68yrs Old - Am I Being Vain in Wanting a Tummy Tuck? Adelaide, AU

I have always been the biggest kid at school and...

I have always been the biggest kid at school and was heavy when I was married 43 years ago. I had a surgery 3yrs ago to repair a faulty valve in the Small Intestine (possible birth defect), and the surgeon strongly suggested that I lose weight as it made the Laproscopic procedure difficult. I followed the diet and have lost 35kg and kept it off for 2 years. I look gross. Recently I approached my Doctor and was referred to a Plastic Surgeon who has given me much needed confidence. I have lost 10" off my waist and 6" off my chest, but the excess skin is bothersome. My wife says I am being vain at my age and wants the same amount of money to spend on an overseas trip!
I know I will feel better, have improved movement (be able to touch my toes) and probably eliminate lower back pain and be fitter, but am I doing the right thing. I am actually excited at the prospect.

Surgeon's Photos

Tomorrow is the big day with the Surgeon to set the date to get things in motion.

The Big Day Looms

The Surgeon will confirm tomorrow if it will be the 18th September (morning), or 25th September (afternoon surgery). It was going to be in October, so this will be excellent. Wish me luck!!

Two weeks !!

It is confirmed for the procedure to be on the 18th September, 2014. Check in at the Hospital is to be 7am!
Nervous but excited.

One Week to go

I'm climbing up the wall. I have mown my lawn (almost did it 2 days in a row), done my daughters lawns, done my neighbours lawns, even mowed the grass 'down there' again. I'm done with mowing. Started to polish the car, helped a neighbour erect a verandah on his house yesterday. Still days to go and I am not nervous, but so excited. I'm jealous of my RS'Harem' who have just had their procedures and I wish them all the best and will be following the progress with keen interest. The Hospital won't allow my laptop in the room as they claim it only gets in the way of things and the risk of damage (through falling) is too great, so it means that I won't be able to report in real time. I will be making notes (old fashioned way, - pen and paper) and will copy them when I get home. My PS also says that he may keep me in Hospital at least 3 days to eliminate the possibility of DVT9Blood clots), mainly because of my age and the fact I did have a DVT post-operatively six years ago following a Hip replacement. In that case, I will soak up all the help I can before I get home, as I think I will be mainly on my own as my wife really still isn't happy that I spent the money on the op. Good luck to all the other 18th Girls, I hope you are finding plenty of ways to keep busy. Thanks to all your comments of support, it really does lift the spirits. Till next time.

3 More Days of Waiting

I am still climbing up the wall with anticipation, but I am following all the 'Septembet TT ' girls experiences with interest. You are all so positive that I am sure your outcomes are going to be fabulous. At the moment, I am avoiding contact with my neighbours on both sides of me as the all have the 'Flu-like dreaded lurgi' and I definitely don't want to catch anything. I will follow some of 'the Girls' advice and start to flush out the bowels tonight and start a liquid diet for the last 2 days before surgery.
I had a weird dream the other night, with all the re-alignment of skin during the surgery, I wonder if my Belly Button will now have a Moustache or a Beard??? I am not a hairy male, so this thought is weird! Wish me luck and I will post when I can.

Lost my umbilical cord

Well it's only 2 more days until the big day, but disaster struck. My modem died. It was like my umbilical cord to the world was broken. After nearly an hour on the phone to the provider, it wasdecided that the modem had an intermmitant fault, so needed to be replaced. Purchased a new one and spent another hour on the phone getting it installed. Lucky it didn't happen next week .I also bought a small tablet to take to Hospital to keep checking in on you all.

It feels like Christmas Eve...

Tomorrow is the big day. I have to check in at 7am, so it will be an early start. Today was interesting, I went looking for my PJ's, as I haven't worn any for 43 years and the ones I bought for surgery 6 years ago are so big it was silly. Purchased two types, an over the head T-Shirt style, but I couldn't recall anyone commenting if they are able to lift their arms so far to put them on, so I bought another pair with a shirt button front. While I was rummaging in the wardrobe, I noticed my 'wedding suit' (yes, only worn once). I decided to try it on, and was shocked, it was soo large that I couldn't hold the trousers up. I showed my wife, who looked and then said, "Bummer, that was going to be your Cremation Suit". Charming.
Bag all packed, moved my recliner into the bedroom, covered it with a wool underlay in case of any leakages, and as it is mid-afternoon on the 17th here already, I have nothing to do. I will have a shower later this evening and use the anti-bacterial soap, and have a blade shave (face) so I won't look too rough after a couple of days. The Hospital rang this morning to see if I was still coming, but couldn't tell me what time the Surgery was going to be. Still excited, not nervous as I know what to expect and just hope I do as well as my RS Harem of supporters have done. I feel like a small child waiting on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas to arrive.

Thursday ; D-Day, 18th SEPT.

