I went to Z Aesthetic Dermatology for a free...

I went to Z Aesthetic Dermatology for a free seminar to learn about the coolsculpting procedure. Anyone who went to this seminar would receive 20% off the procedure if purchased that same day. The presentation basically went over the same information that I read on the internet so I didn't learn anything new; however, I did get to see a live demonstration where someone was actually having it done in front of us. After the demonstration, I was able to meet with a nurse who evaluated the locations that bothered me that I may want to have coolscuplted. She put these little measuring things on my belly area to see what size suction cup would be used during the procedure. I required a large one for the lower ab area and smaller cups for any other areas I was curious about. The area that bothered me the most was the lower ab so I decided to make an appointment to have that done in a few weeks. I would have liked to have done more but it is not cheap. That one area with the 20% discount was $1100. I'll see how that goes before deciding to do other body areas. I will write more once the procedure is done.

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Before Coolsculpting Photos

I wanted to share some photos of myself before my Coolsculpting experience. The nurse that evaluated me said that I had an egg shape to my belly versus the more common bagel shape. I agree as you can see the lower portion is heavier than the top giving it an egg-like look. This makes me very self conscious! In certain outfits, it even makes me look pregnant. I definitely don't want to be asked again when I'm due. Crushing!!!

I have seen a plastic surgeon to discuss lipo, and I'm not afraid of going through with that. However, the cost and the down time turned me off. I can't afford to take a week from work to recover as I just started this job and don't have vaction or sick days yet. With Coolsculpting, you can go back to work the same day!!

I'm looking forward to getting this done in 3 weeks!

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11 More Days To Go Until Coolsculpting

So I have 11 more days to go until my coolsculpting procedure. I'm a little nerveous but more excited. I called to confirm my appointment and also to make sure there wouldn't be any additional charges, hidden fees, etc since I already pre-paid for the procedure. I'm all set.

I'm mostly scared about the after pain not the during pain. I keep reading that after 3-6 days it gets really painful as the cells are dying and the body is defrosting. I've been thinking about buying one of those back brace things that you can freeze or heat up to help with the pain. Many recommend getting one to ice your belly when it starts to hurt because nothing else seems to help other than pain meds. I think I might buy one just to be prepared for pain if I get any. Rather have it than not. Plus, it's no more than $20-$30 max. Some are even lower at Walgreens and Wal-Mart.

Will write again either right before my procedure to maybe post photos or discuss how I'm feeling or will write after the procedure about everything.


I had the procedure done at Z Dermatology in October of 2013. I had almost no pain during or after the procedure. After 2 C-Sections, I had a pooch that would not go away with diet or exercise. I am extremely pleased with my results and plan to treat another area at Z Dermatology soon.
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I meant to say October 2012:)
I was at the same seminar. Had my procedure. Severe pain!! I regret having the procedure...I would reconsider if I were you!
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4 More Days For Coolsculpting

So I've been getting some comments about this procedure, and I have spoken to the office staff as well about my concerns. I'm feeling a little better. Of course I'm still a little scared of the unknown, but I'm sure I will be okay. I have decided not to cancel as everyone's bodies react differently to this procedure and I might be okay. What happens to some people may be due to past medical issues, pain tolerance, location of treatment, etc. I do appreciate the concern and warnings, Jkat, but I guess I have to learn the hard way and see for myself. I'm trying to be prepared though.

I'll post before pics again as well as during pics once I have my procedure done. Check back soon!


My experience was not nearly as bad as some people are saying. I tool an 800 mg ibuprofen beforehand when I had my lower abs done. The pins and needles sensation lasted maybe five days... It was its worst around day 5-8. I wore a pair of spanx shorts under my clothing and those helped a lot with the swelling and pain. Lots of girls swear by arnica gel for the pins and needles feeling but it was not something I tried. I only used ibuprofen. Good luck!
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Thanks for the post! My procedure is tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!

Procedure is Tomorrow!!!

I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure I will be fine! I took photos of myself this evening to post and can hopefully get photos during my procedure as well as afterwards to post, too. I'm excited to get started so I can see the results in 2 or so months. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

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Getting Coolsculpting Now As I Type!

So I'm sitting in the chair having my Coolsculpting done as I type. It's not as scary or painful as I read or thought it would be.

When I got to the office, they had me change into a pair of paper like shorts so that the gel pad wouldn't wet my own clothes. She then marked the area to be done with a red expo marker. They then took photos of me from every angle. Next I sat in a comfortable chair that she recline. She then gave me a soft pillow and put a blanket on my legs. The gel pad was then placed on my tummy. It felt wet and a little cold but not bad. The Coolsculpting machine was then aligned with the marks on my belly. I was nervous. She told me to take deep breaths. She pressed one of the two buttons on the head of the machine. That turned the suction part on. This was the part that was the most uncomfortable as it pulled my fat into the chamber to be frozen. It felt like a pull and pinch. Once I got over the initial shock of this action it was okay. She then pressed the second button which turned on the freeze part. It felt warm at first then like a massage then cold. I got used to it quickly. I'm now 45 mins into my treatment. Nothing is bothering me other than I need to use the restroom as I've been drinking water. Oh. I forgot to mention, it was hard to breath at first so I was taking shallow breathes but I got used to the suction and was able to return back to normal breathing. I'm excited for this to be done. Got less than 8 minutes to go. The nurse just checked in and said she's gonna do a massage on my belly after the machine is removed. I'll write more soon and post photos, too!

