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What a Godsend. It really is all about the...

What a Godsend. It really is all about the specialist and how they use this technology. My laser specialist actually has New York Plastic Surgeons coming to watch him during his procedures as he has gets outstanding results. In ONE treatment the heavy wrinkles round my eyes and especially on my cheeks near my nasal folds were completely filled out and reduced in number from 39 to 14 (recorded with pre and post camera data photo scans at the surgery, that's under half of all wrinkles GONE in one session.

I have just had my second session yesterday and we were even more aggressive this time, I already can see incredible results and it looks like I have virtually no wrinkles left this time. The Affirm laser treatment is tightening my sunken cheeks and heavy nasal labial folds and firming my lip line and there is a new volume and elasticity to my skin that simply had disappeared in the last few years. My story is pretty awful. I am still quite young, 47, and on the recommendation of a Dermatologist 8 years ago I had liposuction to reduce the nasal labial folds.

What a nightmare. It was the very wrong thing to do and any surgeon that still practices this should be fined. Nasal labial folds need to be pumped up, not emptied out like a sad gas tank. My cheeks sagged, my under eyes had lost a lot of their natural fat; this surgeon went beyond too far. When I showed him the results he suggested I get a face-lift and ran a mile. Two fat skin grafts later, neither of which held for long but at least attempted to help the situation,

I slipstreamed in to the world of botox and fillers and even considered a Lifestyle lift. Luckily the attending surgeon told me I was not a candidate and it was not a good solution. I saw two Surgeons in New York who both applied filler and suggested a face-lift when I was ready. To make matters worse I slipped in to an early menopause and lost even more elasticity in my neck in particular. I was advised that laser treatment would not help me, I would need more invasive treatment. A surgeon offered to try Sculptra but I didn't feel confident about this filler. I researched in this forum and ascertained at the time the only really positive results for Sculptra in New York were for the clinic mentioned above. It's a gorgeous clinic, spacious and aesthetically calming and serene, every step of the way you are treated with respect and concern to make you feel better heart, body and soul.

You are considered with privacy and everyone is a VIP, doesn't matter who you are or aren't. The staff, specialists and doctor are real people. Before I had my first laser the Doctor explained clearly why I should have this procedure before Sculptra - in my case - and I am so glad he took the time to explain why this was right for me. After my initial consultation it was made clear to me that the Affirm lasering would be more beneficial overall and then I could add some scultra as the finishing touch later on down the road. It's recommended to have 5 laser sessions and they offer a package that is very fair. I couldn't even afford that and so initially opted for just two treatments and I can't believe after 8 years of internal trauma, grief and anger for having toyed with what I had in the first place, that I could see my old face coming back, the face I knew before the first surgery 8 years ago. I am overjoyed and so impressed with the techniques applied.

My specialist, is the King of this field, he has had the treatment himself and understands the sensitivity and discomfort you can feel. He was laughing at me yesterday because I was smiling while he was doing it, I was so excited. Yes it hurts, but nothing hurts more than having a Surgeon disfigure you and here was my specialist repairing this damage and giving me a new outlook and a fresh face. Trust me, before you go the way of surgery consider the Affirm as huge step forward in technology that allows us to restore our youthful looks and then if you want you can add some Sculptra or filler if you need once you have got your skin in great condition. Drink plenty of water going through it as you must be well hydrated. I don’t hold the redness for too long. I had deep wrinkle grooves in my neck that have almost disappeared and they were very red last night after treatment and now almost normal, My face is still quite red but will be fine by tomorrow. I am overjoyed.

I just wanted to add I had both face and neck area...

I just wanted to add I had both face and neck area for that rate! Really worth it as my neck area had sun damage and had lost a lot of collagen. It's now been a week since the second one and I have vast improvement overall. The quality and thickness of face and neck skin is improving and the skin is so much firmer.
Le Docteur in New York City, Affirm Specialist Paul J. Freistuhler

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Flavia Alves
Did you get Affirm treatments? If so, did you have good results?
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Are you still showing good results with the Affirm laser?
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I'm interested to have this affirm procedure, i would like to know what's the doctor name and the clinic that she went. thank you
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Hi Flavia, The doctor information is located at the top of the review. You must be signed in to view; this requires free registration for an account. HTH, --Sharon
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thank you!!
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Hi Pamela, Thanks for writing about your procedure. I'm 57 and am interested in trying on my neck and chin area just to firm up a bit. Would be interested in any other comments you have about those areas. With all the procedures out there, difficult to know what works and what doesn't, and worse, how a lot of people seem to have spent a lot of money not getting results they thought they would. That's why I especially enjoyed your article. You seem really happy with results. Desertgirl
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I'm 45 and in menopause. The last 2-3yrs my face has become very lined. I had 2 affirms and a peel. It tightened up my skin slightly, but now I have MORE lines on my face as well as what I can only describe as "pock" marks. My skin is worse than ever! The pain and cost were definately not worth it. I saw a plastic surgeon who said she would do a mini facelift and CO2 laser on me, saying it would definately work, but not until I'm in my 50's. If you can afford to, your best bet is that along with fillers/botox. I've had approx. $10,000 worth of laser procedures over the last 2yrs and nothing worked. Do your research!
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What exactly did you have done for 10,000?
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