7 weeks post op, some pooching :-/ - Akron, OH

Hi I'm new to the forum! I've been lurking for a...

Hi I'm new to the forum! I've been lurking for a long time, but new to posting. I have wanted a TT for 7 years when my second child was born. My stomach remained very round and protruding after he was born. 7 years later I still look 4-5 mos. pregnant. I always thought if I lost weight it would flatten out. However, I recently lost 20 lbs. and I think it looks even worse! It's somewhat smaller, but still round and now even more mismatched with the rest of my body size. I do not have a loose skin problem, nor do I have a ton of abdominal fat. My #1 issue is that I have such a round appearance to my belly. Likely due to seperation/diastasis.

I just scheduled the surgery today, and it's only 1 month away!! I had to move quickly because I'm having a lull at work right now, so it's the perfect time to take a leave of absence. I'm not nervous about the surgery itself. I've had 6 knee surgeries and 2 c-sections and surgery doesn't "scare" me. I am nervous more about people's reactions to tell you the truth. I'm not overweight, and I think I hide the bulge well. Therefore I've had some negative responses when I tell others. If they don't think I need it, they immediately decide I don't and tell me so. It's been a little frustrating because I haven't had support from everyone. Hoping to find some here!

I'm 5'9" and 170 lbs right now. My BMI is 25 (high side of normal). I would like to lose another 5 lbs. before the surgery if I can. I will share the before photos I took the other day. Thanks for any support or advice as I prepare for this surgery!!! I'm so ecstatic and the reality hasn't totally set in yet.

Hi, u have to do what's best for u! Wishing u all the best. I've had two c-sections and 1 knee surgery lol. TT is being scheduled for the end of the summer.

Welcome to the community:)  I am happy that you finally joined us and posted your review.  

You are going to do just beautiful and love the results.  The next month will buzz by quickly.


My physician office called yesterday to schedule...

My physician office called yesterday to schedule my surgery time and pre-op appointment. My surgery will be at 7:30am and I have to arrive at 6:00am. My pre-op testing is on Feb. 18th and they will draw blood. I am getting excited and can't believe how quickly the date is coming! Next Monday I have to pay my OR fee, anesthesia fee, and surgeon's fee. Everything is coming together nicely! Does anyone have a good list of things I need to buy to prepare for post-op? I already have a recliner but I wonder if there are some "must haves" I need.
I'm so glad to see your post! I feel like I can very much relate to your feeling. I too have a rounded belly that doesn't match the rest of me. People think I'm pregnant because I'm "normal" everywhere else. It is so embarrasing that I always dress in layers to hide the middle. I had my second consult today and hope to have surgery in the next month or two. Good luck to you. I can't wait to see your results!!
Good luck to you almost your turn, cant wait to see the new you!!!!
Thanks breona_09! I am really excited to see my result!!

This past week I've been telling some of my family...

This past week I've been telling some of my family members about my surgery, and preparing for arrangements for my kids. I work 32 hours a week (9:30-3:15 approximately, Mon-Fri) and I drive my kids to school and back. I don't have before and after care for them, due to this, and my husband works long hours. Making the arrangements has been the hardest part so far! My mom lives about 35-40 minutes away, but thank goodness for her. She will be helping for most of my recovery. At least for a few days after surgery. How has everyone else handled things with their children? Mine are 10 and 7, so luckily they are old enough to micorwave their own dinner, etc. I'll be buying them some frozen meals to make after school when I'm home with them and can't stand in the kitchen to cook. My husband is gone most days from about 7:30-6:30p. It'll be tough! But we'll make it work!
If any one knows of s PS who will do a TT for $6,000 or less in Ohio or surrending states like Michigan and Pittsburg PLEASE Inbox me info thanks
Erin that's a great deal!! I got my date- March 27th!! Not nervous yet. I'm getting muscle repair too. I think that is key for fixing the "roundness" of the belly. I do have lots of stretch marks and loose skin. I was huge when I was pregnant with deep purple stretch marks. Of course that was years ago but the damage remains :(
It is a great deal, I feel extremely lucky to be have this opportunity for the discount! I've wanted this for 7 years and never dreamed of paying $7000-$8000. At that price I would've just lived with it (and been miserable)!

