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Hey real self, This is my first post so I hope...

Hey real self,
This is my first post so I hope I'm doing this correctly. I'll have waited a full year from booking once sx date arrives (10/3/14). So u can only imagine how excited I am. I just want to be completely prepared mentally and physically. Little background: others say I've always had a nice shape and I see it at times. But I guess every woman has her own views and body issues.I'm just so tired of all the body changes with weight gain and loss. I'm 5'3 160lbs so u see every ounce of gain immediately. But anyway, me and my mom are all booked as far as flights (thanks to a loving and supportive bf). Just having a hard time finding an affordable condo, hotel,etc... Please help with any suggestions. Thanks in advance????????????

New date

Well my date was moved up by a couple days (9/30/14). I just can't help but feel like I'm forgetting something on the list of things I need post op. And I'm still lost about garment changes and purchasing.

14 days preop and super excited!!!!!!

So I'm 14 days out. I feel like I'm obsessed with RS. I'm on daily. Hoping everything goes well because I'm feeling some kind of way. Hope I don't regret being vain and wanting more. Other than that I think I have everything. I ordered and picked up so many supplies. Just have to get probiotics before I leave and pick up some stuff once in aventura. Made my final payment today. Which really made it real. Also started the make me heal vitamins today. I ordered the lipo kit. So now it's just a waiting game. Longest 2 weeks of my life.

It's finally heerrree!!!!!

So I did all paperwork and got instructions yesterday. The staff in the office were very nice and helpful; which helps in this situation. On my way to center now. Super nervous. Having second thoughts but no backsie at this point or I will loose a lump sum of my payment per paperwork I signed. Also if your pregnant day of u lose 50% and have to put down 50% to reschedule. So ladies keep it right after u stop taking birth control. Will post befores and afters.
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JuixyBBeauty2011 My surgery date is oct 2nd!!! Are you staying at the recovery house? I'm excited to meet someone that will be there the same time that I will be there
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Date just changed to 9/30 and what's the recovery house?
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The recovery house is where you stay while recovering. they have someone pick you up when you land you have 24/hour care and food. They also take you to all your massage appointments and to pick up prescriptions. They even take you back to the airport when you leave. I land on Oct 1st and I have pre op on the 1st. maybe I will see you around.
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Yea hopefully since my date has been bumped. but I'm coming with my caretaker and renting a car so maybe that's why they didn't extend that to me. Hey do u by chance know how those compression garments work? and when we switch out? Oh and where do we order? Do we find our own retailer?
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good luck
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Thanks love!
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Welcome! Have you checked Homeaway.com and airbnb.com? Good luck!
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I am now. Thanks for the info
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