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35 and two beautiful kids later. ........happy to get my body back. ..............

Ever since I've had my children I've been very...

Ever since I've had my children I've been very unhappy with my stomach appearence.Getting dressed everyday is a task in itself due to the way I felt I looked. I have been on all type of sites looking up TT and BBL. I finally decided to do it.And I'm so excited and anxious to have it done and over with. I'm a little nervous I'm ready. I go to my pre-op appointment in two days will keep you up dated. These are my before pictures.I hate them.
You will be fine. It's worth it!
Good luck
Best of Luck to you. It will b here before u know it!!

post op appointment. ....

Today I was so excited you would've thought it was the actual day. But my post op appointment went very well has me so pumped and on the count down. The Dr. Was very pleasant and on top of all the questions I came up wit over the last couple of weeks. I had questions about doing my back by my bra strap but she assured me that it wouldn't be a major issue. So I'm so ready to transform over to the flat side words couldn't explain. I know they say always be comfortable in the skin your in and I am but I think I'll be 100% after this takes place. So I will keep you guys posted this weekend I plan on getting all the things I need so I won't b running around like a chicken when the time comes....I'm nervous but I know God has me protected at all times. You all have a blessed and happy day...ttyl
Good luck on your journey! I can't wait to see your results!
Thanks can't wait to update yall
My pre op appointment and testing is scheduled for 7/2/14 and I'm wondering wait they are going to check.. I'm sure my blood pressure but what else? Thanks for sharing !!! God will protect and cover you in Jesus Holy name !!! I will be praying with you.

3 days and counting. ....I'm on the count down

I'm so excited and scared at the same time. Just kinda wish it be over wit so I can get to the healing process. .Keep having these awful dreams though..I'm constantly on Rs it's very motivating....see yall soon with more before pictures....
Good luck on your journey.... 4 days left but who's counting :-)
Lol see I'm discombobulated. ..delusional yes three night and a wake up

Almost o n the flat side......nervous as ever........

Two more days and I'm so excited and anticipating to see my new body! I've been on Rs all day looking at pictures and everyone's stories.I mad my last couple of errands. My children our gone for the momment. I will b getting them in morning to have our mommy and son day since I'll b outta commission for awhile. Breakfast and movies then park. Figured since I will b off for a couple weeks might as well do a couple of heads as well.If there any things I have forgotten or any tips you ladies have for me please feel free to let me know. I'm very nervous so I'll just keep my self very busy until the time I pass out tomorrow night.lol And remember to set a couple alarm clocks for the big day!!!!! 7 am Tuesday morning here I come .......
Yaaa your almost there. You gonna look great. Stay positive and keep us posted
Will do thank you for the incouragement

Tomorrow is my big day!!!!!!!!

Omg my head is killing me. think I been thinking to hard.its not gonna spoil my day tomorrow. ..... almost on the flat side...
7hrs and 10mins...but who's counting. May God be with you in the morning and all is well.

on my way......

Ok saying I'm really nervous at this point would be a understatement. I threw up twice this morning, and my head is still killing me but there is no turning back now. 30 more minutes and I keep yall posted...
You are going to be fine!!! Good luck!!

Finally did it im on the Flat side .....

Hey Rs sister I finally completed my adventure. And even though I haven't looked at it yet I love it already. Just let the hospital around 5 sleepy as heck can't stay woke. Will update yall in the Am.... goodnight
So happy for you! Rest up! Keep up on meds and post when you're feeling up to it!

just one for now

Very affordable.
Congratulations, get plenty of rest and welcome to the new you.

Day 1 is not as bad as I thought. .