Well I'm 10 days away and getting even more...

Well I'm 10 days away and getting even more excited! My pre-op testing and appt are Monday morning. I am looking forward to talking to my physician again. When I last saw him at the consultation back in Dec. I wasn't even sure I was going to schedule the surgery at all. I have more questions for him now that it's so close. He mentioned that my c-section scar is very low, so I'm going to ask him where he plans on making this incision. Also want to ask about compression garment, whether I should stop a medication I take, will I have drains, will I have a pain pump, and discuss nausea after the surgery. I will need an anti-nausea med for SURE. I've been sick from antesthesia before.

I can't believe how close this is now. It still doesn't seem real to me! I dreamed about it for so long, it's not totally setting in that it's REALLY happening so soon. I need to start preparations next week also. Need to buy yoga/pajama pants, stool softeners, extra pillows, snacks and big water jug with straw. All the tips on here have helped me a lot!

I'm uploading a few more before pics, which I hate looking at. But soon enough this Buddha belly will be gone! I uploaded a picture of my whole body full clothed also, so you can see my whole build. I have the belly of a heavy woman, but I'm not....can't wait for it to be gone!
I am so excited for you, getting a tummy tuck is such a great thing for your self esteem. Your body is so much like mine, I can't wait to see your results :) Your price is unbelievable! I am paying a little over $10 k with an employee discount.
just read your reviews...lol you called it "Budda Belly" lmbo good one. I thought I was the only one who names my belly. I understand about the lack of support. I hide my belly well too (as you can see in my pics) but those same ppl dont get to see you with your clothes off. After seeing your pics, I would say just lipo but since you had kids, i can see your skin stretched so that would make it look worse. I say youre gonna smoking hot after surgery so you made the right choice. Welcome back to the 2 piece bikini "in public" world...in advance. Ill be tracking your progress for support :-)
Hi mella_mia!! I'll heck out your profile too, thanks for commenting!! Yes I can't wait to wear a bikini again. It's been about 13 years since I've worn one!!

4. MORE. DAYS!!!! I can't wait to be on the other...

4. MORE. DAYS!!!! I can't wait to be on the other side (the flat side) as you all call it. My time is almost here!

Oh and I wanted to post one more pic. I saw my PS...

Oh and I wanted to post one more pic. I saw my PS on Monday for a pre-op appt. He "marked" my belly for practice I guess. It looks like he's going to be able to cut VERY low for me, I'm so thrilled with that. I hope it's truly what he ends up doing. He was actually a bit stumped over my case. He said I have an "unusually low" c-section scar, and "very little laxity" to my skin. So he was a bit concerned about me having enough skin to pull all the way down to my low scar. He says there's a chance he won't be able to, and if he can't, I will have a small vertical incision too. I don't even care at this point...I told him "do what you have to." He said this is one case where loose skin would've been helpful. :-)
praying for you.. good luck tomorrow :)
Good luck tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see the results!
I want a tt someday, and your body is similar to mine, so I'm commenting so I can follow along with your story. Do u mind if I ask what size jeans u wear now? (So you can reference size after too) ;)

I made it to the flat side!! Thank you all for the...

I made it to the flat side!! Thank you all for the well wishes. I was offered an overnight stay in the hospital, and its 5am right now (9 hours since my surgery). I will type more tomorrow. The pain is pretty bad right now but I've been out of bed 4 times now and each time is getting easier. I'm hooked to an epidural for pain which is helping tremendously. The surgeon said he did a lot of plication, so the burning abs are the worst part right now. More tomorrow and thanks everyone, it was nice to login and see people were thinking about me :-)

I am feeling surprisingly good!! It's 7:30pm and...

I am feeling surprisingly good!! It's 7:30pm and surgery was yesterday morning. I work at the hospital that I had surgery at, so I felt very lucky. I was treated like a queen there! I had a private room and was kept overnight with an epidural in to block pain. It's something new the anesthesiologist is trying. He kept the epi turned down low enough that I could still get out of bed and walk. They gave me a button to push and I pushed it as much as possible, haha :-) I had a catheter too so that was nice.