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Procedure Done. Waiting Game Now.

So my procedure is done. When the hour was over, the nurse took the suction device off my belly. The gel pad and fat were frozen into a butter stick like look. It didn't hurt. The release of the suction device was a relief. She then took off the pad and massaged the fat. This did not hurt at all. I actually enjoyed it. Didn't feel tender or anything. When done, I stood up and she rapped me in a bandage and gave me some aftercare instructions to take home. I took photos of my belly after the massage. It's just red. The redness is almost gone now as its been 30 minutes since I left the office. Now it's a waiting game to see results. I'll keep you posted.

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One Day After Coolsculpting

After the procedure, I went home and changed then went out with one of my friends for a walk. I felt no pain at this time. I went about the rest of my day and didn't even realize I just had something done! When I got home, I took a bath and washed off the red marker on my belly from the Coolsculpting markings. It came off pretty easily with soap, water and a wash cloth. I wrapped myself back up in the ace bandage. I still had no pain. Every once in a while my stomach would itch from the bandage feeling but other than that it was okay. Then I went to lay on my bed around bedtime. My cat decided to climb up on the bed and walk ON MY BELLY! OMG. That hurt as her little paws sunk into the spots I just had suctioned! It felt like I was bruised and someone punched it. Once she got off, it didn't hurt so bad. I then went to sleep. I did not wake up with any pain during the night. The next morning (today), I took a shower and just felt a little sore. No major pain. Also, I don't have any bruising and am hardly swollen at all. So far so good. Will keep you posted.


I hope you get good results. Price not bad at all!
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Thank you! Me, too!!! So far no results but it's only been 2 days and results aren't supposed to happen for a few weeks to months.

Second Day After Coolsculpting

It's been two days now since my Coolsculpting procedure. I still don't have any bruising and hardly any swelling. It is more sore today though than it was yesterday. I noticed this when I had to get dressed for work and the pants rubbing or touching my stomach made it hurt. I wore loose fitting sweat pants over the weekend so didn't notice so much. To help with the pain, I just left the pant button undone and pulled my shirt over it and all is well. My stomach is sore to the touch. Just feels like a big bruise under the skin but that's the worse of it. It's tolerable. I just have to be sure not to touch my stomach. Other than that, I don't notice anything is wrong. I slept throughout the night again so it's not keeping me up.


I'm so glad the procedure went smoothly and without pain. Thank you for sharing!

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Day 3 and Day 4 After Coolsculpting

So I'm on the fourth day after my Coolsculpting procedure. Day three my stomach still felt tender but did not hurt as much as day two. I could actually touch my stomach without that pain I had the other day. Same goes for day 4. The spot that is the most sore is right under my belly button. Not sure if it's because the skin is thinner around the belly button or that spot bruised more under the skin, but if I touch that spot, it has the most tenderness. Really my pain has been almost none. I would say maybe a 2 out of 10 and that's if I touch my belly. So for me, so far so good.

I have not seen any results yet but I wasn't expecting to at this point. That would be unrealistic. I have been taking measurements though before and after the procedure. I went from a 34" to 35.5" to 36" in the area done so I have gotten a little swollen. That's not out of the ordinary for me though as the same thing happens when I get close to my time of the month or when I eat certain food, too. In any event, the only discomfort really is when I have to wear dress pants to work and they are a little tight so I have to keep them unbutton and hide that.

I will write more in the next few days to let you know if there are any visible or pain changes.

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Day 5 After Coolsculpting

So yesterday everything went well as I wrote in the above update; however, I wanted to add that my stomach did start to itch on day 4 (yesterday). I would rub or scratch it to relieve this feeling but no pain.

Last night, I woke up several times but I don't think it's related to the Coolsculpting. I had some spicy food last night and I'm having heartburn in my chest and slight stomach pain (maybe gas). It's not the part of the stomach that I had suctioned that hurts. It is in the upper GI part so again, I don't think it's related.

This morning I haven't had any pain. I just have a little discomfort from my pants against my stomach, which still feels bruised but doesn't have any bruises visible. Would be nice to wear pjs or sweats to work but that's not going to happen!

I'm anxiously awaiting to see if I get any pain that I've been reading about. It seems to happen between days 4-8 so I'm in that time frame right now. So far so good but we'll see. Fingers crosssed that I get through this pain free!


