) and doing pilates and strength training but no ab work yet. As you can see I have major dog ears on both sides which my ps said he will take care of after the 6 month mark. I am down a total of 7 additional lbs past the 13 they took during surgery and still going strong. Happy healing ladies.
Your 10 week pix look great. How is the swelling going? And are you in a smaller size yet?
Haven't went shopping again as I started my period this week so I am bloated and retaining water. I feel smaller, but who knows. I will be taking week 11 pics on Friday(if fluid retention is gone)
Congrats on getting your first run in. Every run will get better for you I'm sure. You look great!!! Happy continued healing and good luck training for that 5k!

So after readin tjuana posts and reviews of her...

So after readin tjuana posts and reviews of her surgery, I decided to start wearing my cg again. Tomorrow will be one week in my new corset style cg and I look so much better!!! If you haven't read her review please do so. Her transformation is awesome and she attributes most of it to constant cg wearing. I'm sold. I will be 11 wks post tomorrow and am finally starting to love. Not just like my results. Pictures will be up by Friday.. Happy healing everyone!!
Looking good!!! What cg did you get?
Initially I got a cheap Cupid brand with built in corset but now I have a slimmest corset type thing. It's amazing. The difference from my 10 wk and 11 wk is really impressive.. I will post new pics Friday. I ordered the cg from hourglass angel..

Still swelling but I didnt really think that 12wks...

still swelling but I didnt really think that 12wks was going to be some magic week. I can definitely see a major difference in shape since I started wearing my Squeem miracle vest/waist cincher. I will be 12 wks tomorrow and will take more new pics this weekend. My hubby surprised me with tickets to Rock of Ages(so excited!!!) Happy healing!!
you look awesome!!! can you post more recent pictures? I would love to see your most recent results as I have a similar body type. Thanks!!!
Looking good girl :)
Looking good! At only 3 months you still have a long way to go. Enjoy Rock of Ages! I've seen it twice now on Broadway and loved it both times!
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