My surgery took 3.5 hours. He said he did a lot of muscle repair work. He wasn't able to totally remove my old belly button because my skin didn't stretch down far enough. So he sewed it shut and I'll have a very small vertical scar under my pubic hair. He said I had a very low c section scar and a long torso :-)

I got home this afternoon and I'm doing really well. I can walk alone but very hunched. I have two drains which will come out in a week or so. He did lipo on my flanks too so my sides are sore. Nothing too awful though! People told me horror stories about their bumpy rides home and all, and nothing has been that bad yet! I'll check in tomorrow and post some pics. My belly feels so flat and tiny! I've had my binder off a few times to scratch my itchy skin. Next time I take it off I'll get pictures.

These pics are probably not going to do any good,...

These pics are probably not going to do any good, but its all I could get for now! I'm anxious to see my new belly button but afraid to take gauze out of it! Tomorrow I will attempt a quick shower...
You look Great Erin! Cant wait to see more post and glad your recovery is doing well.
Congrats and happy healing
Thank you!!

My mom took some better pics :) I have my binder...

My mom took some better pics :) I have my binder off for awhile, my skin itches so bad!! Any tips on that?
liking you results so far?? coming along.....I haven't had mine yet....
so did you end up needed the up and down scar under your belly button? how are you feeling ???
Looking very good and happy healing!!

I slept 12-6a in my recliner and was in sooo much...

I slept 12-6a in my recliner and was in sooo much pain when I woke up to pee :-( It was some of the worst pain I've felt since the hospital. Apparently I can't go 6 hrs without Percoset yet...I was alone down here (my husband was sleeping upstairs) and I barely made it back to my recliner without crying. I am anxious for my post op appt at 9:30am today. I don't have very many pain pills and I'm not sure why he didn't give me more. I'm day 3 and only have 10 pills left. I'm going to be begging for more.

Also I've been taking Arnica pills, they help. And I've taken stool softeners each day but so far all I have is rumbling gas pains that I can barely push out :-(

Well I'm feeling MUCH better than I was this...

Well I'm feeling MUCH better than I was this morning. I don't know what that was about, but I'm glad the pain passed. I think my body has had enough of the recliner, and I'm going to try sleeping in bed tonight.

I had a post op appt this morning and he said I looked great! He will take my drains out next Tuesday. My swelling and bruising have been minimal. He gave me a refill of my pain meds thank goodness! I was nervous about how low my supply was! He told me to keep the binder on most of the time with slight pressure (not too tight), and he said I can take it off for short breaks when needed.

At home I've been taking Arnica pills and using Arnica gel. He also prescribed me a 7 day antibiotic to prevent infection called Cephalexin. I also used Milk of Mag, a senna laxative, AND a suppository so I could finally poop!! Lol! The pressure was killing me. I had children's suppositories and I used one of them as a last ditch effort. It worked within 5 mins. So relief all around today!

Finally, I had my 10 year old take pictures of me standing upright today. It's the first time I've gotten to see how I look (besides looking down at myself which isn't the same). I was so shocked and happy I actually had tears in my eyes. My daughter asked if I was crying and I said "happy tears!" I never imagined 3 days post op that I would already see such an improvement!! Happy Erin, tonight. I hope you are all doing well also, this board has been a huge support for me.
@erin10 you're looking great! Even with the swelling, I can see a major difference. Happy healing :)
Thank you!yes I'm already happy with my results!
yay! Loving the new pics. You are looking gooooood. Glad your appt. went well. Yes, this site is a huge support for all of us thats for sure. Its been so helpful for me. I hope you get good rest tonight. :) oh and p.s. I can see your abs coming through.

Well it's Friday and its been an eventful day!...