I live in metairie and I am scheduled to have the procedure done next Wednesday, September 18. I am planning to have my lower abs done using 2 large cool sculpt panels. I am very nervous after reading all of these reviews and complaints of severe pain, sensitivity and itching lasting for a week or more. I am serious considering canceling my procedure so I am following your progress closely. Good luck and I wish you a speedy and pain free recovery.
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Seriously, unless I'm not the norm, I have not had much if any pain at all. I was so nervous that I almost cancelled. I'm glad I did it. Even if it doesn't work, I can say I tried it. I'm not sure how two large coolsculpting panels is going to work in the lower ab section as one is large enough to get the area usually. Maybe they are using two small ones? I'm on my 7th day and still no pain. It itched maybe for a few minutes or so one of the days but not since. Mine is still just a little sensative to touch. No cramping, not much bloating, no stinging, etc. I probably scared myself too much by reading all the reviews. It's not that bad.

Days 6 and 7 After Coolsculpting

There were no changes on day 6 or 7. I still don't have any pain other than it being a little sore when touched. It has not been itchy, crampy or painful. My heartburn has also gone away. I still don't have any visible bruising. I'm not sure if I'm the exception as I had read many reviews about pain. I haven't had any. I think I have passed the stage when I would feel it but I think I've read up to day 10. So I'll keep you posted of any pain changes or visible changes.

For those looking to get this done, I'd say go for it as everyone's experience is different. Although someone else may have felt pain, doesn't mean you may!


Thanks for the remark. I went ahead with the procedure and I haven't had any pain either (during or after). I'm waiting for results! :)
I have had the procedure and haven't had any pain *during or after. I'm sorry you had severe pain. Maybe you had more than one section done, had medical problems or something else that increased the pain level? I had a good experience and if I get results I would do this again. Thanks for your advice though. I hope things get better for you.
I have not had to use the ice pack that I bought. I got it just in case I would need it but so far I haven't had to use it.

Day 8 Bloated But No Pain

I'm on day 8 and feeling great other than looking bloated. I've been a little bloated from the procedure but also now its that time of the month so extra bloated. I wanted to share that with you as I was wondering how this procedure would effect my body when having a period but it doesn't. I don't think I read one review that mentioned that. I still don't have any pain. It's still tender or sore but only to the touch. I'm posting photos of me 8 days post Coolsculpting. Not much difference yet (may look a little worse here due to the bloating).


They suggested two large panels (with a small overlapping section at the midline, below my belly button) to cover from about hip bone to hip bone. I have had 3 kids, 2 c-sections and have sagging skin in lower abs. I know cool sculpting won't get rid of skin, but hope it will help with some of the fatty tissue that is in that area. I have decided to post-pone my treatment session and will try to lose a few more pounds before doing cool sculpting. I was worried about having an increased risk of pain/itching/sensitivity/etc in the area that would be overlapped by the 2 panels. I have not heard of anyone else having this done so I may seek a second opinion also. Good luck and I am anxiously awaiting your final results and hoping you continue to have a pain-free recovery. Btw, did you just have 1 large panel or a small panel?

Day 9 Feeling Pretty Good

I'm on day 9 after coolsculpting and I'm feeling pretty good. I don't have any bloating pain or discomfort (although I still look bloated). My stomach sensitivity isn't as sensitive. The hard part now is waiting to see results. I can't wait to see what I look like in a month or two. I'd be disappointed with no changes. I hope I have at least a slight change. Will keep you posted.


I had the CoolSculpting procedure about a year ago and I am very disappointed. The pain was moderate for the first 10 minutes during the procedure, but afterwards it was fine. It was tender for 24-48 hours afterwards, but nothing to uncomfortable. After 3-4 weeks my results were ideal. I had my lower abdomen done. They said I may need two more procedures done on my love handles if I wanted perfect results, but I was perfectly happy with just a 20-40% improvement. Unfortunately, what they do not tell you, is that the fat cells that left over will overcompensate for the fat cells that have been lost, those fat cells will store even more fat, which left me with an even larger pouch than I originally had. I am extremely disappointed. The first day I went there, I told them I did not intend to have any future procedures done. Had I know this information, I would have never of had it done. The place I went to is in Orlando. Reflections Dermatology. Now they will not even return my calls to discuss it. They have not returned ANY of my calls. I sent an email to them, and they replied 3 months later, instead of returning my call. Completely unprofessional.
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Thanks for the comment, Billnet500. During my consultation and the free seminar, they did tell us that the cells that are left can still store fat and you can gain. Obviously if people aren't eating healthy they will gain back what they lost. I don't know if it's a overcompensation in the cells the remain or just general gain regardless if you had your old cells back or not. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the derm office not getting back to you at all. That's totally unprofessional. My office got back with me and my concerns within 3 days if not the same day. I'm hoping to get results and keep them that way. I have changed my diet some by drinking more water and less of all the other drinks. I have always eaten okay. I don't really excercise but I probably should start.
I had one large panel below my navel. They suggested two small ones above navel to even out the egg shape but I wanted to try one section first and see the results before paying for more sections. Waiting a bit and getting a second opinion is a good idea. Don't even tell them what the other people said until you hear their suggestion. Good luck!

