After TCA Peel for Stretch Marks (At-Home)

Picture of my thigh after 50% tca peel from online...

Picture of my thigh after 50% tca peel from online store (was done on both thighs). My reason for doing this was to lighten up my many stretch marks but made it 100x worse as you can see.

It has been about 2 months now and it has only lightened up a bit because i have been applying Vit E. Will the scars fade away with time or is this someting im going to have to live with? I dont want to have to see a Dr because it is very embarrassing. I will definitely not try this again. Someone please help.


I've been using the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark Treatment for 3 weeks now and I've seen amazing results in my stretch marks. They're a lot less visible then they were before so I definitely encourage people with stretch marks to try this product.
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There are a few things but the two most important components need to be the ability to boost collagen production and to enhance the elasticity of the skin. The presence of stretch marks is intensified when collagen production is reduced and elasticity is weakened.
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D; YOU MUST MUST MUST DILUTE THE SERUM LADIES. Oh sweet Jesus. 50% is way too powerful to be done without a medical professional! You have to dilute it to about 25% preferably 15! It'll take longer but it won't ruin your skin. Do your research next time.
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Hello Everyone :) I wanted to let you all know...

Hello Everyone :) I wanted to let you all know that the ugly brown spot that you see in the picture is no longer there, it has completely diapered 100%
although it did take about a bit less than 2 years I'm just so happy that
I no longer have to see that when getting undressed. It was awful and I wont be doing that again. ooooh yea and just to remind you I did this on both of my thighs. :O


When you used HQ and kojic acid did it peel your skin or just lighten it?
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just lighten it
Thank you :P
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