Well it's Friday and its been an eventful day! Lol! I finally got my bowels moving. Almost too much!! Wow....feels good though. I was able to tighten my binder a couple inches :-)

I feel more tired today than I did yesterday. I felt really good yesterday all afternoon and I overdid it. I went to my dr appt, and even got out of car and went into Subway to order my lunch (my mom was driving me of course, but I walked around a lot). I also went into CVS with her while leaning in a shopping cart. But it was too much. I had 6 visitors last night too! Fun but wow I was tired. A lot of activity. So today I'm paying for it. I'm more swollen, tired, and my lower back muscles are sore. Nothing too horrible though. I'm still feeling good overall and actually enjoying my recovery! Sitting home, missing work, playing on my iPad, reading magazines, it's not so bad ;-)

The Arnica pills and gel have been amazing. Thanks to Real Self users for that tip!! Tonight I will take my second shower. I'm still sleeping in the recliner, too. Nothing else has been comfortable yet.
Your story an images give me hope! :)
Looking great girl! Happy all is going well for you :)
Erin, I'm so happy to hear that the Arnica is helping. The gel is so soothing, isn't it? Don't rush out of the recliner. I slept in mine for 3 weeks. : ) Have a great weekend!

Today was a good day! I slept 12 hrs last night...

Today was a good day! I slept 12 hrs last night (besides waking up to pee and take a pill). I was tired!! Still sleeping in my recliner.

I was able to cut back my pain pills today. I'm taking one pill every 4 hours (instead of two pills every 4 hours). I'm a little more achy but more alert and actually able to watch a whole movie or read a whole magazine now. Which is nice.

I took a couple more pictures today. I think my swelling has gone down a little :) I will post them!

I took a shower by myself last night which was quite a chore. I was proud of myself! Couldn't have done it without my shower chair, but I was happy to be a little independent. I clip my drains to a lanyard around my neck when I shower (a tip I learned on this site, thanks!)

Speaking of drains I am getting less out of them every morning. I have to write down how many mL I get each morning. The fluid is lighter in color now also. I'm getting kind of annoyed by them lately, they are sort of seeping onto my underwear all the time even if I shove gauze down there. They've worked their way out about an inch also. I'll be ready to have them yanked next Tues!!

Until tomorrow!
Looking great!!! I keep checking in on you to see if you posted anything!!!
Glad to hear you are doing pretty good. Your new side by side pics look great! I hope things continue in the forward direction for you. :)
Erin, I felt the same way. The entire time I knew I would conquer the pain. Honestly, the pain was not bad at all. I was off the meds after Day 3 and only taking Extra Strength Tylenol. Although I did have a pain pump for the first 4 days. That was awesome. You will get stronger every day. The recovery is really long because of fatigue and swelling but not because of pain. Keep up the positive attitude and go to this site if you start to feel down. It really helps!

I woke up today And I I can stand up straighter!...

I woke up today And I I can stand up straighter! Hooray!, My biggest problem has been my back muscles :-( I've had very little pain from my surgery areas, thank God, but my lower back has not responded well to me walking hunched over. A couple of days post op it started to spasm when I walk more than a couple minutes. I've tried Arnica gel, heating pad, stretches, and back massages. But I think the back pain will only go away once I can stand up straight. So I've been working hard at that!!im almost there, it's just still a little too tight. I feel like I don't have enough skin to straighten up yet :-)

Tomorrow I have a follow up appt. I'm looking forward to finding out if he will remove my drains, and maybe seeing my incision for the first time. I get about 10-15 mL out of each drain daily. Will update again tomorrow!
Erin you look good girl! Tummy super flat!
Also, squeeze your bum cheeks together as if you are holding a quarter between them. It really helps. : )
Haha ok thanks I'll try that!! :-D

Omg. I just spent seriously 15 mins typing an...

Omg. I just spent seriously 15 mins typing an update on this damn iPad keyboard and it deleted :-( Uggggh. Ok crib notes. I got my drains out today. It hurt! I can't lie. They had to lay me back and give me a cold washcloth. But I feel great! I had a good appt and I'm tired now, off to take a nap! Zzzzzzz

I'll get a new picture soon too!! Don't want to...

I'll get a new picture soon too!! Don't want to take my binder off much now that my drains are out. He kind of scared me about that saying that the drain removal can cause seromas and I have to keep binder snug so skin heals and reattaches to fascia without having a space in between.

I took a few more pics tonight. I've been taking...