Days 10 and 11 Almsot Forgot I had Anything Done

The last two days have gone by without me even thinking about my belly. I hardly have any sensativity or soreness. I can touch, massage and push in my belly without having any pain. I think I might be past the stage when I'm scared pain is coming. At this point I'm just waiting for results. I'm going to try not to think about my belly for the next two weeks as it will drive me crazy checking for results every day and not seeing anything as it's too soon. I'm just hoping that it's not the more pain you feel the better results you get cause if that's the case I won't be seeing results!!! I'll update you if I have any changes in pain or shape. Keep checking back as I'll post after photos!


Glad your feeling better. Did you ask your doctor how soon you should expect results?
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I forget what they told me but I think they said anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months I will start to see changes.
Results should be just around the corner, I think my tummy and flanks started smoothing out a bit around three weeks after I had the procedure. I just posted some pics showing my before, at four weeks and again at eight weeks on my review if you care to see what they look like.
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Almost 3 Weeks Post Coolsculpting - No Results Yet

So it's about day 19 and I don't notice any results yet. I know it can take up to 2-3 months though so I'm not surprised I don't see anything. I don't have any pain, soreness or sensativity. It's like I'm back to "normal." I'm just anxiously waiting for some results now.


Just curious to know if you are seeing any changes yet ?
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None yet. The 7th will mark one month.
Make sure to take pictures. I didn't think I had any progress at four weeks but from looking back at photos I did see changes that early.

1 Month Post Coolsculpting No Results Yet

Yesterday was my one month mark of having had coolsculpting done. I haven't noticed any results yet. I know there is the possibility that I could get results up to three months so I'm trying to stay hopeful. I still look pregnant in my opinion. I'm just hoping that results aren't based on the pain one can feel as I had read that when the cells die, you can feel pain. If that's true, I haven't had any pain so does that mean cells aren't dying? I can post photos but there hasn't been any changes that I can tell. I'm just hoping for some kind of result, even a little bit, to make it worth the time and money.


Wishing you good luck with your final results. I've never heard of this treatment before. I hope all turns out for you.XxXx
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Thanks so much. I think it's a fairly new thing. I'm hoping for some results but nothing yet.

1 month post photos

See if you agree. I don't see any positive changes from one month ago. So far it hasn't been worth it. Let's hope I see changes in another month. If not, I wish I used this money toward lipo or breast! We will see. Trying to stay positive.


I have had the coolsculpting done on upper stomach and both flanks, tried lower ab but the pressure/pinch was way too painful, got really sharp pain so we stopped and I will be having an ultrasound to make sure I do not have a hernia or tear in scar tissue from previous surgeries (appendectomy & hysterectomy). It has been a week since having my procedures done and I am swollen and feel the pins and needle feeling and numbness. Hoping it goes away soon.
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I wonder if you put your before photos back to back with your four week pics if it's easier to tell a difference? I just posted my three month progress for my hips and lower abdomen today and there is a huge difference at three months.
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I actually tried to do that but the apps on my phone wouldn't let me size them correctly. I might just do like you did and print them and lay them next to each other and take photos!

Considering Lipo - Your Opinion Please!!

Ok so I need your opinion ladies! I had coolsculpting on 9/7. It's been 1 month and 14 days since I had it, and I don't see any results yet. I know it can take up to 3 months to see results so I'm trying to be patient. Here's the thing, I have off from December 21 - December 29. I am planning on having a breast augmentation during this time which would allow for plenty of recover time. Usually surgeons offer a discount if you get more than one procedure done at the same time. So, I'm considering lipo on my stomach area (the area I had treated and my flanks). Do you think I should not get the lipo and wait to see the results or do you think I should get the lipo because the results might be minimal anyway with coolsculpting (usually 20% decrease in size if that)? I just hate to think I wasted over $1,000 on coolsculpting when I could have used that for something else.


WOW I'm sorry you don't see any results. I had cool sculpting done on October 2nd tomorrow will be three weeks in. I may be crazy but I think I see results already. I had 6 areas done two on stomach, two on sides and two back. I do still feel numb however in some spots. I would give it a chance, are you exercising to.
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Maybe yours are more noticable as you did more than one area. I'm not sure. I eat right and am only 140. I'm pretty thin except for a little belly. I have heard of some people not seeing results until 4 months in.
I didn't have noticeable results until about two months after.
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Consultation Today

Yesterday I had a dermatology appointment at the same location I had my coolsculpting done. While there, I asked to speak to a nurse about my coolsculpting and possibly getting lipo done. Unfortunately, all of the nurses and the doctor were out to lunch at the time I had my appointment. I sent an email to one of the nurses yesterday hoping to get an answer before I go in for my plastic surgery consultation today. I haven't had an answer back yet. I have gotten a few comments from realself friends about waiting to do the lipo. My three month mark for coolsculpting will be on 12/7. I had hate to not wait and then get lipo and not know the results of the coolsculpting; however, I would hate to wait and then get no results and then not have gone through with the lipo. If I get lipo, it would be on either 12/18 or 12/23. Maybe the plastic surgeon will allow me to make that decision later on after 12/7 if I wanted to do that or not as my main reason for seeing him is for a breast augmentation not lipo.... so if I booked an appt for BA maybe he'll let me add it on later. I'll ask today during my consult. I'll keep you posted.

