Almost a year Post Op!

Hi all, I finally did it! I booked my mommy...

Hi all, I finally did it! I booked my mommy makeover surgery and I have an actual date! April 26, 2013!

I am 44 and a mother of 2 great teenagers (is that an oxymoron??). I am only 5'2" and currently weigh about 128. I would love to get down under 120 before the surgery. Over the last year, I have lost 28 lbs with a lot of hard work, exercise and clean eating. As I lost the weight, I was saddened to see that my tummy just didn't bounce back into place. I have a lot of excess skin and of course stretch marks from my almost 9lb baby. :)

I also tend to carry my weight in my lower body and have *ALWAYS* hated my larger thighs. In high school (weighing 115 lbs) I remember being called 'thunder thighs'. So it's FINALLY time to do something for myself.

I will be getting a tummy tuck, lipo on the inner/outer thighs as well as my knees. Although I have some decent sagging to my breasts I just do NOT like those scars that go along with a breast lift. This has been a major concern of mine all along.

I have seen 3 Dr.s here in the Phoenix area and finally decided on Dr. Repta. I knew from the minute he walked in that I liked him, he has a great 'aura' about him I guess. He was very so genuine and took the time to answer all my questions and I just felt at ease with him. After reading his reviews on I knew he was the right Dr. for me.

I'm most excited for the tummy tuck (all doctors have said I'm a GREAT candidate for the tt and will have excellent results) and then the lipo of these saddlebags/thighs and then my breasts. I put my breasts last because I know that technically I need to have a lift but I just don't want to those ugly scars and quite honestly, I"m 44 ...I don't need boobs up to my chin. I want them to look natural and don't mind a bit of sagging.

I'm going with smaller implants just to help fill out some of the volume that has been lost due to weight loss. One dr wanted me to go larger (350 cc) but I just didn't feel that comfortable with that large of implants on my small frame. I work out a lot and don't want them in the way. lol. Dr. Repta suggested about 280 to 300 and I think those will be perfect!

I have done a TON of research and came 'THIS CLOSE' to going to Bolivia or Thailand to have my surgery done due to the cost. I have saved up for this for a long time and have NEVER spent this kind of money on myself but hey....I'm worth it.

I will keep you all posted on my procedures and outcomes. When I get my 'before' pictures, I will post them here as well as updates. This site has been invaluable to me.!

hi jennifer i am going to dr repta also. 10 days before you. i went to pre-op today ...... i was all excited and had sweaty palms. he is going to make us "fabulous". good luck to you
Hi there! Great to hear your story. I know what you mean about waiting and finally feeling ready to do something for yourself! Good luck on your journey :)

Thanks for starting your story with us! I'm so glad you're here. Sometimes you just have to spend the big bucks to get exactly what you want, you know?

Here's a list of supplies that might be helpful for recovery.

Please keep us updated!


Ok, I'm uploading some 'before' photos. These are...

Ok, I'm uploading some 'before' photos. These are self shots
So excited for you! I just checked out your before pics and I think you are going to have a beautiful result! You look very fit and this surgery is going to push you right over the edge! CAN"T WAIT to see your AFTERS! You will be right at a month before me, so I will follow all of your progress! Hurry up surgery date!
Oh thank you! I am getting nervous now. Post op is next week. :) I am so excited to be getting rid of my saddlebags. I hate them with a passion and have had them for 20+ years. It's time they take a hike and never appear again. Ewww...that made me think of something...what do they do with all that extra skin and fat?
Ewww. I never thought of that! Extra skin! It makes me kinda sad to think of part of myself in a trash bag! Maybe they can recycle it and make shoes or something! :) HAHAHA!

Oh wow, it's becoming real. I just got the final...

Oh wow, it's becoming real. I just got the final 'invoice' yesterday and need to pick up a cashiers check for my pre-op visit tomorrow. $15k. Wow! 15 thousand dollars. That's more than a decent car. And that doesn't include the operating room fees. The hard part about the money is that I have NEVER spent money on myself like this. My kids...yes! But me...never. Gosh my wedding was only about 5k if I remember correctly. But funny, I spend about $10,000 a year for my son to play hockey at a high level for the past 9 years. I guess that's what we do as parents, right? I need to get over the guilty feelings of me putting myself first for once. I have worked out at 4am 5x a week for the past year to lose the 25 lbs and get back to this size. I deserve this! Next week is my pre-op. Super excited. I plan on spending this weekend and next weekend organizing and cleaning my house and getting ready to spend a few weeks at home.
So excited for you! Are you ready? Shoot me an email if you need help with anything, anything at all! I'm near Desert Ridge!
You do deserve this... us moms have given so much, theres nothing wrong with doing something for ourselves. I'm cheering you on girl. I'm curious about the implants. I can't wait to see what you think. Your breasts look similar to mine and I was told I don't need a lift YET. Haha I just need some volume. I'm not looking for 20yo perky boobs just nice and voluminous. Plus i don't want the scarring... I bet you'll get an amazing result. Looking at your before body pics, I'm sure you'll be perfect after.
I bet they get rid of all your stretch marks - jealous!! I didn't want the scars of a breast lift either even though that would give me to optimum results. But he did say it was reasonable to do implants to improve the fullness and if I needed I could do a lift later in life. I am going for it - although he is gonna have to do 375 and I would rather have less, but to get fullness I guess I will - he said I will have the scary look for quite a while until they drop guess he is gonna go high with the implants to get a decent final result - we shall see.

Cashier's check in hand!!!! Wow...this is really...

Cashier's check in hand!!!! Wow...this is really happening. Pre-Op is tomorrow. :) Holy crackers! I am really doing this. No turning back now. To top it all off, I basically called it quits last night on a 10 year relationship. Wow. Not great timing but I needed to say what I needed to say BEFORE the surgery. I didn't want him to think the reason we were done is because I have this hot new body, does that make any sense?
You're going to have great results!! Its not that painful and well worth it! Congratulations!!
So sorry about your relationship, but you have to be happy. Congratulations! Your day will be before you know it!
It's not something that just came about recently...It's been coming for the last 2 years really. It's just time. Neither of us are getting any younger and we both deserve to be happy and in love.

Ok...pre-op done! They had to pry the cashiers...

Ok...pre-op done! They had to pry the cashiers check out of my hands in the waiting room but I did finally hand it over. :) J/K of course. The pre-op went well, got my prescriptions, instructions and all the dos/donts. The hardest part was the getting naked again and going over the areas of concern...especially my breasts. Dr. Repta definitely suggests a BL but honestly I just can't afford it right now. He was great about it though and made me feel at ease about coming back at a later date and having the lift done if I'm not happy with the result.

