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22 Years Old Finally Doing the Nose Job - Adelaide, Australia

So im 22 years and I have decided to have a nose...

So im 22 years and I have decided to have a nose job with my friend as she also wants to fix her nose up. the reason I am doing it because my nose is quite large for little face. It stands out so much and all my life it the only thing that i dont like. Not to metion i was teased all my life and still am! Even just the other week was i in a club and some girl said i had a really big nose. This is what i got called all the time. Being greek its only feature i have and i didnt want to change it for other people. As the years went by my confidence grew by and many people told me i was attractive. So after a while i relised i want to do this for myself and that i think i will get much more confident (stop hiding my face when im driving so people cant see the side of my face). Well ill keep people updated and let you know how my first consultation goes. im hoping its not expensive ..... eek

One thing I am scared about is, will i like the...

One thing I am scared about is, will i like the new me? will i get use to my nose being small or different after so long. Like people say ill look better but i look okay atm.. thinking.. thinking.. Still interested tho!! Lucky I have my friend with me to. were helping each other out.

Heyyyyyyy so i had my consultation with mark...

heyyyyyyy so i had my consultation with mark moore, it went quick and well. turns my tip of my nose is to close to my lip and so he wants to cut that and he wants to shave the nose down..... i was gonna do surgery in june but i have university. So my friend and i have decided to do together in November. I am still not sure , even tho some girl said i need surgery just last week (Bi*tch) anyway! really glad to hear from everyone! the only thing is i am worried i wont see what i look like because there is no computer... so im just being told what i look like

Octoboer 26th is it people!!!

Octoboer 26th is it people!!!

I did it!!! I had my operation yesterday, so far...

I did it!!! I had my operation yesterday, so far no pain
But really sore throat it hurts to swallow!!
Doctor he talk a lot off I get to see the results Thursday! I will put photos up soon

Hi everyone I have just recovered from the surgery...

Hi everyone I have just recovered from the surgery. it is stil heaps swollen and im pissed off i cant see much change. i told him i wanted it really small. the recovery was boring ! my nose didnt hurt but they cut up my throat and i got throat infection. breathing through mouth killed . i woke up every morning dying for a drink and sore....
let me know what u guys think of it....

my nose now!!

my nose!! now I GOT IT PIERCED YAY




okay this is before, during after few days and bout 7 months later my operation.




Hey everyone thanks for support, i hope i have helped, please feel free to contact me/ or even add me or msg me through my facebook www.facebook.com/valanti. check out my photos to!
I am planning another surgery next year to fix the tip of my nose. 3 of my friends have now had nose jobs after me! they look great to and were all very happy with it!
If your doing it for yourself go for it i say!

me now!

my recent 23rd birthday. i still want it smaller just a tad.

me all dolled up



one year down.

one year down


2014 june nearly two years after surgery

2014 june


Dr moore

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Very nice results! Great to see how it looks after 2 years. Did you notice much change after 1 year?
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You look gorgeous, I'm Greek too, so after my surgery by Dr David David in 1976 yep 38 Years ago...people just thought I had something done to my hair and I just looked prettier and it really gave me so much more confidence. I also have had a tip revision which made my tip finer and not so prominent. Very happy with the result. Good luck.
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Dr Floreani is fantastic, I would save up and have the surgery by him, alternatively Dr Michael Zacharia is now consulting from Norwood Day Surgery, he's equally great with noses.
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but how much exactly would they add up to? I do not work atm. so this far ahead planning.
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You are so cute!
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Hi everyone Thanks for the comments Sorry I have not replied but many people Have inboxed me to! My reasoning for surgery again is because I personally would love a smaller nose but mark Moore is not about changing your whole image. I actually contacted Dr floreani for a second consult and cancelled His is to just to expensive for me. As for pain killers and that, I didn't need any of that. I was in no pain! Just uncomfortably as you would be. I paid for price rather dramatic change look and I had nothing but compliments since and encouraged to not repeat surgery as I look great. I will post pictures soon X
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Maybe you should consult with a few other surgeons before your second procedure as it looks like your tip is hanging a bit and you have little to no "nostril show". There was an older woman on here from your city who had phenomenal results. I will try to find her profile!
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Hey there, just wondering if your could post a more side on before and after pic? And also wondering why you would like an extra surgery done? I've been researching this for quite some time and am getting a bit thrown
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I personally wouldnt use mark moore. He did my surgery 3 years ago and you really couldnt tell any difference and i was left with breathing issues and my tip drooping. Im 4 days post op and dr stephen floreani did this surgery. Such a different experience. I left hospital with post op plan, antibiotics, pain killers and salt wash. I got none of this from mark moore. I didnt even see him until a month after surgery. I seen dr floreani (an ENT) 3 times before i left hospital.
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Hey, thanks for the update!!! How are you feeling now? Are you glad you had it done? I'm booked for January and I'm going to the same rooms you went to, only a different surgeon!
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Hi iv just read your full story. Was it $4000 all up for your sergery and you look smaxing
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I think you look beautiful with your new smaller nose :) I thought you looked beautiful with your original nose too though! Haha, sorry, that's probably not what you wanted to hear! Congratulations though!
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Hey, so happy to see your update!, you look amazing, I am now planning mine for next year, how has your recovery been?, how do you feel about the whole process. Thank you so much for posting, you are being a great support to everyone who is considering surgery. You look wonderful.
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thanks! im sorry i have been slack with my updates :( they changed how to use the profile! i feel great and i actually would love to do one more next year!! i feel great and pretty :)
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Hi your photos look amazing! I have an appt with dr mark Moore in November. I read what u said about how much it cost, does that include anasthetic? I have private health so that will help me if I stay overnight. Also do you pay the full price up front or are there payment plans you can do? xxxx
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hey there, no it did not include anasthetic i think! private health will prob help pay for the room yup! you pay half i think then full just before surgey... no payment plans
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Hi! Hope your recovery has been going well. I'm wondering how it's all progressing now? Love to see some pics a few weeks post-op. Take care & congrats :)
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thank you!!
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hi how are you going? hopefully the swelling has gone down a lot by now. How are you adjusting to the change in your looks, it seems everyone goes through a phase of getting used to their new face, would love to hear more about your journey and experiences.
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extremely late reply, it has gone down and looks amazing, i will update with more photos.
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do you have any more after photos? its hard to see with just one after. Has it changed much yet?
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yeah hey everyone keeps saying wait till the swelling goes down and i will see heaps of difference, i am thinking bout another surgery few years down the track. i was not in pain at alll, i took no pain killers just antibiotics for the throat. even the bruising did not hurt either...... well im playing the wating game! during recovery find something to keep you busy!! i begged my friends and boyfriend to come over all the time! lol
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Hey thanks for putting the photos up, not many many people put up any photos of the bruising, its good to know what you can expect. From what I have read I think no one is initially happy with the result, but as the swelling goes down and they are fully recovered they love the results. From what I can see i think it looks really really good!, i think it suits you and it would be a mistake to go too small (you could never go back), thanks for your post can't wait to see your progress, sorry to hear your had a throat infection :(
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yay you got it done! its still early days so the swelling with definitely go down. ya, i found recovery really boring too. just lounging around in the house for a week when i had mine done. i was so happy when i could go out again! i wanted my nose made smaller too and ive had mine worked on like 3 times and its still seems boulbous and big to me. i guess the surgeons can only do so much with what we have. keep us posted tho and take more pics as the weeks go by so we can see your progress!
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