After 6 Years I Ave Regained Every Ounce and Now Have a Host of Horrible Side Effects

My starting weight was 340. After my surery I lost...

My starting weight was 340. After my surery I lost 165 pounds in less then a year. I had no major complications at first and was happy as a clam with the results. Fast forward 6 years later. I have regained all the weight plus an additional 45 and now weigh 385 plus i have bald spots, multiple vitamin deficiency that has led to weekly vitamin injections, all my top teeth are gone due to acid wear. I look 60 instead of 40. Like many I am have uncontrollable flatulence and smelly stools. Due to this I am no longer welcome at most family gatherings. I am now trying to just hang on, emotionaly and spiritually.

Two of my sisters who were as big as me opted to try eat healthy foods, mainly a plant based diet and have shed 90 pounds over a period of 4 years. They look young and beautiful. We went out last week and I was mistaken for their mother and they are both older then me by 18 months and 3 years.

I would give anything to go back in time and opt out of this barbaric procedure.

I sit around eating ritz crackers and blending up Ben and Jerry smoothies. These are some of the few foods I can keep down and yes I am an emotional eater. News Flash - the gastric bypass does not change your behavior!!!

My advice to anyone considering this is to listen to what people say that have had it going on 5 years out.

If you had asked me one year out I would have recommeded it highly.  I also drink now and I never did before.

RNY 5/14/2008. Thank you for sharing your story. I got off track for about a year, but I have since corrected my old behaviors (only after they pain of remaining the same became greater than my fear of change). I'm back to doing what the doctors tell us to do... Protein shakes, vitamin supplements, small meals, and no starchy or sugary carbs. It's hard. I'm still a addicted to overeating. I've struggled with several other addictions as well (drinking, etc.). It was clear that those things were killing me, so I got help. It's not as easy to see how overeating can kill me too. I need to be reminded what can happen if I don't live this program. Gastric Bypass is not for wimps. Many people think we took the "easy" way out. We know the truth. It takes daily maintenance for the rest of our lives, or the consequences can be deadly. I still have no regrets-- Only that I didn't do it sooner.
Had my by-pass 6 years ago and I couldn't be happier. I am about 5'6" and I weighed about 260 lbs at the time of my surgery. Six years later I weigh about 168 lbs which is probably about 10 lbs over where I should be but hey I know how to lose the weight I just don't. In the end by losing the weight I have probably extended my life by 10 years since I was able to completely come off of every diabetic medication I was on at the time. My life has never been happier and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.
I am 6 years out from a vertical sleeve. My post exercise plans were waylaid when extremely painful periphial neuropathy was triggered by the surgery causing many months in bed until finally the right medication cocktail was applied to me. My stamina has never recovered to my pre surgery level. I suffered through 4 post surgery hospitalizations for dehydration and other things. I went on a cruise 8 months post op in a wheel chair. The lyrica is the only reason I am not in a wheelchair right now. I had nausea and vomiting for the first 10 months on an almost daily basis and even now I intermittently throw up my supper. It took 2 years for my hair to get back to normal. My flatulence is something I live with and many times I avoid social interactions because of it. My post surgery bowel movements regularly stop up commodes at home and also when we travel. I have consulted doctors and am assured nothing is wrong. Now I attend water exercise classes which is the best and only way for me to get exercise. I use a rolling walker as a tool to give me more mobility choices due to my arthritus. Not complaining, just explaining. I once more face dietary meal plan changes as now I am no meds to reduce uric acid and will now exist on skim milk/low fat greek yogurt smoothies and lots of veggies. My gouty arthritus was triggered by trauma suffered due to a fall. Would I have had the surgery if I had known the complications? YES YES YES. Obesity is 'complicated' with many contributing factors. The WLS surgery is a tool for us to use in our lifetime battle. I still have issues in keeping myself hydrated and that is a daily battle that is here to stay. I wish everyone well who has had or is considering WLS. Like all surgery procedures, complications can occur which cannot be predicted. Each of us must weigh the risks and the benefits. It was the right decision for me.
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