April 23, 2013 - Tampa, Fl

I had my fraxel c02 done at Adora clinic in Tampa...

I had my fraxel c02 done at Adora clinic in Tampa Fl. The woman seemed very knowledgeable and has been doing it for over 5yrs. It didn't hurt at all, seriously! The numbing cream works great! Make sure you bring a freezer pack, I live an hour away from the clinic so i should have brought two. (they sell them for a dollar at the dollar store) you just hit them when ready to use. They gave me one at the clinic but that wasn't enough. The procedure took about 40min., no pain, the numbing cream wore off in about an hour. I took two Tylenol, I don't know i i would have needed them but took them anyway. I used ice packs for the next few hours. My face was fine as long as i kept it cool. I have malasma, and wrinkles, that was why i did it. The malasma looks worse, but thats expected, I also just bought Hormone Balance Formula made from Superior Source (bought from a natural store), taking 1 zinc, and 2 milk thistle 1000mg. and DefensePlus by NutriBiotic 1 a day, and a good multi. (mine was very cheap with coupon, i think it was from their site)

Hi Deanna 43,  thanks for reviewing your experience so far.  Do you plan on having any additional treatments?  Be sure to keep us updated on your post-treatment progress!

She suggested I get a microbrasion in a month, I will be doing that the middle of July. I had no need for cold packs today, but def. don't have a desire to let others see me! lol I have a couple more pics. I will try to put them up soon. (Adora sent me a coupon for $50 for the microbrasion) My face has not peeled, she said it might not, but that doesn't mean its not doing its thing. I have been putting half vinegar half water and patting my face with it (I started the next morning after the treatment. It stings a little, i then put cold water on the rag and patted, it helps with healing.) She has suggested botox between my eyes, she says that is the last step and my face will be beautiful! lol Shes funny, very nice woman.

My face stings with sympathy in regards to the vinegar soaks, ouch!  Hope everything continues to go well for you :)


It took 4 days to heal, almost no peeling. i kept...

It took 4 days to heal, almost no peeling. i kept Aquaphor on at all times. My husband and I are happy w the results.:-) I took daily pics along the way, let me know if you want to see them. I'm having a hard time uploading them.

Day 4... all healed

Day 4... all healed

Here is a pic of day 4...all healed.

Here is a pic of day 4...all healed.


It has been a couple mths. Unfortunately, neither my husband or I see much of a difference at all from before and after. There was a day in there where I thought I would keep looking better. Just look the same as I always did. No biggie, but waste of $350 :(


It didn't seem to do anything:-( what a waste of money, prob very damaging to skin as well, now have to be more careful about being in the
sun. I have malasma, not an answer for that!

The nurse practitioner

Coupon on their site.

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