Once a Year my Dermatologist Removes Age Spots on my Face with Liquid Nitrogen. He's Fantastic!

Each brown spot is usually smaller than the tip of...

Each brown spot is usually smaller than the tip of a q-tip but looks awful and only gets worse untreated. The trick is the ability of the dermatologist; going deep enough to remove the discoloration but not so deep that there is lightening or scarring. It's so much kinder than a facial chemical peel. The day of treatment the spot is pink and stings. The next few days the pick spot turns dark due to the dead skin (conceal with make-up). By one week the spot is gone. My doctor charges about $100 for removing 13 spots.


How far is Dr. John's office from the airport in OKC? Can you get their by taxi? Worth a trip to find a good derm. That's been my experience. It's been well worth it to travel to find expertise.
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Come to OKC and have this done with my doctor! Many doctors who are less experienced treat very conservatively in order not to cause the dark spot to scar and appear white when it heals. For that we can only be grateful! But Dr John is amazing! My husband also has his spots removed and neither of us has ever had a spot whiten or return. My sister had it done on the back of her hands in Atlanta and said it was painful. I don't know what she paid but you certainly paid alot. Come to OKC when the weather cools off and see Dr John. It takes about 2 months to get an appointment but he's the real deal. When you make your appointment let them know what treatment you are requesting. Some insurance companies cover it if you are at risk for skin cancer and this is preventative.
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I recently visited a derm in Palo Alto, CA to try liquid nitrogen on a few sun spots on my face and 2 large ones on my hands. She told me upfront that the clinic charges $500 for 5 spots. I thought, well it's worth $500 to get rid of these damn things! She dabbed on the LN with a q-tip on five spots but I had some on my lower arms I hated also so we chose another 5 spots. $1000!

It was easy, quick and didn't hurt. The spots on my face have not gone away. I know she was being cautious so as not to go too deep and cause white spots, but I am disappointed. The spots on my hands and arms have lightened up considerably and I am very pleased with that.

But I can't help but think, "While you're here with a cup of LN and a q-tip would it be so wrong to touch a few others while we're at it and not ring up $100 for each touch?" I have some on my legs I would love to get rid of too but don't want to spend thousands of dollars more!

It would be worth it to fly to see your guy in Oklahoma! EVERYTHING costs so much more here - the most expensive place to live in this country.
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