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4 days pre op and seriously cold feet. Thanks to...

4 days pre op and seriously cold feet. Thanks to all who have posted here. Been very comforting. 104.8kg and weight only going one direction. Currently on pre op diet which is killing me - lol. 500 cals per day for 17 days to reduce fatty liver. Problem is not leaving me enough energy to perform at work well let alone exercise although last few days slightly better.

had the op!

Wow. Had the op yesterday and can't believe how good Im feeling!. Yes, morphine helps :-). Got this wonderful Calf Stimulator that I want to take home.. and the bed. Not being able to drink is hard. Sucking ice chips only until they do the barium test this afternoon making sure no leaks.
So about tthe op. Admitted 11:30am. Sat around and did some paper and read a book until 1:00 then all systems go. Had to have a shower and painted with antiseptic. Recovery for an hour and back to the room by 5. Lots of slleep. Very wobbly on legs for toilet (no cathadar). The surgeon made 5 holes which don't hurt (yet). Not hungry which was one of the outstanding benefits of this op over the other choices. So far All easier than I had thought it was going to be.

The worst is over

Well, apparently it is common to feel great day after op but not so good the next day. Had a blinding migrane for 3 days - no one really sure why but over that now. Last few days in hospital mainly slept but great care there. Got out of hospital on Friday.
Eating again was surprisingly strange. I was so looking forward to the idea of eating again and then when faced with it, wasn't interested. I am enjoying taste versus needing to feel sated (that is there must of the time thanks to op). So enjoying (low fat) custards, yoghurts and creamy soups again. It is difficult to work out what my stomach is doing. I'm not sure why it is hurting sometimes - think it might be the acid in the fruit juice I am drinking a cup or 2 of a day rather than overeating. Sure this will work itself out soon!

Day 8 post op

I cant believe how quickly I have recovered. Been working at home this week and although still a bit tired and not strong on my feet, am very well. Went to the surgery for 1 week review and everyone very happy with me (not as much as I am happy with me :-)).
On Tuesday I was directed to take off my wound dressings in the shower. I had seen one of the wounds in hospital that had leaked a little and needed redressing - it was very neat with about a dozen black stitches. I was so surprised when I took off the dressings to find stitches dissolved, wound healed and hardly a mark (other than bruising). Amazing!

I'm now sick of liquid food - there is only so much variety you can have with liquid! Choice of soup, yoghurt, custard basically but more than the protein shakes. I thought I would have them still but they leave a funny taste in my mouth. Expecting things to settle once back on solids.

I have to get back to walking but still a bit wobbly so taking it easy for a few more days. Weight loss has stopped as a result but happy to get on an even keel (and solids) before worrying about this. The portion sizes are so small, I don't anticipate many problems. My issues was not eating healthily it was always I eat too much - the whole reason behind the op.


The surgeon had said the liver was no longer fatty (the point of the protein diet) and looked like "a normal liver" - lol

2.5 weeks post op

Another week on and doing well - losing about 2 kgs per week. This may speed up when I am back to a normal diet. Bit too much yoghurt/custard etc atm.
I was so looking forward to starting on semi-solids. Planned and cooked up Spag Bol (suggested by dietician) for dinner to celebrate... Ended up having ~ 1 tablespoon and realised not a good idea. For anyone who has had the op, you know that "my stomach is about to explode/eject/have a melt down" feeling which leaves you on the couch for a while.
After that, decided to take it more slowly with the semi solids and finding my way. My stomach quickly tells me if I have had too much! My breakfast is now porridge. Having about 1/4 what I was before (and loving it). Normal food again is SO NICE. This week I got a take away Tom Yum soup from Quicksticks. This is so tasty and having it over 3 meals means little calories in it. Today I had 2 x slices of sushi for lunch - I was talking to someone while eating (at a conference) and think he was thinking to him self "why the heck is she taking so long to eat that?". I also had a 1/2 glass of wine this week...didn't become a Cadburys (Aussie joke) as had been warned I might. Will try a full glass next time :-). I don't think I will tell anyone from work at all. Weight loss is steady and Ill just tell people Im on a diet.

Surprised this week to still be feeling so tired. One of the doctors at work said it takes about 6 weeks to get over a general so that may explain that. It is good to know not to be too hard on myself getting back to full speed. I'm very lucky that I can spend about 2 days a week working from home. Other than some fatigue, I am very well. Back to normal bras (no underwires is good idea for first few weeks). Clothes are loose and getting into the last lot I grew out of about a few ago. I presented at the conference I went to today and the boost to my confidence having lost weight and looking smart was a great feeling!

I have searched and searched for a program I saw on SBS on Wednesday night on sleeve gastrectomy's - I was going to post the catch up TV link here but cant find it. It was absolutely excellent if any one else saw can find it, can you post or send the link? It was set in the UK and one of the interesting things they have found via cat scans is that obese people's brains light up when shown a photo of fatty food - something like a chocolate dessert (addiction, reward etc centres of brain) whereas this does not happen with a normal weight person. The fascinating thing (and what I play on when contemplating food) is that after this op, brain activity is changed to ~ the same as a normal weight person. Interviewed post-op people were saying they don't like fat anymore. My experience is that fat does leave a film in my mouth. The one thing I am disappointed in with the op is I still have times I feel very hungry and have some cravings. It is much easier to manage this now however for the following reasons: 1) physical restrictions and knowing I will feel horrible if I have 2 teaspoons too much to eat (fear/caution response) , 2) this makes me contemplate what I will eat more which leads to better choices 3) placebo effect of belief that I will not feel hungry (telling myself I don't really helps surprise, surprise) 4) my main problem was always portions, not that I don't know how to and like eating healthily.