Ok once I got home today everything seemed to b ok until people was trying to make me laugh. That was the worst and getting outta the truck was the worst. I didn't get a recliner I have been in my son's bed since it's downstairs was scared to climb the steps to get to my room. So I have a thousand pillows stacked up its pretty comfortable. I'm walking straight not hunched. I do hunch over every now and again though. I went to the bathroom on my own with my hubby by my side getting down was a task just trying to do things as slow as possible. When I was in hospital I found it comfortable to bend on leg in up position took so of my pain away. I'm doing my med on scheduled time couple minutes before just do I don't feel a thing. Other than that I won't speak to soon there is always day 2. But so far Dat 1 is a piece of cake...Still haven't looked at stomach I will when I take shower tomorrow. ...
Congratulations! Take it easy you don't want to stand erect too soon (you don't want to damage the muscle plication). I stayed walking like the hunched back of Notre Dame for at least 2 wks. I'm 4 months post, and my muscles are very tight till this day. It's a long recovery. The swelling goes down and scar tissue eventually gets broken up also. Hang in there. Most of all... Enjoy your new body!
Ok didn't think about it like that hunched over it will b for 2 weeks thank you so much.....
Just follow your doctor's orders regarding this. I have read too many stories of ladies doing too much, too soon then complain about their abdominal muscles feeling laxed. Some have even mentioned feeling a "pop" sensation internally prior to feeling like the muscles were loose. Just compress, compress, compress! Your results will be so much better in the long run!

Day 2 is horrible...

Today has been miserable it's 90 degrees outside an seems like 1000 in this house. My air conditioner is in my room which is up 15 stairs.i tried to make it up there didn't work.im keeping up on the times for my meds. Still walking hunched over walking every hour. So worried about getting blood clots. Other than that I know I have a long rode ahead of me. I'm looking forward to the end results....my stomach feels so tight wish I could poop already heard that makes the tightness feel alittle better. I am very thankful of everyone helping me and my son has been all about me since yesterday he is my hero. ..lol until next time
Is 3500 your total price? I'm in wooster and looking for a good doctor. That's a great price!
Hang in there, I hope that tomorrow will be better for you. See if someone can bring you a fan to put in the room that you are in. I wish you well.

so painful......

I'm so uncomfortable I have pillows everywhere can't get right. Maybe I should have listened to you ladies and rented a recliner.....Here is a couple pictures I'm really bruised up
Yes. Call an make appointment they have to accept you there very professional it's a couple of us that did it great results.summa akron hospital plastic surgery

Day 3....

Ok today started off all bad. I was having shortness of breath so I drove myself to the emergency just to make sure there weren't any blood clots or anything. I was so scared they did all types of test. I have pneumonia so they gave me a antibiotic to take. I missed a dose of pain medicine early and I will never forget that again the pain was unbearable. So not I'm resting in bed hope tomorrow is gonna b better. I did take a shower today and it felt weird.lol my stomach feels like it's not even mine.is that crazy did anyone feel this way. Other than a couple hiccups in this journey I'm still happy with my decision to join the flat side.....


I'm not trying to gross yall out but I never been this excited to poop. Omg I feel so much better because I was starting to try everything from smooth move to milk mag, etc . ...so glad that's over wit.


Still swollen
You look great despite a few hiccups along the way. I'm glad u know your body and went straight to er. And yes i think we all had that surreal moment when we are in shock that this flat belly is really here to stay. Take care luv

yesterday. .

Ok yesterday I went outside for the first time since surgery. My son graduation from pre school. I would have felt so bad if I would've missed it. Everything went fine I sat down the whole time. Afterwards was where it went wrong tried yo walk in Marshalls and a another store I was so tired by the time I hot home my feet and body was in totally swollen. So until I go back for my one week appointment Wednesday imma sit still and relax. I've never been the one to just sit around I always feel like it's something to b done but at this point I understand that my body had been through alot. I haven't had any leakage from my belly button or the incision so I think everything is going fine. I'm also using my aspirator a couple times a day. Until tomorrow

bored outta my mind.

This is so new to me trying to stay in the house I know I need time to heal but it's hard. My kids are helping me out a lot. They ask me every five seconds am I ok. Love them to pieces. So today I'm gonna leave out for a second to run a couple of errands and back to my pillow fort. My tummy is fine really no pain I took one pain pill yesterday trying to wing myself off taking them so much. I'm in swell hell. I go back to Ps Wednesday . I'm excited about seeing my bellybutton and the incision scar there both still covered up. I haven't had any extra bleeding since the surgery. I hope these drains come out to there starting to b a pain. And my significant other won't touch me he hates the site of blood. That's understandable I took a phlebotomy course so it doesn't both me at all..... I ve also been do anxious to go buy some cute little clothes but my ps said no not for awhile.Been trying on all the new sex underwear I bought and u can't see my scar that's so good cause I was worried about that too. Ok until later ttyl Rs sisters..
You look great!!! So happy that you shared your journey with us!!! Happy Healing!!! =))
Thank you so much . And thank you as well for sharing ya story as well I love being on real self everyone is so friendly and cool and we all have a journey to share. You look great as well
Congratulations, sounds like you are recovering well. Still take it easy and good luck on Wednesday.

it's a officially been one week.....