The interesting part was trying on the sizers. Like I said, I'm only 5'2 and I'm a size 4. I want to avoid looking 'chunky' or bulky and prefer the more athletic look. He originally stated that the math tells him I should be looking at a size in the range of 220 to 280 cc to achieve the look I was going for. I did try on the 280 and of course they felt super huge to me. It was weird, they just didn't feel 'right'. My sister and a male friend were there with me and they both agreed that I needed to go larger (they were shooting for 350) and so I tried on the 300 cc. Even though they were larger, when I put them on, they just felt "right". So 300 cc it is for me.

The tummy tuck is going to be great ...I just know it. He mentioned that he might cut right below my piercing hole (it's above my belly button) and if that happens it will end up way below my new bb. He said he would just cut it out if that was the case and put a little stitch there. Sounds good to me. I've had that thing for so long and I'm not planning on getting another one. He said he will be removing 1-2 lbs of skin and fat/tissue so that's exciting. And bye-bye stretch marks. As much as I like to call them my battle scars for having a 9 lb baby, I'm ready for them to be gone, gone, gone.

As far as the lipo goes, we talked about the problem areas. I'm just hopeful that I no longer have saddlebags. He did say that my skin has already lost some of the elasticity so I shouldn't expect my thighs to be super tight afterwards. I understand this...I just want them to look better in my jeans.

So that's about it....I go in at 7:30 am on Friday, April 26th and will done approximately 3:30 pm. Wow...long day. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

On another note! Has anyone actually watched a...

On another note! Has anyone actually watched a YouTube video of the actual tummy tuck procedure. I did this morning from a Dr. in Miami and I have to say, I feel A LOT better after watching it. It's quite an interesting operation. I had NO idea how they made it all work. I loved the muscle repair part. Darn..I'm going to have a 6 pack in a year ...I just know it. I hope my PS pulls those suckers in TIGHT. :)

Also, I've gotten a few messages asking about my...

Also, I've gotten a few messages asking about my weight loss so I thought I would post it for you. I did this in 90 days. This is what good clean eating and working out 5 x a week can do for you in 90 days.
omg, you have a strong stomach. I tried watching the YouTube video but got totally grossed Only made it to the lipo part. Not sure I really want to know what everything in there looks like. But im glad it gave you a better understanding. Just a few more days! :)
cant wait to see your out come and your update good luck on the process LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm 4 days post op from dr repta . Love him ! I'm hoping for the best stayed tuned

Wow, in 48 hours I will be heading to the hospital...

Wow, in 48 hours I will be heading to the hospital center for my MM! The last few days have been a little bit of a blur. I think I was really psyching myself up and it was starting to get to me. I finally had a decent nights sleep and this morning I feel so much better about things.

I also just found out that my 15 year daughter will be home for the weekend to be with me! (She has always lived with me but this year wanted to try living with her Dad in another state...which was the HARDEST thing for me to do EVER). I'm so happy she is coming home. I think this is the reason I slept so well last night.

Surgery center called yesterday and I paid my balance to them (3,600). Whew. That's lets get this show on the road!
So exciting!!!!I watched the TT video. Very interesting! Fat looks a lot like mac and cheese....Hmmmm. Good luck to you! I'll be thinking about you on Friday and sending healing thoughts! Enjoy your daughter's visit too!
Good luck honey! See you on the flat side
Good luck to you !!! I was Friday 2 weeks ago (12th) looking forward to following your story!!!

Holy Moly...this time tomorrow I will be on the...

Holy Moly...this time tomorrow I will be on the way to the hospital. Wow! Just wow. Yesterday I ordered Fairytale Brownies to be delivered to my Dr. and his office staff today or tomorrow as a Thank You. I figured I won't be in any condition to order anything after the surgery. BTW...if you have never tried Fairytale Brownies...omg..they are to die for. Yum. Today better go by quickly. :)
Best wishes and good vibes sending your way :) You will do great!
I actually learned a lot by watching the video..I thought it would gross me out but I found it informative. I loved when they stitched her stomach muscles back together like a corset.
Wow, I just looked at your progress pics! Look at your TINY waist! I love it. Your transformation has been amazing. :)

I didn't sleep as much as I had wanted last night....

I didn't sleep as much as I had wanted last night...went to be around 10:30 and woke up around 3:30. I have showered and getting ready to leave for the hospital in about an hour. Man I didn't realize how much I enjoy my morning cup of coffee until just now!!! :) I will post later with updates. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will see you on the flat (tummy) side and the not so flat (boobs) side. :)
how'd did it go ?
I've been thinking about you all day!!!!! Can't WAIT to hear from you! All the best!
best of LUCK for you today every thing will be fine im sure LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday went great. I was in at 730 and all...

So yesterday went great. I was in at 730 and all done by 130. I came out of it very easily. Nurses seemed very shocked at how quickly I was done. Pain was great yesterday and since being home I have been in and out about every 4 hours. Today is a bit more rough. Keeping up on pain meds around every 4 hours. Lipo and boobs don't hurt much but tummy definitely does. It's bearable for sure but more than I anticipated. Lol.

My daughter has been amazing taking care of me and emptying my drain. She wants to be a surgeon and I think she is totally up for it. She's not grossed out by any of it.

I'm at my sisters house as she has a recliner and I have to's the best. ! I couldn't have done this without the recliner.

I'm realllly haunched over and can't stand for too long bit ima sure it will get easier and easier.

I'm in no shape to take pics but I will soon. :)
So glad to hear from you!! I'm glad it all went so well for you! I hope you are able to enjoy your daughters visit. When my boy left for college, a little part of me died, and it's so bittersweet when I get to see him because I know the "goodbye" will come too fast. Can't wait to see your pics! I wonder if the muscle tightening is easier for someone like you with a strong set of abs? Best of luck healing!
Best of luck! The first few days are the hardest!

Well last night was a bit better, I actually slept...

Well last night was a bit better, I actually slept from about 11 to about 6am. The recliner has been my best friend. I haven't been brave enough to take off the binder at all so I'm not sure even if I'm allowed to do that yet. I have a post op appointment tomrorow so I will probably wait until then. My boobs aren't really sore at all but nor is my lipo suction but I my tummy well, that's another story. I am very much still hunched over. Afraid to stand up and straighter. I feel guilty for sleeping so much but I an tell I really need it. i'm in and out all day long...I hope that's ok. The pain is's definitely about a 5 to 6 a lot of the time. Thank god for the toilet seat riser. Get it's totally worth it.
Were you able to shower on your own or did you need help? Are you sleeping ok? I'm so happy for you that you are doing well!
I'm doing better with the pain meds, not taking them every 6 hours...just as needed. I will say I thought I would be getting around better than I am by now. I did take a shower last night and it felt good but it exhausted me to no end. lol. Taking the cg on and off wasn't fun for sure but hopefully it will get better. :)
Hope ur doing ok girl been thinking about u

So I thought I would give a little update. I have...