I took a few more pics tonight. I've been taking them every 3 days or so. Very nice to have the drains out and be able to really see myself how I'm going to look :)
Wow, you look great!
You look awesome already!!
So happy for you! You look great! My surgey is scheduled for tomorrow and Im excited!

Well it's 1am and I'm not tired at all so I...

Well it's 1am and I'm not tired at all so I thought I'd update! I think I've been napping too much. Sleep schedule is kind of messed up :-) I had a great day today. Drove my kids to school, did a load of laundry (all my cozy clothes were dirty), took a shower, made myself a grilled cheese for lunch. By noon I was tired so I napped from like 1:30-4:00! My kids woke me when they got off the bus. I rested most of the evening and then went to my neighbors house tonight to play Scrabble. Weird I know but we play every week and we have our own rules, and long story short we laugh like crazy when we play. Wellllllll I had NOOOO idea how bad that would hurt. I was a total buzzkill because after about 15 mins of laughing I was in pain!! I was seriously having stomach cramps and some burning sensations. I left and came home and started googling what it feels like to pop your stitches! I'm prob being paranoid, but my Lord it felt awful! I won't be laughing like that for a few more days at least. Ouch!! Pain pill now and off to try to sleep. Goodnight all!
You are looking great already!! 20 days left for me!!
You look amazing...your most def on the flat side!!! Congratulations
Looking good Erin!!

On the bright side last night was my first night...

On the bright side last night was my first night of uninterrupted comfortable sleep! I slept in the bed, and on my sides from 11:30p-7a. Felt great!

This morning I took my kids to school, and grocery shopped for the first time. I was gone from the house from 8:30-10:30 and it felt good to be normal! Haha. On the downside I just took off my binder for these pictures and noticed a new bump of swelling above my vertical incision. Hmmm. I hope it's just swelling :-( It wasn't there in the past. Thoughts?? :-(

Please excuse the sticky residue. The doctor took my old steri strips off Tues and put new ones on. And the tapes on my crotch are covering the drain holes. I'm not taking those off yet.

Can't sleep it's 1:20am. Did a couple more side by...

Can't sleep it's 1:20am. Did a couple more side by side pics because its fun and reminds me why this is all worth it! Even if I do have a seroma developing :-/
Erin, I'm wondering if your not gonna end up with a spot like I have (like I have a clue about what I'm talking bout...we just have the vertical incision in common). Check out my pics...I have a mark under my belly button, there's a lump inside it. He has me massaging it but said he will fix it after my vacation if it doesn't go away. Hubby said he thinks it's starting to get smaller. I'm 4 weeks PO. HANG IN THERE! Our bodies are going to go thru a ton of changes as they heal... You still look AMAZING!!
Luv2run70 thanks I'll check out your pictures! I have inspected it more and showed a couple people and that's exactly what we all think it is, a pocket of swelling from my vertical incision. I'll be curious what my PS says to do about it when I call. Is yours soft and gushy like mine? Mine feels like fluid. Thank you good luck to you also!!
I don't think mine is soft and gushy. It's a slit and pretty ugly. I hope for your sake it's fluid. Hopefully that's an easy fix! Gotta love the vertical incision! :P

Well tomorrow will be two weeks since my TT. I...

Well tomorrow will be two weeks since my TT. I actually feel ready to go back to work! I have a pretty flexible desk job, thank goodness. I've spent two weeks in this recliner and I'm ready to mix it up :-)

I felt pretty good today. It was definitely my busiest day since surgery. I went to lunch w friends, the mall for almost 2 hrs (with sitting breaks), and the park w my kids (where I mostly sat also), but its the most I've been out of the house. It felt good. I am extra swollen tonight though.

My steri strips are still on and I'm dying to peel them off for some reason. It makes me crazy I don't know why! Must ignore them ;-)

I'm upright most of the day and hunched in the evenings still. I'm only taking one pain pill before bed to help me sleep comfortably. And I'm still seeing that extra lump of swelling above my vertical incision. Will call PS tomorrow to inquire.

Happy healing all!
Aw the joy of freedom. Must be nice. ? When did you start wearing the strips on your incision? I don't have em, just stitches glue & gauze :-(

I didn't anticipate how tired I would be. Wow....

