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Leaning Toward It's Worth It...

Yesterday was my first ematrix procedure in hopes...

Yesterday was my first ematrix procedure in hopes to minimize shallow acne scarring on my checks and chin. I decided to go with doing this despite reading some bad reviews of the ematrix on this site because I can't stand looking at my scars anymore and am willing to take the risk for the possibility of good results. If I never take the chance, I'll never have it! When I arrived to the dermatologist's office yesterday, the first thing they did was take my photos. Then, they had me sit with numbing cream on my face for an hour (which I wish they would have warned me about so that I could bring a book, etc.). After that, I went in the treatment room, they took the numbing cream off my face and had me sign some papers. The physician's assistant then came in who performed the procedure, and she was actually very friendly. I was happy that we discussed my desired results, the areas I was most concerned about, etc. The procedure itself was not that painful. However, in certain areas, like under the eyes, it was more painful. It felt like needles being poked into your skin. Immediately after the treatment, my face was red, and I could feel a burning sensation in my face, which continued throughout the night. I would say the burning reached it's high point in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. My face felt like it was on fire, and it was very difficult to sleep. However, by the morning, the pain is again tolerable. However, my face is extremely red, slightly swollen and has the imprint of the ematrix tip. Also, my scarring appears almost nonexistent right now...however, I know this is due to the swelling. I will continue to update for the next six months...until I am supposed to see the full result!

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This is the second day after the ematrix procedure...

This is the second day after the ematrix procedure. Almost all of the swelling has gone done. Every 12 hours I can notice that I am less red. Tonight little scabs starting forming all over my face, as they are supposed to, and will eventually "fall off" from what I understand from the provider. I am excited to see my skin once it heels....

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Third day after procedure

The third day after the ematrix procedure, I saw a huge improvement in redness. The small scabs have began falling off (looks like dry skin) . I didn't feel embarrassed to put on some powder foundation and go to work. I feel like I see some improvement in some scars, but it is probably too early to judge still.


Have you tried pixel laser resurfacing? It's awesome. Downtime is about 7 days. But it's worth it. I paid 2500.00 in houston. It was like 8 years off my skin. It was Smartid dot laser. I have had ematrix sublative, it wasnt worth the price to me. It did ok.... Good luck!
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I have really never tried any other resurfacing technique. I have never heard of pixel before. Could you tell me more about pixel laser resurfacing? Exactly how does it work? Do you have pictures?

A week later

I has been exactly a week since y first ematrix procedure. I think I already see improvements in my scars in the sense that they seem less deep. However, I do not know if this is true or inflammation still or my eyes ( or hopes) playing tricks on me. I am not sure when most people begin to see results. I know it can take up to 6 months.


Im thinking of getting the Ematrix procedure done for my acne scars so now that you have done it would you recommend it ?

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I have pretty much done it all. I had a chemical peel, that was the worst result. It left a lot of hyper pigmentation. I have done ematrix sublative, which didnt do much for me. The best thing I have done was the pixel resurfacing. My face had grid marks all over it, but gosh, when healed? My skin was gorgeous, smooth, healthy and pink. I go to the caymans a lot, so when I get back I have been doing the 20 micron skin peel, which is a great quick solution, to tighten, get the collagen to build and removes sun spots, and marks, and lessens some acne scarring. I p,an on doing the pixel again in the fall and am going to try to do it yearly. I'm sorry I don't have pics.good luck to you!!!

Second Round of Ematrix

I had my second round of ematrix two days ago. This time the procedure bothered me less during it and after. I did not swell up as much or get as red, and I seem to be healing faster. The scabs formed the next morning instead of two mornings after. I think I saw slight improvement around three weeks after the first round, but it is hard to tell. I will continue updating to let you all know what the progress is (if any).