So I thought I would give a little update. I have to say, I'm pretty darn happy with my boobs...for not getting the lift and all, they look great as far as I can tell (especially with a bra on). The right one has dropped more so looks more natural and I'm hoping the left will catch up as it still has a bit of drooping but I'm pretty happy with where the nipples are. I will post pics soon I promise. I have been to two post op appointments and Dr. Repta is very happy with where I am. I will say taking that garment on and off is not fact it down right hurts but is manageable. I get the pain pump out tomorrow so I will attempt to take another shower and actually fix my hair, make up so I look presentable.

I really haven't gotten a good look at my tummy but I can see that all my stretch marks are gone but I do notice a LOT of swelling but in a weird way, kind of in a vertical a have a little pudge vertically, its hard to explain. PS said its nothing to worry about htat it will be go has only been 5 days.

Speaking of 5 days, I have NOT had a BM yet. Ugh. I have taken stool softener but I think today I will actually take something stronger. I have been eating like shit (I admit it). Today I am back to eating good and healthy! No more ice cream and and crap that just sounded so good these past few days.

The part I wasn't prepared for was the emotional ups and downs. I have cried and had thoughts of 'wtf' did I do? I know in my heart this was the right thing to do but I'm just not used to relying on people to help me.

Ladies...the two things I HIGHLY recommend are
1. Recliner (I have literally lived and slept on this for 5 days now)
2. Toilet set riser (my kids laughed at me but man oh man has it helped!)

I'll tr0y to add some pics later, I just haven't been up to taking them yet (don't feel I look that great yet ugh).

Hope all is doing well!
I swear I love all the women here! I especially love the weight loss/getting healthy journeys. My goal date is first week of January or first week of February. I work as a mortgage underwriter and the middle to the end of the month is so busy! I started my journey at 181. I am currently at 175 just a week later. I love seeing IT can be done!! You look amazing just from the little picture you shared. Look forward to reading more.
I feel like a new woman! I finally 'WENT'. OMG. I had to take one actual laxative (ex-lax) and it did the trick. I seriously sat on the toilet for almost 2 hours! 2! lol. Too funny. I feel so much better. I actually got up yesterday and put make up on, did my hair and felt 'pretty' for the first time in a week. I loved it. I got my drain out and it didn't hurt at all just kind of felt weird. I finally had the guts to look at my scar, it is LOW and looks very straight and nice. Dr. Repta is amazing at the low scar.....he truly is an artist. I will try to get the guts up to take some pictures today. I'm not sure what my issue is with the after photos, I'm just afraid t be disappointed I think...I'm not sure. I know there is still so much swelling and I just don't want to be disappointed I think. I'm working through it though for sure. Dr. Repta said my after photos at 30 days will be fantastic. I hope so. :) I hope everyone is doing well! I'm hoping to get out today and walk a little around the neighborhood. It's killing me to be cooped up in the house this entire time. :)
Jennifer, it took me 5 days too! I finally drank some milk of magnesia and it worked finally. Every day gets better! Hang there.

So the thing I was worried about the most was my...

So the thing I was worried about the most was my breasts...all Dr suggested I should get a lift I just didn't want the scars and couldn't really afford it with the other stuff I was doing. Well I have to say, I'm actually feeling pretty good about the choice even after only 9 days post op. PS said I would be even happier once they drop a bit (especially my left one ..which was saggier to begin with). With a sports bra on, I think they look fantastic so all in all I'm pretty happy so far with them. So for those of you thinking about NOT getting a lift with the augmentation, it might be an option for you depending on what exactly you are looking for. I definitely like the results of my right breast...hope the left one drops a bit soon. :)
I had to take an exlax to finally go too ! The stool softeners don't work
Lets see the tummy Jennifer !!! I'm anxious !!!
You look great! What size did you end up getting?

I have been avoiding taking the photos of my tummy...

I have been avoiding taking the photos of my tummy because quite frankly, I am disappointed. Looking at my 'before' pictures, you can see how my upper belly is quite flat and that I basically just had (what I thought) was a flap of extra skin. Well, the good news is that the skin is gone, the ledge is gone and all the stretch marks are gone. The bad news is though the last time I checked (2 days ago), I was still so swollen VERTICALLY I started crying. I am trying to explain the vertical swollen-ness but I'm not exactly sure how to explain it. I think it might have something to do with the fact that my PS had to put a very small verticle incision under my bb to remove my old bb piercing scar. I don't know. I'm just so used to having the tiny waist thing and now I feel HUGE. Ugh. Today I go in for an appt and I promise to post pics and let everyone see.

The good news is that my scar is SUPER low! Dr. Repta is a master at that (in my opinion). I will see what he has to say, he said last appointment that it was looking fantastic but I honestly thought I would be SUPER flat by now. lol.

I am loving my boobs though which I was incredibly nervous about. I am glad at this point that I didn't get the lift. They are starting to look very natural and dropping a bit. :)
ps my scar is low too
came by to see the tummy and still no pics ! thanks for the comments on my neck. i read on other posts about the emotions and i was like nawww wont be me!!! yes it is me ! its all of us. im sure your tummy will turn out great. you know dr repta CO wrote the textbook on tummy tucks. hes a PRO gf!! dont worry. i dont go back until 17th to see him but im wondering why i feel fat still and im 3 weeks long. how do you know its swollen or what ?? gonna make a question list for him. you know hes will answer them all. look on your paperwork it says dont make any major decision after surgery. our emotions will misguide us. your boobs look good, you gonna get all the whistle, hoots and hollers !! jennifer --- on my husband. he made me mad that day. you know hes trying to be supportive and go with me to the dr appts and be involved. on the way to the dr appt that day he had road rage almost 2 accidents. swear he hit every pot hole in PHX from that point forward i said ill drive myself. i left without him the next time he calls me says "hey i was going to go with " naww im cool LOL. the tummy i wanna see. i know mine will not be totally flat cause i have some intra fat under the lining i need to work out once i am able to. im excited to get the most of this procedure. im down 16 lbs from the day of surgery ....keep your head up.
WHen are you going back to work? I agree with with So Long... Pics of your new tummy!

So yesterday, I FINALLY felt like I am seeing some...