I didn't anticipate how tired I would be. Wow. Woke up at 6:45 to get myself ready. Got kids out of bed at 7:30 and got them cereal and packed their lunches. By the time we left at 8:30 I was exhausted. Had to keep sitting on kitchen stool to rest. Work was ok in itself, but by the end of the day I was sooooo swollen. Like, a whole new level of swelling. Muffin top over the incision. And I have a desk job.

Tonight I came home and sat in my recliner at 5:00 and napped an hour and a half! Now I'm still sitting here. The lethargy can go away anytime now! But I know it'll take longer...hope everyone else is doing well!
You must be so tired. I am really impressed by all that you accomplished in a day. You were busy at home before you even went to work. Pat yourself on the shoulder girl! And keep your feet up as long as possible.
I was beyond tired! Like I was hit by a truck! Lol thans :-) I have had my feet up for 6 hrs now in my recliner. Ready to do it all again tomorrow.
mella_mia my surgeon applied steri strips after surgery. One week later he peeled them off to look at the scar, then applied new ones. I don't have any stitches...how are you feeling??

I've been back to work for 3 days, doing better...

I've been back to work for 3 days, doing better.

I called the PS yesterday a little worried about that swelling above my vertical incision. See new pic, it looked pretty bad. He said let's take a wait and see approach. He thinks it'll go down with time. It's fluid from that vertical closure of my old belly button. If it doesn't he will do a free revision of that area.

Other than that I'm feeling good. Getting stronger every day and walking straighter and sleeping better...all that jazz. Take care everyone!
You look great! Happy healing! Btw, I'm from Akron too!!
Thanks CelesteC3! And hello neighbor!
Glad to hear, keep improving. That's a good ps... Free revision... Most ps would charge some type of fee.

I'm feeling great considering its only been 3...

I'm feeling great considering its only been 3 wks!! I've been back to work since 2 weeks post op. desk job mainly and I'm doing fine. I'm still wearing the binder 24/7. When I take it off my abs hurt and I hunch, so I definitely still need it.

I had a follow up appt today. He said I look great. Scar looks good. I'm so happy with my belly button (it looks exactly like my old one), and my scar is one of the lowest I've seen. He said to wear the binder 4-6 wks or longer if I need it. Also said he really regretted that he couldn't pull my skin down far enough to remove my old bb. He said although I had "abdominal wall laxity" my skin isn't lax ad all. It wasn't very stretchy. That raised area in my other pics is from him sewing my old bb together and the skin kind of "tented" above it. He will revise after 4-6 mos if its still hothering me with a quick minor in office procedure.

I am so thrilled w my results. I look at my before and afters often to remember how much better I look. My swelling hasn't been too bad either. This is the best thing ever!!!! Every day I look in the mirror and smile :-) Happy healing to all!
Erin, your afters look amazing! Great photos you shared with us! I wish I were able to take more, but just haven't felt up to it. My last drain comes out tomorrow so maybe then. I haven't even seen my incision yet ( still taped ).. You went to work at post op 2 weeks?! Thats great! I'd like to go back next week, crossing my fingers! Have a wonderful day! :)
Thanks Lacey!! How's the fissure feeling?? Any relief yet? Yes I returned to work 13dpo, prob a little too soon. I swelled like mad and slept all evening for the first couple days. I hope you're feeling better!!!
I feel much better, knock on wood! :) Amazing what the correct meds will do for ya! Sounds like swelling is our worst enemy for quite sometime!

Well it's been 4 weeks and I was behind happy...

Well it's been 4 weeks and I was behind happy until now. I am soooo bloated or swollen, I can't figure out what it is. I started my period yesterday and I'm praying hard it's bloating. My stomach has taken the shape of my old one (just smaller). It's looking more round, like its sticking out in the middle. And I took my binder off tonight and it was sitting on my lap somewhat :-( My 1-3 week post op pics look better than I do now. Hoping this is normal? And temporary? It's hard to take.
Erin you look terrific! I hope my results get close to as good as yours and I'd b thrilled.
And you're Tt is wonderful
Erin, you look great!!! I am scheduled for meeting the flat side April 5,13. I must say you did wonderful for your post op days wow. Reading your story I hope I can go back to work in 16 days.I took off 16 days and really hope I will be able to go back.I work in a hospital too mainly walking around and I can take sit down breaks as much as I need too. And driving you mention you were driving your kids to school in like 7 days po.Wow!!! Thanks for your story and pics.

