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After 16yrs, 2 kids, 4.5yrs of breastfeeding,...

After 16yrs, 2 kids, 4.5yrs of breastfeeding, escaping an abusive marriage, I have finally found myself again and FINALLY have the chance to have the 'boob job' I've been craving!!

I've never researched something so much in my life!!! I started out wanting a particular cup size, then realised it doesn't work like that, then started researching volume and now I'm just ready to ask my PS what will fit best in my body to give me the 'look' I want to achieve.

Ill accept the cup size for whatever it turns out to be - as long as I don't look like Dolly Parton!!! ( . )( . ) LOL

I am lucky enough to have a best friend who has secured the credit for me ( I went bankrupt through my divorce) and now that I am back at work, I can actually afford it! I feel very blessed!

So, I thought I would document my journey here, starting from now, 2 weeks out from my initial consultation with the 3rd surgeon. (Did NOT like the other 2). I'm an RN and extremely picky!! Tee hee

So, I would ultimately like to be a full B small C - if the world were perfect and I could just choose a cup size. I have completely changed my view on what implant shape, texture and fill.

I am hoping my surgeon agrees, as I would like to go with round, smooth, silicone gel, under the muscle.

Lets see what he says on the 29th!

Anyhow, I'll get to taking some pre-op pictures (rather mortifying!!) and will post them soon.

Thank you all for letting me share my journey with you. I look forward to all advice, tips and suggestions you may have!!

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I forgot to add...

My stats:

I am 35 (36 in Oct)
5ft 7
48-50 kg
Current bra size - accurately measured by a professional - 10AA (32AA)

Wishing/hoping for a Full B to Small C.



Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! It's exciting to hear how you've taken control of your life and you're now walking the path to your dreams. Good for you! Your research has taught you a lot. You're right, it's not about the cup size or cc's it's what type and size implant fits best on your body frame. Here are several links that you may find helpful:

Guide to Breast Implant Options

Just Got Here? Your Urban Glossary For Breast Aug

Want To Know What You'd Look Like With D-Cups? [VIDEO]

Here's How You Go From an 'A' Cup to a 'C' Cup - 15 Before and Afters [Photos]

Looking forward to your pre op photos. You can also post your wish photos here too! 


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My Favourite Wish Photo...

So far, after perusing MILLIONS of images, these are my current favourites. I like the shape and projection, slightly full but not 'balloony'. I will post more as I find them - but not too many!


Hi. Welcome to the party of crazy ladies. I am 12 days post op still battling the crazies of I can't believe i did it, and actually slowly beginning to think they may just be awesome :) I was attracted to your post because I too am post abusive marriage. But I have 4 kids, breastfed them all!! Back when I got married, boobies weren't the craze they were, so I actually never thought about it at all, until re-entering single life and seeing how much the world has changed and how boob focused everyone has become. So I guess now I'm boob focused too :) Best of luck - beautiful wish boobs. I agree, they look perfect
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Hiya Random! I've been 'boob-focused' since I was 18 and realised I wasn't actually ever going to develop like the other girls. My pregnancy & breastfeeding boobies ROCKED, but alas, they are long gone. I will post some b4 pics after I have booked my surgery date - hopefully I can do that soon after seeing the surgeon next week! EEEK it's actually happening!!! Good luck with your post op recovery, I'm off to check out your tatas now! :)
See my journey, I am a few hrs older and the same startup size, now likely a full blown small c (measurement happens for me at six weeks post op ) and I am so happy I did this! I removed some of my pix but have no problem sharing through pm if that helps. Best wishes xo
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Questions To Ask...

So, I THINK I know what to ask my Surgeon when I meet him next week. Here are the ones that I have come up with, so far.

How do you create the pocket/seperate the muscle in preparation for placing the implant? (I want to make sure I'm not going to end up with a uniboob or bottoming out etc)

Do you advise the use of a support strap on top of the breasts afterwards and if not, why not?

I'm sure there are more that I want to know but I can't for the life of me remember!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


You have some great questions! Here are some additional questions you may want to ask your PS during your consult. Keep us posted!

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I Forgot ...

I remembered a few of the questions that are important to me...

How long do your under-the-muscle surgery's usually take?

I want to make sure he's not a 'rusher' and will take the time to get it right, and also, make sure he isn't going to leave me 'open' on the table for hours longer than is truly necessary.