Wish I could change the "not sure" response to the "was it worth it" question above. If I could (and I will explore further), I would change to an absolutely!


haha - just found the button

and changed to "YES"

3.5 weeks post op

13.5kg! I had post op surgeon visit on Wednesday and he is really happy with progress.
Here are some tips: he said normal weight loss post surgery was 1-2 kgs per week so 4kgs since nurse visit was high. Apparently I have lost about a third of excess weight already. Weight loss should continue at 1-2kgs per week for another 8 weeks before slowing and then plateau at about 9 months post surgery. Thought this guide might be useful but probably varies depending on start weight.
Now for the update: still lacking energy - big day at work yesterday so needed 10 hrs sleep last night! Surgeon said could start serious exercise next week... If I'm up to it.
I am feeling slimmer and better - getting into clothes I haven't fitted fir years (hopefully kept at the back of the wardrobe).
Best news was I had lunch with a friend at a Japanese restaurant yesterday. Had pan fried dumplings. Sound yum but high cals? Well, only ate half an entree size so figure that's ok. But, cause you know u can't eat much I find I savour every bite. So, food tastes better as eating for flavor not to fill up. This is great!


Well getting on fine. Life back to normal and still working out food. That will take a while yet but nearly got the hang of it. I am frustrated though with the weight loss - actually put on weight in 2 days then took a week to lose it then loss stalled for a few days. Result is I have only lost .2kg since Tuesday before last (over 2 weeks!) And reckon I'm eating about 1/4 of before and type of food + exercise about the same. Im hoping this is just a bit of a plateau that generally happens during weight loss. Anyone else had a similar patch (hoping its a patch!)?
jacob chisolm

Excellent - feel very comfortable although he wasn't so happy when I asked him will Ibe able to drink too much on occasion