I've had somewhat of a setback the past couple...

I've had somewhat of a setback the past couple weeks because I'm not as flat as I was the first 4 wks. I assumed it was swelling, but after a visit to my PS a couple days ago he said I have very little to no swelling. That was somewhat devastating initially, but overall I'm still very happy with my results before surgery vs. now.

My PS theorizes that my lordosis (exaggerated curve of lower spine) and intrabdominal fat have contributed to some relaxation of the abdomen. But I can still enhance it by diet and exercise. Plus even though he says I have no swelling, I really feel like I do. I wake up a little flatter some days, and I am bigger after a lot of time on my feet or a big sodium packed meal. So to me that's proof of some amount of swelling even if its small. Anyhow he is wonderful, I think he everything in his power to get me flat and looking better. His bedside manner is above and beyond and I don't doubt his skill. He reiterated many times that the muscle repair is very tight and that its held up, so I need to work too, in order to get it to where I want. My turn!

I haven't posted in quite awhile due to this hump I had to get over. But in the end I'd do it all again, and I can't even count how many people tell me DAILY that I look thinner, that I look great, that I must be working out...it's obviously been a huge improvement. I'll check in again soon!

I'm uploading pics, so you can see how I appeared flatter the first onto vs. now. But I'm STILL gonna rock a bikini this summer ;-)
Erin!!! What are you worried about?? That's not a pouch. That's swelling!! Did you think you were special and the swell monster wouldn't attack you??? Somewhere between wk 5 & 6 I swelled up so bad I called my ps in a panic. He had me come in because I was SURE I must have had a seroma. Nope. Just a miserable case of the swells. It comes and goes. No worries girl. By summer you will be rockin that bikini for sure!
You are going to rock a bikini! I also feel bigger at times in upper ab area. I am sure you have some swelling. I have never had great posture, recently I have focused on engaging my core thru out the day, driving, sitting, etc. I have found my back feels better and tummy is flatter, just a thought.
Thanks BuffyR, that gives me hope about your feeling bigger in uppper ab area. That's exactly what I'm having. Yes, i agree, i'm engaging my core as much as possible. I'm actually back to wearing a binder, because it reminds me to engage my ab muscles and not let my back arch and my stomach pooch. I have a very weak core, and I'm excited to work on it in the future.

3 mos. post op

I just saw my PS yesterday and things are going well. After 3 mos I feel totally 100%. I hiked for a couple hours Sunday, I'm walking, and can even do ab exercises now with no pain. The only lingering thing is some numbness on the front of my stomach still, but I don't mind it much. My scar is slowly fading. In the end I'm thrilled with my results. I look drastically different than I did before surgery!! I do want a flatter appearance, but I'm going to need to put some work into that myself.

I uploaded some pics of bikinis I bought last weekend. I'm like a kid in a candy store, going crazy buying suits. I used to dread it so bad, and now it's fun!! Hope all my fellow Feb. TTers are doing well also.

3 months post op

I just saw my PS yesterday and things are going well. After 3 mos I feel totally 100%. I hiked for a couple hours Sunday, I'm walking, and can even do ab exercises now with no pain. The only lingering thing is some numbness on the front of my stomach still, but I don't mind it much. My scar is slowly fading. In the end I'm thrilled with my results. I look drastically different than I did before surgery!! I do want a flatter appearance, but I'm going to need to put some work into that myself.

I uploaded some pics of bikinis I bought last weekend. I'm like a kid in a candy store, going crazy buying suits. I used to dread it so bad, and now it's fun!! Hope all my fellow Feb. TTers are doing well also.
Your results are beautiful! The turquoise bikini looks amazing on you!
Gorgeous!!! I loved the turquoise bikini best although you look fantastic in ALL of them!!!
You look absolutely fantastic! What a great transformation! I bet you are gonna rock that two piece too... I know I would if I was you! =]
Michael Yoo

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