I'm sorry no updates yesterday forgot my password. Yesterday was cool i am still in swell hell but I know that could last for a while. Today I see my ps for the first time since the surgery hopefully these drains come out. They are beginning to bug me. But I know if they don't take them out I'm not ready and that's cool no need to rush I know thee healing process it a long one. Ok until later imma keep me fingers crossed though. Ok tome to g wet dressed that's also killing me nothing fits is this normal Rs sisters. . Smh ok I'm off to hunt for something to wear stretch pants and tank tops have been my best friend all week.

Follow up appointment #

Ok I'm on my way home and I still have my buddy's 1 and 2. The ps said I was still draining to much to remove them I have to wait a couple more days and call Friday for a update and maybe Monday they will b removed. But he also said he was very pleased with the results. And I love the way my belly button looks. I feeling good about my decisions and my results. He taped my insicion site back up cause it was still doing something. That smell was enough for me. But over all I'm Happy... Until Friday . O I almost forgot the pneumonia is still present so I have a different set of medicine to start taking to clear up my lungs. Because I was still having trouble laying down and being able to take deep breathes. So hopefully that'll stop soon. I use the thing they gave me at hospital to breathe in. I think that helps aspirator I think it's call.will post pictures after I get these drains out...

Still here........

Ok so today I was very excited about go to the ps and getting my drains removed. But my body has a mind of its own and thinks it's not time so I'll have have to have them till monday. So tired of this house I had a hot date this weekend. Every time I've been going put I've been finding different ways to hide the tube and drains so people won't stare...lol the other day I had one in between my books in my sports bra and the other tucked on my side and carried my purse over that arm. Lol Other than that nothing has really changed on the 9 th day after surgery... Just laying around trying to give my body so time I return to work tuesday......Until next time ttyl.

Healing in the making.........

On the flatside

spell check

I ment my boobs instead of books...

Me and my friends.....

Monday is the day!no more drains but still in swell hell.....
Yes just like Ms D said Thank you for sharing your story. You look so god. I had to make a double look at you and make sure your after pictures were you. Tats a great transformation. You look so good. Take it slow don't over due yourself. Although I was up and walking day after surgery. So walk rest walk. You looking great
Sorry for typo, you look so good not god. Oops sorry
Thank you hun. I love this site.....everyone's stories. Everyones stories are so helpful...

Did to much. .....

Ok so today I went to mall big mistake. I think I need to just relax cause I was having a lot of abdomen pain I guess from walking upright to long... so I'm taking it easy until I go to dr monday.... hope you all have a happy day.....
Looks great .!!

worst pain ever....

Happy Sunday To ALL My Rs sisters. Today has been a chill day. That is until I w went to the bathroom and accidentally drop my drains and omg the pain I felt I think was worst then the whole tummy tuck itself. It pulled alot on the one side noq e every momment I make hurts really bad so I took pain med s and went to lala land... Come on Monday. ......will update u guys tomorrow on how my dr visit went. Question ladies is there an h vitamins I should b taking for energy or it will come back on its own.
Thank you
Do they charge for consultation and do you have to wear a compression garment for a few months?
Yes consultation is 100. And yes I have to wear cg but I don't how long yet but I've have it on for almost 2 weeks

Drains out finally. .....