So yesterday, I FINALLY felt like I am seeing some improvements in the swelling. Dr. Repta is going to take our first set of before/after pics in 2 weeks and he says the difference is going to be amazing. I have t say, I am much happier today than I was about 5 days ago. My incision is SUPER low and straight and once that swelling goes down I have no doubt I will have a flat tummy. I can see the glimpse of it already. :) So there are the photos...I took most prior to a shower and then one after the shower once I had cleaned up a bit (shaved, etc). I was also cleared to put lotion /moisturizing on all the areas and to even start wearing my silicone scar strips for 12 hours at a time! Whoohoo! I know it's just TIME now.
So glad to hear ur feeling happier :0) u really look amazing!
You look awesome!!!
You look great:)

Up and Down go my emotions! So one minute I think...

Up and Down go my emotions! So one minute I think yeah...the lower abdomen bulge is just swelling and then the next, I"m not so sure. I have seen women on here that are bigger than me and they come out really FLAT! What's up with that? I am sure hoping that it's swelling but I'm starting to doubt it. :( Based on my before pic and my upper abs, I would have thought I would have been much flatter coming out of the procedure. Ugh. Am I crazy!!!? ?? I might just be. lol. I want a flat, flat tummy.
Thank you! I'm still so concerned about the lower abdomen bulge. I have seen women on here that are bigger than me and they come out really FLAT! What's up with that? I am sure hoping that it's swelling but I'm starting to doubt it. :( Based on my before pic and my upper abs, I would have thought I would have been much flatter coming out of the procedure. Ugh.
I feel the same way about my belly :0( I'm almost 7wks and I think my bulge is getting bigger! I'm hoping to get a lymphatic massage and I'm trying to drink gallons of water...

Gosh, ready or not, today is my first official day...

Gosh, ready or not, today is my first official day back at the office. I'm super scared! I have been lucky to be able to work from home this past week which has allowed me to rest in my nice comfy chaise with my laptop and do what needed to be done. Today however, actually going in. Heck at this point, I don't even know what clothes I can fit into. I have been wearing my workout pants (nice comfy and stretchy) if I went out of the house for any reason.

It's gonna be a LONG day. Yesterday I was in quite a bit of pain (boobs). Not exactly sure why! I finally had to take a Vicodin at around 1pm ...haven't had any pain meds for an entire week. I hate the way that stuff makes me feel but it did take the edge off of the pain.

I finally made it an entire night in my own bed...90% comfort level. I slept on my side a bit even...which was nice cause after lipo on the thighs, that is VERY painful.

I still am nervous about my lower abdomen pooch swelling but I am pretty sure I am seeing a noticeable difference.

My son and daughter yesterday (for Mother's Day) wrote me the nicest letters ever. My son even acknowledged that he was so happy that I did something for myself and got the surgery. And he bought a collage picture frame and filled it with his Jr. Prom pictures which was the night after my surgery so I was still pretty out of it.

Hope everyone has a great day! Wish me luck.
Your results are perfect. Next I want to get my breasts done. Like you, I just want to fill in loss volume. Congrats on your new gorgeous bod and new career as a VS model...that pic is too
You are on the road to recovery! Lucky you! I wish I could trade places! Post some new pics lady!
Good luck at work ! Have patience in your tummy

Well today I am 45! Wow, 45! I feel physically...

Well today I am 45! Wow, 45! I feel physically like I'm 65. This morning in the shower, with everything off, I was literally out of breath by the end of the shower. How is this possible? I was running 10k a month ago! Shjeesh. Crazy. Anyways, I'm feeling a bit better about my lower tumming swelling. Here are some new pics, I'll let you decide. Wearing my 'regular' jeans today even though they are tight. I feel that they are also a form of cg. lol..
happy birthday ... ur swelling is going to last weeks. are you wearing your CG with the jeans? you look great !!! size 4 really ? i have never been a size 4 .........have patience
Yes, I have it under the jeans. Ugh. That is why they are so tight. It's the one I received from Dr. Repta. It has eye hooks and zippers up the thighs which adds to the bulkiness. I hope to make it go AWAY soon. lol. I have a love/hate relationship with it.
Oh and when I say a size 4, let me clarify. I typically only wear a few brands and my favorite is White House Black Market and I swear their sizes are one size larger. So yes I wear a 4 in WHBM but it's more like a 6 in other brands (I think). LOL

3 Weeks Today!!!

Well today marks the 3 weeks time frame! So as I said earlier, I ordered a Victoria's Secret bathing suit. Well I ordered a Med for both top and bottom. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.......I need a SMALL in the bottom and probably a LARGE in the top. Please take a look at the photos. Notice I have my hand behind my back...I am holding my bathing suit tighter on the bottoms as it was loose!!! Whoohoo! And boobs are definitely OUT there. I think I may need a large to cover more of those babies up....what do you all think?
Girl you look great your result will be amazing just give a time to heal and be patient.
Looking great!! Your body looks amazing :-)
Just stumbled onto your site and after reading your post I wanted to say how amazing you look and how it only gets better!!!! I am glad you got rid of that extra baggage lol. I am 4 weeks post op TT BL and BA

I'm kind of over this!

So here's the deal and I'm not trying to sound all negative but......I'm ready to be done with the healing part. :) I miss being able to move around quickly and without aches and pains. Getting out of bed without a thought about the pain or pulling something. I miss working out ..I see my spin buddies posting on FB about what a great class they had...blah blah blah. I love them, but I'm ready to be back with them!

What I realize now is that:
A) I totally underestimated the trauma I was going to be putting this 45 year old body through.
B) I took for granted how good of shape I was really in before all of this. A few short weeks ago I was running around the track doing obstacles and stairs like a little gazelle. (Well in my head anyways hahahahah).

I think in my recovery I'm at the 'Wednesday' hump and I just want the weekend to be here already!! Does that make sense?

Thank goodness for this website and all of your posts. Just as I start to get down, I see a review from someone a little ahead of me in recovery and my faith is restored!

I go to PS tomorrow and will be getting some official before/after pics so hopefully I can get them and post them. I also want to find out if I can start swimming (I live in Phx and it's getting hot here) and/or bathing. I also need to know if I can start doing some light cardio. I'm thinking the elliptical machine. Hopefully some or all of those things will allow me to feel like I'm getting to 'Thursday'.
i totally understand you jennifer. i think i am on thursday. i go in on friday to get before and after photos. just try to have patience. i noticed today that i can walk faster and actually turn my body in car to back into a parking space. horaayy. its been forever since i could do that. i have a pool if dr repta says you can swim ;-) i doubt he will. he said 6 weeks
6 weeks! Ughhhh. I want to swim now! And take a bath. I think yesterday was my first day of feeling kind of 'normal'. I know we are getting there, slowly but surely. :)
You look so great! And you know I can relate to the wanting to feel better! The one thing that has helped is , time seems to be flying! Hope you're feeling better and running like a gazelle again soon ;)

1 Month! I'm over this already.

So yesterday I had my 1 mo PO with Dr. Repta. I had so many questions for him this time lol. First I asked him if it was normal that my breasts are still so sore/tender. He actually kind of made a little joke (which I thought was funny) about not ever having had one done personally but that he has heard that it's completely normal that a foreign body has gone UNDER the muscle and the skin and muscles are stretching. Makes sense but man..I just want them to be normal again.