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Plastic Surgeon's Opinion

I saw a plastic surgeon today to discuss a breast augmentation and possible lipo of the belly. I asked him about coolsculpting and he was skeptical about it. He said I could benefit from lipo if I wanted it but that I should think about it. He recommended diet and excercise. The coolsculpting place I went to recommends I wait to see if I get results so I'm getting pulled one way and the other. The PS is not pressuring me to get lipo at his office though. He just gave me his opinion. I have some thinking to do.


Im not sure if you have an iPhone but If you do try using the app called pic joiner or pic collage and see if you can see results when you place your photo side by side .
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I did do that but the photos were so large or up close that it wasn't working. I just posted what I had. Looks like I'm the same if not worse!
Hi, remember put a post up a few weeks ago telling you I had my coolsculpting done on Oct 13th? So it's been 2 weeks and I'm still a little numb & of course not seeing any results yet which I'm not surprised. But I think you should hang in there! While researching it a lot, I'v seen most ppl didn't see their final results for up to 4 monthes. It takes time depending on ones matabolizem and how fast their bodies expell fat n what not. I see ur looking into lipo but I def think you should wait up to 4 monthes after our coolsculpting. & I would recommend lazer lipo. You can go on YouTube and they'll now you the quick & easy procedure that only requires a local anestecia. Also I wanted to ask you if you had bad constipation a week or so after u did the coolsculpting? I never had it like This until after mine. I think the fat is being release through the Colon and is causing it. Please let me know if you had this problem :(
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Plaid pants before Coolsculpting. Purple panties 1 month post

I think I look the same if not worse. I'll have to take more updated photos as these were taken 3 weeks ago. It's now 1 month 3 weeks total. I'll post at the 2 month mark.


Hey Cutie, Just saw your new photos. From the looks of them they are about the same at one month as they are in your before pics. I think that is pretty normal because of the amount of swelling that follows the treatment. I'm sure that by the end of next month you will be noticing some differences. It really wasn't noticeable on myself until the second month. Don't get discouraged, hang in there and think positive thoughts :)
I also want to add that I have had about three weeks if swelling in each area after the treatments. My last on was on the 15th of this month and I am still swollen in the treated area.
Yeah, for the most part they are about the same. I think the second one might look a little bigger cause I'm closer to the body with the camera OR because I'm bloated. I can't remember off hand. I'll take another photo either soon or in another week to show the 2 month mark. Thanks for all the encouragement!

Before and After Photo Using Pic Collage App

Thanks for PrettyOne34 and Jelly87 for directing me to the Iphone app called pic collage. I've tried other collage programs and they just wouldn't do what I needed them to do! This one was simple and allowed me to do a 4 or 6 photo collage.


I would def. wait until the 4th month mark to consider lipo. Do take pictures with camera always at the same distance from your body, with the same clothes, so you are able to judge better your results. It is very hard to seea a difference when you look at yourself every day.
I tried to take the photos at the same distance but it's kinda hard when you are doing everything yourself. I agree about not being able to see a difference when you look at yourself every day. Others see it more easily. I want to wait for the 3 or 4 month mark. It's just that I have to kind of decide earlier if I want the lipo done or not at the same time as the boobs as the DR has to set aside that extra time to do it. I can let them know at my pre-op at the end of November if I want to go forward with lipo or not. November 7th will be my 2 month mark and my pre-op will be almsot at the 3 month mark.
Well you will be able to appreciate a difference at your 3 month mark, I am at my 31/2 point mark and I am stilll seeing changes. But all bodies behave differently, as it appears on this forum. Ultimately it's a very personal decision and you have to follow your instinct. Best of luck!

Before, 1 month and 1 month 3 weeks Photo Collage

Not sure if I see results or not. I think my upper abs look thinner as I'm a little twisted or turned while taken photo. Will post at 2 months next.


Their is a difference for sure! And it's gonna be more I'm sure in the next month or 2. It also looks like your a lot thinner in your upper flanks as well.
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I do see a difference in your belly button, it is much smaller now. I also see a crease in your upper belly, it appears your round shape above your belly button is changing :)
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I think its the camera angle or lighting. I did not have any treatments done above the belly. I think it looks thinner from me stretching maybe to take the photo or maybe I'm in denial! Lol. I took photos of belly button. I think its the same. Maybe that's just me. I'll post belly button photo.

Belly Button Changes?

30smtg mentioned she noticed changes in my belly button and upper belly. I didn't have any upper belly work done but my navel was under the Coolsculpting machine. Maybe there are changes?


That's what the last person said but I just don't see it in person. I didn't do anything to the upper flanks. Think what I had done to my lower belly affected those areas too?
If this is really working, I'm floored. I don't notice it much especially in person. I hope I start noticing more in the weeks to come.

