Lets Get Rid of These Mutha's! (Dark Circles) - Australia, AU.

I was born with (100% hereditary dark circles)...

I was born with (100% hereditary dark circles) Sick of the Comments and the assumptions people make with them in my small life. (stoner, ill, anemic, smoker, tired)
Now 23, I've decided to do something about it......

""I'm going to get straight to the procedure and recovery on this review.
as myself didn't find much information on the internet covering hereditary dark circles so if this helps my fellow raccoon eyed brotherins', cool""

I went ahead with a Fat Transfer to my eyes. Theirs many mixed opinions on fat transfer.
But taking my health, age and eye shape into consideration I just felt confident, that it was a good option.

I'm not going to lie, they sucked the fat from my bum and it hurt.
(3 anesthetic needles and a lipo needle, course it's going to hurt!)
But you can easily tolerate the pain when the medical assistant starts singing "getting jiggy with it - by Will Smith" as my surgeon wobbles my bum erratically to try and source some fat.
That was funny.

Then my Surgeon proceeded by Injecting my bum fat under my eyes...yay more needles.
I closed my eyes, because I find needles near my eyes way too sci-fi and expected Ripley to bang down the door and scream ALIEN!
But a sudden sharp pain and what feels like selleys liquid nails being injected under your eye quickly and smoothly, was oddly satisfying for me.

The assistant then applied some thick salve to the area and massaged in the fat.
...and I was all done.
Now time for the RECOVERY! (which I'll update with photos via phone) :)

before, 2 hours after op and day 2

Day 2, my bum felt like chuck norris had kicked it and my upper face felt like concrete. None of which was painful. But terribly uncomfortable when trying to sleep.

Day 4

Mum says I look like Gollum,
Bum doesn't hurt. Upper face still stiff.
Went to my bf's pub, out in public for the first time. Got a few disturbing looks, so had to explain "it's okay! Your boss didn't beat me, had buttface surgery" Ohhhhh!!!!

**( the eye area at this stage is plumped stiff, but very smooth. It's hard to tell if my dark circles are still there or going, because they looked bruised to begin with! I still remain positive though, as the prominent lines creating my deep tear trough are now gone.)**

Day 6

...Still look like gollum, Yellow bruising is so sexy.
the area along the tear trough bone/ lower eye bone (which was just skin against bone before) now has some fat against it. Lifting the skin upwards, but it's still hard to tell if it's still bruisng or if It's still just my dark circles.
My hope is that the area feels plumped & raised now, all that old bruised blood will eventually flush out.
Hmm, I hope that's a realistic expectation. Only time will tell.

post-op day 8

95% of the swelling is gone. The bruising and slight tenderness now starting to subside. Can now smile at an 80% level.
A lot of the fat has gone, i'd say 15% remains. But went back to work this week and people couldn't even notice a difference, one co-worker forgetting I went in for fat transfer, asked if I was tired.
I'm still positive that it may still just be bruising (its hard to tell when you looked brusied to begin with.
So giving it another week before I give an actual result.

post-op day 11

side view before & 2 weeks post op

Had my 2 week post-op appointment with Dr. Moore.
He was pretty hip & with it.
He agreed with me when I said it was pretty much "a lighter shade of grey".
I'm far from dissappointed, as I knew the chances of improvement with fat transfer are variable. So to come out with any improvement, is better than none.
It's a physically noticable improvement, the rest is lightening up slightly everyday. So I will post 2 months post-op.
I'm happy with Dr.Moores work & will return early 2014 to have him give me a top lip.