This led me to my other question. As you know, I was against the BL as I didn't want the anchor scars. Honestly, I"m 95% happy with them the way they are right now (especially my right me it looks fantastic). The left one has a little extra droop/sag on the bottom but he said they still have a lot of settling to do and I might be happy with the resutls. Then I jokingly kind of pushed the implants down on the top (which brings my nipples up about 1/2 inch and they look GREAT) and said "Why can't you just go in there and do this and make them do this" And then he said he can actually do that for me via a purse string lift. It's done under local anesthesia and so the cost is a lot lower and he can do it right in his office. I might end of doing this in 6 months to a year depending on the outcome. He asked if I was happy with the size and I said I wish I would have gone a tad smaller. (He suggested 250-280), I went with 300 cc. He smiled and actually made the right decision, they look great on your frame. (or something along those lines). So that was kind of nice to hear.

We talked about my tummy and the fact that I'm a little annoyed with the lower abdomen swell. It was pretty significant by the time I saw him. He felt around and noticed that I *might* have a seroma and that one little part of my incision had a scab that was kind of half on/off. It had gotten a bit soggy from wearing the silicone strip so he told me to not put the strip on that part until after it has healed up. He actually then cleaned it up and then said well let me see if I can drain anything. I didn't look but I think he numbed me up a bit (I'm already numb still on that part of my tummy) and then tried to get some fluid out. Nothing came out which I guess is good although I kind of wished it would have drained. lol.

He cleared me to do some cardio...YEAH!!! So I'm going to start working out on the elliptical machine and getting my strength back up. He also told me I could stop wearing the CG and only wear the binder. I tried that last night and to be honest, I didn't like it. My lipo areas are still pretty bruised and painful and for some reason the CG makes me feel better, IDK. It's weird.

I'm still not feeling "NORMAL" at all. When I sit for longer than 20 minutes, when I stand I feel like I am stretching my thighs, knees (areas of lipo) and of course my stomach. It actually kind of hurts for about 20 seconds or until I get moving again. It's weird.

I can honestly say that if someone were to ask me TODAY if it was all worth it, I would probably say no. :( But I KNOW once I'm feeling back to my normal self and moving around, working out, etc. I know the answer will be YES. I just need time.

On a happy note, I am going to a Resort here in town with my sister to get some sun and relaxation by the pool. Even though I'm still a little bruised, I don't care. :) I'm wearing that VS suit. Whooohooo.

I have a VERY important 'event' happening in my life in about 30 days. I hope I'm feeling better by then. Happy healing everyone.
Wow for 4 weeks you look amazing!!! Congrats on your new body and love, love, love the new suit!!!
i hit reply too soon... i feel much like you where im not ready to give up the CG physically cuz i feel like im still so fragile. boobs are sensitive too.... but you look so amazing and we all know what well look like in a few months... (we all shouldve done this in the winter!) you own that VS suit !
you look fabulous!!!!

First Real Outing!

Well this past weekend, my sister and I went to a local resort for a little R and R. I was so nervous to not be wearing my CG or my binder but I figured if I was just laying in a pool lounger how hard could it be? lol. was WEIRD but I did it. It was so nice to be outside. I stayed in partial shade the entire time as I was worried about burning my 'new' belly button, etc. I wore the VS suit! I even had a lady tell me that she LOVED my suit and that it looked so good on it. We met this one couple and they were shocked that I was out and about a mere 4 weeks later. That made me feel pretty good.

The second night, my sister and I headed over to the attached casino to do a little gambling. I decided to wear a top that showed off my new boobs. Well...I can honestly say I don't think I"m ready to put them out there like that. I was pretty self conscious all night. lol My sister who has had hers for quite some time told me it took her a few months to not feel weird about showing a little cleavage. I am attaching a photo of the two of us that night. I think we look pretty darn good for a 45 year old and a 48 year old. :) We had a nice fun night but I was so happy to return to room and put my binder on asap. lol. I've relaxed all day on the couch as I"m a bit swollen and pretty tired today. Boy this feels good. I think I'm definitely on the downhill part of this recovery.
Jennifer .... omg u are looking fabulous!!! Omg to be a size 4 like you. I would feel like a super model
You look great, hope you continue to heal quickly!!
You look terrific! So glad you are doing well!

Totally doing this!!! And a little update.

So yesterday, I went with my sister to get some 'Boudoir" photos done of herself. She is giving them to her bf for his birthday. I was TOTALLY blown away by this photographer and the entire experience. You HAVE to check this site out and see her photos. She is such an artist. I am telling you, EVERY picture I saw of my sister was breathtaking....they do your hair, makeup and Jodi walks you through everything.

So anyways, I booked for the end of August! 3 different outfits. :) While I was there yesterday with my sis for 6 hours, I told Jodi about my MM and she was so excited for me to get healed up and come back in Aug. I figure that gives me 3 months to heal and drop another 10 lbs. For those ladies in the Phoenix area, let me know if you have any interest and I'll give you a VIP card, it's good for a nice little discount. I figure if we are going to go through all this we should all take some new pics for ourselves or our significant others. :)

My other little update is that last week I had a bit of my incision not healing and the scab was all gooey and gross and Dr. Repta cleaned it up and told me to keep it clean and dry and not to put silicone scar sheet over it. It took a few days but I think it's finally starting to heal and harden up. I was honestly scared there for a bit. I have a picture but it's kind of gross. I'm hoping I'm on my way to it finally healing up so I can go swimming. :)

Hope everyone is well. are too kind. I'm only 5'2 so I"m not super tiny or anything...I should be about 120 I'm working on getting rid of those last few lbs! I need to start working out again!!!

