Unexpected Experience..

I had my Active FX Co2 fractional laser done on...

I had my Active FX Co2 fractional laser done on Thursday, today is Saturday..

First off I was totally unprepared, I had read all kinds of articles on the internet...but when I was told by the tech at the dermatologists offce that I needed a dental block as well as the ointment I was nervous...I told him I had read "minimal" discomfort..and why did I need a dental block...he said he had it done without anything at all and nearly passed out from the pain...That scared the wotsit out of me...I almost got off the chair and ran off..It wasnt what I had been reading..

I wasnt sure what to do, but I knew that if I didnt go through with it after finally getting to this point, I would be disappointed with myself..

I had to think about it though...and my friend helped me decide...she wanted to see how I fared before she undertook the procedure..lol.

I asked for valium 10 mg and that helped calm me down ..I also didnt realise there were two kinds, one is a one time deal and the other needs to be done over three treatments, one a month...I didnt want that one.

I have to say the dental block didnt bother me at all, didnt even feel it...and the laser over the cheeks and mouth area werent felt..but around the side of the face and the upper eyelids especially under the brows were pretty painful...I gripped my friends hand tight and the tech too...(I have long nails...and they felt it)...I thought it was a lot more than "minimal" discomfort so the information isnt true out there...The tech said he was going to be honest, and the doctor said the same, it hurts.

However it is pretty quick...

Well right after the procedure I had little blood pin points..and my face was very hot and uncomfortable, but not painful...they put vaseline on my face and I had my instruction sheet..I forgot to get the Aquaphor and Topix light recovery complex in my hurry to get home..I wonder if that will be a bad decision...

Anyway I didnt really need the pain med, the ibuprofin was good enough, but I took one to sleep I had no problem sleeping at all...my face was purply red and slightly swollen, I actually liked the swollen effect, it filled in my under eye hollows..lol..

I did put a cold face cloth on my skin and the vaseline..

Today Saturday, I guess day three, I feel fine...it feels a little tight and slightly itchy and some of the skin is peeling off...I can see pink skin underneath and I am excited to see how it will be after all the dead skin is gone..My big peeve that I wanted to improve was old acne scars on one side of my cheek near my mouth, and very dry crinkly under eyes for some reason...he did my eye area so I am hoping for a great improvement.

One of the reasons you dont see many before and after pics is just people want their privacy..Most poeple dont want everyone to know their personal business..especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures..

I have to say it was a strange experience, but one I would do again as far as today goes..However i havent seen the end results yet..

My skin is light olive,so I am hoping I dont get hyperpigmentation. I am going to say overall satisfaction is very good...but I cant say for sure until I see the end results...

Watch this space...

PS - Sharon, My face was red and tingly slightly sore for a few hours, it was not painful after the procedure...I didnt even really need pain pills and slept fine that night..However my face was quite pink for several weeks after the procedure..mainly when I became warm or working out...
Hi Elle,

It would now be two years since you had the procedure. I am thinging of having it and I wondered how you are now. Are you still seeing the benefits.

Dr. Welch has done many of these procedures...a dermatologist is professional dealing with skin conditions...they deal with skin cancer patients every day...Just because a doctor is also a plastic surgeon doesnt necessarily mean he is adept at every procedure, let alone laser...Just check credentials with whoever you go with...find out about their experience... I can only talk about my own situation... It has now been four months and my skin does continue to look better...But dont expect miracles..it isnt going to erase all the lines, crinkles and years from your face...but greatly improves it...Of course any procedure comes with concerns, and rightly so....it is our face we have to be sure and explore in depth the pros and cons........you have to think about it and decide what is best for you.. Until there really is a Fountain of Youth we do what we can to look better...lol..
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