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Been There Done It All on August 22 2012 - Adelaide, Australia

Well I've been there and done it all on August 22...

Well I've been there and done it all on August 22 2012
That's right i don't think there is very much else to do after August 22, I was Married for 16 years, (divorce is filed) I have 2 beautiful Stunning teenage Daughters 16 & 13, I am a fully Qualified Hairdresser (had own Salon) I've travelled Europe Uk Asia Australia, I've Built Houses Moved Houses more than 25 times I've been unemployed and Homeless (not that long ago) I've got Tattoos cut off my hair ( regrown it back)..now, I am with my Teenage Sweetheart (we were 15yo) Happy as a pig in mud except.......yep the bulge No boobs no Woooman just Wo Man ( lol). So my fellow TT friends It's time and now I have the Cash (div settlement) to spend on me and give me back my 15yo figure (minus boobs I never had them) so my old flame Mac can't resist!! I'm having full TT with Lipo on LH and an extra large BA 10aa-10dd omg!!! 450cc eurosilicon
I'm 39yo 151cm 53kg and after 10kg weight loss and extra loose jelly belly muffin top down under I'm spending 20k to make myself Hot!! (well extra warm) hopefully Mac will be impressed as for the Ex well Sucker!!! (karma I say)
So my new found TT friends I'll be needing you all to Cheer for me and hey Next year I'll be 40 and ready for my new fabulous life to begin!!!
Good luck and all the best and Happy flat tummies to you all,
(pics to come)
Mwah Mwah Mwah

Any chance you put up so before pics Lovey?

10 more sleeps nervous and excited

10 more sleeps nervous and excited

It's tomorrow!!!! Nervous, anxious, scared,...

It's tomorrow!!!!
Nervous, anxious, scared, excited, organized. Getting pampered today hair and make up done, taking my daughters out for a milkshake after school kiss them goodbye then home to my amazing beautiful man. He's taking me out for dinner then home for an early night.

I'm still to upload my pics but I will endeavor to post both before and after pics for you all.

Well this is it, out with the old and in with the new Boobs and tummy what can I say Betty Boop here I come!!!
Thankyou Mandymoo i can't sleep my mind is spinning I have to write out my what if I don't wake up plan. I don't have a will!!! (not intentional) just when things change in life I didnt even think about it.
I'm nervous and excited of course but there still is that what if feeling.
I just had a warm bath and washed myself with anti bacterial wash, alarm is set and I'll soon be in bed. Up at 6 be there for 7am and in
All the best for tomorrow. I'm sure everything will go great. Look forward to hearing from you afterwards xx

Well that's it been there done that!!!! 1 day...

Well that's it been there done that!!!!
1 day post op and I'm up walkin around get my self to toilet feelin sore but feelin better after every nap. Had my support bra fitted today sore the surgeon he's happy, and my amazing beautiful gorgeous man showed up with flowers at the hospital for me ohhhhh he has been amazing couldn't do with out him. Last night was the worst felt shit had a couple of hot sweats felt like death but it soon passed. Today is great I've had tomato soup and toast yogurt and gonna have the new lamb burger from maccas for dinner lol. Throat is sore from tube, that's all. Walkin like a old hunched back lady 2 weeks before surgeon wants me straight wearing compression binder is tight but really it's not that bad. I've got boobs and a flat tummy bit sore but so worth it I'm feeling great and very happy. We are all different and my advice is plenty of rest before and lots of rest after love to you all xoxo

2 days po feeling fantastic!!!! Sore round scar...

2 days po feeling fantastic!!!! Sore round scar sight sore back from hunching but can walk around easy enough bored from doing nothing my man is home looking after me bless him so yeah gals hope you are all coping and are well. This honestly has been amazing I can't believe how good I feel really.
How is your recovery going Lovey?
Ha ha I think that is normal after tummy surgery. I had really bad bloating after my 3 c-section. Just the TT for me. My breasts are a little saggy but I can put up with that, its the tummy that has really caused me hassles. Will be staying up in Adelaide with my Dad and Step Mum and have my sisters in Adelaide so I'm sure they will all help me out. Hoping by the time I get out of hospital a few days later though I will be able to do most things myself.
3 C's lovey you'll be a walk in the park are you having your breasts done? It just felt like the milk rush at first that bursting feeling now it's settled down. I just had my first sponge bath, been awake all day can't sleep, but been taking it easy walking ok on my own back to toilet etc, having great partner helps. Oh and one thing having the binder on tight well um I'm having some flatulence that's uncontrollable bit embarrassing but better out than in lol xoxo
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Excellent couldn't ask for better

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