Exactly 2 Months Out

Today is my two month mark. I am posting before and after photos showing before I had Coolsculpting and this morning's results. I personally do not see any changes. My pants fit the same and my measurements are the same. Maybe it's just me but so far I'm disappointed and wish I had saved that money toward lipo. I'm not giving up hope yet though as I know I have another month to go.


Ok so honestly I don't see a difference now, but hang in there! I went yesterday for my second Vasershape (which I do think Is helping) and another girl there at the office said she didn't see any results either then by the 3rd month it started going down a lot! So it's really weird how every one is so different. It's been my 1 month mark and I can see and feel a very slight diff. But I'm bring patient too. I just act like I never did it or else I'll obsess over it :) lol hang in there!
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I try to pretend like I never did it so I don't think about it often! LOL. I just can't help but to look when I get out of the shower cause I have a huge wall mirror above the sink and I can't help but look then measure. I don't do that every day though. I try to not torture myself! I am trying to hang in there. It's just disappointing to hear all these success stories and see these photos and I have no changes.
I just saw your update and honestly I don't see a big change. Try to stay positive, maybe if you don't see any results by next month they can retreat the area you had done?
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3 Months Post Coolsculping - Disappointed

I have been patiently waiting for my three month mark to arrive as I had read and been told that it takes up to 3 months to see results. Today is that mark. I am very disappointed that I have not gotten any results. I feel as if I wasted money that could have gone toward something else. I guess if this really worked for everyone then everyone would be doing it. I'm posting photos so you can give me your opinion. Dr. Z's office contacted me to see how I was doing. I mentioned that it was three months and that I didn't see any results. They said that some patients have to have a second treatment done to see any results. I already spent over $1000 and feel I wasted money so not really sure I would want to do it again (even if it's half price this time). Thoughts? I wouldn't have known if this would or wouldn't work unless I tried it so I guess I'm not 100% upset but I am disappointed.


Sorry to hear about your disappointment. I agree with you I wouldn't waste money for a second treatment which is not guaranteed to give results.
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Thanks. Who knows, a second treatment may work but I don't know that. I mean, this doesn't work for everyone so I shouldn't be too disappointed. I haven't met anyone who it actually worked for yet so I only read reviews from people who said this works. I have been taking photos, measurements, etc since I started. I know my photos are upclose but you can still see if there is a difference or not. If there was one, it was very minor. It just too expensive to "experiment" with to see if it works. :(
What do you see now after three months?

Requested Photos From Doctor's Office

I have requested the photos that were taken before the coolsculping from the nurse who took them. She's finding out if she can send them to me. Once I get them, we'll see if they were taken up close or farther away to see if it's worth going in to get after photos. They said I needed to make an appointment with them to get photos taken. I just can't take off from work to do that unless it's worth it.


I agree that it's just too expensive to repeat if it didn't work the first time. It honestly worked on me... However some areas did way better than others. My lower abdomen and flanks have both done really well and in waiting for results on my upper abdomen which seems to be less dramatic. So far the only area I've seen little to no results in is my inner thighs, I would not pay money to treat that area again.
I only tried one area so not sure if it would work on me on less stubborn areas. I'm afraid to try. I was going to try my bra fat, upper abs and flanks but I don't want to waste the money. Glad it did really work for you. I did hear that it's not tested or approved or something for the thighs so not sure maybe that's why you are not seeing results there. Maybe I'm a late bloomer and I may see results 4 months in but I'm not holding my breath!

4 Months Post Coolsculpting Approaching - No Changes

1/7/14 will be my 4th month after coolsculpting. I don't notice any changes. In fact, my pants are now tigheter but I know that has nothing to do with the coolscupling by now. Probably is due to the Chrismas and New Years food. I just wish that I spent this money either for a gym membership or toward my BA surgery!


Dear Baton Rouge Cutie, thank you for having taken the time to write your very thorough review. It is hard to think about having spent that kind of money and not seen results, but wonderful that you shared your experience and helped us all out. I now know my course, and it will not be this one. Thank you! -- Leslie, California
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Glad I could be of help. The process itself wasn't that scary physically really but more mentally and financially. If it had worked I wouldn't have minded the money but it didn't so makes me a little upset. I guess if this really worked well then EVERYONE would be doing it right? Just not sure why it works for some and not others. I know some see results cause not only do they do the coolsculpting but change their diet and excercise. Then you really don't know what worked and what didn't. :(
Hopefully you can still join the gym or invest in few DVDs and plan for a routine work out at home. Happy ny!
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7 month post coolsculpting

4/7 will be my 7th month after coolsculpting. I don't see any positive changes. In fact, I have gained weight in the same area I had coolsculpted. I am very disappointed. The doctor had asked me to come back to take photos and discuss getting it done again at a discounted price but it did nothing the first time and I gained weight. Why would I return? I feel like I wasted all that money that could have gone toward something else. Makes me mad really. I thought maybe the weight was due to Christmas or New Years food or bloating from my monthly friend but no it hasn't gone away. Anyway, if they offered me a session for free to try it again, I'd take them up on it, but I don't think I'll go back and get it done again.