Ok today started off ok. Seems like since the surgery I keep having hot spells and so forth. Felt sick to my stomach on way to dr. They removed my drains I didn't feel anything at all when he pulled them out. Once he pulled them out I felt was a gush of water or blood not sure I was trying not to look.i thought they were gonna stitch it up but no he said they heal on they own I thought that was weird. So now I'm in a little bit of pain but nothing my pain meds can't handle. Other than that I'm nervous about going back to work tomorrow taking these tubed has set me back a couple days I didn't know it would be like this...Until next time ttyl. O and I did go purchase me a golds gym waist trainer today imma wear it to work..
looking good lady! I bought the same golds waist trainer a few days ago.
Ughhh I remember I did that one time with my drains…it was horrible! Awful pain. Glad yours are out…such freedom :) haha


Ok so since Monday when I got my drains out I have been in real bad pain. Went to my check up today and it really wasn't anything they could do said it's a stich pulling on my muscles that's causing the pain. Gave me another prescription for pain meds. So now I'm back in the hunch back position and I feel the worst than I've ever felt through this whole ordeal. ...any suggestions Rs sisters and I'm still super swollen..

Back in emergency

For last couple days I've been feeling pain since my tubed were removed. I Woke up this morning and my stomach was badly bruised and had a boil on it. It really freaked me out. In er they say I have no infection and still is trying to figure what the problem is. I still have no regrets about my decision just wish the the whole healing process would b done already. Will update u guys lster.

Doing to much....

Ok so as yall know I went to energency. I left out that I put a heating pad on my stomach trying to ease the pain which probably was nor a good idea since I'm still numb. So the heating pad was to hot which caused the blisters and the bruises I showed 9 my last picture . I was all outta options yesterday I was in so much pain I thought heat would help. Don't laugh now to add to the swelling and the seroma I have bruises and blisters I can't win for losing........

the pain is real......

So over the weekend I have had the worst pain ever when they removed my tubed they damaged some scar tissue. Which is why I am having the pain. Then on top of that I have seroma I'm filled with so much fluid I feel like I am going to pop. This is terrible I thought I was going to be able to work this week not looking to promising. I ho get my fluid drained Wednesday so I hope that helps a little. Never knew this would be like this. ......but all and all I just want to be back normal again soon. ......has anyone else had this problem?
Hey I just dropped in to check on ya! I see your weekend was filled with pain like mine! I ran out of meds and only have Tylenol which is like eating skittles for pain. I have had all kinds of breakdowns, to the point that I have to laugh at myself. Well, I am praying for you! Hopefully once they drain the seroma everything will start to be better for you. You have to slow down and get some rest girlie!
I will and u do the same......will check on you in a couple days. ....

3 weeks out......

Ok sorry u forgot to update on Wednesday when I went to dr. I Was STILL In A Lot Of pain.No one was here to take me so I drove my self had to park all the way around the corner to get to door boy was that a journey. The pain I was feeling undescriable. They said I had seroma push on my stomach and bought out this big needle to drain out the fluids. Since my lower part is still very numb it went right in didn't feel a thing. I felt 50% better. I think next week when he removes all of it I will b really happy with my results because it's still a little swollen at the end of each day along with the fluid so it really kinda hard to tell. Ok on thrusday I gave it a shot at work I sat on my stool a majority of the time. I was very careful not to do to much. I Made It Through THE day. I missed my clients and Co workers very much . My significant other said I was walking a little better. And since the dr y old Me to take the motrion 800 around the clock for my muscle pain and maybe the scar tissue I'm feeling much better. ....still on my rode to full recovery. .... have a good weekend will post pictures soon.

my appointment. .

Today I had a appointment with my ps. They drained out a majority of fluid from my stomach and look at my burn and they say I'm might have to do a skin graft because it's healing pretty bad looking. A third degree burn from a heating pad I think that was the dumbest thing I did this year you live and u learn. Other than that I'm in no pain I really wasn't in any pain when they drained the fluid either I just wanted it out. So now I'm working on dealing with the swelling. I have a appointment in a week and if it's it's alot of fluid like today their gonna put 1 drain back in., I can only imagine how that's gonna hurt. Healing process please b over soon please. I can't workout yet either buy I can start on the vitamins.....
Just checking in to see how's your burn? I hope that it's less painful now and has started to heal. I hate that now you have a burn mark on such a beautiful flat stomach. I pray that you have smooth healing.
Thank you for asking. Yeah I'm still numb so I don't feel anything really but I'm alittle depressed about the burn though. It looks so terrible. No belly shirts for me......
I'm sorry I'm so late. Yeah I hope things get better for the both of us. Lol

Recovering better.