Wasn't going to post thiese

But heck..this is what this site is all about. Sharing our experiences! The good, the bad...and the ugly. So here's the ugly. :)
not to sound weird, but would you mind posted another naked boobie pic? I am not doing a lift either and am trying to find more afters to see results. Thanks
You look amazing, congratulations!! Can you offer some advise? I'm 43 and have a lift and aug scheduled for August. I'm seriously considering a tt as well, but concerned about the recovery time. How long did it take you before you were able to go back to work? I have an office job and could possibly work from home a few days, but I don't want to take any longer than one week off. Should I do it all together or wait and do the tt next year?
I would do it all together. I was working from home on the second week which was nice as I could VPN into work (login) and be 'online' and if I happened to take a quick nap or something, it was no big deal. I literally slept in my recliner with my laptop on a pillow on my lap. It was awesome. I physically went back to work at 2 weeks but went full day M/W/F and work from home on T/Th. The 3rd week I was back at work full time. I also have a desk job and the only part that was terrible was during the 2nd week, being swollen and having the garments on and almost not fitting into my clothes. lol

Swelling going down!!!!

Well I felt really flat this morning...noticeably . This gives me great hope. So I put on the SMALL VS bottoms and took a little photo from the side. Not sure you can tell in the picture but I can definitely tell in person that the swelling is minimal today.
Sure thing. :) I don't think it's weird at all..that's what this site is all about. I'm still waiting for them to settle but they are dropping nicely I think. I am considering doing the purse string lift in a few months depending on what the final results are. Just to get my nipples a bit higher. I'll go take a pic now. Stand by.

Added Pics of Boobs

Here are some pictures of my boobs, without getting a lift. It's hard to say where they will end up once they find their resting place but I'm actually pretty happy with them for not doing the lift/scars. When I was in his office, I pushed down on the top of the implant like you are seeing in the second photo and said "If you can just do this, (pressing down) they would be GREAT!" He laughed and said, well I can get you 75% to that with a purse string lift under general anesthesia and a lot less cost than reg lift. I'm definitely considering it for next year after I see where they land and I have more money saved up. lol
Omg you look sooooooo good!!! So jealous! Wish I had done my tata's too.Enjoy!
Ahhhhh...thank you! You can always get them done at another time. :)
I think they look great without the lift - very encouraging for me - thanks so much. I hope my results are close - so scared of what they will look like -lol. I don't think I have heard about the purse string lift - do tell

This am in suit (uploaded this once already)

Not sure where the front pic went to , so here it is again from this am. Starting to love my tummy.
You look amazing and I love the bikini.
You do look awesome! And I just wanted to say thank you for being so honest in your posts about your recovery. I am almost one month also and had a thigh lift on top of the mommy makeover and I still have days where I am very uncomfortable. Gravity is awful cause it all goes to lower abdominal and thighs. Feeling fairly frustrated and wanting to feel better. Lol. So when I read your post about "if someone asked me today if it was worth it?" And u were like I think 27 days post op I was so thankful. I have been beating myself up that I am not back up and running. Lol. Honestly I have a good day and then over do it. Lol. But that knocks me down. So anyways thank you for sharing. And ps my breasts are still sore also. Morning stinks and I keep thinking they should stop here soon. Lol
You look awesome! How do you like your results of having the implants without the lift? I'm thinking of getting implants someday and my PS suggested a lift but I don't want the scars either. I love your results. What size were you before and what size are you now? Your before pics of your breasts look very similar to me. I always thought I wanted 400 cc's but looking at you I might go smaller.

Up and Down We Go

So Sat night I had a great night...wore cute shorts with a cute top and was 'feeling it'. I'm not sure what 'IT' was but I was feeling cute. :) Yesterday and today, I was feeling blah. I think it's the excersice thing. I just need to start back at the gym but my energy level just isn't there. :( I know once I get going, I am back in it's just the getting going part that is hard. I am planning on going rollerblading tomorrow am. Yes, rollerblading. I'm a good rollerblader so I'm not worried about falling, etc. I just need to get out and about and get my heart racing. :)

I've decided to add a before/after of my breasts. Remember I chose to not get a lift. I will say in all fairness, the after photo my arms are up to take the photo so that probably affects the results a bit. I need to take one with my arms down. I will do that next time. They definitely seem a bit smaller and softer now, or I'm just getting used to them. lol
I think our boobs look very similar, except u have a bit more cleavage. Are u happy with the decision of no lift? Or are u still thinking about doing the purse string? Have u found out the cost of it? And how soon it could be done? I'm still on the fence about it myself. I've always thought, what's the point of trading big scars for nipples that are only pleasing naked? I mean, in a bra and clothing, u can just adjust ur nipples to the correct positions. But, now that I have the perky boobies, I'm kinda irritated that I can wear tanks and stuff without a bra, but my nipples won't stay adjusted to where I put them. Haha right now it's not a huge deal to me, so I prolly won't get the lift, but maybe someday...
Tammy...I agree about our boobs. :) I would say because I went into it with low expectations, I am pleased with the results. I am going to wait at least 6 months, probably a year and decide if I want to try and move my nipples up a few centimeters. lol. I believe the purse string is going to be about 4k and that's basically my PS fees only (he's on the expensive side). The way he explained it to me, he can do it in his office, under general anesthesia and so no costly op costs or anesthesia costs. I totally agree with you about the nipple thing...although I have been wearing camis with built in bras and they are working great to support and keep the nipples in place. So for now, I'm good. Maybe in the future. I'm happy I didn't get the lift though at this point.
You look great. Don't think you need a lift at all. Your swelling looks great too. I am 3 days post op so swollen big time. Hoping after a month I have minimal swelling like you :-).

I did it! Rollerblading at 5.5 weeks.

This morning I decided to give exercise a try. I decided to go rollerblading in my neighborhood before it gets too hot. :) felt so good! Didn't hurt at all and was felt amazing! My heart rate got up a bit and I"m a little winded but I did it! I took my 3.5 legged dog Lindsay (she has a deformed front leg) with me and she pooped out after 15 minutes so I brought her home and went another 15. She is STILL panting. lol I am feeling so NORMAL today. Yeah!!!! Now if this wound would just close already. I've got things to do and people to see.
Yea for you! Rollerblading is fun!! I haven't done that in years!
Good for you! And you look so great!
That's got to feel good! I've got exercise envy these days. Good for you, hope the good days continue :)

6 Weeks Tomorrow! Did a spin class! Yeah.

Well yesterday I bit the bullet and decided to go to my 5 am spin class. I was so nervous. Wasn't sure cardio wise if I could handle it and then of course nervous that it would hurt. I wore my CG under my exercise pants and brought my binder. About the 3rd song in, I realized I could do this. :) It felt sooooooo good to get my heart rate up. I did the entire 60 minutes of class to fun music and I didn't skip a beat. I did have to jump off my bike about 20 min in and put the binder on..I just felt my tummy hurting a tiny bit so I didn't want to chance it. The only thing that really felt uncomfortable was the sprinting (go as fast as you can) as my outer thigh lipo areas felt like they were on fire. But it was only 3 songs so I was able to manage.