Thank you for sharing your experience! My name is Michelle Mivelli and I am the Director of Practice Management at Advanced Dermatology. We love when clients provide us with feedback on our treatments as well as our providers. It is great to hear the wonderful things you said about Emily Oehler- she is great! You seem to be very knowledgeable about all of the pre and post care for your eMatrix treatment (which is awesome) but if you should find that you have any additional questions or concerns we are here to answer your questions anytime! Thank you again for sharing your experience with us as well as others!
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Ematrix is usually done in 3 or more rounds and collagen continues to produce for 3-6 months after each treatment. In that case, given that I am only currently healing from the second round, I would say I saw a very very slight improvement from the first time. However, this is normal as it usually takes a few rounds to begin seeing results. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending for or against it at this time, as I have not completed the treatment in its entirety. Does this make sense? I will continue posting about my experience until 6 months after the last treatment.

Two weeks after second Eatrix

It has been nearly two weeks after my second ematrix procedure. This time, I had less swelling and redness, and instead of the scabs only being there for one day before flaking off, this tie, it took over a week for them all to be gone. I thought that difference was kind of interesting. Anyway, I think I do see an extremely slight improvement with the overall texture of my face. The scars I fixated on before are definitely still there, but perhaps less deep, and perhaps the shallowest scars that I never saw before have evened out because I really can't explain why I am seeing this overall increase in smoothness.


Please dont do it,this machine runs on radio frequency and will take the fat out of your face!
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Did this personally happen to you? You didn't post a review.
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Three weeks after Second Ematrix

I am consistently noticing an overall increase in the smoothness of the texture of my face. It's strange because some days it seems better than others, and I'm not really sure why; however, I can at least always say that there is an improvement. I think that some of the very small holes are either gone or have increased in height to the point that they are unnoticeable (unless you were really trying to look for them), and the larger rolling scars are less deep. I wanted to confirm that what I was seeing in my last review seems to be consistent and true. I'm assuming these results are permanent. Therefore, I am going to change my rating from "Not Sure" to "Worth It." I have one more procedure left to go, and I am very excited.


May you please update pictures..what did your face look like before procedure
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Unfortunately don't have a camera, phone or computer that would be able to capture the scars...I tried...sorry...
Hmmmm I always find it suspicious when a member doesn't post a review about a personal experience and only writes very strong opinions, doesn't respond, or log in again after the first time. It's a red flag for me.

Something I have noticed....

One thing that I think is strange that I have been observing is that some days my scars look like they have a lot of improvement and other days, I don't think I see any improvement. Does anyone know why this is? It sees to sometimes depend on if my skin is dry or well-moisturized, but I just can't see that being the entire explanation for the huge gap in difference that I am seeing here. It is really confusing me and my opinions toward this procedure.


I got this done last week at the same place for pitted acne scars. I had a combination of Matrix ir and ematrix since I heard it works better. I don't see a difference yet.
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Hi John93805! I am excited to speak with someone who had their treatment done at the same office! What did you think of your experience there? Wow, that's interesting that they did two different procedures at once. Did they pass over the skin twice then? All I can say is don't lose faith yet. I didn't really see any difference after the first treatment, let alone the first week. I am no doctor, but from what I understand, Ematrix is no "quick fix". It will most likely take multiple treatments to see results, and full results can be seen up to 6 months after because collagen continues to produce for about that length of time. I don't think we can (unfortunately) assess the treatments so quickly. How many sessions were recommended for you?
Correction: On a lot of sites, they are saying that full results fro Ematrix can be seen in up to a Year!

If you have Rosacea...

For those of you who also have rosacea, mine is definitely more pronounced after the second Ematrix procedure. Maybe it will calm down with time, or I might need to have something else done now after this. Haha.


Michelle , I also got the ematrix treatment done a little over a year ago was my last session. I too experienced and still am experiencing that my skin looks very good one week and not so good the next...and keep in mind, my last treatment was over a year ago... Do you gave any idea why ?

Seems to only work for texture irregularities

I know that some people get Ematrix for reasons other than acne scars, such as wrinkles, tightening, etc. I wanted to comment that I have seen no other changes in my skin besides texture.