Today everything was ok been having a migraine the last couple days. Also been a little worried about my results I've been so swollen lately by the time 3 o clock hits I look like I'm pregnant. ...since they drained my fliud it hasn't came bacj at least not as much they drained 300 cc last week. So hopefully when I go wed. He can tell me some good news and look at my awful burn.... I wish I can get back to my regular scheduled program I'm super tired all the time......will update you guys later..... I am excited about how my clothes fit me now no more wardrobe malfunctions....

Doctors appointment. ..

Today at my ps appointment things went well. I was suppose to get a drain placed back in but my fluid is producing less so no more drains. MY BURN IS HEALING perfectly even though it looks very ugly he said it's doing good on the healing part. So I have to follow up next next week...Until next time..
Just checking on you to see how you are recovering/healing.
Hey thanks for asking 8mm doing ok just so sick of this ugly burn on my stomach. Can't believe u did this to myself . But I won't complain it could be worst..... I'm at dr now imma post a picture once I leave. When is the swelling gonna stop how long did yours last?
I don't know. I haven't had my procedure yet, I go tomorrow. Wish me luck.

ps appointment yesterday

Ok so I was told everything with my TT is fine and healing goos. They didn't have to drain anymore fliud which is great. Some layers of skin have fallen of my burn and the rest they scraped of do now it's on its way to the healing stages. Here is a picture before they scraped the layers off and a picture of me on my way o

a picture

Gm luv's... How are you feeling now? I see that you had a burn on your stomach. I Pray that is healed by the Blood of Jesus & that it looks even better than what it looked like prior to the burn. BTW- your results looks great, you're super flat. I'm almost 3 mos out and not as flat as I would like it.We shall keep pushing and Pray for one another.... AMEN...take care...Much Love to you!
Hey girlie... I'm doing good other than the swelling. My burn is doing doing much better and yes I hope it looks decent when it's all healed up. And yes imma pray on it. And u looking good already you still got o couple months for it to b completely healed you will flat as u wish to b. And make sure ur eating right..

loving the skin I'm in.....

Hello sisters hope everyone been doing OK and taking it easy. It was officially two months for me yesterday and I'm loving the new me, only thing is the daily swelling that I hate . Hopefully it'll stop soon. And can anyone tell me when my coo coo is gonna return to its normal size....lol I'm just saying this is crazy .....I'd rather have a camel toe but instead I have a camel hump.....
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Yes I would love to know as u see I have both. ..and need to get rid of

Two months .......

Loving me.......

challenges. .

Everyday I feel like I'm getting back to my old self. I'm still wearing my girdle everyday and still sleep in my binder feels weird when I dont...These pictures are in morning before swell he'll start
Could u please give the information for your doctor? You look great!
This photo is challenging to see. Is this a side profile? Glad that you are loving your results.
Sorry yes that is a side view. Sorry hair was all over my head. ...I'll post another one soon.


Today had been a good day my swelling after 2 and a half months is the worst by end of the day. I've read that if you have to thongs done like lipo and tuck it swells a little longer than two months. So im waiting on my time.I'm super flat on morning until I get to walking around.here's a few pictures.
Summa Akron hospital.in Akron Ohio...

4 months.....

Hello haven't been in a minute everything been going ok. I tried going to boot camp after PS gave me the ok to exercise. And it was a mess I ended up damn near passing out I was in so much pain. Where my drains was hurt so bad. Doctor said mild exercise no intense work out like that....Other than that everything is still normal. Did swelling thought this part would b over with by now. I still wear my griddle because once it swells it feels funny.if I get to swollen it feels like little pins pricks..crazy right but I won't complain still loving my new body. Birthday is next month hope I Dont swell to bad I wanted to wear a belly shirt...lol


A couple pictures on my stomach now...
Looking good. Keep up the good work.
Dr Lan

My first consultation was cool he explained everything I wanted to know because I had a list of things to ask. He assured me what would work for me. I'VE DECIDE to have the TT and lipo

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