I've also attached some before/after pics at 6 weeks. Look at the difference in the swelling on the side view! I felt so flat this am and I'm starting to see my little abs indent thingies again. And I LOVEEEEEEE my belly button. It looks so natural. It looks just like my pre baby one.

Oh and my little friend...the wound

I forgot to update a pic of the wound. It IS healing. Very slowly. But looking so much better.
Hey Jennifer! I remember you saying you got the arnica gel. Did you use it and did it work? Also, is it weird with your son - with the boob situation? My 20 year old son who is away at college came up last weekend to visit and I didn't tell him about them... Just the Tt. Maybe it's just me....
I used it and to be honest, I don't know if it helped or not. lol. However, I did have some pain in my shoulder in the past few weeks (I think from sleeping weird with my arm under my pillow) and I put some on yesterday and I didn't realize until I just read your post but the pain is GONE today. So maybe it really does work. My son knew I was getting it all done, I was very upfront with him. He was super supportive and on Mother's Day even wrote me a handwritten letter stating he was so glad I did the surgery. :) I think he knows I didn't do any of it as a form of weight loss or that I'm going to become a stripper or flaunt them or anything. lol. He knows I worked my butt off (literally) and that my leftover parts were all saggy and that no amount of exercise would fix that.
You look great. I don't blame you aboutthe lift not crazy about the scars either Luckily, I didn't need one. You are so right. The MM was so much tougher than I thought it would be. I want prepared for that at all. Glad you are doing well and am getting back in your routine. Take care.

7 Weeks Today.

Not too much has changed really. I am still sore a bit and feel pretty tight in my lower abdomen (but I LIKE the feeling). I love, love, love my belly button and love how low my scar is. The wound is FINALLY closing (pic attached). It really did have to heal from the inside out. It used to be a hole and now it's filled in and just a surface scab.

My boobs have definitely settled in nicely and I no longer feel as I went 'too big'. In fact, I can understand why people tend to regret not going larger. I'm very happy with where mine are at right now.

I had a funny experience last night. Was out with a woman friend and she had her friend along with her (I know her but not well). Well, the conversation turned to my surgery and they wanted to see pics, etc. Well my friends friend was obsessed with my boobs and just wanted to touch them and feel me up. It was pretty darn funny, I think she had a little girl crush on me. hahahahah.

I went to spin class 3 x this week...Mon, Wed and Fri. It felt amazing but man an I tired.

That's about it, I will post a few pictures I took the other morning in bra/panties. :)
Jenny, love your review and your results! I'm 43 and in my head I'm still 30 so I'm totally looking forward to looking a bit closer to that! :) my procedure is on the 19th of July and I'm so excited! Hopefully my tummy comes out like yours! You look great! Thanks for all the helpful info, as well!
45 years old?? Who here is 45? Lol you look good for your age! Your outcome came out good! Looking good in your most recent pics. Happy healing :)
Love the pics in the bra/panties-are they from VS? You look awesome in them!! If we're anything alike after this surgery...I love trying on new underclothes (lol) ;) I love your BB too-I wish mine were more narrow like yours then so round.

8 Weeks! Wow...2 months really?

Well 2 months ago today I was under the knife. I can't believe how fast (and slow) it has been. The good news is that for the most part, I'm feeling better and better. I think I'm probably at 95% back. Yesterday for whatever reason, I had a bit of a set back, had some pains in my abdomen but I think it's because I A) over did it in spin class or B) all the crap/bad food/alcohol I have been consuming lately. Ugh, I have to get back on track with eating, actually the eating part has been fine it's the wine and dirty martinis that are getting me. I need to go back to 100% clean for the new few weeks and get these last 10 lbs off.

My little friend the wound is almost HEALED! The hole is gone and it's just a small area now ...not even really a scab..just dry rough skin. I should be able to start putting scar strip on it soon. I've attached a photo.

Still loving my tight ass tummy and my cute belly button. Oh yeah. Really need to start working out my arms and abs soon though...arms are getting flabby. No likie.

I actually wore the CG and the binder to bed last night as I was feeling so bloated and even a little sore yesterday. Feels so much better this am. :)

I still love reading everyone's looking at the before/after pictures.

Happy healing everyone!

Another Pic ...8 weeks

Question? Did your ps liposuction your lower back and side areas? We're you swollen there for a long time? The reason I ask is because I definetly had a prominent arch in my lower back before surgery and now it is almost non existent. My lower back and sides feel numb so I am assuming it is swollen but honestly it is hard to tell. I really hope the swelling goes down because I worked so hard to get that arch in my back.
I did not have lipo on lower back and sides. I kind of wished I would have had it on my flanks as there definitely seems to be a little something there now that everything has been pulled tight. I think you will get the arch long has it been?
I hope my TT turns out good. You look amazing!!

This is what happens when you go to Vegas AFTER a MM! :)

Well this past week I joined some girlfriends for a quick trip to Vegas. We had such a fun time as you can see by the photo attached. lol As far as my recovery, there are better days than other, I just want to feel NORMAL again. My stomach and lipo sites are still numb and they just feel WEIRD. Will I ever feel normal again? Also, I've noticed is that if I eat or drink bad then I definitely feel very 'tight' the next morning. I feel like I need to start doing yoga to loosen everything up.

This week I am going to start back doing my regular workouts....meaning some like abs, arms, legs plus my spin classes. It should be interesting.

All in all....I am LOVING my results and I have to say I am VERY happy with the size of my boobs. I no longer feel as though they are too big, in fact..if anything I might have gone up to a 350 cc and would have been fine with that. I have been told by many though that they are definitely VERY proportionate to my body so that is a huge compliment.

Happy healing everyone!
Looks like you were a bad bad girl and needed a spanking from 2 good looken men!!!! hahaha love the picture! You look great!
Looks like fun! Hope my boobs turn out as good. Will post pics soon. I have a lot of dropping and fluffing to do
You look so fabulous! I just read your profile and I swear I wrote some of it!!! I'm 11 days post op and just swollen all the time. My lower abdomen especially. I can see that there have been some results but like you said, I've seen sooo many women on this site who are super flat and I'm so far away from that. You give me hope though because you look amazing. My PS and GS said everything is going great and I'm healing well. I have not been in any pain which kind of freaks me out because so many people even at this point are still uncomfortable. I've felt fine pretty much after 3 days. I also have to have my belly button reconstructed due to botched hernia surgery in 2010 so that's bumming me out when I do look at my belly. Anyway thanks for your updates - you honestly made me like there's still hope for a rockin' body like yours! Love the Vegas picture by the way - you go girl!!!