I agree with you. I wouldn't waste one more penny on this procedure. If they do it for free then go for it! Please save your bucks for other useful procedures!!
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I'm reading this thinking about mine and my partner's own trial with cold. We've so far lost about 85 lbs with diet and exercise, and want to fight the stubborn stuff. And after reading you all's experiences, I'm wondering if the cold treatment works on "fuller" fat cells, because BatonRougeCutie, you pics make you not as heavy as maybe MommyMrs.v might have been? It almost sounds like cold got MMrs.v to about where you are, and she needed something invasive to go even further? Perhaps this is an indicator of how far cold versus lipo can take someone with respect to fat? And as for my partner and I, I'm wondering if the cold won't kill our empty fat cells (since we have about the same number of cells, they just fill up or shrink given our intake versus burn up of calories). I think all we have left are the mostly empty fat cells hanging there like deflated tires LOL. Anyway, thank you both for sharing your experiences. It tells me I need to read more experiences by more people, and roll the dice I guess as for what it will do for us. Watch it make my partner look all svelte and not do a thing for me, with my luck, hah!

Hitting the Gym Since CoolSculpting Didn't Work

I know I probably should have considered working out or joining a gym way before even trying coolsculpting, but I thought I'd try coolsculpting first to motivated me to keep the results. I have joined the gym this week and have gone twice in this week so far. I hope to go 3-5 times a week even if it's just for 30 minutes a day. However, I need to work up to that. It's been years since I did a true workout or went to a gym. I am still disappointed with my coolsculpting lack of results. It shocks me to hear positive stories from people on here that it actual worked. I have to see it myself to believe it and I didn't. I had high hopes though and tried it... but wish it was cheaper so I don't feel so bad about "wasting that money."

If you decide to try it - Good Luck to you. I wish everyone well to get good results. Would hate for you to have this feeling of waste of time and money. If anything good came out of this, it was getting me motivated to go back to the gym.


I'm saving my money for the gym! Just got a new pair of cute sneakers this weekend and went twice this week so far. Hopefully that will work! :)
No DVDs for home but as I mentioned, I joined the gym! And although I don't have money, my boyfriend does. ;) He got a membership for himself and to add me on was only $9 more. Definitely worth it.

Photos as of 3/26/14

6-7 months post op photos


You could be carrying your fat the way many men with those rock hard "Beer Bellies" do; it's called visceral fat and its under your abdominal muscles instead of just under your skin where the coolsculpting works. You may find that after your diet and exercise kicks in, you will have very little "flab." :)
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I'm glad you joined the gym. Combine the workout with a healthy diet and you will see excellent results. Please keep us updated.
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Eating Better and Working Out

So I'm trying this new thing called "The Insulin Diet". I just started in two weeks ago. I've been exercising, too, 30 minutes or more at least every other day. I haven't seen any big results yet but it's only been about 2-3 weeks so far. I know sometimes things take time. I have not considered coolsculpting again even though they offered me a discount. I'd be even more mad if I paid more money to do it again and nothing happened again. I'm hoping in 3 months I'll see some kind of results from the working out and eating better. Won't post pics now since it's only been a month and there aren't any changes since the last photos. I still look bloated and pregnant. Actually just got asked over Easter weekend if I had a baby in my tummy by a restaurant hostess. Sigh! At least I wasn't alone. She asked my sister the same question. However, my sister had two kids and still has that belly fat from that. She has an excuse. I don't. Back to the gym.


Have you checked yourself for diastasis recti? It's where the ab muscles have separated in the middle, causing a pregnant look. Crunches are the WORST exercise for this - they make it worse. Do a google search for how to check yourself and which exercises help.
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I went online and researched diastasis recti. According to what you need to do to test yourself, I do not have this.... unless I'm checking wrong. I don't really do crunches anyway... I mostly walk, light jog, stair step, use the treadmill and strengthening machines for arms and legs... but light. That was a good suggestion to look up though and I'll ask the doctor to check next time I go in for a visit.
For what it's worth--It took over 9 months for me to see results--I thought it had done nothing initially. However, it left me uneven and I've been trying to find a solution for years.
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From What I Can Tell, It's Not Diastasis Recti

So LoveMe34 suggested I check myself to see if I had Diastasis Recti. I did research on this and thought to myself that this would make sense; however, I have never had children. Most of the literature I have read said you get this after you have children. I did read one or two things that said you can be born like this or also get it w/o having kids... so I did the self test and from what I can tell, I do not have this. I am just carrying my weight in that section like I guess a lot of ladies do.

On a good note, exercise and diet are going well. I went from 151 lbs down to 146! in 3-4 weeks. I know 5 lbs isn't a lot in one month but it's the most at one time that I lost in a long time. Clothes don't feel different yet but I feel less bloated or gasy!


