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Actually Had the BBL, Does the Same Thing IPL Does but Stronger

I have melasma and redness, and have had several...

I have melasma and redness, and have had several ipl's with one awesome result (first time) and had only gotten a mild (at best) result for the last time.  I went to a new Derm who wants to do Cosmelan, but suggested 3 BBls to get my skin ready for such a peel. 

I have only had one BBl 2 weeks ago and the results were very dramatic compared to ipl.  I had pigment come up, redness is gone, and a dermal- gray scar is pink and raised (It was sunken down below my normal skin).  I looked bad for a week because of all the pigment that came up, you have to let it slough off on its own.  Also I was puffy under my eyes and red for about 2 days.

I paid 200.00 more to have this doctor do the BBl rather than a nurse, and I think the extra money was worth it.  Going in for my second BBl in 2 weeks.  I am a pretty happy camper, this worked better than the one Fraxel treatment  I had. 

Also, the BBL wasn't as painful as the ipl, but maybe that's just me.

Updated on Jun 8, 2009
Six months again I had a horrific experience with a doctor and the BBL (see my review). I decided to try it again, but at the place I had been going to for years. Janie is normally my nurse, and has been doing ipls for over 9 years and has always done an excellent job. She was unavailable to do the BBL, so I went with Debbie, who has been working there for 17 years. She put me at ease, but more importantly she did a fabulous job. On my melasma "mustache" she used a 560 filter then a filter just for brown, and it is almost gone. Three years of anguish and thousands of dollars on fraxel and the thing is gone! I will never stray from this facility again, and I hope this helps someone. Thank you Laura, Janie, and Debbie!!!
How much did you pay for the bbl treatment?
If this review is so positive, why does the writer conclude that BBL is "not worth it"?? I'm confused.
I just did a Living Social deal where I thought I was getting an IPL treatment, which I had had much success with many years ago, with zero down time - just a few black freckles that fell off. They instead used BBL and I have what looks like broken capillaries and a super swollen face (this is the end of Day 2). Is this normal for BBL?
Dr. Shalini Gupta The Dermatology Laser and Vein Center of Cincinnati

I chose a Doctor who went to Harvard, was in a beauty magazine, and had good patient reviews, yet managed to burn me.

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