11 more days until im a SalamaDoll!!! Adventura, FL

Hello BBL sisters! I'm new to this so bare with me...

Hello BBL sisters! I'm new to this so bare with me.....where do I start with my story umm lets see.... I'm 23 yrs old currently in college I study pre-med and surgical technology. Yes I hope to be a surgeon one day! Anyways I've been dreaming of this surgery for 2 plus years now and I've made the decision to go forward with it. I dream about this procedure everyday and I'm tired of dreaming. I wanna live it! LOL.....Any who about 2 weeks ago I contacted Dr. Salama office spoke with Cynthia and she instructed me to email my photos so that Dr. Salama can do me a virtual Consultation because I live in Georgia and a few days later Cynthia emailed me with Dr. Salama's Opinion and these were his exact words:"“Patient would be an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery if she lost 25-30 pounds. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are abdomen, flanks, and back. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape especially the flanks. I’ll use all fat available to create a more projectioned fuller buttock region. The waist size will certainly be reduced due to the aggressive liposuction, so that will be a tremendous change in body structure. The bra line area will get addressed via the liposuction. We can always address other areas of fat with liposuction as that is a very common request. Patient should lose 25-30 pounds. Patient may or may not need an abdominoplasty after the surgery if she has lose skin. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results."

Just reading his email gave me great confidence that I have definitely chosen the right Doctor for this procedure! I was already considering losing 30 lbs so that doesn't bother me that he advise me to lose that amount of weight. I currently weigh 173 lbs and stand 5"5, I'm heavy chested as far as my arms,legs, and thighs they're average size I carry majority of my weight in the abdomen area. He quoted me $8,999 for the procedure and my 10% deposit would be $899 and it was not refundable.

I plan on making my down payment next week. Hopefully I can pay in full and have the procedure by the end of this year. Because I will be in clinical's working in the OR all of next year and I just don't think I can go another year with having no-ass-at-all syndrome anymore! LMAO....well I think I've talked enough for now...TTYL

Before pics

I've been busy with school that I've been neglecting my bbl sisters! :/

More pics and review coming soon....school work is taking all my time.

Wish pic!

Me now...

Wish pics!


Does anyone know who I can finance through. I don't have any credit I only have a cell phone in my name. :/ Feels like my bbl dream is coming to an end.

Getting Discouraged :/

Currently still looking for a company that will finance me for the surgery because I just don't want to up 9,000 all at once. Plus I don't have that much right now and I really wanna get the sx done in December this year because next year ill be in clinical's for surgical technology all year till December 2014 when I graduate. Although it would be a good graduation gift it would be even better if I could look bootified on that day also. Lol UGH! All I want is some ASS is that too much to ask for..lmao.. On the other hand I'm getting a little scared I've seen some of Dr. Salama results lately and I am not impressed! I know how outrageously upset I can get when I feel I've been cheated. So how do I know if he is going to perform well on me? I don't know..... And that's why I've been hesitant to give my down payment smh....Dr. Salama is the first and only doctor I've considered about doing this sx.......Decisions Decisions... Well until next time BBL sisters. Peace!

It's been a minute!

It's been a minute bbl sisters but I'm back with good news. A few days ago I finally put down my 10% payment with Dr. Salama my BBL sx is set for December 19th!!! Yay! Very excited also in December I will be graduating as a Surgical technologist. This sx is going to be a graduating gift to myself. I just hope I love my results because I've told everyone about this. Yea no shame In my game. I just don't want no
"I told you so's".......

Long time no here

It's been a while since ive been on here. I have just finished college and recently graduated as a certified surgical technologist! I've had an interview recently just waiting on the decision on wether or not I'll get the job. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Well now my sx will be June 9, 2015 because Dr. Salama needed me to change dates but unfortunately it was the same day as my graduating. But I'm keeping positive! Until next time....

5 weeks until I'm a SalamaDoll!

The time is quickly approaching and I'm so anxious!


I need to know a reasonable hotel room in Miami for my sx dates! July 9-15. Right now I'm in school for nursing and can't afford to spend lots of more money. All the hotels are coming up $1000 and more. Help me my bbl sisters!!! Plz!

Update pics

Just 3 more weeks! I'm so anxious but READY!

I'm feeling like maybe I should lose some weight before surgery I talked with Dr. Salama and he said I'm fine because I have a good BMI. But I'm still going to lose some weight for my own reasons. Any advise for a quick crash diet!???

11 more days ladies!!!!

The time is quickly approaching!!! I'm so excited! I'm considering doing a video journey instead of trying to type my updates when I'm post op...


You know it's real when you get your package in the mail! One more week and 2 days to go baby!


My medical clearance is clear! I'm official... Just 10 more days
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