I would also like to ask him how he makes sure he doesn't make the pocket too big (to prevent bottoming out).

Does he use sizers during surgery to check the appropriate size for his patients?

A week til my consultation and I'm pretty much obsessed! All I want to do is research breast augmentation and implants! I can't be the only one right?


Thanks Beth, I will check out those questions and jot them down on my list!!! :)

Before Pictures

Here are some pics of me sans bra & with my sports crop.

Seeing these images has saddened me and cemented to me WHY I want a BA.

My boyfriend loves my little boobies, (he rocks) but he also supports my decision to have implants. I told him I would be doing it with or without him and he agrees, it is 100% MY choice.

Anyway, these pictures are really hard for me to post, so I don't know if I will be able to keep them up long term. Lets see how I go!!

Thanks for the support!

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Just doing more usual... LOL and have come across something called the Tebbett Technique.

I was thinking of asking my surgeon if he uses this technique etc.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?


Here is some interesting history on Tebbett Technique, otherwise knows as Flash Recovery. Perhaps parts of this Doctor Q&A will provide some insight for you! 

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Thanks Beth I guess I'm more I interested in the cautery dissection part of it, as I am under no illusions that I would be able to recover in 24hrs, BUT, would love to be able to have the possibility of a more 'easy' recovery than I expect - if that makes sense!

Consultation Day!

Well today is consultation day. I don't know why but I am soo nervous. This will be the 3rd surgeon I have seen and I was less than impressed with the first 2, I also don't know if I was 'prepared' enough. I am worried that I wont like him, or he wont answer the multitude of questions I have to my liking - I'm an RN and I'm SUPER picky!!!! LOL -.

Also, I removed my naked pictures, as it was really hard for me to come here every day and see them. I will repost them as my before shots when my surgery date is closer.

Thanks for all the support so far ladies!!!


How did it go today?
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Yes, that makes complete sense. I'm guessing that a lot of the surgery will depend upon the make and build of your existing breasts, the look your seeking, etc. Good luck with your next consult. Don't worry about being picky. You have the right to have good vibes about your PS, regardless of your profession. ;) Let us know how it goes!

The Consult...

Well, the surgeon is awesome! He made me feel at home and comfortable the minute I met him.

He answered 90% of my questions before I even asked them!!!

He and I are in agreement about the style, shape, texture and placement.

He said he would lower the crease on my left breast to adjust the difference in size, but each breast will have the same volume implant as they have the same amount of tissue.

He measured me up, and my BBW is 13.3cm (not too much smaller than my estimated 14cm)
When I look at the Allergan implant sizes (that's what he uses) the starting volumes seem HUGE!!!!!!

He understands what I want, but will talk size more thoroughly when I have my prep appointment. He said he could make me a 'nice c' as a rough guide for what I want.

I told him that I would be more upset being too big than too small, then he made me laugh when he said "no one gets a b here" lol

I am 100% confident in his abilities and attitude.

Now all that's left is to book the surgery and play with sizes!!

I hope I can get the time off!!!!

Argh!! It's real!


Hi there! I had a great appointment! Dr Higgs was absolutely brilliant and I felt oh so comfortable and confident in my choice that I have already booked my surgery!!!


Well that's it. It's booked. My new 'friends' will arrive on October 23 2013!!!

My pre-op appointment is on Sept 9 when I get to play with sizes!

This **** is happening! OMFG!!!!!

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Playing Around With Rice

So I like the 'sound' of 300cc, so I figured I'd play around and see what that would actually look like.

Please excuse the mess - my 5yr old likes to mess about in my room and fling stuff around. :/

What are your thoughts? I'm liking the look of this size (although I am aware it is not accurate, but kind of gives me a starting point)


Hi there, I just had my surgery 2 weeks ago, my PS also uses the Allergan implants, and I just wanted to have a nice size in proportion to my body type. He based my implants on that, then told me to try the rice sizes at home for a week or so as I was worried I was going to be to big. So the rice sizes do give you a fairly good idea of what you can expect. I got 320cc and 335cc and I am loving the results.
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Thanks Ollie for the feedback on rice sizes. I will continue to use them once we've decided on an implant size.
I am 5'6" 115 lbs BWD of 12.5 also breast fed my kids for 3-4 years. My PS told me 300-330 cc would make me a large 34B or small 34C. You are probably pretty close with your estimate!
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