December 11 Cellulaze Surgery - Alabama, AL

I had this surgery about 6 weeks ago. I had it...

I had this surgery about 6 weeks ago. I had it pretty much all over my upper thighs as well as smart lipo on inner thighs. I had general. I was under for 6 hours. It was pretty involved as my cellulite was bad. He even had to fat transfer on my right outer thigh in places that it was dented in. I wore the garment almost 24 7 for 4 weeks. I am still wearing the garment at night and whenever I am home. I hated it in the beginning but now it actually feels better when it is on. I am 48 and weigh 145 5'8. I have battled cellulite all my life.

I had lipo about 4 years ago but I knew it is not for cellulite it will in,y make area smaller. I will lost pics in a few weeks. My bruising is gone and now all I have us intense itching. I have not really heard anyone else complain about that. Every once in a whi,e I will feel a sharp, stabbing pain run through my legs. Otherwise, I am great. Back I. The gym for the last two weeks and have no problems. I would like to ask, how many people really saw great results by now? I know 3-6 month is the required time but I just hoped it would be a lot better by 6 weeks. Trying to be positive. Very expensive and sure would live to give a thumbs up to this surgery. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

7 weeks today. Minimal change. Trying not to be...

7 weeks today. Minimal change. Trying not to be discouraged or patient.

8 weeks out. I can finally tell a good difference....

8 weeks out. I can finally tell a good difference. I know I'm not there because the area is still hard and itchy but there is a definite improvement. I believe it will get better. I will post pics at 4 months out.

Three months out now. I am seeing some results....

Three months out now. I am seeing some results. Not as much as I would like but better none the less. I will reserve judgement until 3 more months. PS recommended going back in under local and depositing fat in some areas on right thigh (right is much worse than left). Will make decision on that next month. Do I need to be massaging these areas? Just now seeing that. Does it yield better results?

Wished I had my money back!

It was so not worth it. It was a much harder recovery time than I was led to believe. Wearing those support hose was awful but I would wear them a year, if I knew it would make my legs look better. Cost was really not an issue. I was so desperate for results and my surgeon ( whom I trust) thought it was the breakthrough we both wanted it to be. I would pay any price and I waited a year before I gave it a yes or no. Save your money and time. It does not work. It's been well over a year. I'm disappointed. I give it a 10% improvement overall.
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Hi Sparky123, You are still very early in the process. I had the cellulaze surgery at about the same time as you (Dec 21) with SmartLipoTriplex to the saddle bags. My surgery also took about 6 hours (cellulaze + lipo). My surgeon said that it should take 1.5 hours per area, if all 3 aspects of the cellulaze are addressed (the cutting of the bands, the melting of the herniated fat and the collagen stimulation in the dermis). So if you had 3 areas done + the lipo, 6 hours sounds like the appropriate amount of time. What I am trying to say is that it sounds like your doctor did a thorough job. I am personally still swollen/tender mostly from the lipo but also from the cellulaze especially at the backs of my thighs. I do see improvement in the dimpling but I will not make any judgement until at least 3 months - so as to give the collagen time to regenerate and to make sure all the swelling is gone. Give it time, I get the feeling you will have a good improvement. Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks so much Happy Girl. I appreciate your comments as I really have no one to talk about this with. I'm still wearing the undergarment while at home and at night. As long as it feels better, I will continue to wear it at night. Still swollen and hard on the outside of my thighs and itchy on inner and outer. Pleased with results thus far.
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Oh yeah, others have mentioned the itching too. Here are some reviews where its mentioned:

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Hoping you continue to heal up well and see some great results. Please keep us updated on how you are doing!

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