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Hey girls / guys! I am a 23 year old female living...

Hey girls / guys! I am a 23 year old female living in Adelaide. Currently around 29 hours post rhinoplasty and feeling phenominal! I've decided to post a review because I had a great experience with my surgeon Dr Peter Sylaidis and am completely blown away by what i can see of the results! My rhinoplasty consisted of removal of my bump and a tip refinement. My nose is currently taped in a plaster cast, which you will see in the photos, with just the tip left exposed. From what i can see so far, it looks absolutely beautiful and has far exceeded my expectations of the procedure. I can't wait to get my cast off next week and will post more photos on the day! Going through the rhinoplasty was not overly painful in my experience, there was some shocking discomfort as i was waking up in recovery - but i was given immidiate pain relief by the nurse who was looking after me. Since leaving the day surgery about an hour and a half after my surgery I've had very little discomfort. For pain relief I've been taking panadol and nurofen every six hours and have found that to be more than adequate. Will post front view and profile photos on here next week as soon as my cast comes off!! Can't wait! :D


I am looking forward to seeing your results. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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You are very pretty, good luck with your nose, good recovery ....
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3 days post rhinoplasty

Woke up very swollen this morning, which was a bit of a shock! Took a panadol & a nurofen which brought the swelling right down with in a half hour. Feeling some discomfort from my nose today because the swelling has tightened my skin, it's put a bit of pressure on my healing nose. In the surgery - i did have my nose broken to move the 'walls' in - so thinking thats a big part of why it's so tender. Overall I'm still feeling pretty good - really looking forward to getting my cast off and seeing the whole thing :DD


I cannot wait to see your post op photos - I am going to book a consultation with Peter Sylaidis in the next couple of weeks, after EXTENSIVE research on cosmetic surgeons in Adelaide. So far it looks really good!!! I am also looking to get a dorsal hump removal and tip reduction. I am so glad I came across your profile as there are not many Adelaide surgeons on here or the net. Can't wait to see the results - looks promising!!! x
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Hey, what's up down under? I also had mine down three weeks ago in Atlanta, GA and currently in the recovery stage. I am very much pleased with the results and wish the same for you. You'll look even more gorgeous :)
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Hooray! I'm excited to see your results as well. Thanks so much for starting your story here on RealSelf.
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Cast came off today!!

Just got my cast off - and i absolutely loveeee my new nose!! It's still very swollen and Dr. Sylaidis said that I would see changes in the shape of the nose over the next couple of weeks / months as the swelling reduces. I can see that the tip and bridge are very swollen, but i am MEGA excited about the shape i can see underneath and how it has accentuated my eyes and lips :)

My next follow up appt is in 3 months time, and by then I should have a better idea of my end result. I will keep posting pics here on real self so you all can see the changes in shape as the swelling goes down.

any questions you have - feel free to leave me a comment


How's your recovery coming along? Any updated pics? Would love to hear how it is all going! :)
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Hi there, I also live in Adelaide and have just had my first consultation with one of the surgeons at APSA on North Terrace. I have had a very unsuccessful (in my opinion) rhinoplasty after an accident about 20 years ago. After the surgery i was very unhappy with the result and about 5 years ago i went to another surgeon here in Adelaide. He was quite and old guy, wanted to charge $15,000 just for the surgery and was not at all confident he could do what i was asking? So i left feeling disappointed. I don't think people with normal noses have any idea how it feels to hate what you see in the mirror or how it affects your self esteem. So here i am 5 years later hoping that with all the new progress i can finally get my nose fixed. The surgeon i spoke to said it would be a difficult operation but seemed confident that he could do what i was requesting and understood what i am wanting. The staff all seem really professional and i get a good feeling about the place. I have booked for a 2nd consult (no charge for this) as i am absolutely terrified this time around!!! I have also been pencilled in for the 29th April for the surgery. The surgeon i am seeing is Dr Tim Edwards. Has anybody out there had any work done by him? He did show me some before / after pics of his work and what i did see was really beautiful. I don't think i have ever been so nervous before in my life!! Not the pain, the price or even the thought of not waking up from the anasthetic, just because i may wake up again with an even worse nose :( thank you all for sharing your stories on here, it helps immensely Liiliibee
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Very beautiful nose! Congratulations :) but i think your nose wasnt that difficult to begin with, your tip, the most difficult part to fix, was already pretty okay!
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2 months later..

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've done an update - It's been been a busy couple of months since my surgery!
So here's where I'm at if your curious..
It's been roughly 2 months now since I had my nose done and I couldn't be happier with the result! My nose is structurally and aesthetically perfect now, it looks very natural and compliments the rest of my face beautifully. I can feel that the tip of my nose is still swollen which may take a few more months to subside but over all its feeling great, i'm actually surprised at how quickly it's healed. I'll include a photo so you can see how it looks. As the swelling decreases I can see more and more definition in the tip of my nose, it's very exciting! If you live in Adelaide and are contemplating this procedure I do recommend a consultation with Dr Peter Sylaidis at APSA - he is extremely professional and has a very high standard of work.


Hey! Thanks for asking! My recovery is going great - I'd say my nose is fully hear now just over 2 months after surgery. Still quite swollen at the tip of the nose i can feel a lot of Fluid but no longer feeling tender & i can play sports again yay! :p I've just posted a few pictures & will upload a couple more with better lighting in the next couple of days :) How are you doing?

2 months post rhinoplasty, right side profile


How did you deal with negative comments from people around you??? Did you tell everyone you worked with or your family you were having it done? I am considering this procedure too but worry how I will react when everyone knows I have had it done - any advice would be great. Your nose is perfect!!
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Im an adelaidian as well!!! I had revision surgery done by an ENT Dr stephen floreani and hes done an amazing job. I had my first surgery done by Mark Moore, it looked no different. Ive seen a few photos now of work done by sylaidis - he does a great job.
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Perfect profile!
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Australia Plastic Surgeon

Let me start by saying I really took my time in choosing a surgeon to perform my rhinoplasty. I have high standards and did not want to be left disappointed with my end result. After having numerous consultations for rhinoplasty i came across a review here on realself.com for Dr Peter Sylaidis - who is a part of APSA. The girl who had reviewed him had posted some before and after photos which i found to be absolutely breath taking - the nose that Dr Sylaidis had created was in my mind perfection, and for me this was the deciding factor in persuing a consultation with him. After going through with my surgery with him, i could not recommend him more highly. He is an incredible surgeon and in my opinion very reasonably priced. For my rhinoplasty the surgical fee was $5000 - not inclusive of hospitalization and anesthetic - which for me worked out to be roughly $2500 (this is becuase my private health insurance does not include hospital cover, different story if you have full cover.) I also strongly recommend that you seek a referral from your GP before having a consultation because it will allow you to claim a rebait through medicare for the cost of consultations and also a percentage of the surgical fee back.

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