Booked in at the Hospital at 7am and taken to a private room with a nice park- view. No sleep last night, but a another weird thought. I wonder what music the PS and Crew will be playing in surgery:- some tracks come to mind, The Surgeon's song,"The first cut is the deepest", the psplinter song,"I've got you under my skin", Mack the knife, "A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down", " I did it my way". Weird eh! 8-30am, fitted with compression stockings, gown and off we went. PS then drew all over me (and took a photo for me), then hopped up on to the table - lights out!
In recovery at noon, a Nurse said "Welcome back, how are you feeling" and before I could answer, "Not you, STAN" (Sore, tender about now), and you too. We are going to get along famously.
My PS also retook a leftovers photo for me as well, it was 2kg (4.4lb) and Stan now has 2drains close by and a very low incision. Trussed up in my CG, sohaven't seen anything yet, but the PS was very pleased with it all.
No pain at all, probably the Theater meds still in effect. Very sleepy for the rest of the day and evening.

Post Op Day1 Friday 19th Sept.

Very uncomfortable last night, not from the surgery, just couldn't pee. Nurses took me for a wLk to clear the lungs, but after a short time I became light headed and fainted. A few minutes back in my room and I just made it to the toilet and vomited for some time.
Very painful in the bladder area, and after an ultrasound, it was decided to insert a catheter. Poor STAN, I thought "this is going to make my eyes water". It did. Immediately filled 2 bottles with much relief. Caused by incision swelling on the bladder and pressure from CG.
I can concur with 'my girls' reports of swollen and sore 'girly bits' as STAN is starting to turn yellow with bruising, and his 2 mates are already swollen and bruised.
I still have the vertigo problem and am very giddy. Still no incision pain, even when a sneaky cough occurred. Only taking normal painkillers at 4hourly intervals.
The PS commented that he tightened my stomach muscles slightly as they weren't as bad as most women who have stretched theirs beyond the elastic limit during childbirth. He also repaired 2 hernias.
I haven't seen anything yet as it is under the CG.
I am also in awe of the RS girls who went home the same day as their surgery. I definitely couldn't do that.
PS popped in this evening and asked for all dressings to be changed as they were all messy, so I had one of them take a photo for me. Looks nice and flat and low.

Post Op Day 2, Sat 20th Sept.

PS came in at breakfast time and announced that today was shower day. Still light headed with vertigo problems, and nearly blacked walking the 10 ft to the bathroom. Shower was magic, but by the time I made it back to bed, I. Was covered in perspiration and it took nearly 2hrs to recover.
Had my first look without the binder this morning and was thrilled. The incision is so low and flat and neat, and for the first time since I was a teenager, when I look down I saw poor bruised STAN and my FEET!! Dead flat tummy, can't wait to get home and share my photos. Be here until possibly Wednesday.
Dizzyness is gone, hooray! Next trial - Constipation. Dreading this, all your reports are frightening. My Nurse, (Mother of 5), came in with what she referred too as "Nurses Revenge", a suppository with a reaction time of 0-5mins. Mine was almost zero, having just made it to the toilet. That made everyone happy, and if the Hospital had a newspaper, it would have made headlines.
Still have 2 enormous drain bottles of 500ml each which do not have to be emptied.
Today was a landmark day, feeling really great, and looking forward to a walk tomorrow. I can get in and out of bed by myself.
APSA (Adelaide Plastic Surgeons Associates

Dr. Darren Molony. At this stage it is prior to the procedure, but I am impressed with his confidence of what he can do for me and my expected outcomes. It will be a Fleur-de-Lis Abdominoplasty with a separate 'boob job' later on. His PA is amazing, and is so supportive and enthusiastic. The surgery is planned for 18th Sept. 2014

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Rest...can't wait to see pics of your progress...happy healing
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So glad to see you posting!! Can't wait to see pics!
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Same goes for me.
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I was so happy to finally see a post from you! Was getting worried....my husband even had asked me if you had posted anything.... :) So happy to hear that you still have your positive take on everything and love the humor! Keep resting and many happy healing hugs and thoughts are being sent your way!!
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You made my day! I am still laughing! So glad you are feeling better. I go back to work tomorrow, I love being home. Look forward to your next entry, take care :)
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You're hysterical! So glad you're on the flat side and all went well! Can't wait to see pics! Rest well!
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So happy for you..You did it! Wooohooo!
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You are a freaking hoot! Love your humour. Rest and be well.
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So happy to see you post! Yah!! You made it! Congrats. Can't wait to see pics! Take ur time tho... Rest up!
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Congratulations, glad everything went well. Welcome to the flat side. Get plenty of rest.
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Glad all went well, welcome to the flat side!! Rest, rest, rest that is your job right now...happy healing!!
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Thanks, really feeling good. Would not have done it without my RS 'harem girls encouragement and support
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Good luck, and it is not being in vein to want the excess skin off. You work hard to loss weight and you should be able to feel good about it.
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Hope everything went well and you are resting and healing well with less pain...
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I hope you're resting and recovering well!
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Praying all went well for you. Can't wait to see your post op pics
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Sending prayers! Very excited for you!!
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How all went well for you today....sending prayers your way!!
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I hope you heal well. Sending prayers
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You are not a bit being vain!!! It is your body, It is your life, you should feel confident about your who you are and be happy. Hope you had a successful procedure. And Hoping to see your result soon.
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Yay!!! Everything is going to be awesome! Cannot wait to hear how you are doing!
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Not sure what time it is where you are but in nj it's 10:25am. Thinking of you and hoping you're surgery is a huge success!
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Thinking of you! Best of luck!
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Thinking about you today! Hope surgery went beautifully and you will on the road to recovery soon. You are going to be so slender after!!!
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