I had my second Ematrix treatment 2 1/2 weeks ago. After the first treatment, one of my friends told me regularly that my skin looked good. After the second treatment, which I was told I would have better results with, I have not seem much improvement. In fact, my face has been breaking out the past couple of weeks so I only see the blemishes. I do see a slight difference in the size of pores on my nose, a very small change in the little bit of scarring on my cheek, and a little decrease in the smile lines on one side of my mouth. But now I am finding a crease on my forehead that I didn't notice before and wondering if I should get Botox there! I am hoping in time I notice more improvements. I have 2 treatments left and am curious to see if I will see any changes after those.
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3rd Ematrix Procedure

I got my 3rd Ematrix procedure on Monday of this week (3 days ago) 6 weeks after the second procedure. This time the scabs formed within an hour of treatment. I was slightly less red and swollen. The scabs are staying on for longer. It's interesting to me that the healing process changes with each treatment; I wonder if it has to do with the change in the skin from previous treatments. Anyway, I have completed the 3 rounds that the doctor recommended. In six months, I go in to take pictures, which is when my provider believes I will be ready to evaluate my results. I will continue to update any changes that I see in my skin.


I've just had my 3rd treatment of Sublative Rejuventaion, my last was 10 months ago). The healing process for the first 2 was about 7-8 days, there was a significant reddening of the treated areas (my entire face from the eyes down). I did notice significant results and I thought that the treatment had worn off, so I returned for a 3rd treatment, yesterday. I have never been more swollen in my entire life. I was woken in the middle of the night by a stinging pain that felt like my skin was on fire. In the past I experienced most of what I described, but never to this extent. I'm worried....

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Hello everyone!!! I am thinking about getting ematrix done on my face for my deep acne scarsas well as the dark ones i also have very uneven skin tones & blimishes, can you guys give me tips? If not ematrix then what? Im nervous its a big chunk of change im about to spend!

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I think the best thing for you to do is to set up a consultation with a reputable doctor. They can actually see your scars/other unwanted features and recommend the best treatment for your skin. Although not completely done with my treatment, I can personally say that with Ematrix I have noticed improvement. All that I know is that it has helped me!

More Consistency

It has been about two weeks since my third procedure. I believe that I am all healed-up now and done with the swelling. Since the last two weeks after my second treatment and now these two weeks after my third, I have noticed much more consistency in the improvement of my scars. I would say they always now look less shallow (however, it is possible that still some days are better than others). At this point, my scars are improved, however, it is so so so slight. I hope they really do keep improving!


I've heard that ematrix for scars is great but need a min of 4 treatments. I'm doing it mostly for tightening and texture overall cus I'm not getting any younger! (39 years old here) So far, I love the results! Good luck with your healing journey!! :)
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wow, thanks for the play by play! i have my first appointment tomorrow and am really nervous. I am also wary that i've spent a good penny on something that might not work. My biggest concerns are mild acne scars and dark spots. Did you notice if dark spots went away? aaaaaah...hope it doesn't hurt :( i have two weddings to go to in the next month....
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How have your results been?
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About 8 months out from last procedure

I unforunately still have not been able to make it to the sixth-month follow-up to take pictures and therefore will only be discussing changes I can determine without a before and after photo in the same environment. However, I have an appointment for next week, so I will be able to update then with any new information that I observe. Over these past 11 months since the first procedure, I do see very mild results and definitely no unwanted side effects (which I was concerned about). Some scars seem to have been made less shallow and previous relatively narrower and shallower ones seem less wide, but others appear no different, and this seems to depend where on my face they are located. Scars closer to my chin seem to have been more affected than those on my upper and mid checks, of those which I see little to no difference. I will update what I see at my follow-up!


Thanks! Same to you! How many treatments have you done? What kind of results have you seen?
How is your skin? Honestly I didn't start with dark spots, so unfortunately I am not sure! Yeah I definitely spent quite a chunk of money (by my standards) and was worried about that, but for me even the slightest improvement is worth it to me because I hate my scars! I hope it is worth it to you too! Let me know any updates, please!
Mild, but I'll take it. How about you?
Emily Oehler, PA-C

Emily Oehler, who performed the procedure, was extremely friendly. Prior to the procedure, we discussed what I was hoping to accomplish with the ematrix, what areas concerned me the most. Throughout the procedure, she very was very conversational, which helped to keep my mind off the slight pain. This procedure is being overlooked by Dr. Amy Forman Taub.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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