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Stay Away from Aquamid or Any Permanent Fillers - Adelaide, AU

I had Aquamid injected in my lips in 2003 by Dr...

I had Aquamid injected in my lips in 2003 by Dr Robert Reed in Adelaide Australia.
For the first four years I had no problems, just sometimes if I knocked my lips they seemed painful and I felt that my lips felt harder than I would have liked but aesthetically I wasn't too worried.

After about four years I started noticing white lumps on the borders of my top lip and on the left side of my bottom lip when I smiled they were really noticeable.

I went back and saw the surgeon who had performed the procedure and he suggested cortisone injections or maybe even adding more product to even out the lumps. He said he no longer used Aquamid because of complications and he would use a temporary filler.

I knew that neither of these would be an option and that I needed to have the product removed. I had a cosmetic surgeon who I went to for botox try and squeeze the product out via aspiration.........no go nothing came out I knew then that the product was well and truly embedded in my tissues.

I was then referred to a reconstuctive surgeon and have had four painful surgeries three of which were to remove the granulomas, by the third surgery my lips looked really awful. Dents ,still lumpy, uneven, couldn't wear lipstick, it seemed that the more he removed the product would activate somewhere else,the worst being on the border of my top lip. It was actually getting worse, it was a nightmare, I had hope with every surgery that they would improve but the lumps grew larger or just came back more irritated than before. I had reddness all around the border of my top lip and chronic inflammation.

I was being asked if I had cold sores, stopped going out, it was ruining my life. I went from being a confident very happy person to almost suicidal never attending day time social engagements, only going out at night where there was dim lighting and only if I had to.

Distancing myself from people,paranoid, feeling extremely disfigured and absolutely miserable.

I just had my fourth surgery four weeks ago having very much of the product removed and a dermal fat graft where I had skin removed from my abdomen and placed in my lips to fill the cavities. Think of it like I full lip transplant my doctor likened it to the type of surgery he performs on cleft palate patients.

They are looking better now, if my lips were normal to begin with I would probably be freaking out. However, going from how deformed they were to what they look like now I think they are much better, thanks to a wonderful surgeon.

I still live in fear lumps will come back , all of the product can never be removed. This ordeal has taken away so much from me,if it wasn't for having a great husband, children and friends I dont know what I would have done.

Please stay away from permanent fillers!! They can ruin your life!!

Also stay away from surgeons who use them........they are clearly irresponsible so don't trust them.

I hope my story stops anyone going through what I have, believe it or not I actually consider myself lucky it was in my lips and not my face, that would have been even harder to remove.

Cheers everyone xx

I am so sorry for everything you and the other ladies have had to endure, and I do pray that the surgeon is able to make your lips look fairly normal, so that you will feel good about yourself again. I do want to thank you and everyone else for your feedback about the Aquamid, as I was considering this procedure until I read your reviews! You are saving many other people from a similar fate, so I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! God bless you!!!
Hi, I had a surgery too 1 month ago, to remove a part of aquamid, because, I had a lot of nodules, the shape of my upper lip looks deformed and I was swollen above the upper lip. I was injected in 2004. Now it's better but my upper lip is very hard because of the hematoma, and I'm still swollen above my upper lip, that is my worry. My surgeon tells me that I have to wait again and again....but it's very long and I'm not sure to find the area of my upper lip back like before.... So what about you when you said you're lips are better but not like before, how are they look like?
HI i'm sorry to tell you still not good, just better than before my last surgery.I have lost all definition in my top lip and have to wear lipstick all the time and they still dont look normal. Am having a sixth surgery next month to try and improve the shape, I know they are never going to look normal all I can hope for is an improvement. Once the damage is done its irreversable.........I feel for you and sympathise with anyone in this situation. Good luck and try not to dwell on it too much and just accept that its happened. Best wishes.
Dr Robert Reed

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