10 Weeks!!!

Wow, 10 weeks ago I had my BA, TT and Lipo of outer/inner thighs and inner knees. I have to say that there are days that I feel completely normal and days like today when I still feel tight, numb and a little tired. Oh well, it's getting better and better.

Tomorrow I start my regular workout routine and will head to the track with my group and then on Sunday to the gym to do resistance training. I really can't do any abs still and my left shoulder has been really hurting for the past 3 weeks so it will be interesting to see what I CAN do. lol.

I am surprising my 15 year old daughter with a quick trip to Hawaii next week (Wed-Sun) for some Mommy/Daughter time. Can't wait to lay by the pool/beach and just chill out. We will probably rent bikes, go snorkeling and maybe even some scuba. Should be a lot of fun. :) I'll update with photos after the trip.

I still love reading everyone's journeys and looking at before/after pictures. Thank you all for posting your experiences here...this place is so awesome.

Happy healing all!!!
Yay you! Have a great time with your girl! Can't wait to see the pics! We should have a get together (cocktails!) with fitforlife when you get back!
I agree! I'm in!!!
Me 3!! ;) can't wait!! ....have a fabulous time in Hawaii w/ your daughter!!

3 Months Post Op!

This Friday will mark my 3 month post op date. I can't believe it! Gosh....where did the time go? Last week I took my daughter and son to Kauai for a mini-vacation. The before I left, I joined my workout group and did the full workout with them on Sat/Sun with the exception of abs. I felt as though I wasn't ready for those yet. Let me tell you, I could hardly walk for 2 days after working out! It felt great but man oh man was it hard on me. :) Then I left for Hawaii. LOL.

While in Hawaii, I decided to try running for the first time. I have to say, it felt pretty good...especially running along side the ocean..the views were amazing and it kept me distracted. I only ran 3 miles a day but it was still a great thing to be out and about doing some cardio.

Where I noticed my tummy the most was when I was swimming and/or snorkeling. I think it's because I was using muscles I haven't used at all and my tummy felt tight and a little strange. But my oh my it felt great to wear the bikini ! I realized I have to work on my lower body (my legs) as they are a bit jiggly still but all in all I'm definitely VERY happy with the result. All in all, it was a VERY relaxing trip...didn't do any sight seeing (we have been there before) and it was really about me reconnecting with my two kids and that we did.

Now that I'm back , I need to drop the last 10lbs and get back into my regular routine of working out.
Curious as to how much more you dropped and fluffed? I am 2 months behind you and I still have so much dropping left to do and hope that happens. I will be 6 weeks on Thursday and would love to have a little slope on the top and a little more fluff underneath. Are you happy now? Do you still feel like they are changing?
I think mine have settled nicely. I have been told by many people now that they look very natural. I think that has to do with not getting the lift. I am still very happy with the decision to not get the lift. :) I also am happy with the size I selected. They are ALMOST feeling normal to me again.
Vegas photo was great!!! I skimmed your blog...what size implants did you get 325? Since you said 350 would have been good too? It looks like you are having a great time with your new body? Very exciting! :0)

14.5 Weeks PO

So...I have been quite busy these past few weeks after getting back from Hawaii...getting my kids back to school (yes in AZ they are already back). We made a quick trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain this past weekend and wow...I'm not sure I was ready for all of that. I LOVE LOVE rollercoasters..the scarier the better. But this time, I was really scared for some a good way I suppose. I will say my body definitely took a bit of a beating and the next day I was pretty sore. I don't really notice the swelling as much any more these days.

One thing I do notice is that when I over eat, I get a weird pain in my upper abs. Something definitely doesn't like when I eat too much. It actually hurts a bit and feels like my muscles under there are torn. :( I'm sure they aren't.

This week I"m back on track as far as diet and exercise goes...I am doing the full blown workouts for the first time this weekend as I KNOW I have gained a bit of weight. I haven't gotten on the scale and my clothes still fit the same but I can just tell. I have been eating like a little piggy and drinking too much wine. There I said it. :)

There are still days that I don't feel normal. Still very numb and just want everything to be back the way it used to feel (minus the loose baggy skin).

I'm still loving everything but definitely need to get a handle on the eating and working out. I have a trip to Boston coming up and one to New Orleans with my girl friends and I want to be in the best shape of my LIFE!!!!

Happy healing everyone!

Thanks for your awesome updates. You are a busy lady! How are you feeling this week? Still have the torn muscle feeling?

Wow seriously your results are amazing!! Two weeks till my surgery... seeing how active you were able to be so quickly makes me happier! Again AWESOME results your stomach looks amazing!
We're the same age and I'm telling you, 45 is the new 30! In a word, you look amazing, you didn't even need a lift, they look great as they are. I think huge boobs at our age make us look older don't you? They're kind of matronly. Yours just look like you've always had them but they haven't aged much (does that make sense?) they don't look 'done'. The TT is probably the best I've seen, but all the great ones have the same thing in common, a person who has worked hard to get into shape before. You were realistic about your goals but you look a million dollars.

Almost a year !

I can't believe that it has been almost a year since my surgery (April 2013). I still LOVE my new body! I am so happy I didn't get the breasts look and feel so natural and NO scars. My b/f (yes, there is a new man in my life..the love of my life!) absolutely loves them! I will say I still am numb in my tummy area, some days worse than others but it's all so worth it.

I'll upload some pics so you can see the final result...I really couldn't be happier. This site was so helpful to get me through the rough parts. Happy healing everyone!
Wow you look amazing!!! Perfect!! Congrats!!!
WOW! You look fantastic! Congrats on the soon to be 1 year anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun :-)
I am with you so glad I didn't do the lift too and your review helped me decide that
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

I interviewed a few other surgeons before seeing Dr. Repta. I knew in the first 2 minutes, he would be my surgeon. He took the time to go over all of my body concerns and explained everything in a way that was different from the other doctors. He was kind and gentle and just made me feel at ease. After leaving, I was still on the fence about having a breast lift. His professional opinion was that I would benefit from one but I really didn't want to have the scars. He was very open to allowing me to do the augmentation without the lift as he said I could always come back and get the lift after if I wasn't satisfied with the results. At that point, I knew he was the right Dr for me. I am now 6 weeks PO and I am LOVING my new body. His work is absolutely stellar. The tummy tuck incision is one of the lowest I have ever seen and is incredibly neat, clean and thin. And then there is my belly button. What can I say.....I am in love with my new belly button. It looks so natural and cute...a true work of art. I never waited more than 5 minutes in the waiting room and never felt rushed when seeing Dr. Repta. I highly recommend Dr. Repta and Advanced Aesthetic Associates. Thank you for giving me my body back.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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