I had 3 sessions of the CoolSculpting done on my abdomen. The first time I had two consecutive sessions, 1 hr for each upper and lower abdomen. The second was done 4 weeks later and the third done (lower abdomen only) after about 12 weeks. I have had no results and spent almost $5,000.00. I am so dissapointed! I now have lipo and a tummy tuck scheduled for July. After consulting with several Plastic surgeons, they both laughed about the Cool Sculpting. They both told me that in order to get rid of fat, it must be removed. I too, try not to think about all the money I spent on such a gimmick. However, I am very trusting and believe people will be truthful. I am now very excited to have the Tummy tuck and have that flat tummy finally!
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Wow! I am so sorry that you got caught up in this as well. You had several sessions, paid more and still no results. I paid $1,200 approximately and that was still a lot for one session for me. At least you still have the means to get that tummy tuck or/and lip. Also, at least you can say you did try other methods before going under the knife. Not that there is anything wrong with that either! i got a BA so I'm all about it if it makes you happy! :)
The pain I experienced post pain started with week 2 and was quite severe as well as itchy. Finally now after 3 weeks it is almost gone. Concerned after reading from several posts that there has been no noticeable results. Hope we all aren't being scammed by this. Everyone in the doctor's office staff including the doctor's say they had the procedure. Makes me wonder. Well I'll see how I look in 3 months.
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Photos of tummy

Here it is. Not flat yet but slowing making improvements. Diet ms exercise it is then!


I also did coolsculpting, what a scam! I can't believe they got Fda approval. Guess we can't depend on our government to protect us from these fake procedures! Its been 2 years since I did it and there is ZERO difference.
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Yeah, they only got FDA approval on certain body areas but those areas didn't work for me. Wow, can't believe it's been 2 years and you didn't see anything. It's been almost a year for me next month.
Thanks Baton Rouge Cutie for posting your results! This could have been me! At this time, I really want to get my my abdomen under control (out of control for the past 4 years) but don't need to spend over $1000 on something that has less than 5% results! I am GLAD to hear that your diet and exercise program IS WORKING!
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Weight back on

So I have not exercised since the holidays. Been eating ok... But I gained the 6 lbs I lost back. So without diet and exercise and even with Coolsculpting lost loss is hard for me.


How very unfortunate that you didn't see any difference and were not happy. I am not 1005 sold on this procedure but i am going to try it in Nov. Did you measure your waist before and after? ThaNks for sharing your journey! I wish you the best.
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I read the FDA report AFTER I already had the procedure. They only gave 2 months worth of reporting that supports their fake findings. Our FDA is so pathetic that I'm now convinced that if you have enough money you can get anything approved. BTW, I had 3 procedures to lower abdomen total. Nothing. Zero difference. I'm mad at my plastic surgeon. He's very well known and good so I don't understand why he offered this at all. I really trusted him.
I did not reach the FDA reports at all but did do online research on it. Reviews had me hopeful. Wow, I only had one procedure done. I can't imagine having done three and nothing still. I was pissed off with just one not working and them trying to get me back bad for another chance. If your plastic surgeon is so good, I wonder why he didn't offer you lipo or something instead. Hmm :(

12 month post photos

This is me one year after Coolsculpting.

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Before and After 12 months

Before and after 12 months


Mayb in years to come there will be an attorney who will take on the "cool sculpting" ripoff for all of us! FDA approval...? Really!
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woah..thats a shame,your tummy actually looks bigger since having the procedure, but your boobs look great! dont worry so much about tummy,we all have bits we dont like,just stay healthy n happy
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Cool sculpting big ripoff - 5,000$ later Never worked for me and 3 of my friends DONT DO IT!
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Video of tummy 12+ month post op

Video of tummy 12+ month post op
I am more than 12+ months out now and am disappointed in the short term and long term results of Coolsculpting.


Coolsculpting is a rip off-
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So I experienced myself and keep reading about.
Cool sculpting isn't a weight loss procedure and you can't blame your current weight gain on it. There are a lot of us that have had good results with this proceedure but it seems like you are the only one who is updating your blog.
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Baton Rouge Dermatologic Surgeon

The first time I went to the office, I did not meet Dr. Z as I had my Coolsculpting consultation with a nurse. My experience with the staff at the office was great. Everyone was super nice, friendly and beautiful. The inside of the building was totally redone when they bought it and it is very well decorated. I love the colors. They also served water bottles and had fresh cheese and fruit to eat while you waited. I will write more once I go in for my procedure. The second time I went into the office, I met with Dr. Z and Chastity as they both did my facial consultation. Chastity is a fantastic employee. She is very helpful, insightful, knowledgable and kind. If I had a question, and she didn't know the answer, she'd find out for me and get back to me in a timely fashion. Z Dermatology is lucky to have someone like her on their staff. Dr. Z is very kind as well. She, too, is very knowledgable, kind, caring, etc. There were a few things I didn't get to ask her during our first meeting and when I went back for my Coolsculpting, she made sure to meet with me to answer them. I was very happy that she made the effort to help me. The third time I went to the office, I had a different nurse helping me with my Coolsculpting. She was very helpful and kept me informed on every step of the procedure. She definately made for a more comfortable environment.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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