1 month post op

Even I think I'm looking schmick.
Australia Plastic Surgeon

Remains straight, professional, quick and impersonal. Reminds me of an older Ron Burgundy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Read your post. You look fantastic! I didn't know about the procedure. Thank you for sharing. Lilygirl14
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You look great & with a little concealer/foundation dark circles gone :-) your bubbly contagious personality will way surpass any defect you might see in the mirror k Have fun :-)
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You look wonderful. And you are so funny, you got a very original personality which will make you look great and attractive at every age.
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Yeah? Noiceeee! Too bad it hasn't got me Jake Gyllenhaal yet. I've also just had my lip done with fat transfer, LOOKS AMAZING!!! Haven't kissed any strange and handsome men yet, I'm saving my kisses for someone special.
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That's because I got Jake, sorry. I am getting my whole face done 2th of July. Especially under the eyes. Am not concerned of the pain, but mainly of the excuses i am going to make during the two weeks when i'll look dreadful. My friends may know, but not the whole village/office/school. You just walked into a bar and said I got buttface surgery, haha! I am more thinking along the lines "a office drawer fell straight into my face". Anyone got any suggestions? What's the best excuse for having a swollen blue face for two weeks?
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...Just worked out I'm allergic to brazil nuts, Got bitten by a tick, had an allergic reaction to a facial? It's a thyroid problem?
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Thyroid. Am going to look that up (am Dutch). Sounds mighty interesting.
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Hi there you had a great result! I'm wondering how it went long term? Did the fat hold? I'm thinking of getting this done but very nervous!
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yeah fats still there! hey it hurts for 10 minutes. you'll look scary for 2 weeks..and well personally my bum ached for 3 weeks. But if your scaring young children when you're not wearing makeup like I did. it might be worth it for you.
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great result! I also was born with 100% hereditary dark circles, and recently I just realize I start to have tear through problem as well... oh NO ! I'm living in Melbourne, and struggle between having Laser treatment (Fractora or Q switch yag) or Fat transfer, would you have any recommendation? thanks
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Hi Joshanna, I'm actually going back to the plastic surgeons today to discuss Laser resurfacing as I still have lots of milia and crepey skin as a result of years of having a thin tear trough. if you have two prominent boney shadowing lines even when applying makeup to cover the circles, I'd personally go the fat transfer first. It's not going to be the magic cure and it does take a long process to recover. But it will even things out and take away from that gaunt appearance. laser just "smooths the skin and will never get rid of the bruised colour under the skin" I'll let you know how I go at the surgeons today :)
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you look fab!
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You look so pretty! I admire you for getting this done when you were young. Those of us in our fifties and sixties did not have these options for the most part. I'm a big believer if there is something that really bothers you, get it fixed if you can, especially if you are very young. Seems like the older I get, the more fear I have.
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I wouldn't be fearful, yes depending on the genetics of your skin and the affects of aging, healing times may take longer. But the result after healing is increased self esteem and self confidence, which is what every woman deserves.
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Wow I see a huge difference! You look beautiful btw! Good luck on the lips your review was nice to read lol
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wow what a great result! the hereditary dark circles are a bitch, I've got them bad when people tell me I look tired I get so upset especially when I feel good and well rested. Like as If I would say to someone gee your acne looks bad today LOL. Keep an eye on your liver, kidney and heart I have done a tonne of reading on dark circles and they can sometimes indicate weakness in these areas. You look great!!!!
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I have cut out a lot of wine from my lifestyle since surgery. But I have always been a healthy eater. But if you saw my kiddy photos, I always looked like an anemic insomniac baby. I actually still have milia in the eye area, which I'll treat with IPL when I get the free chance.
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I want to get this done is australia. Was it worth the $$ then?
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Because S.A. is so limited with surgeons. I feel I may of paid more than those in the east coast. I did get a rough quote from the Gold Coast for $800 Most reputable surgeons in Oz will let you know if they provide the service & give you a rough estimate before consultation though.
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What a fabulous change! You look awesome. Good for you! And you don't need heavy makeup. The light makeup is great!
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Oh! Well your just freaking awesome! Thank you!
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I'm sure I can see a difference, it doesn't look so sunken in your last pic. I'm afraid I suffer from the same problem, I didn't realise it was fixable though!
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Welcome and congratulations luv! Happy healing and very good fun filled review of your journey!
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