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I had a rhinoplasty few days ago. I wanted the...

I had a rhinoplasty few days ago. I wanted the nostrils to be brought inward and the rest of my nose to be narrowed a little due to large tip and roundness.

I looked in the mirror on day two. When I took off my drip pad, I wanted to cry, scream,etc. My nose looks like Miss. Piggy and Pinnocichino(mispelled) all in one. I am so shamed to show my face even to my family. I don't know what to do.

I feel let down by my surgeon. During my consultation, he did a digital photo on the computer to show me what my outcome would be. I was very please with what he showed me. I saw other pictures of his work. I was very pleased. This is why I decided to have rhinoplasty. I wished I had my old nose back. I don't even look like my self. I am trying very hard not to be depressed. I don't know what to do. Maybe with a little more time, my nose will change. I am just confused. What can be done?

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Other pictures I saw of patient with Rhinoplasty he did looked very good. Somehow my surgery did not come out correctly. Maybe I wasn't a good candidate and the other patients were. I don't know. I'm just sad at this moment.

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my eyes are droopy at the outside corners, giving me a dopey look.
my nose is not narrower.
it was a complete waste of money.
i hope this guy goes out of business or gets sued or something. i wasted so much money for nothing.
i looked on the internet and you can't sue because you don't like the way your plastic surgery turned out. you have to be completely disfigured to have a chance at winning a lawsuit. so i am stuck.
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Can you tell me which doctor you went to and where?
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Can anyone refer a goooooood revision doctor for African Americans???? Love247 I know how you feel. I had my nose done years ago and the tip is too high and narrow. Please let us know what if you nose improve.

Suebie12 how is yours looking? Have you noticed any improvements?
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I had a rhinoplasty done almost 4 weeks ago. People tell me they don't see a difference, including my husband. My nose is still very large. My 4-week appointment with my doctor is this friday. I hope my nose gets smaller. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in praying for a better result. Perhaps being an African American has a lot to do with the results we are seeing. I also had lower bleph done to remove the line of fat along my eyelashes. Now I have unsightly lumpy scars in place of the original fat. I'm unhappy and I will see what my doctor says this Friday. Let's pray for each other.
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Hello, and I am so saddened to hear of your situation. I am an African-American woman and I have had a nose too big for my face my whole life. I would love to have a nose job. My nose projects too far and is too wide. I feel afraid to go forward because I have heard stories similar to yours. Do you have any advice on what questions I should ask a surgeon? It all sounds like it is a matter of luck, since you can look at spurious photos or talk to people that may not have even had the work done. I am in charlotte, NC and I am praying for you.

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Since you have just recently had the operation done I would wait until your nose is fully healed to evaluate it, you are still healing and the results are not finished. When your nose is finished healing the tip of the nose drops, which is why when it's first done the tip seems so high (aka the miss piggy look)and the swelling decreases. A lot of doctors leave the bandages on for about 5 days because they don't want you to see the result too soon, like you did on only day 2. Talk to your doctor and explain to him your fears, maybe he can put you at ease. Since you liked the after pictures I would wait until you are at the point that those people were when they had their photos taken to finally judge your nose. I hope your nose turns out to be something you love and not something that is causing you so much hurt, but I would give it some more time. If it truly is as bad as you think after you are **fully healed**, you can always go to another doctor and look into getting a reversal done. Good luck.
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Would you care to share a few photos of yourself? Perhaps we could help you put things in's very normal to feel that you look strange right after rhinoplasty. Given time, most patients find that they like their new look, especially if you've researched your doctor and seen his before and after photos, which you did. And yes, swelling lasts for quite some time.

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I would post pictures, but I am too ashame of my results at this time. I am trying very hard not to cry and become depressed. I wished I had searched a little more about rhinoplasty(the beginning and ending of what to really expect). I thought I did. My results are telling me differently. Sorry no pictures at this time. I am not pleased with what I see. Call me Miss. Piggy because I have her nose right now. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a different look. I'm hoping for what the surgeon and I discussed. Also I am hoping for the look of the image of my nose that was view from the digital picture. Thanks for your concern. It is good to know that others care. love247
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How is it now?
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Hi love247 -- Sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience. It's very likely that your nose is still swollen, so the shape can still change. Here are some Doctor Q&A pages with more information:

Upturned pig-like nose after Rhinoplasty

Nose tip upturned after Rhinoplasty

When did swelling go down after your Rhinoplasty surgery?

Good luck with the rest of your recovery and please keep us updated on your progress.

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Thank you Sharon. I had my cast removed today. The tip dropped a little. But it still looks pig style. The narrowing area where the cast was is very humped in the air with dents on the rightside. The tip is very large. The positive comments I have read on the internetaboutrhinoplasty states the best results are yet to come. I am praying for my change because I do not look like myself. WOW! What was I thinking when I decided on this procedure. I wanted a nose improvement.Lets see what the weeks and months will bring. Thanks for caring. You are an angel to take time out to keep others encourage while going through difficult times. love247
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how is your nose? i am praying it looks 1000% better.
you can see from my posts that my blepharoplasty left me with permanent scars under my eyes and a droopy, dopey look to my eyes because of the sagging of the outside corners.
my nose is also not narrower or smaller, which is what i explicitly asked for.
i even stopped going to my follow up appointments. all the ps would do is take pics for his scrapbook and tell me to be patient. it was insulting to my intelligence.
i would advise anyone who is african-american to get an african american ps.
hope you are doing better.
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