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Hi Gabby, Thanks so much for your diarised journey - its a great help in understanding the process. Also like what you said about telling people, that is something I am wondering what to do. I am booked in to have my surgery on the 10th of Sept. - nervous and excited. How are you going with your weight loss?
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Hi gabby How's it going? Are you still losing weight? You were frustrated last post hope it's still coming off. I have three more sleeps to surgery any hints out there on how to do the first two weeks post op?
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Hi Kazi Don't be be worried it's a good, I have just reached 21 kg in 10 weeks and feeling fine. Just don't try too much in the first few weeks. Take a liquid vitamin and do as the dr says. Walk as much as you can and you'll be fine. I survived Christmas so that one hurdle over.
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Thanks Nags - getting excited now - new years eve will be a hoot..... Are you on normal foods yet? I've got the clear liquids tomorrow and then surgery. How much have you got to lose? I would like to loose about 40 kgs so 21 kgs in 10 weeks sounds good to me.... Would love to hear about your diet post op when you started puree and normal food etc and what goes down well.
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Hi Kazi Happy new year! It will be great especially after that weight goes. Yes I'm looking at about 40 kgs also. After the pp it's important toake sure you get your protein toake sure your hair and skin don't suffer. The 2-3 weeks of liquids are easy you be surprised, I don't do the milky drinks well so I drank 'dr Tims tropical fruit punch' mixed with cold water and sipped it it had high protein and then a energizer up and go drink, jelly, frozen yougurt and Chobani yogurt. You won't be hungry. I'm on normal food now that's the hardest step. Just don't rush it Keep in touch, good luck
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Thanks nags happy new year to you as we'll Nice to wake with a clear head :). Your half way there although the loss will probably slow down. Looking forward to this year and being able to do so many more things. Have a trip to the Great Barrier Reef planned later in the year so looking forward to being able to wear bathers in public :))). I enjoyed the opti slim and have also invested in a juicer so hoping I can have juice as I know that's really healthy looking forward to not feeling hungry it's been tough on the pre op diet and today is only clear fluids can't wait until tomorrow
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Best of luck, take care and do let me know as you start to come off fluids that's the hardest introducing solids and knowing when to stop eating before discomfort. Takes practice but it's all ok.
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Hi nags. I had the op and all went well. Just wondering if you could suggest a multi vitamin for me to take one that I can swallow or liquid. I was told to do fluids for two weeks, mushy purée for two and then normal. Is this what you had to do? I'm feeling well but tummy making a lot of noises once I have protein shake did you experience that?
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Hi Kazi Fantastic news. I take supradyn it dissolves in cold water and is like a orange drink, so very easy to take. I could feel the difference immediately . its in the tubes like Berrocca. I made noises for weeks but it all ok just tummy settling down. I now take multi vitamins that are mini size so i can swollow them. Yes i did pretty much the same meal program, i think i went 2 weeks on liquids and then mush for 3 weeks but that was just the timing of my appointments. Dont rush it, the harder part is introducing the solids and being sure not to eat too much in one go. so let you stomach heal. nothing really hurts it just is very uncomfortable if you have too much. Please dont hesitate to ask the biggest thing i found was not really knowing if what i felt was normal its all a bit funny at the start. Look after your self
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Thanks nags it's great having someone to ask all these questions. I have three weeks off work so looking forward to that :). How much have you lost now? I have had custard the last two days and today carrot apple lemon and ginger juice which I made myself. Did you have custard? I had it in hospital so I thought it would be ok at home. Really appreciate your advice it's like having a doctor on call but one that has been through the procedure. Kazi
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Hi Custard should be good, I didn't really like custard so I stayed away from it, I did have jelly, shakes, and Apple juice . It's funny but I wasn't that worried about variety I was too excited about weight loss. I found I didn't lose the first week home but then it fell off. I've just made 22.5 kgs. I took 3 weeks off and that was fantastic it helps you heal and de stress after all the hype. Go girl !
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Hi Gabby i live in NSW and had my sleeve on 21 Oct, our journey looks almost identical all the same issues. i have just reached 18 kilos and feeling good. for the energy i have been taking a supradyn tablet that dissolves and it makes me feel great
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Hi Gabby How's this week been for you? Are you finding it hard over the festive season? I started pre op diet today lucky me was fine during the day at work but finding it hard when I got home from work looking for a snack hope it gets easier,
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Hi Gabby we'll I have postponed op to Early January so will be on opti slim Christmas Day but will still be able to do a Chrissy party's :)). Loved the sound of the meal you had blue cheese Thai and wine. My sort of food so was so pleased to read that. I brought a juicer just recently and can't believe how good the juice tastes not a great one for lots of veggies but this will help I can't wait to be fit and healthy :))
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Haha, we keep crossing posts. I haven't had any prob with hair loss so not sure re that. I find waiting btw mouthfuls better than chewing for ages. Week 2 - 3 had trouble with meat but fine now. I was exactly the same portion size, not unhealthy food. It is such a huge relief to feel full after a small meal - I think I actually enjoy food more now: relish the flavors! I work in mental health so was fancinated with the part of the sbs show that talked about the changes in brain activity following the surgery. I have been concentrating on "restructing my brian". How much was my weight prob to do with thoughts like "i need to be full" etc?
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Great to read I am having the op in two weeks so start opti slim this week hard over Christmas party's but otherwise I would have to wait 3 months for surgery. I was wondering what you told people about your surgery I only want to tell close friends and family but will need to tell work I am having some sort of op for the time off any ideas?
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Hi Kazi, great question and one I worried about. I really didn't want people to be judging me so I stuck with my decision not to tell anyone at work. I am 46 so when I said I was "having some maintenance" was telling the truth, people presumed it was a hestorectomy and generally enough to put off most people. For the persistent ones I added "on the plumbing" - didn't have anyone ask further than that!. Hope that helps
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Thanks Gabby I had thought about gall bladder but have read that a side effect of op is to have trouble with gall bladder so might have looked strange to have it removed twice. I'm starting to get cold feet I have to give up smoking as well as eating in the party season so having thoughts about postponing well I wasn't bot now my mum thinks I should postpone I probably should not have said anything until after I am 50 so old enough Look forward to reading your posts
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I found people respected the vague description. Told people I was on a diet to help surgery and decided to stick with it after op. Also find I can talk about stuff like I'm tired after surgery but generally haven't had any probs at all. People may guess and tak but iI say let them! i think its a good idea to wait too. As much as we all want to loose weight, there is also a time that u may wish to say bye to yr old life style and use Christmas for a lovely send off. The op is great but does take about a month out of yr life with the diet included (that was the worst part for me!). I will say, 4 weeks today since op and for dinner,, just enjoyed some blue cheese Thai green chicken curry and a wine for dinner. Only dif is portion size - about a cup all up.
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So 13.5kg almost 30lbs right! Woohoo that is awesome I know you feel great!
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Other than constipation, yes!
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I'm considering this surgery but the thought of feeling sick and not knowing if in the future their will be negative consequences really frightens me
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Hi, I got really cold feet just before the op and one of the things that worried me was nausea. They managed it really well in hospital with maxolon and haven't had any since! I had read somewhere that it can last for a few months but my specialist confirmed my experience was what he expected (ie only a few days). I am still getting used to the volume I can eat but generally loving food again and enjoying the taste rather than feeling hungry. I'm really happy so far and no downsides. Hope this helps. Gabby
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I had nausea for a few days after surgery, then it went away for about 4 weeks and then came back quite strongly for about 1 week. It's all good now though, I'm 7 weeks out, the nausea is gone and I'm starting to get back to normal.

There will be times when you think "did I really choose to do this to myself", but once you get past the first few weeks, it will have been worth it"

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Glad you're doing so well! You sound in really high spirits!

The liquid diet is not the best, but it gets you to the right place to move onto solids and it's all worth it. Are you any kind of reflux medication, to cut down your stomach acid?

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