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I have always been interested in a tummy tuck. I...

I have always been interested in a tummy tuck. I have had a stomach like this for a long time, even before kids. I am a self confident woman in all ways but my stomach. I don't let my husband touch it. I trust my doctor and I am excited. I am not generally too hard on myself except in this area. I am proud I am getting to do this but I don't want people's opinions. So the people I don't think would be supportive, I haven't told. Several family members will not know so that is why I am joining Real Self. I want to have some peeps to help me through it. I will have friends that are supportive here for sure but they are the type who love me through whatever. I want to be prepared as much as possible. The only concern I really have is pain, as long as the pain meds work I think I will be fine. I have time in my life to really rest afterwards but as long as I get comfortable enough to rest.


Just to show you how different people have different experiences, let me share mine....I had a fleur de lis TT and bracheoplasty on 2/20. I stayed overnight in the hospital. I have not experienced any pain that was unmanageable. I was given percocet for pain and they have done the job magnificently. Though I have to say I haven't really felt unbearable pain. For the most part, I would say it has been uncomfortable. You will have those who weren't able to stand straight for weeks. I was hunched for maybe the first 3 days. Now, when I first get up, I am hunched for a minute or two, but then I am able to straighten up. I never used a cane or walker (though I had one here, just in case). The one thing I think you will find EVERYONE agrees with is that having a recliner is a big plus. Some say renting a recliner from a medical supply store that will raise you up to standing position is the way to go. I gave that serious thought. But, I am glad I decided to just take a chance on surviving in my regular livingroom recliner. It's been fine. Definitely much better than trying to sleep in bed. And, though I needed help getting up (remember I had bracheoplasty too) the first 2 days, I was able to maneuver myself up on my own by day 3. I think you'll do fine. BUT.....and this is a BIG but.......make sure you read as much as you can about this precedure. Know what your expectations are and what you are going to be up against. Healing takes time....and patience. Best of luck!!
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Thanks for taking the time to send your note. I am bringing the big recliner that rocks up from the basement to put in our bedroom. Thanks for the detailed info. I know it is fresh on your mind and it is very accurate. I also heard it is nice to have a walker or a cane. I am glad you are feeling ok. I am sure you are relieved that it is over with.
aw great post/blog. i know some say chica, that the pain subside rather rapid? like days,minutes,hours! that is a shock i always assume it is longer,then again some say here, on this great site,about how they suffer for months with pain i get sad readin this,but most i read say it really is not that worse,nor so bad,i guess all people are diff,naturally so good luck to you! show us pix,when your done and have a beautiful smooth flat sexi stomach again chica! i can't wait. adios. and god speed 2 u. SexiFlatStomachCertified2013~
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One thing I just realized is that because of my...

One thing I just realized is that because of my tummy I always do cardio. Y thought process is I have to burn this fat off!! When it is gone I can enjoy Pilates and Yoga which I never had time to do in addition to cardio. We are on a vacation now which is a great distraction!! Thanks to all of you for
sharing yourself. You all are so brave.


Good luck tomorrow!
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I am now 5 weeks out from TT and breast...

I am now 5 weeks out from TT and breast reduction/lift. Feeling pretty good and very happy with my results.


What an incredible change! You're healing amazingly well!
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Thank you!!! You too, you are so flat!!!
You look great!!!
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